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Loretta Chase

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Dukes Prefer Blondes

Dukes Prefer Blondes Just this time can the beast tame the beauty Biweekly marriage proposals from men who can t see beyond her admittedly breathtaking looks are starting to get on Lady Clara Fairfax s nerves Desperate t

  • Title: Dukes Prefer Blondes
  • Author: Loretta Chase
  • ISBN: 9780062100344
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Just this time, can the beast tame the beauty Biweekly marriage proposals from men who can t see beyond her admittedly breathtaking looks are starting to get on Lady Clara Fairfax s nerves Desperate to be something than ornamental, she escapes to her favorite charity When a child is in trouble, she turns to tall, dark, and annoying barrister Oliver Radford.ThoughJust this time, can the beast tame the beauty Biweekly marriage proposals from men who can t see beyond her admittedly breathtaking looks are starting to get on Lady Clara Fairfax s nerves Desperate to be something than ornamental, she escapes to her favorite charity When a child is in trouble, she turns to tall, dark, and annoying barrister Oliver Radford.Though he s unexpectedly found himself in line to inherit a dukedom, Radford s never been part of fashionable society, and the blonde beauty, though not entirely bereft of brains, isn t part of his plans But Clara overwhelms even his infallible logic, and when wedlock looms, all he can do is try not to lose his head over her.It s an inconvenient marriage by ordinary standards, but these two are far from ordinary Can the ton s most adored heiress and London s most difficult bachelor fall victim to their own unruly desires

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      483 Loretta Chase
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    One thought on “Dukes Prefer Blondes

    1. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ on said:

      $1.99 Kindle sale as of Sept. 14, 2017. 4.5 stars. Recommended if you like kind of steamy historic romance novels, though it's mild compared to some of Loretta Chase's other novels. It's also a better read than the title might lead you to think. :)Set in England in the mid-1830s, the romance is between Oliver Radford, a successful and alarmingly intelligent barrister *fistpump for a lawyer hero*, and Lady Clara Fairfax, a lovely young woman who's tired of being valued only for her looks, and of [...]

    2. WhiskeyintheJar/Kyraryker on said:

      3.5 stars****Full Review****I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Lady Clara comes from a loving, titled, and rich family, she also happens to be stunningly beautiful. Even with all these advantages, Clara is still denied the one thing she truly craves, freedom. The early 1800s are not a forgiving time for women and the naturally intelligent and commanding Clara has been forced into a silent pretty [...]

    3. Lady Wesley on said:

      Thank you, Loretta Chase, for listening to your fans and giving Lady Clara Fairfax her own happily ever after. We first met Lady Clara, daughter of the Marquess of Warford, in Silk Is for Seduction, when she was unofficially betrothed to her childhood friend, the Duke of Clevedon. She was perfectly beautiful and beautifully perfect – except for one thing. Clara's wardrobe was dreadful, and the French-English Noirot sisters were determined to get her as a client for their dressmaker shop. They [...]

    4. Ingela on said:

      Review written October 14, 2016 4.8 Stars - Terrific!! Perfectly sweet romantic, subtle ironic funny with a delightfully teasing tone, and so very well narrated, etc etc. Ahhh!! This was great. Happydancing great.Dukes Prefers Blondes is the young very beautiful Lady Clara Fairfax and the clever barrister Oliver Radford's lovely enjoying love-journey. Dukes Prefers Blondes had it all I want in a audiobook HR We gets a good enough storyline and plot. There is a fantastic narration by one of the b [...]

    5. Jo on said:

      “Your obnoxiousness knows no bounds.”“You knew I was obnoxious when you married me. All the world knows it. My picture is in the dictionary next to the word.”“You’re not even trying,” she said.“I don’t actually have to try to be obnoxious,” he said. “It comes quite naturally.” Lady Clara Fairfax is considered one of the most beautiful ladies of society. She is used to receiving marriage proposals from men who are only interested in her looks and cares nothing for her as p [...]

    6. UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish on said:

      See, it's books like this that made me fall in love with Loretta Chase's stories years ago when I read Lord of Scoundrels and was swept off my feet. She knows how to write characters so wonderfully that they become living, breathing people who I want to know better. And the story plots are intriguing, compelling, and always leave me wanting more. She is, without a doubt, one of the very best historical romance authors out there.Clara is a force to be reckoned with which is one of the things I lo [...]

    7. Carol *Young at Heart Oldie* on said:

      This, the final book in Loretta Chase’s The Dressmakers series, is Lady Clara Fairfax’s story. Lady Clara has been a popular secondary character throughout the series and I am delighted that she finally gets her well-deserved Happy Ever After. Although this book can easily be read as a standalone, I would urge you not to miss out on the other delightful books in the series.Being considered the most beautiful and sought after girl in London might seem every girl’s ultimate wish, but for Lad [...]

    8. Anna Casanovas on said:

      Podría puntuarlo con 4 1/2 estrellas si me dejase ;) "Dukes prefer blondes" es una novela de personajes, no de trama. Es decir, no estamos ante una historia llena de acción, sino ante una historia que se basa en la evolución de dos personajes muy originales, únicos incluso, y de cómo conocerse les hace cambiar y vivir una historia de amor preciosa e increíblemente distinta. Clara Fairfax es hija de un noble, recibirá una dote amplísima, es guapa y esta harta de vivir sin hacer nada de p [...]

    9. Caz on said:

      I've given this an A- at AAR, so 4.5 stars rounded up. (I thought the first half deserved 5, the second 4, so I averaged it out!)This fourth book in Loretta Chase’s Dressmaker series takes up the story of Lady Clara Fairfax, who has been a recurring secondary character since the first book, Silk Is for Seduction. Clara is the most sought-after young lady in London – possibly in the whole of England. She’s beautiful, of excellent lineage and well-dowered, but is suffocating in her life of s [...]

    10. Jaclyn on said:

      All I can say after finishing Dukes Prefer Blondes is: well, that wasn’t what I was expecting. And I mean that in the best possible way. I will admit that I judged this book on it’s cover and title, assuming that it would be delightfully frivolous. However, I was blown away by the writing, detailed historical facts, and by the author’s examination of what it means to be a woman of the upper class. This, my friends, is exactly what I love about the romance genre. For all that it gets a bad [...]

    11. Courtnie on said:

      A couple of things. Firstly, I really struggled to finish this book. I was so bored that I finished 6 loads of laundry while reading. This means that I chose laundry over reading - 6 loads of hauling, washing, drying, folding - over reading. (Maybe you are one of those people that are always on top of laundry and it never morphs into a man-eating mountain, well, I'm happy for you. In my house, laundry is done when we are down to the mismatched socks with holes in the toes). The problem is that t [...]

    12. Ursula on said:

      What a terrific HR this is.Our heroine, Clara, is a familiar character from Chase's Dressmakers series, where she quickly became their favourite client (she was very beautiful and well-connected, as well as being a thoroughly lovely person). (view spoiler)[ Her brother ends up marrying one of the modistes (hide spoiler)]But she is an intelligent woman who, because of her beauty and the fact that she is an aristocratic lady, is never taken seriously. Potential suitors only see her looks, her titl [...]

    13. Caz on said:

      5 stars for narration, 4.5 for contentI'm not reviewing this elsewhere and I've already reviewed the book HERE, so this is just an add-on about the audiobook version.As usual, Kate Reading's performance is superb; she has an amazing affinity for Loretta Chase's deadpan humour and, in the wonderfully snarky exchanges between Clara and Radford is simply brilliant. She always does a great job with the heroes, but I have to make special mention of her interpretation of Radford in this, because she g [...]

    14. Keri on said:

      4.5 Stars!! This was a smart and fun read. While some of LC's earlier works are very hard to compete with, I really liked Oliver "Raven" and Clara as a couple. They were both smart and I loved their verbal sparring with one another throughout the story. By the time it was over, I wanted to move next door to the five story Malvern House and have barbeques with them. Fun story for sure.

    15. (Tori-Smexybooks) smexys_sidekick on said:

      It's rare for me to rate a book one star. If it is dislikable enough to rate 1 star then I usually end up DNFing it. For some unknown reason, I had read this one to the very end but there is a large part of me that wonders why.This series is hit or miss for me as a whole and I found this one to be a huge miss. It was extremely hard to maintain any interest. Uneven pacing, choppy writing, and a unlikable hero whose insults are framed as foreplay left me feeling rather antagonistic towards the rom [...]

    16. namericanwordcat on said:

      Oh, how I loved this book. It is like a lemon tart. Biting, sweet, unusual and so delicious. The banter is to die for. The hero and heroine book have such sexy, sexy brains. I had not read any of the other books in the series and that didn't dampen my enjoyment one bit. They are a complex couple. Chase does such a wonderful job with the mixed emotions and falling in love. The romance is in perfect balance with the action of the story. I can't wait to reread my favorite parts. This is a book I wi [...]

    17. Lady Wesley on said:

      Kate Reading does her usual first-class job in the audio version of this book. See my five-star review here.

    18. Katie Michaels on said:

      Loretta Chase books are very hit and miss for me. Silk is For Seduction was one of my favorite books of 2011. But while that book touched me emotionally –this book had the opposite effect. I felt very little while I was reading and walked away feeling lukewarm. I think it has a lot to with the hero.This is book 4 in the Dressmakers series and you’ll remember Clara as the woman who was supposed to marry the hero in Silk is For Seduction. She is a sweet girl who the Noirot sisters took under t [...]

    19. Iliada on said:

      By far the best instalment in the dressmakers series - or rather a spin off - Dukes Prefer Blondes (despite its unfortunate title) is why I love historical romances. They provide a valuable lesson in history and the position of women in society.Lady Clara is much more believable as a woman living in the 19th century - suffocated by her own life and by others' expectations of her that she should be like a house plant, good for decorative purposes only. Clara felt pressured by her peers - and even [...]

    20. Bj on said:

      4 "Smart Love" Stars! Fans of Loretta Chase know that she loves to write romantic tales concerning highly intelligent couples that are attracted to one another, first and foremost, by their complementary intellect. Dukes Prefer Blondes definitely delivers on this front. You will not be at a loss for witty repartees, even if at times you may want to throttle the hero for some of his seemingly less than complimentary views of women. Fortunately, the heroine in Dukes Prefer Blondes knows just to ho [...]

    21. Roshio on said:

      'Ah who cares' were the last words I uttered as I shut this book. Made it to chapter 7 and just didn't care. It's 2016, I refuse to waste time on dull plots with shallow boring heroines and a somewhat interesting hero I suppose but likeh I can't even care enough to finish this review.

    22. Ginger on said:

      DNF. Got to about the 7th chapter and said, “To hell with this.” I just can’t get into either character. Or the plot. Or the writing. Bleh. Next book.

    23. Esther on said:

      Short review (elaborate later).What a great pair these two made. Great repartee and dialogue between them.I laughed out loud at times with their witty and cute sassy remarks to each other. Nice chemistry and good sexual tension throughout. The pacing overall was good but had a few spots that did seem a little slow and did drag.

    24. Natalie on said:

      The brave, clever girl was suffocating. Without obnoxious Raven Radford, she'd be stifled-- most expensively and luxuriously-- for the rest of her life. "If Lady Clara cared about the matters the world wants her to care about, she wouldn't have come to me," he said. "If she wanted to be afe and coddled, she wouldn't have come to me. If she believed pauper children were not her problem, she wouldn't have come to me and plagued me to help her help them. She came to me because she knew nobody else [...]

    25. Jennifer on said:

      4.25 StarsLady Clara finally gets her happy ending with Dukes Prefer Blondes, the conclusion to the Dressmakers series. She is the beautiful daughter of an earl and the prize client of Maison Noiret. She has had some scandals in the past, but they don't decrease the number of suitors vying for her hand. Unfortunately, Clara is looking for someone who wants something more from life than marrying a man who only sees her beauty and money. Oliver Radford is a barrister who is the cousin of a duke, b [...]

    26. Danielle on said:

      I tend not to read many historical romances but once in a while one will catch my eye and this one was the lucky ones. I haven't read a book by Chase before but found this one highly entertaining. Lady Clara is beautiful and intelligent. She isn't lacking for a suitor but she is looking for more from any man. She wants someone who looks beyond her beauty and the money she has. Oliver might be happy with life but he feels like he is missing something and when Lady Clara comes back into his life t [...]

    27. Vintage on said:

      An unshakeable case of bronchitis is making me quite cranky so I am going to settle in at three stars.I read the first two books in the "Dressmaker" series plus Loretta Chase wrote Lord of Scoundrels, yum, so this deserves a read on those merits alone. I didn't love it; don't know why, and don't have the cough, cough, cough energy to figure out why.I will say, I was more than a little disappointed not to see more of the characters in the first two books. I really enjoyed the sassiness and conniv [...]

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