Mated by Midsummer

Mina Carter

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Mated by Midsummer

Mated by Midsummer Ten years ago werewolf Kelli Copeland ran from Stratton to avoid being claimed by the new pack alpha Max Daniels Since then she s made a life for herself in the city free of the pack and living am

  • Title: Mated by Midsummer
  • Author: Mina Carter
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ten years ago, werewolf Kelli Copeland ran from Stratton to avoid being claimed by the new pack alpha, Max Daniels Since then, she s made a life for herself in the city, free of the pack and living amongst the humans Happy with her life, she s never thought of going back, until her brother decides to get married Now she has to go back, but surely a decade is enough forTen years ago, werewolf Kelli Copeland ran from Stratton to avoid being claimed by the new pack alpha, Max Daniels Since then, she s made a life for herself in the city, free of the pack and living amongst the humans Happy with her life, she s never thought of going back, until her brother decides to get married Now she has to go back, but surely a decade is enough for Max Daniels to forget about her Pack alpha Max Daniels could have the pick of the pack females in Stratton, but he doesn t want them He only wants one woman, the one who ran from him years ago The only woman he ll ever love When he gets word that Kelli is back in town, he swears to do everything in his power to make sure she doesn t leave again Up to and including kidnapping her But he isn t the only wolf in town with an agenda And this time, Kelli s departure might be permanent.

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    One thought on “Mated by Midsummer

    1. Ivy Deluca on said:

      First book features Max, Stratton wolves alpha and Kelli, his fated mate. But she wanted it to be her choice. Max was going to claim her, Kelli said hells no, so she ran away. For 10 years. But when her brother’s wedding comes along, she decides to come back. And Max isn’t letting her go. And then shifter romance happens.The Good, The Bad and Everything In Between- freebie pickup-short story (74 pgs), so quick read-Does it count as insta-love if they’ve known each other forever? There’s [...]

    2. Rather Be Reading on said:

      Paranormal Romance Short StoryVery good paranormal romance story featuring one POV about wolf shifters. It was a quick and easy read. Moeller written and easy to read.

    3. Angela (Angel's Guilty Pleasures) on said:

      ~ 3 Mated by Midsummer Stars ~Mated by Midsummer is book one in the Stratton Wolves series by Mina Carter. I picked this one up as a freebie and as I’m writing this review. I am realizing it was not as good as I felt it was. I enjoyed Mated by Midsummer, but it was not outstanding. Max knows what he wants and won’t let Kelli run again. Kelli is a strong independent female who is not sure what she wants. Max and Kelli know each other from growing up. It’s kinda an insta-love story, but kind [...]

    4. zoegrl on said:

      Max & Kelli were destined to be together, he knew that as far back as when they were kids. Waiting for her to come back, ten long years, he was grateful that she had. Gotta love just how committed shifters are. If only humans took things as serious. Wow that was melancholy, huh? :-) But then that's why we read these Hot reads!! Right? The great sex & intense love.Enjoy!! I did.

    5. SheLove2Read on said:

      Good but not great. Parts of it felt a little rushed and the heroine's turnaround from running away to accepting him as her mate happened so fast I thought I had missed something.

    6. Melanie Lear on said:

      I enjoyed this book very much and the lead characters. Max is a sexy pack leader who has only ever wanted to claim his woman, Kellie as his mate. This story lost a star because I felt the story needed to be longer, so much more could have been added to make this a really great book and there was also some spelling errors and some unnecessary use of vulgar words during the sex scenes that did make me cringe. But, that doesn't alter the fact this was a good read and I couldn't put it down until I [...]

    7. Book Snob Sue on said:

      Loved Max, such a great guye fact that he was a total badass helpedjust sayin. I didn’t like all the years they spent apart. 10 years is a long time to be away from your true mate and I never like couples to be separatedkes me sad. Kelli is back for her little brothers wedding and then Max is there trying to get her back and to stay. But you get a good story, lots of chemistry, hot as hell alphaterally, he’s the alpha😉, a little crazy drama from one of the female pack members, and an epil [...]

    8. Sara Luck on said:

      Good book, but Kelli got on my nerves. The whole thing about it not being her choice to be mated to max??? Ummmhe kept giving her a choice over and over again. It took until almost the end for her to figure it out. Also, it bugged me that it was never clear exactly what her occupation wase has a PA but that's all we know, so what happened to her career? I know it's silly, and not a big deal, but that's where my mind goes.

    9. Rickie on said:

      This is a first time read for me from this author and I am really glad I did. A hot alpha wolf who waited 10 years for the one woman he claimed. The chemistry was explosive, the characters on point, and kicking some ass never hurt . well not much. However, you need to read this book.heck read the series since I'm a believer that the next one will be just as good. Maybe even have Max and Kelli do a cameo into the storyline. Kudos to Carter!

    10. Debra Johnson on said:

      This one had a few editing errors and typos, but nothing that interfered with the flow and enjoyment of the story.I always enjoy reading Mina Carter's writing. Somehow she can pack more in her shorts than a LOT of authors can do in 400+ page novels. Filled with action and great characters. A quick, fun read.

    11. LennaWright-Berry on said:

      Max has always loved Kelli for longer then she’s been gone, as in he wanted her when they were young but she is Independant to the max and he is a bit of a true alpha, wants her no matter what she wants, she . His.but there is another she wolf that wants Max and she’ll do anything to get rid of the competition. Does Max love Kelli to die by her side as a true bonded mates ??

    12. BJ on said:

      Just 3 stars, a novella length story about a strong alpha H, and his mate who ran from him in spite of being very attracted to him. She decided she wasn't ready but ended up staying away for 10 years. That seemed too long considering how quickly they hooked up, no significant others. The evil OW was out of place. Mostly well written, just needed more story.

    13. darlene.wilson on said:

      Waiting For The True MateI loved this book. Once I started, I couldn't put it down. Max was patient with Kellie and that made all the difference in them getting together. If he had forced her, she would have never have been fully his or happy. She came to him on her own and realized that he was her everything. What a love story.

    14. Katie on said:

      This was a nice, quick little shifter book to read. It was well written and I was easily able to read it in one sitting. The story flowed well and the characters were likeable. I think I would have liked the book more though if the story had been quite a bit longer and more had happened between the main characters.

    15. MJ on said:

      Bit of a waste. Should have been a book instead of a short story. Standard miscommunication, unanswered questions and skipped stuff. I'd like to read the next book just cause I really liked the snippet we saw of the new H, but I won't bother with another 'chapter book', especially if I'm expected to pay and not have a full rounded story.

    16. Cynthia L. Turner on said:

      Max and KelliWhat a couple 💑! Max and Kelli have known each other since childhood. When Max decided to claim Kelli, she literally runs away! When Kelli returns for her brother, Riley's wedding things heat up between them. The chase is on between Max and Kelli with surprising results. Good 👍 read and a great start to the series!

    17. Gemma Mapps on said:

      Good readThis was a good read, it's easy and quick so you sit down for some much needed "Me" time. It gives you a dominant Alpha Male who won't let his mate get away a second time and a feisty She Wolf who's not afraid to back down and show throat willingly.Will be reading more of Mina very soon, much love too Mina.

    18. Katherine on said:

      an Independent women and a strong willed man, sit back and watch the sparks flythis was everything I could ask for in a book, good sex, good story, strong characters and side characters that you want to keep reading aboutmy only criticism is that its too short

    19. Cindy Caron on said:

      A cute bedtime story that will have your motor running in not time. Complete with a bit of intrigue, lots of hot sex, and a tad of bitchiness, this tale will not leave you wanting. A wonderful introduction to what promises to be a great series. Loved it!

    20. Diane Werning on said:

      Mated by MidsummerMax met his match,Kellie would never mate him willingly.Now that they are both grown up the sparks are gonna fly.At her brothers wedding Kellie gets into a verbal altercation with another shewolf.Max has a fit Grab this book and find out what happens.

    21. angela gunstone on said:

      Mated by midsummer (Stratton wolves)Loved this story with wonderful characters and I can't wait to read more in this series so it's a well deserved five stars and I would recommend this book to everyone

    22. Belinda Tran on said:

      Fun book to readMated by Midsummer was a joy to read. Made me laugh, and made me anxious, but was full of action and drama. For a quick read, it was definitely a full story. I enjoyed it and would recommend it to all paranormal and romance lovers.

    23. Jane Elizabeth on said:

      AnotherAnother exciting paranormal romance from Mina! Kelli ran from Max ten years earlier, but now she was back for her brother's wedding and tried to stay out of his way.That proved difficult! Loved it!

    24. Charles & Marlene Wuester on said:

      Great startGreat start to a series, I look forward to the next one.Just goes to show what happens when you run from fate.

    25. Natasha Manuel on said:

      Awesome read!I love to read shifter books and this is a great start to the series. Can't wait to read the next one! A definite recommend for all shifter nook lovers!

    26. Loretta A on said:

      Love this book!One of the best shifter book I had read in a while. Looking for more of this writer. Loved it!

    27. Linda on said:

      Love bitesEnjoyed the flow of the story with a great balance of storylines to end in happily ever after! My kin of story and left wanting more!

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