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Deborah Install

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A Robot in the Garden

A Robot in the Garden Warm hearted fable of a stay at home husband who learns an important lesson in life when an unusual creature enters his life With all the charm and humour of THE ROSIE PROJECT and ABOUT A BOY mingled

  • Title: A Robot in the Garden
  • Author: Deborah Install
  • ISBN: 9780857523020
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Paperback
  • Warm hearted fable of a stay at home husband who learns an important lesson in life when an unusual creature enters his life.With all the charm and humour of THE ROSIE PROJECT and ABOUT A BOY mingled with the heart swelling warmth of PADDINGTON BEAR MOVIE.A story of the greatest friendship ever assembled.Ben Chambers wakes up to find something rusty and lost underneath theWarm hearted fable of a stay at home husband who learns an important lesson in life when an unusual creature enters his life.With all the charm and humour of THE ROSIE PROJECT and ABOUT A BOY mingled with the heart swelling warmth of PADDINGTON BEAR MOVIE.A story of the greatest friendship ever assembled.Ben Chambers wakes up to find something rusty and lost underneath the willow tree in his garden Refusing to throw it on the skip as his wife Amy advises, he takes it home.

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      344 Deborah Install
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    One thought on “A Robot in the Garden

    1. Sandra on said:

      Utterly charming and adorable!!Okay, now that I have let that out"There's a robot in the garden," my wife informed me.And so it begins.Ben and Amy are experiencing some marital problems, so when Tang shows up at their doorstep (actually their back garden) and Ben decides to take him on a trip to find its creator, things might not go as planned.Ofcourse, going on a trip with and old fashioned robot instead of an android which is more common those days, is an invitation for hilarious mishaps and m [...]

    2. Jeannette Nikolova on said:

      Also available on the WondrousBooks blog."Now, I have to admit that the idea of traveling across the desert in a Dodge Charger with a retro robot and a radioactive sausage dog is not something I would have imagined myself doing. But life takes us in peculiar directions sometimes, and on those occasions the only thing to do is give it a high-five and roll with it. That is basically a summary of both the events and the mood of the book.A Robot In The Garden is an extremely adorable and endearing [...]

    3. Sarah Churchill on said:

      So. Adorable.A guy called Ben is living with his wife Amy in a nice big house left to him by his parents. Amy is a barrister, and they're living comfortably despite Ben's lack of a job. He doesn't think he needs one, or in fact need to do much of anything. His wife, of course, disagrees. So their marriage is already on the rocks when little Tang appears. He's a dilapidated robot that looks out of place in this world of high-end androids, but Ben sees something special in him and takes him on an [...]

    4. Jules on said:

      I have a huge soft spot for robots, and have done since I was very young, so I was really looking forward to this book, and it didn’t disappoint.What would you do if a rickety old robot appeared in your garden, said very little and just stared at the horses in the distance? Would you ignore it, throw it away, or invite it into your house?Ben decides to try and help the robot, despite his wife, Amy wanting him to get ride of it. What follows is Ben going on an adventure with 'Tang' the robot in [...]

    5. Melki on said:

      I've had a mild robot obsession since reading Mason Johnson's Sad Robot Stories two years ago. Surely that's what led me to enter this giveaway, even though I had a nagging feeling that the book would prove to be a bit too sentimental for my tastes. And I was right - it was corny, and oversweet, even a tad syrupy at times. But, hey - it starred a ROBOT!A recalcitrant, easily-bored robot who's apparently incontinent."Where were you before you got here?"Mercifully, it seemed Tang had gotten the ha [...]

    6. Michael on said:

      Ben is seemingly coasting through life, much to the disgust of long suffering wife. As the sole breadwinner in the house, Amy is frustrated with her husband who is a failed Veterinarian and is giving up on the responsibilities of life. The final straw will be when a battered robot shows up in the couple's backyard.Ben is intrigued by the damaged robot who he calls Tang, but Amy is not and is the cue for her to walk out on him. With growing affection for the little-battered talking machine, Ben w [...]

    7. Figgy on said:

      Actual rating 3.5It was half past seven in the morning when the robot entered our lives. Ben and Amy never wanted kids. They’d discussed the upsides of not having them, such as never having to stress over Halloween costumes, and decided that was a very good reason for not starting a family. They had discussed getting a robot, but this wasn’t what they had in mind. My new backpack arrived the next day, smelling of warehouse and containing an excessive amount of little packets of silica gel. A [...]

    8. Magdalena on said:

      Beautiful, charming, sweet, heart-warming, it made me smile, it made me teary-eyed and I just loved it. It's a beautifully written story of self-discovery, growing-up, love and friendship. The relationship between Ben and Tang is just lovely. Ben is a great main character and Tang an even greater companion. You must read that book. It's just stunning!

    9. Trish at Between My Lines on said:

      This review was originally posted on Between My LinesFrom the second this book dropped through my letterbox, I couldn’t wait to get stuck.  I loved the theme of a Robot just showing up in your garden and when the blurb compared it to Paddington Bear, I just knew it could be a winner for me.  And it was!First Line of A Robot in the Garden by Deborah Install:‘There’s a robot in the garden,’ my wife Amy, informed me. My Thoughts on A Robot in the Garden by Deborah Install:All the way tho [...]

    10. J.A. Ironside on said:

      In 2013, I was at the Festival of Writing in York (UK) run by the Writer's Workshop. During the Saturday night live competition, I heard Deborah Install read from her as yet unpublished, unbought novel. It came as a huge relief to find out that she had found an agent and then a publisher as I was dying to know what happened next. I've never met Deborah so simply demanding to read the rest of the novel seemed a bit presumptuous.(In case you're wondering, yes it did get my vote in that competition [...]

    11. Melissa on said:

      I received a copy of this book through good reads firstreadsIs this story cute? Sure. Is it possible for a child-like robot to teach a man humility? Why not. Will AI and robots exist in the near future? Probably. Does it make sense to fly around the world to fix a robot without even picking up a god dam phone? No. When your wife leaves you and gets with another guy, moves in with your sister, then says she doesn't know who the father of her baby will be, is it sensible to not be angry with her a [...]

    12. Stephen on said:

      Cute book. Disney kids movie cute. Too cute for me.In a near future populated with sleek service androids, Ben Chambers finds Tang, a boxy seemingly antiquated robot sitting in his garden. The robot turns out to be radically sentient, but with the knowledge and personality of a toddler. Think Wall-E. It is leaking fluid it needs to survive. The lazy befuddled and failure at most everything Ben decides to find the robot’s owner so he can be repaired. And their adventure begins!The saccharine le [...]

    13. Angigames on said:

      3 stelle e mezzoLibro dolcissimo. Ho adorato Tang, il suo comportamento è così dolce e a volte ingenuo da farti venire voglio di abbracciarlo senza più lasciarlo andare! La lettura mi ha ricordato molto il film A. I. Intelligenza Artificiale.(Film che mi aveva ridotto in lacrime, sappiatelo).Questo libro ci propone una storia molto carina, è la storia di Ben, un non-veterinario mezzo fallito. Ben ha perso i genitori in un orribile incidente aereo e riuscirà a perdere anche la moglie Amy con [...]

    14. GinaRose Cristello on said:

      I was lucky enough to spend a fabulous weekend soaking up this fresh story! I was completely transported. Quirky and Smart- think The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy meets The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir who got Trapped in an Ikea Wardrobe. Install has created a crazily loveable new being in Tang the Robot I love how she took the way a child can think (and scheme) and futurized it, by applying it to AI. Readers are given just enough description of characters and scenes to allow our imagi [...]

    15. Kady Monroe on said:

      I really enjoyed this book. It's a story of friendship, hope and love. And it's funny :)The story revolves around the main character, Ben, who finds what seems to be, a homemade robot in his garden. The Robot's name is Tang, and he is a bit broken. He's also cute and has quite a personality. Ben has recently been drifting through life aimlessly, and finding Tang's owner/maker, who will hopefully be able to fix the little guy, gives him a purpose. The book is the story of their journey together a [...]

    16. Samuel Tyler on said:

      If I looked out into the garden and saw a piece of machinery sitting there, it is more likely to be an old washing machine than a robot, but a story about me travelling the world with an abandoned piece of white goods does not quite have the same appeal. Deborah Install’s ‘A Robot in The Garden’ is sort of an ‘Eat, Pray, Robot’; a coming of age for a character who should already have grown up. This character is Ben, a man in a failing relationship who comes across Tang, a robot who see [...]

    17. Karen Mace on said:

      I won this book via Twitter in a Fathers' Day competition so it was only fair that my Dad read it first - a little different from his normal Dick FRancis/Jeffrey Archer reads but his response was positive so i couldnt wait to read it too!!And what a story! The beautiful cover had me hooked and from the moment that Ben finds a robot sitting under a tree in his back garden, the story will have you hooked too!!Ben is living at his parents house with his girlfriend Amy, and is still coming to terms [...]

    18. Ornella Calcagnile on said:

      Recensione completa su Peccati di PennaL'incredibile viaggio di un piccolo robot dal cuore grande è una favola ma anche la trasposizione della realtà in versione fantastica dove alcuni difetti della società prendono forma in mdo soft: la paura di inseguire i propri obiettivi, la pigrizia e l’egoismo. Ben, un uomo che non sta vivendo un bel periodo con sua moglie, le cose si complicano con l’arrivo di Tang un robottino antiquato e danneggiato che diventerà un amico per il nostro protagoni [...]

    19. Leslie on said:

      I absolutely loved this book. I must confess that I have a fondness for robot stories , so that may slant my feelings on this book. I fell in love with the characters Ben and Tang. When a book makes me cry with joy and laugh out loud it has to be great. I highly recommend this book.

    20. Jess Manley on said:

      VERY cute and warms your heart. Once you get going, it's hard to put down because you're always wondering if the two friends will make it to wherever they need to be. I wouldn't be surprised if Install announced that the story was based on real-life prejudices (race, physical and mental ability, if you have the latest iPhone model, etc.) that make people stare and judge. A lot of what I read made me reflect on what we see everyday and on how I treat others Makes you think !

    21. Gina Morphy on said:

      A lovely novel about an endearing little robot and the human who claims him as his own. Ben and Tang make a funny pair and their trip across the world was filled with amusing anecdotes and epiphanies.

    22. Sophie on said:

      Posted in full reviewedthebook/2015 “I think I’m in love with a robot” are words I can’t say I ever expected to be uttering but how can you read A Robot in the Garden and not feel the same?! This book is one of the craziest, sweetest, most charming and entertaining books I’ve ever read and I loved every second of it. I can honestly say I’ve not read anything like this before. It’s sci-fi in the loosest sense, set in an age where it is not that surprising to come across a robot or a [...]

    23. Mika on said:

      En tant que librairie spécialisé littérature de l'imaginaire, il y a des moments où j'ai besoin de me poser. De foutre les vaisseaux dans le garage, de balancer les clés dans un trou noir. D'arrêter le temps pour que les conquêtes spatiales se taisent, et de freiner un peu les apocalypses, parce que bordel, y'en a souvent, pauvre petit monde. Oui, parfois j'ai besoin de quelque chose de plus doux. Qu'on m'enlève pas cette science-fiction que j'aime, mais qu'on me l'apporte dans un écrin [...]

    24. Luanne Ollivier on said:

      Oh, do you ever get that tingly little feeling after a few pages of a new book? And realize you've just re prioritized your to-do list so you can keep reading?Deborah Install's debut novel A Robot in the Garden did just that!Sometime in the near future in England, androids are an accepted part of everyday life, doing the cooking or gardening - even driving. They're high functioning, replacing the original robots.Ben Chamber's wife Amy would like an android to help around the house (According to [...]

    25. Monique Snyman on said:

      Some books just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, which is the case with A Robot in the Garden by Deborah Install. This novel is as adorable and heartwarming as the summaries and reviews made it out to be. Here we have Ben, who seems to have nothing to live for anymore. His life is aimless, his wife is distant. It's kinda rough. Then, Ben comes across a little robot in the garden, named Tang. Of course, when Ben doesn't get rid of Tang, as Amy - his wife - suggests, more conflict arise. A [...]

    26. Katy Noyes on said:

      Warm, winning and surely impossible to dislike.Ben and Amy's marriage is already under strain, but finding a robot in the garden one day, and taking it in, Ben finds it the final straw for his wife. Tang is soon an integral part of the house, while Amy can't take it and leaves. Confused and angry, Ben puts his efforts into Tang as he notices that the old-fashioned and beat-up little model is in need of urgent repair. Using clues that take him from one location to another, the two end up going on [...]

    27. thebookishuniverse on said:

      One day, in a future not too far removed from the present, Ben finds an unusual object in his garden. He refuses to throw it away as his wife Amy advises, so he decides to keep him. His name is Tang. It is only when Amy walks out that Ben realises that his only friend is this little robot, but not for long. Tang soon will stop fuctioning and Ben must fix him. Will he succeed?Initial thoughts:1. How could I not love Tang? This robot is so cute and adorable and I wanted to hug him. As for Ben, he [...]

    28. David Reviews on said:

      Funny & Touching - I Want a Robot in My Garden…Ha-ha! Some parts of this story had me laughing out loud, while other parts were quite sad and touching. Yes we are talking about a robot, but Deborah Install has written such a delightful story we are soon charmed by a little robot called Tang.Ben wakes one morning to be told by his wife Amy that there is a robot in the Garden. Ben investigates and so begins a truly heart-warming friendship. Jobless Ben’s new found fascination with his robo [...]

    29. CristinaBorghesi on said:

      Recensione a cura di Leggere in Silenzio: leggereinsilenzio/L'incredibile viaggio di un piccolo robot dal cuore grande è un romanzo in cui ogni personaggio prende consapevolezza dei propri limiti e dei propri errori, sbocciando letteralmente a nuova vita grazie all'intervento prezioso quanto inaspettato di un aiutante molto speciale.Pur essendo ambientato in una realtà fantastica, Deborah Install riesce perfettamente a raccontare quella stessa vita che ognuno di noi è costretto ad affrontare, [...]

    30. Amanda Patterson on said:

      Ben lives in Berkshire with his wife, Amy in the home he has inherited from his parents. Ben does not work, but thinks he would like to be a vet. Amy is a successful lawyer. The couple are not happy, but Ben seems oblivious to the dire state of his marriage. Then a robot appears in their garden. This is not as odd as it sounds because the book is speculative fiction, set in the future or an alternative present, where every household has an android helper. For the first time in years, Ben is intr [...]

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