Dead Man's Hand

Kristen Painter

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Dead Man's Hand

Dead Man s Hand Demi goddess and muse Seraphina Kostos has been tasked with bringing her employer s wayward teenage daughter home Not the hardest job Seraphina s ever had Until her boss calls in a favor in the form o

  • Title: Dead Man's Hand
  • Author: Kristen Painter
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Demi goddess and muse Seraphina Kostos has been tasked with bringing her employer s wayward teenage daughter home Not the hardest job Seraphina s ever had Until her boss calls in a favor in the form of extra help The man who arrives is unlike any she s ever encountered.Sin City Collector Ares rarely goes on typical Collections Mostly because his skill set involves takiDemi goddess and muse Seraphina Kostos has been tasked with bringing her employer s wayward teenage daughter home Not the hardest job Seraphina s ever had Until her boss calls in a favor in the form of extra help The man who arrives is unlike any she s ever encountered.Sin City Collector Ares rarely goes on typical Collections Mostly because his skill set involves taking lives, not saving them As the son of a vampire and a grim reaper, his touch holds the ability to reap souls Sure, it makes for a lonely existence, but he s learned to deal with that Or has he Beautiful Seraphina has him questioning everything he s ever known Living the rest of his life alone suddenly seems impossible But what kind of future is there with a woman he can t touch or hold or kiss

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      307 Kristen Painter
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    One thought on “Dead Man's Hand

    1. Melanie on said:

      I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of this novella, the forth in the Sin City Collector Series, and second by Kristen Painter for review purposes. Although it is part of a series I think this would definitely work as a stand alone but my personal preference, as with most series, would be to read them in order from the beginning. Yet again I loved this latest installment. The characters are full of life (which when you read the book you can't help but appreciate the irony there) and th [...]

    2. Amanda on said:

      I really like this series and Dead Man's Hand once again hits the spot. Of course again I find the story too short and just wanted to read more. Ares is a wraith, half vampire half reaper and life for him is a whole lot of trouble. One single touch from him rids you of your soul. Naturally Ares doesn't get much physical contact, life is pretty lonely.Seraphina is a muse, she is used to influencing everyone around her and as glorious as that may seem, she really doesnt know who is truly friends w [...]

    3. Melanie Marsh on said:

      Dead Man’s Hand is the 4th book in the Sin City Collectors series, which includes books by both Kristen Painter and Amanda Carlson. I have enjoyed all of the books in the series thus far.The Sin City Collectors series focuses on a group of supernaturals in Las Vegas that police the supernaturals within the city. If there is an offense committed against another supernatural, they are given the assignment of “collecting” the offender and delivering him or her to “The Boss” for punishment [...]

    4. Jessica (a GREAT read) on said:

      I received this ebook from the author in exchange for an honest review, I was in no way compensated for this review.Kristen Painter's second contribution to the Sin City Collectors Novella Series is Dead Man's Hand and it was beyond amazing!! We are back in the city that never sleeps and this time we follow Seraphina, a muse from the times of old who is the inspiration an artist uses for his work. Then when trouble brews and his unruly teenage daughter is kidnapped, Seraphina is on the job to fi [...]

    5. Melanie on said:

      Review originally posted at RabidReads.This is the last book in the Sin City Collectors series (of all the novellas published as of this posting, anyway). I read this book out of order. I had the later books in the series already, so I went ahead and read them first. While the heroine for Double or Nothing is introduced in this book, I didn't feel like I missed anything by reading out of order.In Dead Man's Hand, we have our hero, Ares, who is a wraith. In this world, wraiths are half reapers an [...]

    6. Margaret on said:

      Review originally published at Goldilox and the Three WeresSeraphina is a muse employed by a popular Las Vegas artist. When her employer's daughter goes missing, she spearheads the effort to get her back. Ares, the Collector all the other Collectors fear, gets sent to help the Boss's favorite artist recover his daughter. He's never been on a rescue mission before, being the Collectors' cleaner, but he relishes the opportunity to help the living. Though maybe not as much as he enjoys the beautifu [...]

    7. Madison Warner Fairbanks on said:

      Dead Man's Hand by Kristen PainterSeraphina Kostos is a muse and a demigoddess. Ares is half vampire and reaper. Together they need to rescue the kidnapped hostage from the goblin. But no touching because Ares touch alone will reap that persons sole.I found Seraphina enjoyable. She is light hearted and cheerful. And poor Ares unable to touch anyone at all. How lonely for him. I'm glad they found each other and can lighten their hearts.Excerpt“She settled in beside him, crossed her arms and sta [...]

    8. Lisa on said:

      Dead Man’s Hand is the 4th book in the Sin City Collectors series and is written by Kristen Painter.Although the books are standalones there are character cross overs between the books.The series goes as follows1. Aces Wild by Amanda Carlson2. Queen of Hearts by Kristen Painter3. Ante Up by Amanda Carlson4. Dead Man's Hand by Kristen PainterIn this book we have the main characters of Seraphina Kostos who is a Demi-goddess/ muse and Ares who is a wraith, which is the offspring of a vampire and [...]

    9. KimStitch on said:

      The fourth novella in the Sin City Collectors series was a strange one. I really liked the characters, and the plot was fast-paced and interesting until it wasn't.As with the other novellas in the series, you meet the characters quite quickly and get right into the action. The bad guy is incredibly nasty, and the mythologies surrounding both grim reapers and muses is tons of fun to explore. Even the end is satisfying.My only issue is a huge break in the pace and action part way through the novel [...]

    10. Suzan on said:

      Loved this novella! I'd been looking forward to Ares getting a book and it didn't disappoint! He's an interesting supernatural type, a wraith which is the offspring of a vampire and a reaper. You feel bad for him cause he can't touch anyone (unless they're immortal) cause when he touches anyone skin to skin he reaps their soul whether he wants to or not.Seraphina was a cool character as well, a demi-goddess, the daughter of one of the greek muses. Her power meant she didn't trust if people liked [...]

    11. DavidVise on said:

      Dead Man's Hand is a solid and worthy addition to the Sin City Collectors series - I still love the whole idea of the Collectors and the Las Vegas setting. The main characters - Ares (a wraith) and Seraphina (a demigod) are an original pairing of supernaturals and I thought Minka was a great supporting character. The plane shift to the Underworld was a nice development offering a drastic scenery change from the high life of Vegas, and helping to flesh out Seraphina's backstory. But compared to ' [...]

    12. Heidi on said:

      Seraphina is a muse, literally. She helps sway her employer into jobs that he wants to take, honestly really should take, but would otherwise turn down. The life of a muse is difficult since her ability to sway people always leaves her wondering if they really like her, or if her influence as a demi-goddess has something to play into it.Ares is a collector who is called in to help Seraphina when her boss' daughter goes missing. Unfortunately for Ares his skill set is really not geared towards hi [...]

    13. Amanda Masters on said:

      This Book Was Given To Me By The Author In Exchange For An Honest Review*Amazing story! I so love Kirsten's writing! The characters in this one were so unique and awesome that I was immediately hooked from the very first moment I started reading. Kristen has such a knack of making the unusual seem like the everyday.I fell in love with The character of Ares right away not only for his uniqueness but because of his strength and his loneliness.The fight scenes in this one were awesome you couldn't [...]

    14. Relina Skye on said:

      "Dead Man's Hand" by Kristen Painter is her second stand alone novella in "A Sin City Collectors" series. Seraphina is the daughter of a Muse, making her a demi-goddess. Her words inspire men to produce their best work. Her current employer is a famous artist whose daughter has gone missing. Like any good father, he called the one person who can help. On assignment as a collector, Ares (not the Greek god of war) is half reaper and half vampire. Anyone who touches his skin loses his soul. Ares an [...]

    15. Miranda Beazley on said:

      A wraith who can't touch without harvesting a soul and a demigoddess who knows about supernaturals but doesn't. Add a bit of Greek mythology and you've got a fun book. Ares and Seraphina are both strong willed and make interesting lead characters in this novella. Working together to investigate the disappearance of Seraphina's employers daughter they both become drawn to each other. I loved this book and for that reason it was too short I want more. Another awesome instalment in the sin city col [...]

    16. Sandra Butler on said:

      The reason for such a low rating is as follows: 1.) The timeline. These characters weren't given enough time to develop emotional bonds or even a decent friendship, it makes their blossoming love unrealistic.2.) Persephone. Why, baby Jesus, why? Why did you write her as a selfish and egotistical twat? I've always loved Persephone made me a little sad.3.) Ares. What the heck happened to the badass Ares? I was so looking forward to his book and it let me down.a little, and that's why the low ratin [...]

    17. Colleen Everly on said:

      Really liked this book. I felt so bad for Ares, to live most of his life not being able to touch anyone. She too couldn't get close to anyone, and being that she's able to get his touch they are perfect for one another. Who her father is came as a surprise. When they go looking for the girl they have some really good conversations that I found funny and when they found her she gets to see who he really is and he is surprised she doesn't go running scared. I really enjoy this authors books and ca [...]

    18. Denise Snider on said:

      **Disclaimer: I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.This is the fourth installment in the Sin City Collectors series. Each book can be read as a stand alone, but I prefer to read them all in order. This novella is a fast paced, keep you on the edge of your seat story. The main characters are likable and the secondary characters make the reader want to turn the pages as fast as possible. This novella has more supernatural beings in it than just vampires and werewol [...]

    19. Jamie-lee Davis on said:

      Wow kristen painter does it every time,for me this story had me hook from the beginning to the sexy man Ares and his lonely existence , it's another spin on the Greek gods ,but what a spin, it left me wanting more just like seraphina,I hope we meet again , I couldn't get enough,if you haven't read kristen painter before this story is a good way to introduce, you to this author,once met your want to read more!

    20. Melindeeloo on said:

      3.5 stars - Demigoddess and wraith unite on a hunt for a missing girl. I like this and it worked just fine as a standalone story. I was a little surprised that the romance in a serious that had "Sin City" in its name was pretty much Kisses only. The timeline was short so that was okay - well sort of I mean hero who couldn't really touch or be touched seemed like the setup for a much steamier story. Still it was light and entertaining I may check out more from the series.

    21. Kelli Hamill on said:

      my only complaint about this novella was just that was a novella! I enjoyed the characters and story so much I really wanted more!! I loved the demigoddess and wraith coupling! Those are two types of supes you really don't read about as much, but are fascinating characters. A quick and easy read, sometimes its nice to read a story where the drama/conflict is resolved quickly and doesn't drag on! Another great addition to the Sin City Collectors Series!!

    22. Jeri on said:

      I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Supernatural beings in Sin City (Las Vegas) overcome almost insurmountable odds to fall in love. Great story and love that the characters are not run-of-the-mill supernatural/paranormal species. Great writing, great antagonists and happy ending. A must read if you like romance, paranormal/supernatural beings and happy endings.

    23. Tyler Babcock on said:

      Death never looked so good. what would happen if you had a grim reaper meet with a muse? one way to find out. Ares isn't your ordinary reaper. death himself meets his one week ness. read and see what Kristen does to melt the cold heart of the hand of death.

    24. Lina Peterson on said:

      Dead Mans HandSuch a great read! There were moments of spontaneous humor that had me busting out laughing and tender moments. Do yourself a favor a read this installment of SCC.

    25. Helen Simpson on said:


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