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Joshua Mohr

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All This Life

All This Life Morning rush hour on the Golden Gate Bridge Amidst the river of metal and glass a shocking event occurs leaving those who witnessed it desperately looking for answers most notably one man and his so

  • Title: All This Life
  • Author: Joshua Mohr
  • ISBN: 9781593766030
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Morning rush hour on the Golden Gate Bridge Amidst the river of metal and glass a shocking event occurs, leaving those who witnessed it desperately looking for answers, most notably one man and his son Jake, who captured the event and uploaded it to the internet for all the world to experience As the media swarms over the story, Jake will face the ramifications of his acMorning rush hour on the Golden Gate Bridge Amidst the river of metal and glass a shocking event occurs, leaving those who witnessed it desperately looking for answers, most notably one man and his son Jake, who captured the event and uploaded it to the internet for all the world to experience As the media swarms over the story, Jake will face the ramifications of his actions as he learns the perils of our modern disconnect between the real world and the world we create on line.In land locked Arizona, as the entire country learns of the event, Sara views Jake s video just before witnessing a horrible event of her own her boyfriend s posting of their intimate sex tape As word of the tape leaks out, making her an instant pariah, Sara needs to escape the small town s persecution of her careless action Along with Rodney, an old boyfriend injured long ago in a freak accident that destroyed his parents marriage, she must run faster than the internet trolls seeking to punish her for her indiscretions Sara and Rodney will reunite with his estranged mother, Kat, now in danger from a new man in her life who may not be who he or his online profiles claim to be, a dangerous avatar in human form.With a wide cast of characters and an exciting pace that mimics the speed of our modern, all too connected lives, All This Life examines the dangerous intersection of reality and the imaginary, where coding and technology seek to highlight and augment our already flawed human connections Using his trademark talent for creating memorable characters, with a deep insight into language and how it can be twisted to alter reality, Joshua Mohr returns with his most contemporary and insightful novel yet.

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    • ✓ All This Life || ☆ PDF Read by ☆ Joshua Mohr
      220 Joshua Mohr
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    One thought on “All This Life

    1. Larry H on said:

      Tremendously thought-provoking, compelling, and slightly disturbing, Joshua Mohr's All This Life is an intriguing commentary on the chaos wrecked by society's constant obsession with social media, and how it simultaneously connects and disconnects us. (And yet, here I sit, posting this review on my blog and multiple social media sites)It seemed like just an ordinary morning on the Golden Gate Bridge. Countless commuters are stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, including Paul and his teenage son Ja [...]

    2. Lori on said:

      Read 3/30/15 - 4/2/154 Stars - Highly Recommended, I mean, c'mon, it's a Mohr!Pages: 304Publisher: Soft Skull PressReleasing: July 2015If you're reading this review, you are most likely either hanging out on my blog right now or viewing it on . And you probably discovered that I had written the review because you saw it in your feed burner, followed the link from our Facebook post, clicked on the link when I tweeted about it, or saw it in your updates.God bless social media, huh? It's insanely [...]

    3. Jim on said:

      It didn't occur to me until just now that All This Life is like a mash up of Dave Eggers and Richard Brautigan. A cast of misfits and outcasts unplug form their technology enhancements (sarcasm ON, irony turned up to 11…) to converge on the Golden Gate Bridge. A triumph of broken people trying to do the best they can in a broken world. Fans of Mohr's Mission trilogy will note the return of a certain black bar with shattered stars….

    4. Elizabeth on said:

      This is an angry book about connections between people. In this case people who are all sort of numb to the world. The setting is San Francisco and the parts about its changing neighborhoods and landscape are on point. It also dissects the relationship we have with social media and Joshua Mohr is surprisingly even-handed. I remember reading a review that described his ideas in this novel as an indictment of social media. I disagree. He is at his best when exploring the idea that social media can [...]

    5. Craig Allen on said:

      Very well written story about how obsessed with social media our world is, especially in regards to bad news. When a very horrific event happens on the Golden Gate bridge, 14 year old Jack catches the whole thing on video. After it goes viral, Jake's social media presence intensifies, pulling his concerned father in as well. There are other stories intertwined here as well: Kathleen, a recovering alcoholic whose son Rodney hasn't been the same since an accident of his own. Also Sara, the one-tim [...]

    6. Freesiab (Bookish Review) on said:

      I'm not sure. Sometimes the rating process isn't accurate but I was glued to this book. I listened on audio on a road trip. It's more than the description. The stories of the character narratives is so in depth you forget what the whole story is about at times. There was a stretch that it seemed a bit long but I'm glad I stayed with it to see how all these characters truly interconnect and the long awaited commentary on social media. This book was all too human and I loved that.

    7. Jabiz Raisdana on said:

      Joshua Mohr's fifth novel, All This Life, begins in traffic. On the Golden Gate Bridge. In a car. A father and a son. Both broken and searching for something to break the tedium of their lives. The father, recently divorced, ponders,"How can he tell his only son that being an adult is learning to live with your failures?"A miraculous event during the traffic jam of this opening scene becomes the catalyst for the rest of this beautifully crafted and perfectly paced novel. The characters are trade [...]

    8. Cindy on said:

      In All This Life, Mohr attacks our reliance on social media, and illustrates the price we pay for replacing human connection with an ever-longer list of electronic friends and followers. To illustrate his point, the author populates his novel with a diverse bunch of brokenhearted and/or guilt-ridden characters, all of whom are on a quest for redemption. I was captivated by Jake’s misguided mission to rack up followers and go viral, and I couldn’t help but be moved by Balloon Boy and the impu [...]

    9. Leijette Riopel on said:

      There is some spectacular writing here, but often it drifted into what felt like a prolonged rant about how terrible and fake and evil modern day technology is in our society. The kid, Jake, particularly, seemed like nothing so much as a device to illustrate how bad the internet is, and how self centered teenagers are. I hated how his character was portrayed, and I thought it was too simplistic a perspective on technology. A lot of the story is just being barraged in what is obviously the author [...]

    10. Paula Guinto on said:

      What a wonderful read about what it means to live with technology, the Internet, social media and this kind of 21st century despair. A milder, less sensational version of Eggers' "The Circle" (better written as a whole too if you ask me), this book tackles redemption, relapse, shame and relationships in an honest but tender way. You don't fall for any of the main characters but you root for all of them. You get a taste of everyone's self absorption as you mull over your own demons and addictions [...]

    11. Theresa Leone Davidson on said:

      There needs to be an option for novels that in reality score higher than five stars. I also must say that I do not know the words to adequately describe how good I think this novel is; in fact, it is one of the best I have ever read. Ever. Joshua Mohr, who in his photo at the back of the book looks to be about twenty (I know he must be older), is nevertheless able to capture what aging is like, how sometimes people have to live with compromise and crushing disappointment as they get older, and h [...]

    12. Lori L (She Treads Softly) on said:

      All This Life by Joshua Mohr is exceptionally thoughtful, and a very highly recommended novel about our current information super highway. In All This Life Mohr takes our over exposed, interconnected lives, a tragic event, and ties together seven very different people.The novel opens with an unnamed man pondering: "There’s one gigantic cause that no one talks about and it’s the foundation of my equation, my E = mc despaired: Human sadness is what’s heating up the earth. We are so somber, A [...]

    13. David Bridges on said:

      I have a tendency to read genre fiction with stories that bend or defy reality but occasionally I will give something more quote unquote literary a shot. In the case of All This Life I am so glad I did. This story is as real as it gets. The book has a character driven narrative set mostly in gentrified San Francisco with characters who you can identify on a personal level. There are parallel stories connected by a tragedy that happens on the Golden Gate Bridge and those parallel stories converge [...]

    14. Joe on said:

      All This Life goes "big-game hunting," while employing a conversational, two-old-friends-catching-up vibe. Weaving the narratives of seven leads, whose lives intersect following a tragedy in San Francisco, Mohr asks the tough questions for our modern, technological, virtual age, but manages to never make it feel weighted down or didactic. In short, the book, like Mohr himself, comes across as likable as it deals with some very disturbing subjects and trends. Despite topics of death and loss, aba [...]

    15. Heather on said:

      In the acknowledgments, Mohr thanks an editor for reading a previous draft and telling him to rewrite it, but in an earnest, sincere way. All I could think was that I would hate to see the draft that was MORE pretentious and removed from actual human emotion. I actually feel unkind saying that, because I think there is real writing talent there and a few moments of the story did work, and it was actually very readable, in that even though I found it phony and reminiscient of Aaron Sorkin at his [...]

    16. Elly on said:

      I tried my best. I got about 100 pages in, and gave up. And I'm not one to give up on a book.I can't tell if it's because I'm part of the younger generation, but this book's writing tested my patience. It was like when your mom tries (and fails) to figure out how to write on your aunt's Facebook wall, gets thrown into a rage, and goes on a tangent about how technology and its devoted generation are a plague on humanity. I don't understand the aversion. I wish I did, because the storyline seemed [...]

    17. Margee on said:

      In this wonderfully structured story, sets of struggling characters grapple with their cyber-lives--too little expertise, too much exposure, too-late smart. Mohr's newest read is suspenseful, alarming and funny, and his truths are well-observed, making this tale easy to feel deeply and hard to put down.

    18. Kali on said:

      from kalireads:But perhaps this is what love looks like in the twenty-first century. There’s the heart pumping in our chests, and the one that thrums online, beating a binary rhythm, zeroes and ones. Paul has to find that version of his son. –Joshua Mohr, All This LifeThe morning commute is a lot of things–life-changing is normally not one of them. But on one morning of traffic crawling across the Golden Gate Bridge seemingly like any other, fog rolling across the Bay and not yet fully rem [...]

    19. Chris Roberts on said:

      Blank screenPush the buttonPower upClicke-mailisisyou@gmail.To: Joshua MohrSubject: Bleeding the San Francisco BridgeYour ISP address is generated from an antiquated futureYou wear time, it weights you down in the three-eighths hourBackward days, carbon copy paper shoots from your mouthSan Francisco State University doesn't have a record of youYours is the history trained mind deniedThe University of San Francisco said no*Aside* Pynchon: "If they (novels) come out on paper anything like they are [...]

    20. Laura on said:

      This book was fantastic. I felt it was written with someone like me (my age and from my generation) in mind. Although fantastic, it was not exactly an enjoyable ride but don't let that stop you from the experience. Let me explain One of the things that affect me most as I get older is how fast life gets beyond a certain age. Also, I'm very torn over the human disconnect and sensationalized reality brought about a world so reliant on social media. My experience as of the last 10 years or so is th [...]

    21. Bobbi Joles on said:

      This is my very first book review and it saddens me that, I found a book that is so terrible, I feel I have to warn people not to read it. If you are like me, you have to read the entire book no matter how terrible it may be. I can usually finish a book in a day or maybe two. This book took me two weeks because I dreaded reading it! The first three chapters are interesting and capture your attention. I immediately started reading faster wondering what happened. By the 6th chapter I was forcing m [...]

    22. Amanda on said:

      I love a convergence story. I love the way Joshua Mohr channels the not-typical characters of this world. I was happy to consider--through so many different stories--how we are all coping with a desire to be loved, and how this gets confused with (per Aaron Sorkin) a "desire to be loved by strangers." "The" topic here took shape as a meta-story of our culture woven through these particular characters and their arcs and it just speaks to what scares me and moves me these days. I felt in good hand [...]

    23. Taube on said:

      “Caricatures, avatars, usernames, however humans present themselves, whatever we are, there is one thing Kathleen knows: We are all scared. We are haunted by yesterday and terrified of tomorrow. It’s this life, all this life, and we’re frightened of it. There are addiction and relapses. There’s climate change, mental illness, mood disorders. There are families assembling and dissembling. There are dubious genes dripping down. There are more strains of violence than the flu. The particula [...]

    24. Annie on said:

      I can remember when my dad first got us online. We had AOL and it made an obnoxious sound while the modem connected. Since then, I’ve been online—almost every day since I became a librarian. But I don’t think the Internet is as much as part of my life as it is for the characters in Joshua Mohr’s All This Life. For Jake, the Internet gives him a way to be noticed. It ruined Sara’s life. The Internet constantly reminds Noah of how he failed his sister. All This Life is an exploration mor [...]

    25. Kim on said:

      Oh this book. I wish I could read it again for the very first time. The darkness in humans coupled with the darkness of the Internet. How one moment in life, or one bad decision can change history and ruin lives and connect people in ways they never wanted. There was not one lull. The frantic pace the author wrote with was new to me and I loved it. This made up for the last book I read which was a huge disappointment.

    26. Arajane on said:

      There were some moments of pure beauty in here: a loveliness and perfectness of human interactions and relationships. But for me the overarching concept of social media and our (problematic?) immersion in the online world felt like it loomed over the very real characters and pulled them down into the realm of cliché at moments, a place I didn't want to see these beautifully written characters go. That said, yeah I didn't want to stop reading and I absolutely got misty-eyed at the end.

    27. Anne on said:

      Interesting takes on human interactions in the age of social media.

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