Beyond the Darkness

Katie Reus

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Beyond the Darkness

Beyond the Darkness Now that she has her freedom she s not giving it up Dragon shifter Keelin Petronilla spent centuries in forced hibernation dreaming of one thing freedom Now she s living life on her terms she s ditch

  • Title: Beyond the Darkness
  • Author: Katie Reus
  • ISBN: 9781942447023
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Paperback
  • Now that she has her freedom, she s not giving it up Dragon shifter Keelin Petronilla spent centuries in forced hibernation dreaming of one thing freedom Now she s living life on her terms she s ditched her clan for an unruly wolf pack, she tends bar for a half demon, and she s loving it until a powerful supernatural being targets her She intends to handle the mysterioNow that she has her freedom, she s not giving it up Dragon shifter Keelin Petronilla spent centuries in forced hibernation dreaming of one thing freedom Now she s living life on her terms she s ditched her clan for an unruly wolf pack, she tends bar for a half demon, and she s loving it until a powerful supernatural being targets her She intends to handle the mysterious attacks on her own without the help of dragon Alpha Bran Devlin Sure, he s sexy in that hot, scowling possessive way, but Keelin wants to live her own life in her own way.Now that he s found his mate, he s not letting her go.Former black ops agent Bran Devlin is a born dragon Alpha and leader of a fierce clan Getting mated was never part of his plan until a feisty dragon princess gets under his skin in a big way The hell of it is, she doesn t want a mate she just wants to have a good time He plays along, but when a dark and powerful being marks her for death, he s determined to stay by her side in spite of her protests Now that he s found his mate, he means to keep her safe no matter what the cost even if he has to risk it all.

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    One thought on “Beyond the Darkness

    1. Val ⚓️ ShamelessBitchySKANKY ⚓️ Steamy Reads on said:

      All the Dragons StarsSo if you saw my last review for the last book in this series, you saw that I love dragons. Like, we aren't talking THIS level of love:We are talking THIS level:Don't believe me? Need proof?I kinda collect them.But not in that way that your grandmother collects Hummel figurines or creepy china dolls. In this way:That's my book dragon. He's one of my library guards. Boom. But anycollection, this book. I lurved it, although my love might be exponentially increased by the fact [...]

    2. Sophia Triad on said:

      Two dragon shifters fall in love. A simple story really. Bran is the Alpha of the Devlin clan and Keelin is the Alpha’s sister of the Petronilla clan. Bran is crazy in love and lust for Keelin.Keelin wants Bran, but she does not want to mate.Bran thinks that he is too unattractive to be wanted by Keelin.Keelin thinks that she is not good enough for a magnificent male specimen like Bran.Keelin and Bran together are adorable, tiptoeing around each other.“You don’t get to tell me what to do o [...]

    3. Claire Robinson on said:

      4.5 - "I'm not letting you go." Stars!Book three in Katie Reus' Darkness Series, literally takes off a month after its predecessor finished. And I have officially fallen hook, line and sinker for it, and the author.I think there is a fine line when writing romantic suspense in the PNR spectrum, there is a risk of going over the top in the technicalities and bogging down the flow of the story with long drawn out explanations into things. Not so, with Katie's books, I have read all three of this s [...]

    4. Erika on said:

      4 starsThis had: --great pacing to the romance--good paranormal plot and storyline--lots of likable characters--satisfying and sweet epilogueIn summary, I really liked it, but it didn't reach the level of book 2 for me. The main reason is due to a personal pet peeve which I am sure won't be a problem for other romance readers. I just found I couldn't enjoy the sexually intimate scenes as much as i could have if the author had not repeatedly pointed out how sexually experienced Bran was and how s [...]

    5. Leigh on said:

      Beyond the Darkness was another really good addition to this series. I loved both Bran and Keelin, all though I wasn't to sure about Keelin in the beginning. I found she came across a little childish but as the story progressed I understood her much better and in the end loved their story. I am really enjoying this series that I already started Bo's book.

    6. Ezinwanyi on said:

      4.5 stars.Officially one of my favorite PNR series. Review to come.

    7. ♥ WishfulMiss ♥ on said:

      Another awesome dragon shifter PNR! LOVED Bran, he was one sexy determined alpha who knew what he wanted, expressed how he felt without artifice and always laid out his intentions, no matter how caveman-ish they happened to be. (Which for the record, I’m a sucker for!) Keelin wasn’t my favorite heroine but I get why she was hesitant to tie herself down so quickly. Being forced into hibernation and sleeping so long, she craved freedom. She was definitely throwing out some wishy washy vibes wh [...]

    8. Mei on said:

      I had some problems with this one non that I didn't enjoyed it, butI couldn't understand why Keelin insited so much on not wanting to mate with Bran, when it was clear from the start (and even before!) that he's her mate She insisted that she wanted to be independent, but it was overdone.Also Bran was sometimes too much of a cavemanIf things were less stressed, the book would have been better

    9. Malinda on said:

      4 starsThis was a very good story. I liked both Bran and Keelin and enjoyed their story a lot. Keelinis a dragon shifter and the younger sister of Drake (the hero in book #2). Since Drake went missing when he was a child, Keelin and Drake's parents went very overprotective when it came to her and she had basically no life outside of her home. She even got guilted into a long hybridization with her parents but rose before them, about a year ago. Keelin has enjoyed this new world now that she's ri [...]

    10. Lyndi on said:

      I speed read this one because it felt kinda predictable. But I thoroughly enjoyed it and feel like 4 stars is definitely appropriate. Just one TSTL moment that falls on the shoulders of both the hero and heroine.Keelin was an interesting character, desperate for freedom but unable to separate her parent's overprotective behavior from Bran's alpha male desire to protect. It made for an interesting relationship development plot. Bran was a little one dimensional and I don't think he came across th [...]

    11. Marta Cox on said:

      Here we are back in the world that Ms Reus has created populated by ( amongst others ) Werewolves, Vampires, Demigods, Half Demons and Dragons. Oh yes it's all about the Dragons who until recently had been believed to be extinct and we learned in the previous book Taste of Darkness that exactly the opposite is true. Some Dragons are in hibernation but there are still those awake in the world but cautiously protecting their Clans. Keelin has led a sheltered life and always longed to spread her wi [...]

    12. Jo on said:

      I just love this series, and this book was fantastic.“Quit staring at my breasts,” she hissed with a soft stomp of her heel.His gaze flashed to hers. “Why? They’re mine.” The bold statement tore from his lips, his inner dragon in complete agreement. He was a fucking Alpha and tired of pretending he didn’t want to claim her. She might think this pull between them was casual, but it wasn’t for him. He wanted her for his mate and not just because of fucking biology.The chemistry betwe [...]

    13. XxTainaxX on said:

      Katie has become an auto read author for me because her writing is brilliant and this story is no exception. A good plot for me has to do with details. An author brings me into their world for however long it takes me to read their book. I need to feel the imagery. See what you saw when you wrote it. Katie achieves this with great skill. Keelin and Bran have great chemistry. When Keelin is threatened, Bran is there to protect her. The plot weaves itself well with the first book. The characters a [...]

    14. Ivy Deluca on said:

      In the third book in the Darkness series, Keelin’s had a rough couple of months, awakening from hibernation imposed on her by her overprotective parents, only to have to recover from an attempt to sacrifice her to open a hellgate. Then her dragon mate, Bran, decides to court her and she cannot deal with the thought of a possessive male taking her independence away from her. She just wants to hook up with and ignore the mating urge (hands up for those who think that was a bad idea from the get- [...]

    15. Sophia on said:

      The two leads, Bran and Keelin, met in the last book. Bran recognizes Keelin is his mate and though attracted, Keelin resists because she wants independence above all things. Her parents smothered her and she doesn't want to switch one set of prison wardens for another. Bran doesn't understand her attitude, but bides his time even though his dragon side is impatient for their mate.Keelin moves to New Orleans and lives with the wolf pack there while working at Bo's bar that catered to paranormal [...]

    16. Kari on said:

      My favorite so far in this series, but I have to say I liked them all. Bran was amazing, great alpha hero. Looking forward to the next one.

    17. Laurie on said:

      I just can’t get enough dragons!Just like the previous books in the Darkness Series, there was tons to love about Beyond the Darkness. It had lots of action, oodles of feels, and was all kinds of sexy.Bran had it going on, at least where I’m concerned. He’s a former black ops dragon and current leader of his clan. Due to a birth defect, I think he felt he had a lot more to prove than your average everyday dragon leader. I’m not sure why because he was one tough mofo and seemed to be doin [...]

    18. Treena on said:

      I'm late to the party so there are more thorough reviews out there. But I will say this:1) If you love dragon shifter romances, this is a really good one. There's a lot of alpha-yummy behavior and hot chemistry. I loved that both MC's are dragon shifters and that it's a dual POV. Woohoo 🙌🏻 2) This is book 3 in a series and to appreciate the storyline, it's best if you start from book 1.

    19. Jessica Frances on said:

      I loved this! Beyond Darkness is about Keelin and Bran, both dragon shifters from different clans. Their chemistry is undeniable and yet, Keelin isn't ready to be mated, especially to an alpha male. She's just gotten away from her overprotective parents, so the last thing she wants is be to controlled and sheltered from the world again.This was such a great read. I was lost to this world and Keelin and Bran together was great. Their chemistry was easy to see and feel, their sex scenes were off t [...]

    20. Paranormal Kiss on said:

      Beyond the Darkness is the 3rd book in the Darkness series by Katie Reus. I loved the last book, Taste of Darkness, so I’ve been looking forward to this one. Keelie Petronilla and Bran Devlin are the main characters in this story. They are both Dragon shifters. Bran is the Alpha of his clan and Keelie is the sister of the hero from the last book, Drake. Keelie has been sheltered all her life. Guilted into going into protective hibernation for centuries, she remerged a year ago. She has since c [...]

    21. JoRead on said:

      Oh my dragon shifter! I love, love, love this series and it just keeps getting better and better. I normally don’t like a series where there are that many paranormal creatures thrown into the mix because I get all confused but to my surprise on this particular series I actually don’t mind! Katie knows how to craft her paranormal world and how to keep it straightforward and engaging. So, Keelin Petronilla is the sister of Drake Petronilla, whom we met in Taste of Darkness, Book Two in the ser [...]

    22. Laura the Highland Hussy on said:

      Review posted on Got Fiction?Dragon shifters? Yes please!Keelin has spent her entire existence sheltered by her family, and then spent many centuries in forced hibernation. Once she awoke, she decided she wanted to see the world. She moved down to Biloxi with friends of her brother, and got a job.Bran is now alpha of his people, but he isn't happy about it. However, he plans on doing his best, even if he has to step out for a while to do a favor for the government. He doesn't know that this favo [...]

    23. Linda on said:

      Keelin is trying her wings on her own for the first time in her long life, and she´s loving it. Being a shelter dragon shifter is no fun, but this indipendence is great!Bran knew Keelin was his mate the moment he saw her, but she´s not having any of this. Just finding her own way, she´s not interested in being shackled again. Bran´s having a hard time convincing her that mating doesn´t have to be that way. When Keeelin turns out to be targeted by something sinister, they´ll need all the he [...]

    24. Julie on said:

      I loved the smokin' hot chemistry between Bran and Keelin and the paces she put him through before she decided to mate with him.d the new developments between Bo and Nyx are like icing on the cake! I like the mix of vampires, demons, dragons, and wolf shifters in the story, and the addition of demigods just adds another dimension to an already addictive storyline! The Darkness series is a really fantastic paranormal read-action, suspense, steamy romance-I really don't know what else to say besid [...]

    25. ~Nichole~Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews on said:

      Loved Bran and Keelin together. I adore when a hero constantly pursues a woman, hell bent on claiming. Nothing like a man who knows what he wants. I really enjoy that this author keeps her heroes true from the first meeting. The secondary romances are just added enjoyment and keep me wanting more. Starting the next book asap.

    26. Megha on said:

      Bran Devlin is one big dollop of sin!And Keelin Petronilla is the foundation of it while their story is the icing on that recipe of sexy as hell drama!Katie Reus - you keep spinning out this series quicker pls!this series is getting progressively better!

    27. Mara on said:

      Nothing to do about it. I keep trying to read her books, but I end up bored to death; they either end up with a one star review or a Dnf. At 40% and with a plot that should be all kind of interesting I only want to murder this boringly written and flat book.

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