Call It Wonder: an odyssey of love, sex, spirit, and travel


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Call It Wonder: an odyssey of love, sex, spirit, and travel

Call It Wonder an odyssey of love sex spirit and travel Winner Best Memoir and Bi Writer of the Year Who hasn t dreamed of chucking it all to live a traveling life Yet two months after Kate and her husband Dave leave home to live on the road she awak

  • Title: Call It Wonder: an odyssey of love, sex, spirit, and travel
  • Author: KateEvans
  • ISBN: 9780996182423
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Paperback
  • 2016 Winner Best Memoir and Bi Writer of the Year Who hasn t dreamed of chucking it all to live a traveling life Yet two months after Kate and her husband Dave leave home to live on the road, she awakes in the grips of a seizure The diagnosis of a brain tumor comes at a terrible time It is their first year wedding anniversary, and they have no home Soon, though, thi2016 Winner Best Memoir and Bi Writer of the Year Who hasn t dreamed of chucking it all to live a traveling life Yet two months after Kate and her husband Dave leave home to live on the road, she awakes in the grips of a seizure The diagnosis of a brain tumor comes at a terrible time It is their first year wedding anniversary, and they have no home Soon, though, this medical adventure becomes integral to their journey Paralleling this story are Kate s painful and often humorous exploits of body, mind, and spirit including frank explorations of her life as a sexual iconoclast, caregiver to dying parents, and inspired but overwhelmed teacher who longs to write Kate Evans brave and honest memoir explores how transformation is our nature Call It Wonder reveals how the mind is an alchemist Through our thoughts, we can transform insecurity to freedom, uncertainty to wonder.

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    • Best Read [KateEvans] ✓ Call It Wonder: an odyssey of love, sex, spirit, and travel || [Memoir Book] PDF ✓
      176 KateEvans
    • thumbnail Title: Best Read [KateEvans] ✓ Call It Wonder: an odyssey of love, sex, spirit, and travel || [Memoir Book] PDF ✓
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    One thought on “Call It Wonder: an odyssey of love, sex, spirit, and travel

    1. Debbianne DeRose on said:

      Must the phrase “coming of age” be reserved for adolescence? Like the oft-pigeonholed “midlife crisis,” we do ourselves a disservice when we relegate soul-testing personal growth to succinct rites of passage predicated solely by a fellow’s (or a gal’s) physical age. Kate Evans’ memoir is a series of comings-of-age, one after another like waves lapping onto the shoreline. We get to tag along on her womanly surfboard as she transmutes angst and confusion into expansive revelation and [...]

    2. Tara Taylor on said:

      I can be a promiscuous reader. It's not often that I start a book and stick to it, all the way to the end, without wandering off to visit other books. This book was a big exception; I was IN from page one, and found that I thought about it even when I wasn't reading it, carrying its concepts and quotes around in my head, borrowed quotes as well as the author's own. I marked up my copy of the book with asterisks and underlines, and tiny smiley faces in the margin, knowing I'd want to go back agai [...]

    3. Denise Freeman on said:

      Took me a minute to figure out as I was reading that the story flipped back and forth from when the character was younger and then older. Some really good insights/quotes about life. My favorite was from chapter 3. A quote by May Sarton stating "Lonliness is the poverty of self; Solitude is the richness of self".

    4. Kate on said:

      Toni Morrison said: “If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.” So that's what I did.:)

    5. Jennifer Carlisle on said:

      Dr. Kate Evans has written a book we may all take encouragement from, based on the functional wisdom: "Don't call it uncertainty--Call It Wonder." Brave, honest, fair-minded, and not just a little bit entertaining, Kate tells it straight, as she tells us not only a remarkable tale of the heart, but of a way through the heart of darkness when unexpectedly and all of a sudden our world falls apart.This is a story of living life on life's terms--and how to get to the other side when life's terms me [...]

    6. Alisa Moore on said:

      Call it Wonder is a compelling Tales of the City meets Eat, Pray, Love meets Pema Chodron’s, When Things Fall Apart. Raw and edgy, Kate brings her readers on a shotgun ride through the unexpected twists and turns of her life, “sliding doors” between time and space, with each chapter. With Kate, life is unapologetically open-ended, messy, inspired, brilliant, devotional, sexual, and in the end, joyful and resilient. With her writer’s lens, she becomes the protagonist of her own story, and [...]

    7. Kellycm on said:

      Kate Evans says in her expansive memoir, "Call It Wonder"', Transformation is who I am, who we all are." This is the heart of this book. She takes us through many trials and changes (career, lifestyle, sexual discovery) and navigates through these years with sharp self-examination, reflection, and honesty. The book starts with a shocking health crisis and then unspools by altering back and forth between past and present in a way that never is confusing but encourages the reader to keeping readin [...]

    8. Suzanne Rico on said:

      Travel, love, sexuality, spirituality, brain surgery, and finding true happiness from within? Kate Evans' memoir Call It Wonder is a journey most of us will never take but one to which we can all relate. My mother, Gabriele Rico, who figures prominently in the book, would be proud of Evan's deft handling of intriguing and challenging story lines, including Evans' years lived as a lesbian, her life as a nomad, surviving a brain tumor, and finally, honing the ability to seek out the perfect in the [...]

    9. Laurie Morgan on said:

      Kate Evans' delicious new book, Call It Wonder: An Odyssey of Love, Sex, Spirit, and Travel, has found that elusive sweet spot where all the things I want in a book come together! I literally could not put it down once I started reading. She simultaneously satiates my curiosity about the pragmatic details of how to make a huge life shift and "retire" young, while taking the reader on a deeply spiritual journey. Evans shares her journey of transformation with insights and a vulnerability that rea [...]

    10. Michael S. on said:

      This was a fascinating book, full of intimate detail of the author's journey into and out of a deeply committed lesbian relationship to a heterosexual relationship, with many important psychological and philosophical insights woven into a topsy-turvey journey towards a liberating sense of freedom and new possibilities for renewed happiness. Since I know the author, I was even more fascinated to have been allowed the opportunity to enter vicariously her extraordinary world of love and betrayal an [...]

    11. Jill W on said:

      From the onset, Kate brings you into her "magical mystery tour" and shares a very personal and compelling story. In her courageous exposé of what some might call an unconventional view of sexuality, she invites the reader to question the "societal boxes" we all live in. The colorful vignettes she paints with her words are poignant messages that stay with the reader long after the book is finished.

    12. Lisa Francesca on said:

      This is a good read, rich in sensory detail and wise sayings to ponder. Not only a memoir but portraits of places, like Santa Cruz, and communities. I especially liked the profile Evans created of the gifted writer and teacher Gabriele Rico, and all the thoughts about a writers' life. I knew Evans was a great storyteller from her blog, and her clarity and compassion, and zest for life, are all evident here as well.

    13. Karen Craigo on said:

      I absolutely loved this book. It's a memoir about a rather remarkable life, insofar as it follows a person from an ordinary life (decent job, ho-hum marriage) into an extraordinary one of freedom and travel and wholeness. I felt really inspired by the author's journey, and when I closed it upon finishing, the only thing I could think was that I wanted to life more like she does -- full of possibility and open to beauty.

    14. Suzanne Falter on said:

      An enjoyable read!The author has a warm voice that puts its arm around the reader. I learned about the value of showing up as who you are. Even in tough relationships and circumstances. Also a great glimpse into some interesting locations like life in Santa Cruz CA and the world down under. An enjoyable read!

    15. Rowena Ritchie on said:

      I finished reading this delightful read a few days ago and it's still there -- its simplicity and subtlety softly permeating thru my consciousness. The smoothly paced storytelling and the authors thoughtful and open-hearted spirit makes this one of the most enjoyable memoirs I've read. Highly recommended!

    16. Byddi Lee on said:

      I'm usually not into reading memoirs, but I came across this author, Kate Evans, the Author Fair in San Jose and her talk was so inspiring I decided to read her book. What a wonderful surprise and treat - I read it in three days! It was so engrossing. When I wasn't reading it, I was thinking about it. I worried for her. I rejoiced with her. She inspired me. A great story, beautifully written.

    17. Denise Fullerton on said:

      Loved Kate's story and didn't want it to end. It's just one of those stories where I kept finding myself laughing out loud at observations of herself and others in her life and thinking (or saying out loud) YES! Me too!

    18. Lamar on said:

      I won this book here on and was amazed at this book and worth recommending to friends!

    19. Beth on said:

      Excellent book. An incredible journey of discovery. Can't wait to read more written by Kate Evans.

    20. Sarah on said:

      An inspirational glimpse into one woman's "dream life," and the journey of heartache and self-acceptance it took to get her there.

    21. Abby Lewis on said:

      This was a win and I'm glad i won, such an honest open memoir and such an entertainment to read!

    22. SteveWilliams on said:

      She is a great local writer, who I shall meet someday soon. Doc Steve

    23. Cathy on said:

      I really enjoyed getting to know Kate through her memoir. We met, virtually, after I left my teaching position in China; she was heading to China to teach at the same college. She sent me the Kindle version of her memoir for free, and I'm sorry to say it took me two years to finally get around to reading it. Kate tells of her life as she dates, marries and eventually divorces her first husband, then falls in love with and marries a woman (Emily), divorces her, and then marries a man. Dave appear [...]

    24. Sue on said:

      All the publicity for this memoir focuses on the fact that shortly after Kate and her husband cut all ties to live a life traveling the world, she had a seizure and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. That’s what drew me in, that and the fact that much of the book takes place in my home town of San Jose and nearby Santa Cruz. The brain tumor is part of the story, but most of the book has more to do with deciding what she wants to do with her life and who she wants to love. Does she want to teach [...]

    25. Susan on said:

      I won this book in a giveaway. It was a very interesting book. Not something I would have bought but I'm glad I read it. The author had a very profound journey and is worth reading. My only criticism is it jumped around in the timeline and it was confusing as to which events happened first. I wish dates would have been used at the start of the chapters or page breaks. But despite that, it was good. If you like reading biographies this is a good book for you but if you don't like them, I'd skip [...]

    26. Allison Zolin on said:

      The back cover should read: A women's trials with bisexuality, relationships and wanting to become a writer. A simple story with an overall positive outlook on life.

    27. Cliff Helm on said:

      Kate has the ability to take your cognitive being through and incredible journey. Through her talent you ride an amazing rollercoaster of emotions ranging form fun and laughing to shocked, sad and teary eyed. She has the ability to write in such a fashion that weaves time in and out of the present and past with much ease. I highly recommend this book to any reader that would like to leave their senses engulfed with a diverse set of emotion. To anyone that wants to be taken away on a journey from [...]

    28. Stacey on said:

      This isn't necessarily a bad book, I just never connected with it on any level so felt like i was just pushing through.

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