Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness

William Styron

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Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness

Darkness Visible A Memoir of Madness A work of great personal courage and a literary tour de force this bestseller is Styron s true account of his descent into a crippling and almost suicidal depression Styron is perhaps the first write

  • Title: Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness
  • Author: William Styron
  • ISBN: 9780679736394
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Paperback
  • A work of great personal courage and a literary tour de force, this bestseller is Styron s true account of his descent into a crippling and almost suicidal depression Styron is perhaps the first writer to convey the full terror of depression s psychic landscape, as well as the illuminating path to recovery.

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      421 William Styron
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    One thought on “Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness

    1. Lawyer on said:

      Darkness Visible: When the Question is Whether Life is Worth LivingWilliam Styron, (June 11, 1925 – November 1, 2006) "Dying is easy. Comedy is hard.--Edmund Kean, (4 November 1787 – 15 May 1833), celebrated Shakespearean actorPreamble-January 18, 2015It is 1:20am cst. My thoughts swirl over the important content of Styron's brief memoir originally delivered as a lecture in Baltimore, 1989. The information contained in this little volume is too important to trust to hastily dashed off though [...]

    2. Mikol on said:

      It was August in the year 2000. I was about to enter the room for my final exam. This was the introduction to Unix and it was coming to an end.So was I.Tears flowing copiously, leaning over the second floor balcony, I was overcome with darkness, the likes of which I had never experienced before.I finished the exam and could not gather myself. I had no reason for living. In my grief I recalled an earlier experience of incredible bliss following a near death/drowning experience at Luther Burbank P [...]

    3. Melanie on said:

      Maybe I'm being needlessly harsh in my one-star rating, but there was something about Styron's memoir that really distressed me. I read it during one of my own periods of depression, and for whatever reason I decided to pair it with The Bell Jar, and instead of feeling any sort of comfort or recognition in Styron's words, I just felt sort of angry. I became so hung up on the ways we (women, men, Americans, depressed people, etc.) talk about depression, and on what it means when we call it by dif [...]

    4. Diane on said:

      This is a stirring memoir of Styron's depression, which nearly killed him. I had seen multiple references to this book, all of them praising its insight into the despair that a depressed person can feel. "In depression this faith in deliverance, in ultimate restoration, is absent. The pain is unrelenting, and what makes the condition intolerable is the foreknowledge that no remedy will come -- not in a day, an hour, a month, or a minute. If there is mild relief, one knows that it is only tempora [...]

    5. Alireza on said:

      نویسنده تجربیات مواجه شدن خود با افسردگی را نوشته که بسیار خواندنی و تامل برانگیز است. ترجمه و چاپ همانطور که از نشر ماهی انتظار می رود بسیار خوب است.

    6. Orsodimondo on said:

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    7. Thomas on said:

      As someone who has suffered from an eating disorder and PTSD, I consider Darkness Visible an inspiring read. Only by sharing our stories of struggle and recovery can we destigmatize mental illness, ranging from bipolar disorder to schizophrenia to obsessive-compulsive disorder. William Styron's memoir about his battle with depression and suicidal ideation serves as one of the first of its kind, highlighting his courage to shed light on a topic often darkened by society.With personal and raw pros [...]

    8. Theresa Alan on said:

      Anyone who has ever battled depression will recognize him or herself in Styron's words. Despite all his accomplishments, the depression made him feel unworthy of recognition and made clear thinking difficult. The language he uses reminds me of books written in the 1940s, but this was published in 1990. This is a short but poignant memoir.

    9. Darlene on said:

      Many years ago I read two powerful novels. One was a gripping story of an impossible moral dilemma, called Sophie's Choice; and the other was a controversial fictionalized account of a real-life slave revolt which occurred in Virginia in 1831, led by slave and fiery preacher, called The Confessions of Nat Turner. I became a fan of the author of these novels, William Styron. When I discovered that he had also written an account of his struggle with severe depression, I knew I wanted to read it. W [...]

    10. Cristina on said:

      Sometimes, reading a book that it's not in your comfort zone, can be a breath of fresh air. My roommate bought this book and it seemed interesting. So, of course, the curious part of me wanted to read it. It was a book about depression and suicide. And yeah, maybe you're wondering why did I read something about those sad human beings in the book and their actions. The answer to that question is "I don't know". Maybe because I wanted to know more, to find answers to my own questions. To know what [...]

    11. Sharon on said:

      Like me, best-selling author William Styron ("Sophie's Choice," "The Confessions of Nat Turner") suffers from medically resistant clinical depression. "Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness" is a brief but compelling autobiographical journey through what Chaucer described as "melancholia" in the first literary reference made to what is now called a "mood disorder."Styron writes plainly about his experience with depression, including a lengthy hospitalization that ultimately assisted him in obtai [...]

    12. میعاد on said:

      كتاب كه نه بيشتر يه مقاله بود ، و اطلاعات جالبى توش درباره ى افسردگى گفته شده (:

    13. Terry on said:

      3 – 3.5 starsIs there anything worse than feeling like you can’t control your own mind? Can you conceive the helplessness of being able to perceive the lies that your own brain is telling you, but still being unable to escape them? In feeling unequal to the task of avoiding triggers that send you into depths that despite their destructive tendencies seem at times either desirable or necessary, like picking at a fresh wound to morbidly watch it bleed? Is there anything more self-destructive t [...]

    14. zainab_booklover on said:

      In Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness, William Styron endeavours to describe the undescribable. You have to read it to fully comprehend its importance and significance. Thus, it is definitely a must-read for everyone! ''Depression, most people know, used to be termed "melancholia," a word which appears in English as early as the year 1303 and crops up more than once in Chaucer, who in his usage seemed to be aware of its pathological nuances."Melancholia" would still appear to be a far more ap [...]

    15. George K. on said:

      Ο Γουίλιαμ Στάιρον ήταν ένας από τους δεκάδες συγγραφείς που αντιμετώπισαν το τέρας της κατάθλιψης, έχοντας φτάσει μάλιστα πολύ κοντά στην αυτοκτονία. Στο βιβλίο αυτό περιγράφει την όλη κατάσταση που έζησε, από την αρχή μέχρι το τέλος, χωρίς περιττολογίες και φλυαρίες. Η κ [...]

    16. kian on said:

      درمورد دوران افسردگي نويسنده .باهاش ارتباط برقرار كردم كلا.

    17. Leslie on said:

      One of my literary pet peeves: writers writing about their mental illnesses. I avoid books like this one, largely because I believe the cult of romanticism surrounding artistic despair is misguided to the point of being offensive. It reminds me of being stuck in an undergraduate seminar with that girl who wore black eyeliner and too many bracelets, lugged around conspicuous copies of Plath and Sexton, and wrote bad poems about her sex life. As both a writer and someone who suffers from chronic d [...]

    18. Kristen on said:

      At a recent tenure party, a friend of mine leaned over to our small group sitting on the couch and revealed that she had just come from the campus bookstore where she had been perusing a colleague’s recent memoir. “I would never expose myself like that!” she exclaimed. When writers choose to invade their own privacy, as Styron puts it, by sharing a personal struggle, is that what they’re doing—exposing themselves? Certainly, on some level, when Styron sets his struggle with suicidal de [...]

    19. Elnaz Bhb on said:

      خیلی از اتفاقات در زندگی هست که با زمان‌بندی مناسبی رخ می‌دهند و آدم کیفش را می‌برد و یا بعدها برایش روشن می‌شود که اگر دیرتر یا زودتر رخ داده بود فایده و اثر نمی‌کرد. نمونه‌ای که همیشه مثال می‌زنم تعدادی فیلم و کتاب است. هر وقت از من راجع به کوئیلو می‌پرسند می‌گویم برای ۱۵ [...]

    20. Tara on said:

      Given the number of great reviews this book had, I was eager to read, especially regarding a topic I feel is extremely neglected in good literature. Having experienced this 'darkness' without remittance for most of my life, I had high hopes for this book- which he did deliver, and evident in his descriptions of feeling like a 'husk', and the fragile moments following a near-suicide attempt- "this sound, which like all music- indeed like all pleasure- I had been numbly unresponsive to for months, [...]

    21. Hiba Arrame on said:

      This was planned to be a buddy read with /user/show/24783204-alibut I ended up finishing it before he could even start it Because that's the kind of friends I am xDNow, for the book, it was simply AMAZING, I just loved it, and loved how it spoke to me on so many levels, I loved the willingness of the author to share such an experience, as though he wants to tell everyone out there who suffers from depression that they can get through it safe and sound if only they had the right environment and t [...]

    22. Abailart on said:

      Revisited this. It is a literary gem as well as a marvellous compression into one short essay of that conceptually infinite beast called Depression. It came to mind after reading Thompson's The City of Dreadful Night, one of the greatest poetic descriptions of depression. Since I have at various levels been involved with depression throughout my life, I feel able to assert that the literary expression alone can come near to aiding understanding. My involvement at policy level with medical suppor [...]

    23. Melora on said:

      Styron's memoir of his descent into severe depression, brief (eighty-four pages) though it is, is powerful and absorbing. He chronicles his illness, from the point where he recognized the seriousness of his situation, through months of increasing despair, darkness and blank, helpless dependency, and then, after crisis, to wellness. His thoughts on what may have triggered and exacerbated his illness are interesting, though, as he notes, depression is very idiosyncratic. The recognition that some [...]

    24. Kazem Heidari on said:

      نویسنده کتاب برنده جایزه پولیتزر است. در این کتاب که در واقع شرح حال خودنگاره اوست، او با هنر نویسندگی روند و لحظات تیره افسردگی شدید خود را توصیف می کند. این که چطور هیچ چیز شادش نمی کند (anhedonia)، مضطرب می شود، از کنترل خودش ناامید می شود، به مرگ فکر می کند واین فرصتی است برای ما ک [...]

    25. Ruzz on said:

      the title of this book makes it sound a harrowing, gritty look at madness and depression but it's a literature-look at the subject by a writer of literature. the formal language he uses divides readers from his humanity and suffering in a way to make it seem like dinner-party conversation about his "dance with depression". The only thing gleaned, and apt, was his focus on the idea that to someone whose never experienced the depths of depression, there is no language for the depressed to explain [...]

    26. Pooriya on said:

      رنج افسردگی شدید برای کسانی که به آن مبتلا نیستند کاملا تصورناپذیر است، و در بسیاری از موارد انسان را می‌کشد، چون اندوه و عذاب آن را نمی‌توان تحمل کرد. پیشگیری از بسیاری خودکشی‌ها فقط در صورتی میسر است که آگاهی عمومی نسبت به طبیعت این رنج ایجاد می‌شود. عده‌ای از مردم از طریق [...]

    27. Mike Lester on said:

      I've read this slim volume three or four times now, and each time I take something new away from the experience. That's quite an achievement for such a short book, and one I am grateful for. Styron doesn't waste the reader's time with a lot of technical jargon and explanation of suicidal depression; he knows that the readers he's going to reach are all too familiar with the disease. Instead, he tells his own personal story of descent into the mire, and the realization of what he had to do to sur [...]

    28. Zeynab Babaxani on said:

      این کتاب ، داستانی برای سرگرم شدن نیست. و راهنمایی برای حل مشکل افسردگی و یا تحلیل علمی و روانشناسانه ی یه بیماری.نه. این کتاب تجربه ای هست که سخاوتمندانه در اختیار ديگران قرار داده شده. یک مکالمه ی منظم و جهت دار از یک تجربه ؛ اما بدون نصیحت ، بدون راه حل.

    29. Claudia on said:

      English review behindEin großartiges Buch."Ich habe bis an die Grenzen des Erträglichen gelitten und bin doch zurückgekommen, um davon zu berichten."William Styron schreibt mit großer Aufrichtigkeit über seinen Kampf gegen die Depression. Ganz ohne Selbstmitleid erzählt er von der "Innerlichkeit des Schmerzes", von Angstzuständen, Selbstmordgedanken und die Unfähigkeit, sich seiner Umwelt mitzuteilen.Nach einer langen Zeit des Leidens findet er schließlich im Rückblick Worte für ein L [...]

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