Crooked House

Marlene Bateman

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Crooked House

Crooked House Quirky private investigator Erica Coleman is no stranger to murder and mystery which is why her best friend s daughter Megan is confident in Erica s unique ability to unravel a disturbing mystery deve

  • Title: Crooked House
  • Author: Marlene Bateman
  • ISBN: 9781621085218
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Paperback
  • Quirky private investigator Erica Coleman is no stranger to murder and mystery which is why her best friend s daughter Megan is confident in Erica s unique ability to unravel a disturbing mystery developing in the ramshackle old house she shares with her college roommates, Liz and Beth In the quaint historic district of Dover, Delaware, lies Crooked House an apt name forQuirky private investigator Erica Coleman is no stranger to murder and mystery which is why her best friend s daughter Megan is confident in Erica s unique ability to unravel a disturbing mystery developing in the ramshackle old house she shares with her college roommates, Liz and Beth In the quaint historic district of Dover, Delaware, lies Crooked House an apt name for the once magnificent home Following an alarming rise in the number of accidents surrounding Liz, the girls enlist Erica s help to stop the mysterious assailant Soon the mishaps become blatant attempts on Liz s life, and Erica s initial skepticism disappears when things go from disturbing to deadly As she uncovers a tangled web of love, money, and greed, Erica must draw upon her investigative prowess to crack the case before she becomes an unwitting victim herself.

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    One thought on “Crooked House

    1. Lisa(Bookworm Lisa) on said:

      I have wanted to read on of Marlene Bateman's books for a while now. I have the first two book starring Private Eye Erica Coleman, but have not found the time to read them yet. Fortunately for me, I didn't need to read them before starting this book.This book is full of mysterious events and danger. It appears that someone is trying to kill Liz. She is a sweet young lady. The only thing she possesses of some value is the historic home she inherited, Crooked House. Several times she is the target [...]

    2. Shauna on said:

      I so ADORE the Erica Coleman series!Delightfully FUN cases of mystery and intrigue!When Megan's roommate, Liz, starts to have a series of "accidents"Megan suspects that it is more than mere coincident and calls her mom's best friend, Erica, to come investigate.As Erica arrives to Crooked House she is fascinated at the history of the house.Called Crooked House because it is deteriorating and therefore leaning at crooked positions it is also a historical landmark and protected.But a menacing neigh [...]

    3. Laurie on said:

      Marlene Bateman, and her OCD super sleuth, Erica Coleman, dish up another delicious LDS mystery in the author’s newest release, Crooked House, An Erica Coleman Mystery, where the abode isn’t the only thing that’s twisted. Ms. Bateman is a bankable mystery author who consistently delivers complicated whodunnits with crisp humor and quirky characters. Bateman again sets the reader at her heroine's table by adding an appendix with ten recipes straight from Erica's personal recipe file, making [...]

    4. Victoria on said:

      I love mysteries,but only when it is done right and this one is definitely done right!Crooked House is the third book in Erica Coleman series and now I cannot wait to get my hands on the first two books.Erica is charming. Her determination and cleverness immediately drew me in.I didn't guess who was the murderer :( So this book will keep you guessing and surprised at the same moment.

    5. J on said:

      I pretty much suspected everyone under the sun, and even who really was behind everything at the Crooked House. Marlene Bateman is a spectacular mystery writer. I look forward to reading more of her books in the future!

    6. Tiffeny on said:

      Decent story. Very little Mormon cheese, which was a plus. : ) I'd read more.

    7. Becky H. on said:

      This is my first time reading an Erica Coleman mystery. Erica is a private investigator with a strong case of OCD. She uses this OCD to solve mysteries. This case involves her friend's daughter that has called her because someone is trying to kill her roommate. Erica is on the case. #50/50BookQuest categories= book recommended by a friend, has a mystery, has death in it and chosen because of the cover. Note: this book does contain some religious conversations between the characters that someone [...]

    8. Jamille Parks on said:

      Pretty dang good for a mystery. It kept me guessing and there were lots of twists and turns that would make Agatha Christie proud. It was a little slow at times, but it made up for it in the end when I couldn't put it down until they mystery was solved. You can tell that Bateman put s lot of thought into this because there was so much attention to detail it was kind of astounding. Then again, our detective hero was OCD so I guess it had to be that was. I'd recommend to anyone who likes a good my [...]

    9. Michelle on said:

      Lame. I couldn’t get over how cheesy the writing is. Also, sometimes it reads like the author is trying to teach me something, not tell a story. The plot outline itself is rather good, but the delivery isn’t.

    10. Emmy on said:

      Erica Coleman Priviate investigator with all of her OCD quirks and tendencies is back! When Erica gets a call from her best friend's daughter Megan, saying she believes her roommate Liz is trying to be killed; Erica knows she must do what she can to help solve this mystery before it is too late.In a historic district of town, Liz owns a historic house, nicknamed the cooked house, due to it's leaning pillars. Liz's neighbor is very upset with the state of disrepair to this historic home and is co [...]

    11. JoAnn on said:

      Someone is trying to kill Liz Johnson and it’s up to quirky private investigator, Erica Coleman, to find out who. Erica is no stranger to murder and mystery, which is why her best friend’s daughter, Megan, turns to her when unaccountable and potentially fatal “accidents” threaten her roommate’s life.Once Erica arrives at the ramshackle old mansion known as Crooked House, matters go from disturbing to deadly as it becomes clear someone is trying to kill Liz. As Erica begins to unearth s [...]

    12. Heidi on said:

      Loved it! Marlene Bateman has written another fun mystery with lots of suspense. I like these kinds of mysteries because as you read you can try to gather clues and try to figure out who's guilty. It's even better when there are shocks and surprises along the way and the guilty one turns out to be someone other than who you thought. That turns out to be the case here. Early on something rather shocking and unexpected happens that really made me want to know what was going on. Erica is a fun char [...]

    13. Janet Peacock on said:

      I received a copy of Ms. Bateman’s book “Crooked House”, and decided to begin reading while on a short road trip that I took with some friends. I didn’t have to drive, so thought this was a great opportunity for a bit of light reading. As the old saying goes- she had me at ‘hello’. The intrigue began on page one, and continued throughout the story-taking several twists and unexpected turns. A plot within a plot gave added mystery.As usual, Ms. Bateman did her magic of weaving Erica C [...]

    14. Cathy on said:

      I LOVE these mysteries about Erica Coleman! She is really a great character, and she's really fun because she has so many quirks that make her her. In this mystery Erica is trying to help her friend's daughter, Megan. Megan is concerned because someone has made a couple of attempts on the life of her landlord and friend Liz Johnson. I loved how Megan and Erica interacted. You could tell that there is a lot of history between the two women, because Megan just accepted Erica's foibles and moved on [...]

    15. Colleen on said:

      I haven't read the first two books of this saga (Motive for Murder, and Death in the Family) but I honestly didn't need to. You could read this as a stand alone and get all the information you need to know about Erica and her background just reading this book.This is a fun mystery with a touch of romance and comedy. Not to mention a good amount of delicious recipe's that I am going to have to make because they sounded delicious! There are some twists and turns while Erica does her sleuthing. One [...]

    16. Holly on said:

      The third Erica Coleman novel, but can be read as a stand-alone (although some into to the characters will make this more enjoyable). The author has great insights into how to make a mystery work--keeping you guessing but not having a "surprise!" ending that no one could guess. I enjoy this story and character, especially (I know this is weird) the house. I understand the way the characters feel about the old house I have felt the same.I recommend all 3 books to anyone who likes a good, clean, s [...]

    17. Bonnie on said:

      This was a great mystery that had me jumping from person to person as to who did it. Just when I thought I had it figured out I realized I didn't. I wouldn't have guessed the ending. It makes me want to read it again and see all the clues I missed the first time. The new characters are wonderful and it's great to see Erica in action again. This is a wonderful mystery that will keep you turning the pages till the very end. I recommend it to anyone who loves a good twist at the end. Be sure to che [...]

    18. Jazzw on said:

      The premise of the book sounded interesting, but the story was slow going. It's clear I don't understand OCD, with Erica's need to wipe down car seats before getting in, yet saving mice to set them free outside. How did she manage to give birth to not one but three children?!I don't judge by the cover, but the house on the cover was definitely not Crooked House. I realized that just a few pages in. Someone told me there house looked like the house in Psycho. So I looked it up, and it's very simi [...]

    19. Kelly on said:

      This is a fun, entertaining mystery that keeps you guessing until the end. The plot was intriguing and the subplots are well done and woven into the story well. It was well written and I enjoyed reading it. the characters were interesting and I was kept guessing until the end, which is what I want in a mystery. I liked that it had some Christian values portrayed. It's a great book, but then I'm a little biased, because I'm the author's husband, but Marlene really did do a fantastic job with Croo [...]

    20. Melanie on said:

      I really enjoyed Crooked House by Marlene Bateman. It was a quick, fun, and intriguing book that made it hard to put down. I would have liked to read it all in one sitting! I plan to try the recipes included, especially the pancakes that Erica throws together one morning. I would never have guessed the outcome of the murder mystery, lots of twists and possibilities.

    21. Brooke Berry on said:

      If there is anything I love more than a mystery, its one that deals with houses, furniture, antiques, and hidden secrets in a house. Crooked House more than completes that need. The suspense in Crooked House is second to non. Its not predictable, it leaves you wanting more, and the ending is surprising.

    22. Kathryn on said:

      Liked the mystery in this story. It's not predictable, but keeps you guessing with each new clue that Erica uncovers. I also liked the relationships that are involved that give the plot just another layer.

    23. Nathalie S on said:

      Quite enjoyed this OCD detective Erica Coleman adventure. Just like Mr. Monk, her OCD tendencies make her a better detective. I actually guessed the killer but couldn't figure why. Looking forward to more Erica mysteries!

    24. Fay Klingler on said:

      Thoroughly enjoyed this book. The main character's OCD is a bit unnerving at times, but the mystery is very well written. Clues abound, but who is the guilty party is difficult to tell until it is finally revealed. Made me want to read more of this series. Really good.

    25. Jennie on said:

      Another great Erica Coleman mystery! With several twists and turns, this book had me intrigued to the very end. Erica's attention to detail, quirky habits and delicious recipes make her a one of a kind private investigator, determined to solve another case. I enjoyed reading this book!

    26. Byron Berven on said:

      I read a lot and I loved this book. It was exciting to read and I couldn't wait to find out who was behind it all. Crooked House is my favorite type of book because I like mysteries with no violence and some humor. I would call this a page turner. It was full of surprises.

    27. Virginia Kendall on said:

      If you want a delightfully written mystery to curl up with ( a few chocolates are nice too!) and take a break from housework, this one fills the bill. A very enjoyable book plus the recipes are fabulous.

    28. Leslie Lamb on said:

      I good fun mystery. I figured out who one of the bad guys were, but I didn't figure out the main one, til it was explained in the story.

    29. Lynette on said:

      This book had me guessing until the very end. I really liked the story and I loved Erica and all her quirkiness.

    30. Susan on said:

      Surprised by the ending,even though I should have figured it out sooner.

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