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Deborah Blake

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Wickedly Powerful

Wickedly Powerful Known as the wicked witch of Russian fairy tales Baba Yaga is not one woman but rather a title carried by a chosen few They keep the balance of nature and guard the borders of our world but don t m

  • Title: Wickedly Powerful
  • Author: Deborah Blake
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Known as the wicked witch of Russian fairy tales, Baba Yaga is not one woman, but rather a title carried by a chosen few They keep the balance of nature and guard the borders of our world, but don t make the mistake of crossing one of them The only thing fiery than Bella Young s red hair is her temper She knows that a Baba Yaga s power without strict control can leaKnown as the wicked witch of Russian fairy tales, Baba Yaga is not one woman, but rather a title carried by a chosen few They keep the balance of nature and guard the borders of our world, but don t make the mistake of crossing one of them The only thing fiery than Bella Young s red hair is her temper She knows that a Baba Yaga s power without strict control can leave the people she cares about burned, so to protect her heart and everyone around her the only company she keeps is her dragon turned Norwegian Forest cat, Koshka.But when Bella is tasked with discovering who s setting magical fires throughout Wyoming s Black Hills, she finds herself working closely with former hotshots firefighter Sam Corbett and falling hard for his quiet strength and charm.Sam may bear the scars of his past, but Bella can see beyond them and would do anything to help him heal Only before she can rescue her Prince Charming, she ll have to overcome the mysterious foe setting the forest fires a truly wicked witch who wields as much power and even anger than Bella

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      383 Deborah Blake
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    One thought on “Wickedly Powerful

    1. Tamora Pierce on said:

      I've been a fan of Deborah Blake's nonfiction books for Llewellyn Publishers for years, and they are old standbys on my magical research shelf. Then, last year, I discovered her wonderful Baba Yaga series for Berkley Sensation, and have been eagerly waiting for each new title. This is the most recent, the story of the third of the Americans who presently hold the title of witch-protectress Baba Yaga. Bella's territory is the mountainous and forested areas of the middle of the country, where she [...]

    2. Maria V. Snyder on said:

      This is book 3 of the Baba Yaga series and I read it right after finishing Book 2 - that is UNHEARD of for me - normally I like a break for some fresh characters and situations, but I just wanted more and I binged them. Next up Deborah writes about one of the Riders that you meet in these books - Dangerously Charming - I can't wait!

    3. Anna's Herding Cats on said:

      Reviewed for herding cats & burning soup.There is a Dragon-Cat, people. A Dragon-Cat. OMG. Seriously. This series. I'm freaking loving it down to it's toes!Damn. That was good! A Russian fairytale witch, a former firefighter turned fire spotter, a runaway teen and a dragon disguised as a cat battling nature and an evil magic trying to destroy the forest and those dear to Bella. Action, romance, humor. Loved it. Seriously.So the quick of it is that Bella is a Baba Yaga. They're witches that w [...]

    4. Maria Itliong on said:

      Finally Bella's book, I've been waiting for her book at the end of Wickedly Wonderful And I can't wait for the next book in these series. I can't wait for The Riders books to come out

    5. All Things Urban Fantasy on said:

      Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyIn this third Baba Yaga book we are introduced to Bella, the Baba Yaga who watches over the forests and deserts of the Midwestern states. It was fun coming back to this series and seeing a modern take on the Baba Yaga of Slavic fairy tales. Since Baba Yaga lives in the forest in the old stories, Wickedly Powerful portrays a Baba in her most natural habitat amongst the trees and forest creatures.The plot was pretty interesting and what seemed like a smal [...]

    6. Dark Faerie Tales on said:

      Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick & Dirty: The Baba Yaga’s Riders have gone missing, and Bella is on the case in this riveting third installment of the Baba Yaga series.Opening Sentence: The early morning fog blanketed the area surrounding the fire tower, stippling the windows with condensation and cloaking the ground below in mystery.The Review:The Riders have gone missing, and the Queen of the Otherworld wants to know what happened to them. So, she assigns Baba Yaga Bella to the [...]

    7. Sophia on said:

      After the tantalizing hints at the end of book two about a new threat and the Riders disappearance plus getting to meet Bella, I was rarin' to go. There is something about this series that is a unique and refreshing voice in the paranormal romance genre. There is the Baba Yaga legend of course and Chudo Yudo guardian dragons, but I've anticipated each and have yet to be disappointed.This is book three in the fantastic Baba Yaga series. I suppose in a pinch it could be read out of order, but I wo [...]

    8. Ami on said:

      Wickedly Powerful is the last book in the Baba Yaga sisters trilogy, this time featuring Bella Young, the Baba Yaga of the middle United States. Wyoming’s Black Hills has been experiencing forest fires and there is wrongness about them. Bella has been called upon by the community to find out what causes the magical fires and to stop them. In addition, Bella discovers a call for help from the missing Riders and she has been tasked by the Queen of the Underworld to investigate where the Riders a [...]

    9. Aly on said:

      I'm sad it's the last book of the series (the first one is my favorite) but glad to know there's a spin-off waiting for me :pThere's our world. And there's the Otherworld. The Otherworld is where magical creatures live, ruled by a Queen and King. Sometimes, those creatures are sent to our world to help us with different kind of environmental and climate problems. That's the reason why the Baba Yagas live among us, but only a small portion of the population knows about their existence. If you che [...]

    10. Tanya Davis on said:

      In Wickedly Powerful, we meet the third of the three Baba Yagas watching over North America.Bella's power, or abilities all revolve around fire, so it is not unlikely to see her helping to put out forest fires, or just living in her trailer in the woods. As soon as I read "red hair" in the blurb, I knew we were dealing with fire. In fact, there are a lot of heroines I read about are gingers I wonder why that is.Anyway, back to the book. Because of the fires her temper or feelings trigger, she ha [...]

    11. Christal on said:

      See this review and others like it at Badass Book Reviews!Wickedly Powerful is not the place to begin your Baba Yaga journey, but it was a great addition to the series. While certain elements diverged from its predecessors in many ways, some worked out better than others. Bella was a wonderful new Baba and her story with Sam was both heart breaking and exciting. Deborah Blake continues to create stories that obviously belong in the same universe without telling the same tale over and over again. [...]

    12. Fangs for the Fantasy on said:

      Bella is one of the three Baba Yagas in charge of the United States. When she feels an urge to head to the forest in Wyoming, Bella is originally unsure if she is there to investigate the missing Riders, or to deal with the sudden fires that are occurring. Growing up as a Baba Yaga in training was hard for Bella and she found that never really fit in with humans and therefore now enjoys spending time by herself with her companion Koshka, a dragon disguised as a cat. The stakes her high but despi [...]

    13. Kristen on said:

      I have really enjoyed this series, and I liked this book the best so far.I love the world-building in this, and the Baba-Yagas as main characters. They are a different type of paranormal, and I love the uniqueness of their history and powers. The Chudo-Yudos are hilarious in each of the books, and the "Otherworld" aspect also adds to the creativity of this world.I love that the Babas are incredibly strong characters who don't *need* anyone to help them with their responsibilities, but who are sm [...]

    14. Linda on said:

      A bewitchingly brilliant, wonderfully witchy brew! "You say wicked like it's a bad thing."Deborah Blake concludes her utterly charming Baba Yaga series with WICKEDLY POWERFUL. It's the third and final book in the series. It could be read as a stand-alone if that is your preference, but, your enjoyment would most assuredly be increased if the series is read in order as there is a mystery that plays out through the series. The author does fill in what a newbie would need to know - so no worries ab [...]

    15. CJ - It's only a Paper Moon on said:

      This book could've been better with more time with Bella and Sam instead of a pingpong of POVs. What happened, instead of a solid entry with the fiery Bella, we got a bridge to the next series which isn't altogether bad, but not what I expected. Sam and Bella just seemed veryed.I would've liked more Sam and Bella and more history about both Sam and the fires. What this book did do is get me excited about future Babas and the Riders' series.

    16. Krissys on said:

      The only thing more fiery than Bella Young’s red hair is her temper. She knows that a Baba Yaga’s power without strict control can leave the people she cares about burned, so to protect her heart—and everyone around her—the only company she keeps is her dragon-turned-Norwegian-Forest-cat, Koshka.But when Bella is tasked with discovering who’s setting magical fires throughout Wyoming’s Black Hills, she finds herself working closely with former hotshots firefighter Sam Corbett—and fa [...]

    17. Douglas Meeks on said:

      These books are always more than they seem. I mean they give the impression of being much lighter reading than they usually end up being and this one was no different.The synopsis lays out the story well enough that I have no need to repeat it but there are several unexpected developments along the way, especially if you are a fan of the series there are some real shocking changes coming.As usual the mystery to solve and the action are at the forefront in these books and the romance takes a back [...]

    18. Linda on said:

      The 3rd book in the Baba Yaga series finds Bella Young with her Chouo-Yudo (dragon camouflaged as a Norwegian Forest Cat) settled in her caravan in the Wyoming Black Mountain Forest. Not sure whether she is there because she loves the forest and its isolation or because she has been called as the Baba Yaga, she quickly learns it is because she has been called. She is requested to learn and bring under control the cause of recent forest fires that have been mysteriously cropping up and threatenin [...]

    19. Stacy on said:

      Not as sweet and soft as Becka and not as hard and fierce as Barbara, Bella falls right in the middle. I enjoyed getting to know the third American Baba Yaga and watching her get over her fears and fall in love. Bella has a bit of an attitude and I had no trouble liking her from the start. Sam was really easy to connect to and I really felt his struggles. I really enjoyed watching him open up and I liked how he was able to put his fear aside when it mattered the most.One thing that all the Baba' [...]

    20. Eva Millien on said:

      To protect her heart and everyone around her, Bella Young, keeps to herself but finds herself working closely with former hotshot firefighter Sam Corbett when she’s tasked with discovering the origins of the magical fires in this exciting paranormal romance. This series keeps surprising me with all of its fascinating elements and mixture of mythology and paranormal with the whole Baba Yaga idea that the author has created making a refreshingly different type of witch which adds mystery and fla [...]

    21. Darcy on said:

      While I liked this one Bella is my least favorite Baba Yaga. I think it's because she seems like a loner, one who doesn't care for other people. It's odd though because for someone who doesn't care for others Bella managed to collect quite a few people. The romance with Sam was blah for me. I was actually more interested in the potential protegee Jazz. Bella seemed to "get" Jazz more than anyone else. I think it was due to their shared history of being in foster families and not having good expe [...]

    22. Megan on said:

      It was wonderful to enter back into Blake's world of the Baba Yaga after a dirth of disappointing books lately. I love all the Babas and really enjoy this magical world, somehow I always feel a little like I'm coming home when I pick up one of these books.I will say that once we'd met Sam and Jazz I knew the exactly how everything was going to tie up. That didn't dissuade me from reading, or enjoying, the rest of the book - I simply immersed myself in the story of the Riders - but it would have [...]

    23. Joseph on said:

      Another great read by this author. Fun characters, exciting story, enjoyable stories. I'm thrilled to learn that even though this is the last Baba Yaga book, it's not really the end because the author is continuing the series with stories about the Riders.

    24. Talk Supe on said:

      I love how the Brenna arc ended. Go Chudo-Yudo! There's also a new Baba in training, maybe the series will live long enough for Jazz's story to be told. Excited to read the Riders' books too. I've been panting for these dragons since book 1.

    25. Debrac2014 on said:

      Good reading! I'm glad the Riders are getting their own stories! They deserve it!

    26. Jenny on said:

      Love this series, love this book.I cannot wait to read the stories of The Riders.

    27. Amy on said:

      A great addition to the series, the only problem with reading ARCs is there is an even longer wait until the next book and you don't want to wait!

    28. Iain on said:

      Bella didn't get nearly as much page time as Beka and Barbara did in their books, I don't think, and the resolution was kind of anti-climactic for all the build-up

    29. Pam Bales on said:

      So, sometimes it takes me a little longer to get around to finishing a book, but it doesn't take away from the story or wanting to read the next one. Maybe it's the fact that the next one just came available and so I finished this one today. Anyway, take the Russian Baba Yaga and turn her into three witches rather than one and update them to the present day. Each Baba covers a part of the country, but still comes when needed. It's a very nice series and I'm glad the next one Dangerously Charming [...]

    30. Larisa on said:

      This might be my favorite installment of the original Baba Yaga trilogy. Best Dragon Cat Ever, a western setting and a straight forward plot driven by believable charactersl the while laced with humor, snark, whimsy, magic and silliness.Enjoy that these have one token sex scene, no more, and the characters think and feel, not just drool and lustd BEST DRAGON CAT EVER.

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