Shoulda Been a Cowboy

Maisey Yates

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Shoulda Been a Cowboy

Shoulda Been a Cowboy In this sexy sweet prequel novella to her new series USA Today bestselling author Maisey Yates welcomes readers to the charming small town of Copper Ridge Oregon where it s never too late for seco

  • Title: Shoulda Been a Cowboy
  • Author: Maisey Yates
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In this sexy, sweet prequel novella to her new series, USA Today bestselling author Maisey Yates welcomes readers to the charming small town of Copper Ridge, Oregon, where it s never too late for second chancesThere s not much about his teenage years that Jake Caldwell can be proud of Except maybe for keeping his hands off cute, kind hearted Cassie Ventimiglia She wasIn this sexy, sweet prequel novella to her new series, USA Today bestselling author Maisey Yates welcomes readers to the charming small town of Copper Ridge, Oregon, where it s never too late for second chancesThere s not much about his teenage years that Jake Caldwell can be proud of Except maybe for keeping his hands off cute, kind hearted Cassie Ventimiglia She was the only one who saw him as than a tattooed rebel who couldn t wait to leave the ranching life behind Now he s back in Copper Ridge to sell his father s property and staying right above Cassie s coffee shop And out of nowhere, the girl he s never forgotten is offering a whole lot than fresh baked muffinsJake s dark, smoldering appeal hasn t changed one bit But Cassie has Following everyone else s rules didn t quite work out Time to ask for what she s always wantedd what Jake s than happy to give A wild, hot romance that could make a one time bad boy realize he s back for good.

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    One thought on “Shoulda Been a Cowboy

    1. Melissa on said:

      This was a cute, second-chance romance between the good girl and bad boy of Copper Ridge.Back in high school, Cassie let fear hold her back from going after what she truly wanted. One afternoon she was tutoring Jake, trying to find the courage to tell him how she really felt, and the next he was gone. Never giving her the chance to be honest.It's fifteen years later, when he pops up in the small town of Copper Ridge, to settle his father's estate. Copper Ridge is full of nothing but bad memories [...]

    2. Laura the Highland Hussy on said:

      Read this review on Got Fiction?This was a cute and sweet novella prequel to Maisey Yates' Copper Ridge series.Jake Caldwell is back in town, following his father's death. The old coot left him the ranch, so Jake's in town to sell it off. His dad and he didn't exactly part on friendly terms, so being back in Copper Ridge, where he's just the bad boy who left one night and never looked back, isn't exactly on his list of fun things to do.Cassie Ventimiglia is trying to get over her failed marriage [...]

    3. Deniz on said:

      3.5a great little cute & fluffy.I liked both MCs and loved the setting. Am definitely going to read the series after falling in love with yet another novella I read set in Copper Ridge. Broody, hot heros with strong, interesting female leads, a splash of good smut and swoony setting seems just my thing these days. Even if it is a tad too well.assically romantic for me. The character building does make up for it. Somehow Yates manages to create vivid and interesting characters in a short stor [...]

    4. Danielle on said:

      3.5 starsI am not a huge fan of novellas, and this story kind was a shining example why. Now I understand that this was meant to be a shorter format and needed to get to the chase quickly without too much build up. The thing is I like the buildup and anticipation of a romance. That's why they're so enjoyable to me. Plus the fact is I like seeing the development and growth between characters as the story progresses. Now surprisingly this story with Cassie and Jake had a little bit of buildup in t [...]

    5. Ami on said:

      This novella is a prequel that sort of introduced readers to Copper Ridge, Oregon, and its inhabitants, which will be the setting of upcoming series from Maisey Yates. This is the first time I read anything by Yates. However, I really am growing interest again in small-town contemporary M/F romance since last year and this series caught my attention. So I thought I'd give the novella a try, to taste her 'writing sample', so to speak.Since it's a novella, I try to close my eyes on some things. Us [...]

    6. Nicole D. on said:

      It's been 15 years since Jake left Copper Ridge. He's back now after his father's death to settle his estate. Jake doesn't expect to find his high school tutor and crush Cassie renting a building from his father. Jake just wants to settle his dad's property and get out of a town that holds bad memories but he still wants Cassie. Cassie has always done the right thing. She's been a Good Girl. Cassie is finally ready to change and be bold and who better then sexy Jake her high school crush to be b [...]

    7. Fiona Marsden on said:

      3.5 stars. This is a nice little novella to introduce the Copper Ridge series. It's the story of Jake and Cassie who knew each other in high school but haven't seen each other for 15 years.The years have not treated Cassie kindly with a failed marriage and the struggle to start her own business. Jake looks like the tattooed bad guy who left town suddenly but he's been busy with plans for the future, with a slight detour to clean up his father's estate in his home town.The old attraction between [...]

    8. Brianna on said:

      This was interesting, but honestly not that memorable. Cassie was sensible, and trying to come into her own self. I liked that she owned a coffee shop. Jake made for an interesting hero, what with his "bad boy" past and longing to get over his past with his dad and what he had done as a teenager. I don't usually go for second-chance stories, which I guess this technically isn't. Cassie and Jake had had a crush on each other in high school but neither of them had told the other, and Jake had left [...]

    9. Rachel- Goodbye Borders on said:

      Jake was the resident "bad" boy in Copper Ridge, Oregon. Cassie, a "good" girl, had a huge crush on him and tutored him in math. Before she worked up the nerve to tell him how she felt, he left town abruptly. Cassie made some bad decisions (getting married and not furthering her education) while trying to please her mom. Fast forward 15 years later. Jake is back in town, he dad died, leaving him her properties. Cassie is renting one of his properties for her coffee shop. Cassie decides to go aft [...]

    10. Kame on said:

      4 StarsFifteen years have passed since Cassie touched Jake's hand while tutoring him in Math. Fifteen years since she pulled her hand away and didn't dare tell him what was in her heart. And fifteen years since he left.Cassie is trying to change her life and make it her own. I liked the revelations she had during this story and found her new found self confidence a little inspiring. Jake is the bad boy who comes back to town to settle his father's estate. He felt a jolt of awareness when Cassie [...]

    11. Cheri on said:

      I'm so glad I came across this author's works recently. Sometimes you read one book by a new-to-you author and think you'll love their writing only to find that the other books in their library of work are duds. I'm happy to say this book was just as good as the first one I read.Often things can seemed rushed in a novella. There are quite a few series that I love and have found the novellas within the series are not very good. Not so in this case. It was short but not rushed. The love was quick [...]

    12. Julie on said:

      Not a bad novella I liked the character development of both Jake and Cassie, both have baggage that they're carrying around and by meeting each other again after 15 years they're able to put some of those old ghosts to rest. Nice intro to this place called Copper Ridge where they live. I'm not sure if I'll read this whole series since I'm a little tired of these small town stories a la Kristan Higgins or Jill Shalvis but I'll give this a try since it was highly recommended.3.5/5

    13. Sharlene on said:

      A sweet novella to kick off the series, about Jake, who left town 15 years ago in shame, and Cassie who stayed and now had a business in town. They had a connection in high school, never acted on it, but never forgot each other.

    14. Nishtha on said:

      Not the best read of the week. I expected a lot more, disappointed.

    15. Suzan on said:

      I loved this book. It's short, but seemed longer and more involved than a novella. It's a great taste of Maisey Yates writing if you are thinking about giving her books a try. I listened to book 3 (Bad News Cowboy) on audio and was treated to this at the end. I am already hooked on the series and have back tracked to start from the beginning. These are good cowboy romances, with characters that are easy to love right from the start. Yes, even the "Bad News" cowboy in book 3 (he is my favorite ac [...]

    16. The Book Junkie Reads . . . on said:

      Jake Caldwell has been gone a long time. The only reason he came back was to sell everything his father left him. He never anticipated Cassie Ventimiglia. She saw him as a teen and now as an adult she had the coffee shop that he visit. But he wants to sell the building she works from. This was one quick read that gave a great view of Copper Ridge. This was a good place to start when starting the series.

    17. Jessica Call on said:

      Absolutely loved this book!! It just goes to show you that just because people see you a certain way doesn't make it true. This book is sinfully sexy and so delicious! You can't go wrong with a Maisey Yates book!

    18. Nate Brightman on said:

      Shoulda Been a Cowboy is the prequell novella to Maisey Yate’s prolific Copper Ridge book series. If you enjoy Maisey Yates writing (which I unashamedly acknowledge I do) you’ll enjoy this little novella. If you’re not familiar with Ms. Yates writing it will serve as a perfect opportunity to familiarize yourself with her work. It’s all there, a strong, independent, intelligent vulnerable female and a smoking, haunted, brooding but good hearted male. Both characters are good people but ca [...]

    19. Tiffany on said:

      I really liked this novella, which is a prequel to Maisey Yates's Copper Ridge series. I had already read book one, Part Time Cowboy, but the prequel can easily be read as a standalone. Cassie has always played it safe in her life. Growing up, her father was never in the picture and her mother constantly pressured Cassie to find a husband who would take care of her. So when Cassie met an Okay But Not Incredible guy, she settled and married him. Because that was safe--and safe was all Cassie ever [...]

    20. Bree T on said:

      Cassie Ventimiglia doesn’t have much. She’s been through a divorce and come out with nothing but she’s managed to build a small business and she’s proud of it. Cassie rents shop space for her cafe and an apartment above but when her landlord dies, that brings his estranged son, Jake Caldwell back to town.Jake was the resident high school bad boy – tattoos and a reputation. Cassie tutored him in maths and although she had a huge crush she never did anything about it. Jake left not long [...]

    21. HappilyEverChapter on said:

      Shoulda Been a Cowboy (Copper Ridge, # 0.5)by Maisey YatesMarch 1, 2015Publisher: HQN111 pages, approximatelyRomance: Contemporary** Provided by Netgalley in Exchange for an Honest Review. ** -- SYNOPSIS --In this sexy, sweet prequel novella to her new series, USA Today bestselling author Maisey Yates welcomes readers to the charming small town of Copper Ridge, Oregon, where it's never too late for second chancesThere's not much about his teenage years that Jake Caldwell can be proud of. Except [...]

    22. Janna on said:

      Prequel to the NEW Copper Ridge series.We discover that Jake Caldwell has returned to Copper Ridge after 15 years because his father left him everything upon his death. Jake was the bad boy of Copper Ridge and lived up to everyone's expectation, especially his father's words. Jake recalls the only person that he believed in him and that was Cassie Ventimiglia. She tutored Jake in math and had the biggest crush on Jake, but she never told him, never even came close to telling him.Cassie was marri [...]

    23. Patty Nobles on said:

      I am a creature of habit and this often leads me to not take to many chances, but when it comes to reading I try to give different authors a chance and I am grateful that I gave Maisey Yates a chance. In her book Shouda Been a Cowboy, Ms. Yates introduces the reader to the Oregon coastal community of Copper Beach. Copper Beach is like many small communities that are trying to rebuild a once thriving town, and that is one of the reasons that Cassie Ventimiglia opened up her bakery/coffee shop in [...]

    24. Tracey on said:

      It's become clear that, if Maisey Yates writes it, I'm going to love it. I have become such a huge fan of her Copper Ridge books. The characters, the dialogue, the small-town setting, all combine to make these favorites of mine. If you're not familiar with these books and characters, Shoulda Been A Cowboy is a great place to start. It's a novella, but not short on sweet and seriously sexy times.I loved both Cassie and Jake from the first page. I'm a sucker for second-chance love stories, so seei [...]

    25. Kelly on said:

      It's a novella, so I calibrated my expectations. You should, too. I liked that these characters held a torch for each other from high school, because it made their attraction to one another a bit more plausible. They went from zero to OMG I love you so much a little fast for my taste (but, again Novella), and there were a few too many wacky editing errors for my comfort. (I mean the novella is free on , but does that really mean that I can't talk about missing words or random word substitutions [...]

    26. Kate Vale on said:

      Although a prequel to the other Copper Ridge novels, knowing that didn't reduce my enjoyment. In this novella, Jake Caldwell comes home to sell off the properties his father has left him, along with the tenuous ties that still bedevil him about the place. The sooner he gets that done, the better as far as he's concerned.But then he goes into The Grind, a coffee shop, and comes face-to-face with the person who had tutored him in math back in high school. Cassie is cuter than she was then (or mayb [...]

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