The Marriage Act

Alyssa Everett

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The Marriage Act

The Marriage Act London When John Viscount Welford proposed to Caroline Fleetwood the only daughter of the Bishop of Essex he thought he knew exactly what he was getting a lovely innocent bride Five years la

  • Title: The Marriage Act
  • Author: Alyssa Everett
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • London, 1821When John, Viscount Welford, proposed to Caroline Fleetwood, the only daughter of the Bishop of Essex, he thought he knew exactly what he was getting a lovely, innocent bride.Five years later, he knows better The woman who ran to another man on their wedding night after they d consummated the marriage is hardly innocent Years spent apart while John served asLondon, 1821When John, Viscount Welford, proposed to Caroline Fleetwood, the only daughter of the Bishop of Essex, he thought he knew exactly what he was getting a lovely, innocent bride.Five years later, he knows better The woman who ran to another man on their wedding night after they d consummated the marriage is hardly innocent Years spent apart while John served as a diplomatic attach have allowed them to save face in society, but all good pretenses must come to an end When Caroline receives word that her father is dying, she begs John to accompany her on one last journey to see him.But there s an added problem Caroline never told her father that her marriage to John was a farce As they play act for others, Caroline is delighted to find she never really knew her husband at all But can she be the kind of wife he needs and does she want to be 85,000 words

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    One thought on “The Marriage Act

    1. Jill on said:

      Lord Welford, at twenty-six is in need of a wife. And he's found the perfect woman: Miss Caroline Fleetwood, daughter of the Bishop of Essex. Though John has admired her, and escorted her from church on Sundays, he has had neither time nor opportunity for a suit. At seventeen, Caroline is still quite young. However, time has run out for him. With an appointment at a diplomatic post in Vienna pending, he must forgo any courting, and with the Bishop's blessing he asks for her hand.Despite having h [...]

    2. Caz on said:

      I've given this a B+ at AAR.Alyssa Everett is one of my favourite authors, one I know I can rely upon to provide me with a well –written and engaging story, well-developed characters and a satisfying romance. She describes her latest book, The Marriage Act as being somewhat “edgier” than her previous ones, and I can see why, because the two protagonists are imperfect characters who sometimes do and say things that are unpalatable. That is not to say that they are unpleasant characters; jus [...]

    3. Heather *Awkward Queen and Unicorn Twin* on said:

      This is my second book by Everett. Although I enjoyed this one, the interactions between the H and h were quite exhausting. I can get behind misunderstanding and deliberate miscommunication to a point, but it was a little too much for me here. I appreciated that Caro wasn't your typical HR heroine, what with her confusion about lies and acting how people expected her to act, but the way her deceptions compounded was a bit painful to read about (which may have been the intention, as keeping up li [...]

    4. Emris Lindsay on said:

      An engaging tale of how one should never start bad habits such as lying. Caroline was a naive and flirty young lady when she got married, she only accepted in rebound, unknowing to her beau, because the one she thought she loved rejected her proposal and this caused years of separation which could have otherwise be avoided. This story is filled with tender loving and yes harsh cutting insults and even some risque moments, but true love prevails. I especially liked the gentle loving hero John, th [...]

    5. Jennifer on said:

      3.75 starsI received an eARC of this book from Carina Press via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.This is a difficult book to get my head around. Overall, I enjoyed it and stayed up way too late one night to finish it which is usually a good sign. There were just nagging things that kept popping up in my head while I was reading it that I couldn't ignore. But, I guess that is also a sign of a well-written story that has me thinking about it long after completion.The Marriage Act starts [...]

    6. sraxe on said:

      I was looking forward to this because I really like the second-chance romance trope. The author even kept it to my liking, having the hero NOT go sleep with everything that moves while the heroine remains untouched. Instead, she has the both of them remain celibate, so THANK YOU for that!For that alone, I was planning on giving this book a three, but I really didn't like Caroline. At all. I get that she was immature when they got married, but she remained that way even five years later. Near the [...]

    7. ᴍɪᴄs ✖amante de los spoilers✖ on said:

      4.5Vamos a ver, en estas dos semanas empece Moonglow, The Hating Game, Los dulces años, Dos Veces Amada, The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie, Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage, Forbidden, Flores en la tormenta y Tuya a medianoche y NO PUDE terminar ninguno. Ya me estaba desesperando, menos mal que decidí leer este libro para romper la maldición XDMe encantó, junto dos tropes que me encantan "fingimos ser pareja y nos terminamos enamorando" y "segundas oportunidades" y el resultado es buenisi [...]

    8. Wollstonecrafthomegirl on said:

      This was a solid book. Everett's writing is consistently strong. She sets up an unusual premise, an historically estranged couple for genuinely plausible reasons and then brings them back together for a road trip followed by a charade that they are, in fact, happy. There's the potential for a fair amount of tumult, but it's all handled with skill and control. I really liked Caro. She was a self-possessed heroine, who recognised her youthful folly and the problems it had caused and she takes resp [...]

    9. Jackie on said:

      Wed in haste, repent at leisure. That's been the theme of John Welford's life for the past five years. He'd only been nursing a tendre for the gorgeous daughter of his mentor, Bishop Fleetwood, for a few short weeks, but when he was abruptly appointed to a diplomatic post in Vienna, he couldn't stomach the idea of losing the girl to another. So he proposed, and the seventeen-year-old accepted. But when she fled his bed on their wedding night, attempting to run off with another man, John brought [...]

    10. Georgie on said:

      I like Alyssa Everett's books on principle. They are literate, thoughtful, and entertaining. So I'm not sure why TMA uncharacteristically failed to engage me. There were certainly things about it I appreciated: it's a relief to come across a non-standard plot, with H & h estranged for apparently deal-breaking reasons. And Everett's ability to write fluently is still very much in evidence. This wasn't a book I regretted reading - more that it didn't, for me, meet the standards of its predeces [...]

    11. Lady Wesley on said:

      Another winner from Alyssa Everett! If you enjoy beautifully written, nuanced, and original plots with fully-developed characters, you cannot go wrong with an Alyssa Everett title. This one involves an unhappily married couple pretending to be happy for her dying father's sake. It reminded me of a slogan used in AA: "fake it 'till you make it." Heartfelt thanks to NetGalley and Carina Press for an advanced review copy.

    12. Sonya Heaney on said:

      I’m reviewing a book I’ve only read part ofThis book is getting fantastic reviews, and if it sounds appealing to you, you should definitely give it a go.However, after days of having it partially read and sitting on my Kindle, I decided I couldn’t finish.I think it says something good about the author that she made me like the hero so much. He is so happy to become engaged to the heroine:He let his breath out in a whoosh. ‘Oh, God.’ He laughed, the reaction a combination of exultation [...]

    13. OLT on said:

      I enjoy estranged-marriage romances. And I also like to read rational conversations between H and h, with them trying to work things out by speaking, not just by having sex. So it's perverse of me not to like this book more. However, in spite of all the H-h conversation, sometimes they still were not really communicating and that ultimately became frustrating to me. Add to this the fact that the plot moved slowly and that the H and h weren't the most appealing and interesting people I've ever en [...]

    14. Samantha Brody on said:

      I very rarely leave very negative reviews, but the way consent/appropriate behavior was handled in this book made me so fucking uncomfortable, I feel to not comment would be even more inappropriate. The story's premise was pretty catnip-y for me (I am a forgiving sort, I like the assholes), whereas 17-year-old Caro runs away from John, her older, very serious new husband on their wedding night because she is infatuated with the much more dashing officer her just broke her heart (& didn't eve [...]

    15. Ellen Klock on said:

      Scene 1: A 26 year old man falls in love with a 16-17 year old girl after watching her from afar (and only talking to her twice) and since he's one of her father's favorite students he procures an approval to proceed with a wedding after his love interest rashly agrees to wed, even though the nuptials have to be done ASAP since said man is taking a diplomatic post in Vienna.Scene 2: It's five years later and the young girl, perhaps a little older and wiser, has been banished all this time to the [...]

    16. Jo(Mixed Book Bag) on said:

      I have been a fan of Alyssa Everett since her first book. I like the fact that she writes books that have an unusual twist. The Marriage Act has that and more.There is a marriage that ended almost before it began. Caroline Fleetwood and John, Viscount Welford, have been apart for 5 years. Now they have to pretend to be happy. Both Caroline and John are very well developed characters. As the story progresses we see why each reacted as they have and how those reactions have shaped how they have ar [...]

    17. Julie on said:

      Alyssa Everett is a new to me author, but I will definitely be exploring her back-list.This worked for me because it ticked several boxes on my personal crack list.Second chance romance? Tick.Sexual problems that must be worked through? Tick.A knowing and witty authorial voice? Tick.Good historical research? Tick.Imperfect protagonists? Tick.Let the glom begin.

    18. Janice Liedl on said:

      This is a really great romance that can also be a challenging read. Challenging because the hero and heroine come with a really charged past, looming over them from the first pages of the story. Some readers may not want to give John and Caroline a chance. That's too bad because this is a really interesting romance that also shows characters growing up, growing wiser and growing together.Marry in haste is what John and Caroline did, years before the story takes up. She's a teenager, beautiful an [...]

    19. Eva on said:

      *I got this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*On Netgalley the book was listed under the title “The Marriage Act Galley” which isn’t the correct title. It should simply be “The Marriage Act” by Alyssa Everett. In the beginning I wasn’t sure if I will like the book but I really liked it in the end. The first pages are about John, Viscount Welford, and how he got married to Caroline Fleetwood, the only daughter of the Bishop of Essex. They didn’t know each other wel [...]

    20. GONZA on said:

      The best thing about this book is definitely the plot, finally no blushing virgin and no rogue to be redeemed, eventually! Caro and John definitely start on the wrong foot in their marriage, and we find them almost five years later, when for reasons beyond their will they are forced to pretend to have a great marriage. Their interactions I usually liked, but sometimes I found them a bit repetitive, mostly because she was a pathological liar and he did not know what to think. All in all a good bo [...]

    21. PriscillaWaller on said:

      I've Discovered a New AuthorThis was an excellent Regency by an author who is new to me. The plot was different and interesting. It's not often that the hero and heroine long time married when the story begins and if they are the story is told in flashback . They were and it wasn't and that's one of the reasons I enjoyed it. While this plot carried "the big lie" to extremes, it worked. I've found a new autobuy.

    22. Nightwitch on said:

      I liked this much more than I thought I would. A nice, quiet romance. The characterizations, even of minor characters, are really strong, and while there's a little too much "oh, I've changed my mind about having a useful conversation with my spouse" over and over and over again - but I really enjoyed reading this and thought the resolution and many little interpersonal moments were great.

    23. SidneyKay on said:

      We want light and fluffy - we want light and fluffy - we want light and fluffy - sorry.Alyssa Everett has presented us with a dark book which has two leads who are really hard to like. The Marriage Act is a difficult book to review, but you really should give it a try. For some of you this book may be a wall-banger, but for others you will be mesmerized by the really lonnnng struggle to the happy ending. I have to be honest: while I love Ms. Everett's prose, the couple in this book gave me a hea [...]

    24. Nenya on said:

      she hadn’t seen Papa in five and a half years—years in which she’d declined his repeated invitations with evasions and excuses built around the elaborate falsehood that she was with Welford in Viennauh a bishop's circle would be large enough to know that that's a falsehood. because he should be getting information from other sources (conflicting with hers).update: he already knew :/ lol that was the whole point to bring them together. lol h's father, the bishop, is beloved and admired by a [...]

    25. Book Gannet on said:

      3.5 stars. I’m a little surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. This may sound like a strange thing to say, but I have a very good reason: Caro. She’s truly awful, a spoilt brat of a girl who married one man to make another jealous and ran away on her wedding night to be with the man she loved (who, by the way, had already rejected her silly offer of elopement). Yes, she was young and foolish, but she has no excuse for her behavior five years on when she remains selfish and hot-headed, th [...]

    26. Richard on said:

      Character-on-character, this is an astoundingly good story.I'd describe it as firing-on-all-cylinders, from cover to cover.Bam. Conflict. Good conflict. Both the Hero & Heroine have a grudge with each other; each, somewhat correctly, saying "it's the other person's fault".The Hero is prim-and-proper; with a less-than-warm upbringing and a strictness for rules, lending a holier-than-thou aspect to his character which grates his wife.The Heroine, daughter of a bishop, is (chiefly) 'intemperate [...]

    27. Zola on said:

      Enjoyable relationship-centered romance with realistic family dynamics. A refreshing twist on the marriage-of-convenience plot. Heroine Caro has had her impulsive moments, but she's introspective and has learned from her mistakes. Brooding hero, John also has depth - he's mature enough to move past some of is insecurities, and refreshingly he isn't convinced that he's irresistible or all-knowing. It's good to read a romance in which characters' attitudes towards religion and sexuality fit the Re [...]

    28. Dennis Yoder on said:

      This is a story of a young woman who is so in to proving to others that she is "Miss Goody Two Shoes" that she goes to the point of lying just to cover up her misgivings. After running away on her wedding night, she and hubby were estranged for 5 years. When they rejoined, it was a strange relationship pretending to be happily married for her fathers benefit. The word trust was tossed around like a boomerang. Should I trust, could I trust, etc. The married couple spent so much time trying to rea [...]

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