A Deep and Dark December

Beth Yarnall

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A Deep and Dark December

A Deep and Dark December Some secrets are best left untold Graham Doran is the sixth generation in a row to become sheriff of San Rey a sleepy central California coastal town As long as a Doran has been sheriff there s been

  • Title: A Deep and Dark December
  • Author: Beth Yarnall
  • ISBN: 9781940811932
  • Page: 467
  • Format: ebook
  • Some secrets are best left untold.Graham Doran is the sixth generation in a row to become sheriff of San Rey, a sleepy central California coastal town As long as a Doran has been sheriff there s been no crime in San Rey When Graham is called to the scene of what appears to be a murder suicide, he sets into motion a series of events that rocks the tiny town and breaks theSome secrets are best left untold.Graham Doran is the sixth generation in a row to become sheriff of San Rey, a sleepy central California coastal town As long as a Doran has been sheriff there s been no crime in San Rey When Graham is called to the scene of what appears to be a murder suicide, he sets into motion a series of events that rocks the tiny town and breaks the generations old moratorium on crime, forcing him to face his own dark past Some secrets must be told.Erin December comes from a family with unusual psychic abilities She s kept her own ability to see the past and the future a secret her whole life until her visions take an ominous turn and she begins to have visions through a killer s eyes Erin finds herself confiding in the last person she thought she could trust Graham And some secrets are worth killing to protect.Someone is killing the residents of San Rey As Graham and Erin s attraction grows so does the killer s need to protect his own secrets, turning his power on Erin and her family Graham will do anything to protect Erin, including taking on a murderer with the power to twist others abilities and kill with his mind.

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    One thought on “A Deep and Dark December

    1. Elizabeth on said:

      "Like a blown out candle, flittering at the edges of her consciousness. She could almost hear the echo of him calling her from far away."A Deep and Dark December packs quite a mighty punch! It offers a blend of paranormal powers, romance, action, mystery, and drama. Erin December has grown up feeling like a freak. She comes from a family with special gifts. She is a fearless heroine and yet she exudes humility. Although she has worked hard to guard her power, when crime hits her small town they [...]

    2. La Mala ✌ on said:

      A free copy of this ebook was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you, NetGalley!First of all, I’d like to point out that I’m not a fan of paranormal romance, so this book was not my thing- not my kind of book. I’m sure that true fans of the genre will enjoy this a lot more than I did.OK, Having gotten that outta the way, let's move onThe bad:For me, this book sometimes felt… overcliched. It has a lot of the things you’d expect from a paranormal romance (though [...]

    3. Beckey on said:

      3.5 rounded up to a 4 for a solid star count numberThis was a hard one for me to personally read since I don't normal romantic suspense. Overall not bad just ok kind of read to me. Some of the dialogue between the characters was witty and cute. The relationship bit seemed rushedNot something I would traditionally/normally read

    4. Laurel Heidtman on said:

      This book has it all--romance, hot sex scenes, good characters, action, mystery, and a good dose of the paranormal for good measure! I really enjoyed the story, and while I did guess the killer, I didn't guess who it was until the chapter before it was revealed. I read a lot of mysteries and I'm usually pretty good at figuring out whodunnit. That this one had me baffled for that long says a lot for it.My only complaint is the first couple of pages refers to Erin's job and problems with a coworke [...]

    5. Taria Reed on said:

      I really enjoyed this story. I kept wanting a bit more humor in the story to match the smalltown quirkiness. The characters had that potential to be hilarious but the author never quite went there but she came close. The mystery kept me listening and I really didn't see the bad guy coming AT ALL. Kudos!! Usually I can pick out who it is and get a general idea of why by the halfway point, but in this case I didn't know who it was until the killer revealed himself. And yeah I had a total WTF momen [...]

    6. Sheryl on said:

      *4.5 stars*Review to follow*ARC courtesy of Netgalley and Beth Yarnall*

    7. Crystal on said:

      I Loved It. I haven't read anything by this author before.but certainly plan to now!Any chance a novella about Graham and Erin's love story will be written? :)

    8. Kai on said:

      A Deep and Dark December begins with Erin December who was already having a bad day at work. What turned from delivering a package to watching her client in killing himself over his dead wife's body, has turned into the worst day of her life. The only problem is that Erin is a psychic who is refused to acknowledge her abilities. She saw something in her vision that her client didn't kill himself and that her client's wife was killed by someone else.The sheriff, Graham Doran has returned to his s [...]

    9. Trish R. on said:

      Love, love, loved this book I love witchy kinds of book, and I really like Aunt Cerie. It was too funny when she was reading Graham’s sexual thoughts about Erin, her niece. AND I love mystery/suspense type books. Auntie reads minds, Dad has the power of suggestion and Erin has visions. What more could you ask for?That being said, I know that some authors try to make a book true to life; making the heroine plump, not so attractive, hair the color of a carrot, you know, the usual gross stuff tha [...]

    10. Tanya on said:

      This was a new author to me, but I would definitely look into some of her other books. This was an unusual romantic suspense with a twist of paranormal, of the psychic kind not the werewolf or vampire variety. We have a small coastal town where Graham Doran just became the sixth generation sheriff of the town after his father falls ill. Erin December is also a long time resident of the town, her family long-standing there, but not nearly as accepted as Graham's family. Erin's family is populated [...]

    11. Sparkymom on said:

      This was a new author for me, and I really didn't know what to expect. I was still a little uncertain after the first chapter, but then the story really picked up. Both Erin and Graham grew up in a very small town where everybody knows everybody and gossip runs rampant. Graham was the town golden boy who left for the big city but had come back to take over the sheriff position from his sick father. Erin comes from a family of outcasts known to have strange abilities. When one of Graham's old fri [...]

    12. Riccarla Roman on said:

      Do not read this book if you have things that must be done because you will not get them done until you have read this book. I kept thinking I would pause after the next chapter but I couldn't.Erin December works for an investment company is San Rey. She needs to deliver a check and collect a key from a client. Simple, except that Erin comes from a line of people with "abilities". Which is why she "sees" her client dead before she arrives. Only the real scene doesn't match her vision.Graham Dora [...]

    13. Romance Readers Retreat on said:

      To be honest I had no preconceptions about this book. I hadn't fully taken in what it would be about when agreeing to review, but to my amazement I found it was a truly enjoyable read. Erin is a Clairvoyant in the small town of San Rey. She can see events in the past or the future, so the book on occasion does revert back and forth with these visions and surprisingly I found the to-ing and fro-ing easy to follow, which is a credit to the author. The book as a whole was incredibly well written a [...]

    14. Hana on said:

      Received an ARC from Netgalley.I couldn't put this book down for one moment. It was a gorgeous day outside today and I spent my day off from work reading this book, no regrets at all. I just couldn't stop reading until I was done.Just enough mystery and romance to keep you reading and wanting to find out what happens next. It had my attention from the beginning. The killer, definitely not a person I suspected! I loved the characters of Erin and Graham. Would've been great if there was more to th [...]

    15. Barbara on said:

      Page turning romantic suspenseRomantic suspense with likeable hero and heroine. Hero is handsome, honorable and brooding over a haunted past. Heroine is sassy, smart and wantilng so much to belong. As they begin to fall in love, they must fight evil in the form of a serial killer with a bent toward the paranormal. Page-turning suspense and plot twists. look forward to reading more by this author.

    16. Naomi on said:

      The mystery was quite good, and I liked both the story and the main characters. A few of the relationships with the secondary characters could have been fleshed out a little better, but I'd give this book 3.5 stars.Also, although this book was not the kind of copyediting/typesetting nightmare that makes me flinch, it could've used an additional pass by a good copyeditor.

    17. Louise on said:

      READ AND REVIEWED ON BEHALF OF FICTIONAL MENS PAGE FOR BOOK HOS fictionalmenspageforbookhos.blfacebook/pages/Fictio/user/show/2

    18. Victoria on said:

      What an awesome surprise! I took a chance on this one and am so glad I did The author kept me guessing the entire time and not once did I feel like I knew what was coming I highly recommend this one!!!

    19. Alisa Lawry on said:

      I found this book on iTunes and for 99 cents and thought why not! And I'm glad I did it was amazing! Wishing it was a series! I would love more Erin and graham! The writing was superb the characters and plot fantastic! I say give it a go!

    20. Patricia Mccammon on said:

      When a family who is psychic comes up against a family of six generations of sheriffs of a small town, thing really start happening. What is causing a rash of crimes in a town noted for almost no crime?

    21. Lola Donnelley on said:

      What Evil Is This?Erin and Graham are surrounded by evil ! Will they find there way to set the town and themselves free? I really enjoyed this mystery romance! It kept me on edge throughout the book!

    22. Dawn on said:

      If you like romance, mystery and a bit of paranormal this book has it all.loved Graham and Erin they are likable characters. loved the mysteryeat read!!

    23. Nancy on said:

      I loved the suspense/mystery of A Deep and Dark December. There was more heat than I like, but the story and characters were very good.

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