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Dana Marie Bell

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Never More

Never More Love takes wing faster than a Raven in flight The Gray Court Book Amanda Pierson s long overdue holiday at the Dunne farm unexpectedly turns into a working vacation when she s roped into throwing to

  • Title: Never More
  • Author: Dana Marie Bell
  • ISBN: 9781619228788
  • Page: 382
  • Format: ebook
  • Love takes wing faster than a Raven in flight.The Gray Court, Book 6Amanda Pierson s long overdue holiday at the Dunne farm unexpectedly turns into a working vacation when she s roped into throwing together a last minute dream wedding for Michaela Exton and Robin Goodfellow No biggie for one of the best party planners at Fantasy Events, Inc right Right.A monkey wrench lLove takes wing faster than a Raven in flight.The Gray Court, Book 6Amanda Pierson s long overdue holiday at the Dunne farm unexpectedly turns into a working vacation when she s roped into throwing together a last minute dream wedding for Michaela Exton and Robin Goodfellow No biggie for one of the best party planners at Fantasy Events, Inc right Right.A monkey wrench lands with a thud when the groom s son who s been watching her every move declares they were meant to be together Raven Goodfellow is everything she doesn t want in a lover Brash, bold and goth Yet there s something almost magical about their attraction.The moment Raven saw Amanda s picture, he had suspicions Now that he s seen her in person, he s certain She is his truebond, though it will take a delicate, feather light touch to bring her into his world.Love takes wing faster than a bird in flight But when the Dark Queen sends agents to destroy him, Raven finds himself in a desperate fight to protect all he holds dear or the Dark Queen may succeed where so many others have failed.Warning This title contains explicit sex, graphic language, a bachelorette party that ends in jail time, double dog dares, feathered flirting and wicked intentions.

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      382 Dana Marie Bell
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    One thought on “Never More

    1. Samantha on said:

      Never More is the sixth book in Dana Marie Bell’s Gray Court series.As a favor to a close friend, Amanda Pierson agrees to be the planner for Robin Goodfellow’s wedding. As they tend to do, things quickly go wrong when the groom’s adult son, Raven, takes a shining to her.The concept behind these characters is fun and I was fairly excited to read this since I had enjoyed Robin’s book and Raven’s role in it. However, this book dragged.I’m not a huge fan of stories centered on weddings, [...]

    2. Erin Burns on said:

      I enjoy the Gray Court series. Bell takes familiar Seelie characters, and then spins them a bit. Leprechauns, fairies, Oberon, Tatiana, and The Hob all have their roles, and within this world she incorporates vampires as a type of Sidhe, sirens, and dragon shifters. And somehow with all that mish mash, she makes it work and weaves it into something really cohesive and interesting. They have action, a story arc that ties it all together, lovely romances, and since these are from Samhain, a rather [...]

    3. The BookChick on said:

      RavenRavenRaven. I love the bad boys so Raven has always been a character I wanted to read more about. At the end of Siren's Song his interest in Amanda tickles our interest and we are left wanting to know more. Well, Bell, in her usual manner, does not disappoint. Raven and Amanda together were funny and explosively passionate. The bad boy is felled by a sassy event planner who keeps him on his toes at every turn. Raven sorta/kinda knows that Amanda is his truemate when he sees her photograph i [...]

    4. Faye on said:

      4.5 starsI've been intrigued by Raven's character like forever (or just since his first appearance in "The Hob"). Since then, I was just like, "Can I please read his story now?"Can't wait!

    5. Michelle the Romance Witch on said:

      not as great as Oberon or Robin's stories but still pretty damn awesome full review coming soon

    6. Eva Millien on said:

      As soon as Raven Goodfellow sees Amanda in person, he knows that she is his truebond, but the Dark Queen has sent agents out to destroy him and he finds himself in a desperate fight to protect everyone he holds dear in this exciting paranormal romance.Strong compelling characters with kick ass charismatic personalities demand the reader’s attention while the fast paced and smooth flowing plot keeps readers on the edge of their seat with lots of suspense, excitement and romance. Amanda and Rave [...]

    7. octavia cooper on said:

      OMG!!Ravens, and sirens, and fairies, oh my!! Dana Marie Bell gets better with each story in this series. I should be sleeping, instead I am trying to find out when Liam and Melissa's story comes out. This book was a perfect blend of good romance, comedy, sex, and action. This series would make for good television or a movieI'm soooo serious.

    8. Cyndy Aleo on said:

      Reviewed for RT Book Reviews July 2015 issue: rtbookreviews/book-review/never-more

    9. Kris England on said:

      Great seriesI really enjoy the grey court stories. Full of hot heroes and sassy ladies making sure those heroes know their places and that they are loved. Keep it coming.

    10. L on said:

      It was good, but i somehow expected more and something with a little more POW!As it is, it left it as a clifhangerI literally inhaled this series (6 books so far) in a week and cant wait for next book.Great job Ms Bell! Keep it going!

    11. Tiblu on said:

      Good story, thou I sometimes felt the romance part got lost in the story.I really like this story,though I didn't start at the beginning (book 5 is I started) ( and book 5 is my fave) I don't feel I've really missed anything I started with book 5 the last book in the series because the plot for it sounded soo very intriguing and it WAS!!! I just adored Cassie and Oberon's story , just the right amount of intrigue and action with out ever losing focus on the couple the story was supposed to be ab [...]

    12. Angela Goodrich on said:

      Never More may actually be my favorite of The Gray Court series, or at least it’s in direct contention with The Hob. I loved the banter between Raven and Amanda. From the moment in The Hob that Robin learned that Raven was his son and claimed him as his own, I have been rooting for Raven to find his truebond. Learning of the lies, manipulation, and torture he experienced at the hands of the Black Queen just made it even more important that he find his truebond – that one person created just [...]

    13. Ruckasaurus Rex on said:

      “The pirate had been pillaged, and he found he couldn’t complain.” – Never More by Dana Marie Bell**I received this advance reader copy through NetGalley** The sixth book in Bell’s Gray Court series is just as entertaining and action-packed as its predecessors. The Gray Court series focuses on a hierarchical fae world structured with two competing courts and a neutral third court that struggles to maintain the fragile balance of power. The characters that Bell introduces to readers are [...]

    14. Samantha on said:

      Never More is a steamy, witty, and passionate read that will make you laugh, smile, and sigh. The story focuses on Raven and Amanda while having the other characters play a pretty decent role throughout the story. Amanda is Raven's mate and Raven does everything within his power to ease her into his world and their fate.I liked both Amanda and Rave, together and apart. Amanda is clever, blunt, sassy, and sweet. She loves fiercely, protects those she deems in need of it, and works hard. Raven is [...]

    15. Jordan on said:

      So Dana Marie Bell has fallen into my category of authors that make a sub character in one book and then i secretly hope said character never gets his own book so I can fantasize about them because i know they don't have a mate then she goes on to write this book and i'm like Raven was an interesting character from his first appearance in The Hob (book 4 of the grey court) and finally he gets to be the star of his own book. Raven Aka "goth boy" is the son of Robin and his truebonded to Amanda, [...]

    16. Kimberly on said:

      Uproariously funny, sweetly loving, suspenseful and dangerousl in one!This is book 6 of the Gray Court series and it only gets better. This book is the tale of Raven "The Raven Lord" McSweeney Goodfellow, the son of Robin Goodfellow aka the Hob, and his true bond Amanda, a party planner employed by Leo Dunne's company and BFF to Leo's true bonded wife, Ruby. We are once again on the Dunne Farm in Nebraska for the wedding of Robin and Michaela Exton. However, members of the aristocracy are being [...]

    17. Lourin on said:

      This book was better than the last two!My heart broke for Raven. All that he had to go through all the lies he was told by the Black Queen all in the name of revenge.We met Amanda in the first book, she's Ruby's best friend and works at Fantasy Events. She's human and has no idea about Fae or anything magical. She's a feisty independent woman who knows what she wants. She is the fun one who pulls Ruby out of her shell and speaks her mind.Raven Goodfellow is The Hob's son and new member of the Gr [...]

    18. Misty on said:

      Dana did it again, another great story in the Grey Court series. I can never get enough of these characters. Amanda is Ruby's best friend and an event planner. Raven is Robin's (The Hob) son. Both are staying at the Dunne farm for Robin and Michaela's wedding which must happen soon or something bad would happen. As does it always for these characters. Raven is being set up for murder by his half brother who is setting Djinn death traps. In the process of all that's going on he meets Amanda and a [...]

    19. TJ Fox on said:

      Never More is another fun, sexy addition to the Gray Court series. Both Raven and Amanda are quirky and playful and you can’t help but grin at their punny banter.As with other Gray Court books in the series, we still get time with some of our other favorite characters, though I think I would have liked a little more time with Raven and Amanda rather than quite so much focus on the other characters.This one also left me feeling as though it was really kind of unfinished. The major dramatic part [...]

    20. Kayla on said:

      Best Book Ever!!! I'm not one to pick a favorite in a series until they are all written but I just can help myself because this book is amazing. For me the characters are just perfect! I've always had a thing for Raven since he was introduced in Robin's story. He has a sexy name, he's sweet yet a bad a** at the same time. Plus he has awesome powers and when he clips on the feather to her I mean who wouldn't love that! Amanda is a great character as well, witty, strong an a little devious! I mean [...]

    21. donel gerrard on said:

      WonderfulI have just finished reading Never More and thus I have completed what you have written so far regarding the Gray Court. I have absolutely loved this series. I have been immersed into my cultural history and along the way learn more Gaelic, more of the verbally history of the tales of my people. I have purchased more on Scottish and Irish fae tales. The stories you have brought to life have been fancifully moving, funny, achingly tender and delicate, with the next paragraph being bold b [...]

    22. Susan on said:

      Another winner for the Gray CourtThis is my favorite series by Ms. Bell. Every book is a winner and always look forward to the next. So glAd Raven got his HEA and hopefully Amanda will live closer to her true family, Ruby. The suspense continues and Raven hasn't been cleared yet. Liam and Melissa seem to the up and intrigue continues for the Gray Court. Hope those babies make an appearance next book. I bet Akrane is getting tired of being pregnant and really want to see how Shane handles the del [...]

    23. Books In Brogan on said:

      This is Dana Marie Bell’s 6th book in the Gray Court series called Never More which reintroduces you to Ruby’s BFF Amanda who we met in the first book. This is a fun read about a Raven Goodfellow as he continues his redemption and finds love with his true bound mate Amanda, who is doing a favor for her boss and BFF Ruby & Leo and planning the wedding of Robin(The Hob) and his true love.If you haven’t read any of the other Gray Court books you will want to so that you can understand eve [...]

    24. Mare on said:

      I was really looking forward to Raven's storybut this was just to short & quick!Amanda is Ruby's best friend & in the last book Raven got the impression she might be his tru bondmate & the story pretty much flows that way right away. Though it hits she might not accept right away cuz shes humane does; then it's onto Michaela & Pucks wedding with a some assination attempts on Raven by his half-brother. The story seems unfinished really.

    25. Kathleen Kurdziel on said:

      This story just felt incomplete. All the characters that I loved from the Gray Court series make an appearance, but that just muddles the story up and not enough focus is spent on the H and h. Additionally, someone is framing Raven for murders, but that story thread is never resolved, just left hanging there The book left me felling unresolved and like it ended before the author could clean up all the loose ends.

    26. Piper Flynn on said:

      Was really excited about this one butIt really fell short. I never felt the connection between Amanda and Ravent like in the other books in the series. I barely remembered Amanda from the first book so it was hard to 'like' her as much as the other female leads. I loved having old characters backhence the three starsbut I was disappointed in Ravens story.

    27. Dina on said:

      2.5 I was pretty disappointed with this book. It went on and on about crap no one cares about. Well I didn't care about it. The ending felt rushed and left a million questions. I liked Raven but Amanda was flat out boring. Oh well hopefully #7 gets back on track.

    28. brandi west on said:

      The series is so goodI've read reviews of people and I don't see what the problem is the characters are funny and devoted to each other w/o it being cliche the storyline is fun and intriguing w/o being overly complicated I loved it can't wait for the next book

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