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Vigilance TENACIOUS YOUNG OUTCAST IN HOSTILE LAND DESPERATE FEDERATION AGENTS BATTLE OF WITS Continues the engrossing post apocalyptic saga begun in the first book D Donovan Midwest Book ReviewAfter tuning one

  • Title: Vigilance
  • Author: Lance Erlick
  • ISBN: 9781943080014
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Paperback
  • TENACIOUS YOUNG OUTCAST IN HOSTILE LAND DESPERATE FEDERATION AGENTS BATTLE OF WITS Continues the engrossing post apocalyptic saga begun in the first book D Donovan, Midwest Book ReviewAfter tuning one s ear to the rhythm of the swamps, any stray noise gets adrenaline flowing The peace has shattered They re coming for Regina Shen.Perfect for fans of the Hunger GaTENACIOUS YOUNG OUTCAST IN HOSTILE LAND DESPERATE FEDERATION AGENTS BATTLE OF WITS Continues the engrossing post apocalyptic saga begun in the first book D Donovan, Midwest Book ReviewAfter tuning one s ear to the rhythm of the swamps, any stray noise gets adrenaline flowing The peace has shattered They re coming for Regina Shen.Perfect for fans of the Hunger Games, Divergent, and Maze Runner Regina Shen Vigilance is the second book in a science fiction thriller series with an ordinary yet strong young woman facing extraordinary hurdles with tenacity.The World Federation condemned Regina and her family to live on the seaward side of barrier walls as outcasts Those walls were built to hold back rising seas caused by abrupt climate change For two years Regina struggled with guilt over failing to rescue her younger sister Under a tough teacher, she trained hard, salvaged illegal books from the depths, and committed them to memory Another storm bears down It s time for Regina to cross the barrier wall into the Federation to hunt for her sister Is she ready The Federation operates with a rigid caste system and the notorious Department of Antiquities They keep peace and order by destroying all evidence from before the Great Collapse World fertility is plunging Chief Inspector Joanne Demarco pursues Regina for unique DNA that could prevent human extinction and boost the inspector s power Demarco has a ruthless rival who seeks to use Regina to overthrow the inspector They both descend on Regina She would rather die than help the people who kidnapped her sister.Nothing goes according to plan for Regina Pursued by agents, she becomes an illegal immigrant to the Federation, trying to avoid capture in a world suspicious of outsiders As she gets closer to where the Federation holds her sister, Regina faces seemingly impossible obstacles Guilt over failing her sister in the past urges her on If she gets caught, Regina will be sent to an underground bio lab never to see daylight, her family or friends again When Regina thinks things can t get worse, she learns that two rival inspectors are fighting to capture her and using her sister as bait.Can Regina locate her sister and help her escape from an obvious trap without getting caught or killed

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    One thought on “Vigilance

    1. Marilyn R. on said:

      Regina Shen: Vigilance is book two in a series by Lance Erlick. If you haven't read book one - Regina Shen: Resilience - I highly suggest you do before you start this one. It's a great story regardless, but you'll have to do a lot of catching up.Since we left her at the end of book one, marginal Regina Shen has managed to avoid capture for over two years now, an amazing feat. Her own resourcefulness and that of her substitute mother and teacher Mo-Mere kept the searchers at bay, but there were m [...]

    2. Majanka on said:

      Book Review originally published here: iheartreading/book-touI previously read and reviewed the first book in the series, Regina Shen: Resilience, and after reading it, I looked forward to starting the second book in the series. Regina Shen: Vigilance takes place two years after the events of the first book.Mo-Mere believes Regina is ready to jump the Barrier Wall, and start looking for her sister. After two years of training, studying and honing her survival skills, now is the time for Regina a [...]

    3. Cheryl on said:

      The first book, Resilience was fine. I thought it had an alright pacing and the author did a good job of introducing me to this world and Regina. Yet with this second book I am thrilled to have read it. I was able to instantly connect with all of the characters better. So far I thought that this book was better than the first. Regina is shaping out to be a strong leader. Regina's hunt for her sister, Colleen brings her even closer in this book. With Mo-Mere's experience with the Federation she w [...]

    4. Floryie on said:

      *I received a free copy from the author for an honest review*The adventure continues in the second book of the series too. But I found the pace not as good as the first book. I felt that there were scenes where it was a bit boring. Nevertheless, the author has done the book justice. The Federation, which was outlined in the earlier book has a more prominent place in this tale. The intricate politics involved in Regina's world is revealed in bits and pieces. The complete image has not been shown [...]

    5. Jeremy Gallen on said:

      In the first sequel of author Lance Erlick’s series featuring Regina Shen as protagonist, which critics have compared to other dystopian youth fiction such as the Hunger Games trilogy, two years of training have elapsed for Regina, after which she seeks to leap beyond the barrier into the World Federation in search of her sister Colleen, although fate has different plans in store for her. As in the book’s predecessor, the Federation has condemned Regina and her family to live outside the bar [...]

    6. Martha on said:

      Regina is an outsider in a world that is run by Grand Old Dames (Gods) who have extended their lives for over 300 years. They eliminated men years before and control the population by restricting education and punishing free thinking. Regina and her family are ‘Marginals” who life in the swamps outside of the wall that keep the 'harmonious' citizens within the Federation.Regina and her younger sister Colleen revealed blood work that could help with the growing infertility problems of the soc [...]

    7. Victor Gentile on said:

      Lance Erlick in his new book, “Regina Shen: Vigilance” Book Two in the Regina Shen series published by Finlee Augare Books continues the adventure with Regina Shen.From the back cover: Abrupt climate change melted ice caps and flooded coasts. Outcast Regina Shen has unique DNA that the World Federation believes can prevent human extinction. Not trusting them, Regina jumps the barrier wall into the Federation to hunt for her sister, kidnapped two years earlier. She reaches the well-guarded un [...]

    8. Jessica Bronder on said:

      It has been two years since we last saw Regina. Regina has been under the guidance and protection of Mo-Mere. But Mo-Mere feels it is time for Regina to jump the Barrier Wall and join the University. But this is a challenge for Regina, how is she supposed to act docile when she has had to fight for everything up to this point. And how is she supposed to find her sister, Colleen when there is clearly marked path to get to the fertility clinic. Plus it doesn’t help that DeMarco is still searchin [...]

    9. Alaina on said:

      Regina Shen has an unique strand of DNA which leads to the Department of Antiquities chasing her. On the run she finds her kidnapped sister. She also finds herself in an heavenly guarded area. She must decide what to do so that both her and her sister can escape without getting capture.This is the Second book in the Regina Shen series. This series must be read in order so a reader needs to read Regina Shen: Resilience first in order to fully understand this book. This is a great sequel to this s [...]

    10. Sydney on said:

      The adventure with Regina Shen continues on in book two, Vigilance. This story is a continuation of book one, Resilience, and will make much more sense if you read book one first. In this novel, Regina has found a home base with her old school teacher, Mo-Mere, and a few other girls, Wendy and the twins. Mo-Mere continues to teach all the girls survival skills, as well as other skills she deems necessary. Also, the patrol-women are still on the search for Regina. With another storm on the way an [...]

    11. E.A. on said:

      (I received this book free from the author in exchange for my honest review)This second installment was just as good as the first. Though the pacing wasn't as fast as the first, I will still sucked into this crafty world of mystery. I was glad a love interest appear, though I wasn't too keen on her at first, she did grow on me and but I'm still not sure about her. I had high hopes for Wendy, but that dream was crushed. In all, I did like the new characters that appeared and I was surprised by th [...]

    12. Dawn on said:

      I received a free ecopy of this book for an honest review.Vigilance is a good read but there’s not near as much as action in it as there was in Resilience. Instead, it has a lot of suspense, and the action is at the end.It is 2 years after book #1. Regina and Wendy have learned enough that their teacher, Mo-Mere, thinks they’re ready to go to University on the other side of the wall. Regina makes new friends and new enemies in the Federation. She also finds out that life in the Federation is [...]

    13. Haddie Harper on said:

      I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.As we continue to follow Regina as she sneaks to the other side of the Wall and is about to start a new phase in her life. She is going to the University, and plans to find her sister. There are a few, or several, set-backs as she goes, but Regina continues to push forward and work hard to accomplish her goals. Demarco is still looking for Regina; they may have had a few run-ins, but somehow Regina slips from her almost-clutches.Get [...]

    14. Debra on said:

      I enjoyed Book 2 in the series called "Regina Shen" as much as I liked the first book. Regina Shen has done all that she can to try to stay alive and not get caught by the horrible people that want to use her body to save others. She finally after 2 years has figured out a way to jump the Barrier Wall to try to get to her sister who she knows has been taken by these people. Has she done enough and learned all that she can to save her sister and keep herself free? After all she is the one that th [...]

    15. Moniqua Sexton on said:

      The second installment was just as good as the first. Regina is on the run to find her sister. Mo-mere prepares her for life across the wall at university, but things don't go as planned. Demarco, to save her own career, tries to barter with Regina, saying that if they go with her, she can do more for them than Volpe, and I think Regina was right not to trust her. I know that includes being on the run for the rest of her life, but at least she has Ester by her side. I hope that there's another i [...]

    16. Lola on said:

      I am organizing a blog tour for Regina Shen by Lance Erlick. This blog tour will feature the first two books in the series: Regina Shen: Resilience (Regina Shen #1) and Regina Shen: Vigilance (Regina Shen #2). The blog tour runs from 18 till 31 May. There will be a tour wide giveaway. You can sign-up for the following type of stops: review, guest post, interview, tens list and excerpt.

    17. Cheshire on said:

      At the beginning of the book we discover that 2 years have passed between this book and Resilience. Regina is now 17. She continues her journey with constant challenges and meets new allies along the way.Her character continues to evolve and become more complex without loosing what makes Regina special in this new world.Since reading the first book and finding the fertility technology very interesting and learning more in this book I did a little research of my own. I found out they are doing th [...]

    18. Jessica Buike on said:

      This second book of the series has Regina doing the unthinkable - crossing The Wall in search of her sister! We meet some new characters in this book, and say goodbye to others. Much like the reality of University, this book dragged in parts pertaining to the university, but otherwise kept a steady pace. It still also kept me guessing who Regina could trust and who she couldn't. I didn't love it as much as the first book, but I still enjoyed it very much and am looking forward to reading the thi [...]

    19. Karen on said:

      This is a amazing book and I really enjoyed it.Regina crosses the wall to hide from her pursuers and search for her sister.The author is really creative and talented at creating well developed and relatable characters that I feel invested in.The world building is excellent and believable with the current discussions about the effects of climate change.I like that the author created the main character as a young female that is resilient,brave and caring.I received a copy of this book from the aut [...]

    20. Brittany on said:

      I received this book in exchange for an honest review. This book was suspenseful and well-written. I couldn't wait to see what Regina did next.

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