The Dressmaker's War

Mary Chamberlain

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The Dressmaker's War

The Dressmaker s War A gripping powerful compulsively readable work of historical fiction the story of a brilliant English dressmaker caught in Germany during World War II the choices she must make to stay alive and th

  • Title: The Dressmaker's War
  • Author: Mary Chamberlain
  • ISBN: 9780812997378
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A gripping, powerful, compulsively readable work of historical fiction the story of a brilliant English dressmaker caught in Germany during World War II, the choices she must make to stay alive and the way she confronts those choices in war s aftermath For readers of Amy Bloom and Anthony Doerr.In London, 1939, Ada Vaughan is a young woman with an unusual dressmaking skiA gripping, powerful, compulsively readable work of historical fiction the story of a brilliant English dressmaker caught in Germany during World War II, the choices she must make to stay alive and the way she confronts those choices in war s aftermath For readers of Amy Bloom and Anthony Doerr.In London, 1939, Ada Vaughan is a young woman with an unusual dressmaking skill, and dreams of a better life for herself That life seems to arrive when Stanislaus, an Austrian aristocrat, sweeps Ada off her feet and brings her to Paris When war breaks out, Stanislaus vanishes, and Ada is taken prisoner by the Germans, she must do everything she can to survive by becoming dressmaker to the Nazi wives Abandoned and alone as war rages, the choices Ada makes will come to back to haunt her years later, as the truth of her experience is twisted and distorted after the war From glamorous London hotels and Parisian cafes to the desperation of wartime Germany, here is a mesmerizing, richly textured historical novel, a story of heartbreak, survival and ambition, of the nature of truth, and the untold story of what happens to women during war.

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    One thought on “The Dressmaker's War

    1. Angela M on said:

      I've read a good number of books about WWII, told from different perspectives , both fiction and non fiction -some depicting the holocaust and the horrific experiences of the concentration and death camps , some portraying it from the soldier's perspective, some focusing on the resistance movement and some telling the stories of brave people who saved Jews. I've also viewed the war through the eyes of death. I thought this might be another side of how the war impacted people and changed their li [...]

    2. Marla Madison on said:

      I seldom award a book only one star because if they are that undeserving, I normally don't finish them. The Dressmaker's War, although well-written, had to be one of the most depressing tale's of a woman's life that I've ever read. I kept reading always hoping something would get better for Ada, a young woman who, at the very beginning of WWII, follows a ne'er do well boyfriend to Paris where she believes he is going to propose. Stanislaus, however, has other intentions and eventually dumps Ada [...]

    3. Irene△⃒⃘ on said:

      1.5/5 〜 ITA/ENG (NOW ADDED)“Ti chiamano la sarta di Dachau. Sei sulla bocca di tutti. Da te viene la migliore società, gente influente, sai. Non solo di Dachau. Anche di Monaco, Berlino. Mi dicono che la voce è giunta fino al Führer.”Ho preso questo libro perché è quello che mi sarei voluta aspettare dalla sua storia. Purtroppo invece il libro è stato suddiviso male a mio parere, o il titolo non è del tutto adeguato.Ada come protagonista e soprattutto come carattere non mi è piaciu [...]

    4. Dorie on said:

      I received an ARC of this book through netgalley in exchange for an honest review. The copy of my book was titled “The Dressmakers War”.I had not been requesting any books revolving around WWII since there has been a plethora of books written from almost every angle. This book however promised a new perspective.Ada Vaughn is a 19 y/o young woman recently moved to London from a small town with the hopes of becoming a dressmaker, perhaps having a shop of her own. She starts work as a modiste f [...]

    5. Laura on said:

      Ava is young, ambitious and naive. She dreams of designing her own dresses and selling them to the upper class women of London. Luckily, she has a natural talent, and her life is pretty much mapped out. That is until she meets a charming and mysterious gentleman who whisks her away for a romantic break in Paris, where she can study French fashion and purchase materials for her collection. And then war breaks out.This was a brilliant read set among the dramatic and desolate times of the mid twent [...]

    6. Maria Roxana on said:

      O carte pentru care cuvântul ”tulburător” își pierde din semnificație pentru că revolta, nedreptatea cu care se confundă sufletul Adei se pierd într-un cârcel sufletesc atunci când ajungi la finalul ”poveștii.”Războiul este de fapt o materializare a orgoliilor prostești. În urma lui rămân suflete schilodite, destine modificate și întrebări cu ” de ce?” la care nu există oricum răspuns.Recomand cu căldură această minunată carte!

    7. Cherie on said:

      I'm in a good mood this morning, so I'll give this book 2 stars. I had a lot of hope for this historical novel--the setting is WWII England and Germany, the main character a young woman supremely skilled at dressmaking. Unfortunately, the characters are all one-dimensional, either completely evil or naively innocent and good. The main character makes the same mistakes over and over again ad infinitum, always choosing the wrong man, making poor life choices (such as choosing to become a prostitut [...]

    8. Konstantin on said:

      Celokupna kniga je za jednu i po zvezdicu jer je kao istorijska fikcija omanula, ali se prvih trista stranica i zadnjih pet razlikuju kao da ih nije pisala ista osoba. Bolan i ubedljiv prikaz nečijeg života, zaboravljenog poput mnogih drugih. Ejda jeste bila i glupa, i naivna, i pravila je loše životne odluke, ali za to je platila cenu koja je i više nego dovoljna. Uopšte se ne oseća kao da je u pitanju delo fikcije (osim možda malo u prvom delu), već kao da je romansirana biografija ž [...]

    9. Ana Dumitrache on said:

      Croitoreasa de la Dachau e o poveste extrem de tristă despre condiția femeii într-o societate marcată de război și de urmările acestuia. Ada e o tânără cu multe visuri, talentată și inocentă, plină de speranțe și încredere. O serie de circumstanțe nefavorabile și de decizii proaste o aduc însă în fața unui sfârșit dureros. E un personaj complex care îți stârnește atât compasiune, cât și repulsie. O judeci pentru naivitatea ei, dar o apreciezi pentru felul în care [...]

    10. Elizabeth on said:

      I couldn't put this book down. I found it fascinating to hear how British citizens were held in Germany during the war. I mean you always hear of how Germans were held in the U.K. but this was a side of history that had fallen through the cracks. I recommend it to anyone that enjoys WWII historical fiction.

    11. Anna on said:

      I'd had this on my Kindle for ages but had forgotten what it was about (apart from WWII obviously, and I was offline at the time so couldn't check the blurb). As it turned out, going into it 'blind' was the best thing to do as it didn't go the way I assumed it would at all. Born in the backstreets of London, 18 year old seamstress Ada has dreams of opening her own fashion house one day. Naive and trusting yet ambitious, she meets the exotic Stanislaus, a meeting which will change her life foreve [...]

    12. Andreea Ursu-Listeveanu on said:

      Pana s-o primesc cadou, n-am auzit deloc de Croitoreasa de la Dachau. Insa prietenele mele, care stiu ca-s o pseudo-croitoreasa, care stiu ca am fost la Dachau si ca am o fetita pe care o cheama Ada, s-au gandit ca-i perfecta pentru mine. Si a fost. Genul de carte pe care n-o poti lasa din mana pentru ca vrei sa stii ce pateste eroina principala, unde o duce viata prin razboi si dupa el, daca scapa, daca se termina cu bine.Lasand la o parte faptul ca romanul e lipsit de descrieri generale si se [...]

    13. Annette Chidzey on said:

      The Dressmaker of Dachau was an interesting account. Ada Vaughan was somewhat of an enigma- strong and decisive at times- naive and frustrating on other occasions. I am not quite sure how I feel about her. What does emerge in this novel is the all too familiar powerless plight of women that seems to typify much of history. It seems that being successful, ambitious or determined often comes at a cost personally or professionally, Ada being no exception.

    14. Irene on said:

      Un buen libro que te hace reflexionar sobre las dificultades que muchas personas tuvieron que sufrir para sobrevivir. La historia de Ada es un relato de valentía y superación hasta el final. De fácil lectura, la autora ha conseguido envolverme en la realidad del personaje, pero el desenlace aunque muy real y verosímil me ha resultado muy duro, increíble, nunca mejor dicho. La segunda guerra mundial es un telón de fondo, para contar algo mucho más crudo, la incomprensión de la sociedad de [...]

    15. Cristina on said:

      Cutremuratoare, revoltatoareta usurare atunci cand, la final, autoarea spune ca personajele sunt fictive, caractere fictionale.

    16. Sarah on said:

      I didn't like the main character-- she was completely aloof and it was hard to connect with such a character. Beginning was ok but hard to finish. Disappointed!!

    17. Stephanie Anze on said:

      Ada is a talented dressmaker, living in London, that dreams of opening her own house of fashion someday. At eighteen, she is also naive, so when she meets a mysterious man that promises her the world, she does not hesitate to follow him. Its the eve of WWII and despite warnings, Ada and her mystery man leave for Paris. It is a decision that is going to alter the course of her life.This novel was compared to Anthony Doerr's All the Lights We Cannot See. Frankly, I think the comparisons are unwarr [...]

    18. May on said:

      I am glad I read this novel. The ramification of Ada's troubled choices before, during and after WW II created an uncomfortable story line. Several times, my response was "really?" "what are you doing?" I so badly wanted her to succeed as a dressmaker! I accept that my reactions are that of a woman today. It wasn't until I read the author's notes that I fully appreciated the way the war era was rigged against women.

    19. Tatyana Naumova on said:

      Пнула книгу много раз, а она оказалась отличной!

    20. Dana on said:

      In The Dressmaker's War, Ada Vaughn was a young woman whose inexperience led her across Europe on the brink of war. Stranded in Belgium by a man Ada thought loved her, she took refuge in a convent until the Nazis rounded up the nuns and shipped them even further from Ada's home to care for wounded and ill Germans.This story had many elements to it, all of which gave an interesting perspective of World War II. The first part of the novel showed Ada as a naive idiot who had no reason to believe th [...]

    21. Mairead Hearne ( on said:

      ‘You may look like a swan, but if you talk like a sparrow, who will take you seriously? Welcome, Miss Vaughan’I was lucky enough to receive my copy of The Dressmaker of Dachau from Harper Collins. It is written by Mary Chamberlain and published in 2015 by The Borough Press, an imprint of Harper Collins.My review is as ever my own opinion and most importantly, an honest one. I do hope you enjoy.‘London, spring 1939. Ada Vaughan is a young and ambitious seamstress. Desperate to escape from h [...]

    22. Msjodi777 on said:

      Now this is aggravating, I saved my review and got an error saying the review does not exist grrrrrrr So I get to start over, and try again sometimes I HATE computers!First of all, I am only giving this book 3 stars because the narration of the audiobook was awful. This is not the kind of story that needs a "wannabe sexy" super breathy voice, which is how the narrator started this book. I admit that I was ready to return the book at 40 minutes, but decided to sleep on it, and see how I felt in t [...]

    23. Thebooktrail on said:

      Written against a real historical background of the outbreak of war in Europe, this is a tale of one woman’s resilience despite tragedy.For the locations featured in the story - Booktrail of The Dressmaker of DachauAda leads a sad and uneventful life in Lambeth, London and so wants to escape her life. Ada became her designs, a walking advertisement for them. Working for the modiste in Dover street, the craves the life she feels she can’t have. She might feel out of her depth in the Savoy and [...]

    24. Judith on said:

      La verdad que es una historia fuerte, la protagonista vive un calvario que parece no tener fin, si bien la segunda guerra mundial es un eje importante, la historia gira en torno a Ada, lo que ella va padeciendo día a día, mes tras mes y año tras año hasta el termino de la guerra. Pero esto tampoco termina ahí, al llegar a su país, a su casa, a su familia, ya nada es igual y nuevamente sola tendrá que comenzar de cero a retomar de nuevo su vida. La costura es su pasión pero los trabajos e [...]

    25. Fiona on said:

      3.5/5 | I got chills by the end of this book! The Dressmaker's war is a gritty rendition of the effects of World War II from the perspective of then 19 year old Ada Vaughan, who aspires to have the House of Vaughan and make a name for herself in dressmaking. The historical fictions about WWII are often written from the standpoint of the Jews who were most targeted and it was refreshing to gain the *albeit fictional* perspective of a young lady of a different race who gets caught in the stark rea [...]

    26. Pupottina on said:

      Per il giorno della memoria, quest'anno ho deciso di leggere LA SARTA DI DACHAU.L'autrice, Mary Chamberlain, professoressa di storia a Oxford, ha scelto di pubblicare questa storia per esordire nell'ambito letterario, romanzando una vicenda verosimilmente storica che intreccia un dramma tutto femminile con le crudeli pagine del Novecento. Mary Chamberlain ha ideato questa storia un po' per caso: mentre sfoglia un saggio sulla seconda guerra mondiale, scopre il mistero del vestito da sposa di Eva [...]

    27. Theresa Smith Writes on said:

      I feel entirely mislead about this book. The blurb is not reflective of the story at all. This story had all the promise of greatness: a dressmaker in a concentration camp, surviving against the odds. I was instantly intrigued. Well for a start, the dressmaker wasn't in a camp. Yes, she was kept prisoner, and her story was still an intriguing one, but why mislead on the cover? There was no love story either, again, deliberately misleading. Nor was she abandoned in Paris. As frustrating as I foun [...]

    28. Julie on said:

      Ada Vaughan is a young London girl with dreams of being a successful fashion designer. Seduced by a charming Count, she finds herself in Belgium as the second world war breaks out. I really liked the idea of this book, as them time period often is one of my favourites to read about. I just got a little annoyed at Ada, who seemed a a little too naive and kept finding herself stuck in a pickle. I just wanted her to be a little stronger and smarter. Some of the story seemed to jump about a bit much [...]

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