Trying Not to Love You

N.J. Nielsen/ Saddington

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Trying Not to Love You

Trying Not to Love You Alistair Krunkstone is happy with his life he plays bass guitar in a band has a best friend a family who loves him unconditionally and yeah he has a girlfriend but he doesn t want to talk about h

  • Title: Trying Not to Love You
  • Author: N.J. Nielsen/ Saddington
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 107
  • Format: ebook
  • Alistair Krunkstone is happy with his life he plays bass guitar in a band, has a best friend, a family who loves him unconditionally, and yeah, he has a girlfriend, but he doesn t want to talk about her.Keagan Thames has been in love with his best friend since the day they met When Alistair breaks up with his girlfriend, Keagan takes him in Being so close but not touchinAlistair Krunkstone is happy with his life he plays bass guitar in a band, has a best friend, a family who loves him unconditionally, and yeah, he has a girlfriend, but he doesn t want to talk about her.Keagan Thames has been in love with his best friend since the day they met When Alistair breaks up with his girlfriend, Keagan takes him in Being so close but not touching Alastair will be hard enough without the added burden of Alistair s ex threatening to ruin his life for something he hasn t done.With the help from the other members of their band DeRanged , family, and friends, everything comes to light Will the strong bond they ve always shared be enough to pull them through the awkwardness of their changing relationship Or will it pull them apart forever This story was written as a part of the M M Romance Group s Love s Landscapes event Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story Dear Author,Who are they Are they band mates heading home after a gig Buddies after a long night out Fans post concert Is this the night that changes everything Or just a night like any other they share How have they become so comfortable, with themselves, and each other Is it new and fresh, or solid and steady Photo Description Two guys asleep on a train one lying on top of the other s lap They re both dressed in torn jeans and T shirts One has bluish green coloured hair They look to be like they re in a grunge rock band or possibly are on their way home from a concert The guy with the coloured hair is using the thigh of the guy lying on him as a pillow They look comfortable with each other.This story may contain sexually explicit content and is intended for adult readers It may contain content that is disagreeable or distressing to some readers The M M Romance Group strongly recommends that each reader review the General Information section before each story for story tags as well as for content warnings.

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    One thought on “Trying Not to Love You

    1. ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ on said:

      2.5 stars I liked the beginning of this book: Alistair and Keagan have been best friends for a decade, ever since that day Alistair sort of pushed Keagan out of a tree. Three years older than Keagan, Alistair is straight, or so he's always claimed. He even has a girlfriend, the psychotic Lauren who despises gays in general and Keagan specifically. And this just begs the question: Why the fuck would you stay with someone who hates your best friend? But stay with Lauren Alistair does, FOR FIVE FUC [...]

    2. Mirjam on said:

      “The way to hurt me is by hurting you.”Sweet story about best-friends-to-lovers rock band members.Keagan has been in love with his best friend Alistair from the day they first met but has never told him or acted on it. But when Alistair and his bigoted girlfriend Lauren break up because she demanded he choose between Keagan or her, Alistair choose his best friend.“Lauren never understood why I couldn’t give you up.”Afraid of loosing his best friend Alistair keeps quiet about his true f [...]

    3. Kelly H. (Maybedog) on said:

      I was rather disappointed in this. I expected much better because it looked so sweet. Instead, I got a lot of info dumping and an asshole MC. He was such a jerk for being with a homophobic woman for so long when his best friend was gay. I can't even imagine being friends with someone homophobic let alone dating one. My ex and I almost broke up once because he thought using the expression, "that's so gay" was okay. He eventually understood, but no way would I be with an outright homophobe for sev [...]

    4. Nic on said:

      I love a friends-to-lovers, gay-for-you story and this one was no exception. These guys are band members but what I liked was they they weren't superstars, they were 'real'. They had 'a few extra pounds' and day jobs. The story kept me engaged, although I wanted to shake these boys and get them talking! Bitchy ex-girlfriend, interfering families, understanding best friends, happy ending. I'd like to read Ross' story next.

    5. Taintedskyee (Books Books&More Books) on said:

      A good rock band story.Alistair & Keagan were best friend since one was 13 and other 10 yrs old and Keagan knew he loved his best friend from the day they met but only one major problem with that,Alistair was not gay and had a live in girl friend for 5 yrs.But when things went downhill in Alistair relationship both of them realized with a little push from friends and family that he is not so straight after all and loves Keagan in more way than just best friend. Its a simple gay for you theme [...]

    6. Sandra on said:

      Offered for FREE from the M/M Romance Group's Love's Landscapes event. Thank you too all the amazing authors who participated!I freaken love this pic.

    7. Teresa on said:

      Sweet Friends to lovers story about two guys who are clueless about each other's feelings. I thought it was funny that everyone knew how they felt but them. The girlfriend was a pieced of work. I liked both mc's though I felt they moved to sex super fast for one of them having been straight.

    8. Adrianamae, Marco's fan on said:

      The story started well, but then it took a turn -and it became predictable, including the typical, stereotyped, psychotic, ex-girlfriend that we all have grown to expect in some stories . Can we please lose this character?

    9. multitaskingmomma on said:

      Review: Trying Not to Love You (Love's Landscapes) by N.J. NielsenMy Rating: 4 of 4 Stars (based on the Short & Light Read Category)I just love Gay For You stories and this is one of them. Trying Not To Love You is a short freebie that tells the story of two best buddies who watch out for each others' backs since the time one broke his arm after a challenge. Yes, one is younger and the brother of another friend, but their families had bonded tight since the broken arm event and from then on, [...]

    10. Serena Yates on said:

      Sometimes people lead lives that make everyone else think they should be outrageously happy, yet under the surface, there are issues making it impossible for that to happen. And once they are forced to look deeper than the superficial image they have built of themselves and their lives, the crisis is unavoidable.Deliciously flawed, Alistair in this story is a prime example of someone telling himself everything is okay - even as his life crumbles around him. His girlfriend may kick him out and be [...]

    11. Funzee Shu on said:

      You’ve always been my comfort zone. You are the one person I can always count on to be there for me when I need someone.It's sweet gay-for-you and friend-to-lover story.Keagan had been fall in love with his best friend since the first time Alistair "rescued" him from the tree, but he kept his feeling only for himself cuz he didn't want to ruin their friendship, cuz Alistair is straight.On the other hand, Alistair always put Keagan before everything in his life, including his girlfriend.He love [...]

    12. Jeanne 'Divinae' on said:

      Keagan and Alistair have been best friends for years. Well Keagan came out years ago, Alistair is still playing the straight card. Or at least he thinks he is playing it well enough. He is still in a little bit denial about his true feelings about his bestie. They have a very unique and loving relationship. They both fear losing the other if they come clean of their feelings. We have very mendling friends and family that try their best push them together. Throw in a persistent, temperamental ex [...]

    13. Dawn Sister on said:

      Loved this friends to lovers story. There were some really sweet moments between these two friends that made their strong bond believable. The story also included some very likeable secondary characters in the form of a large, meddling family and some friends who might have benefitted from a bit of "mind your own" which I do think MC Alastair did actually tell them several times.I do think that perhaps the secondary characters might have been given a little more page space, they did interest, an [...]

    14. GlamLawyer on said:

      All together I liked the story. Some decisions Alistair made might seem odd but I think it fit with his character. He wasn't ready to face his feelings for his gay best friend. Hiding in a relationship with a woman he didn't really like might seem weird but it didn't bother me. Both MCs are close with family and friends so it was OK here for them to push them into a situation where they needed to come clean about their feelings. I liked the slow built up. The sex scene in the end didn't feel rig [...]

    15. Kitten ~♥️ MM series ~ on said:

      Stand by Your ManBest friends Alistair and Keagan are in a band together called DeRanged. Keagan is openly gay but in the closet about his feelings for his best friend.Alistair is questioning his current relationship w/his gf and the shift in his response to Keagan's. His obliviousness to Keagans feeling after friends and family confront him was slap in the back of the head worthy. My Issues: The convenience w/which their first time was prepared. (view spoiler)[Keagan's goes from crying about Al [...]

    16. Aya on said:

      2.5 starsAn M/M romance filled with oh-so-sweet moments and a neat resolve. Personally, the story isn't really my cup of tea, I prefer a larger conflict and a more complex resolution. Having said that, I like that the rocker/band element wasn't the focus of the story, all about fame and fortune. I found both MCs likeable, minus Alistair's habitual inactiveness with reagrds to his relationship with both Lauren and Keagan. While not quite suited to my palate I can see how others might enjoy this. [...]

    17. melek on said:

      Alistair and keagan have been best friends since childhood and for a few years they been in an band. They have formed a friendship like no other, for keagan he has fallen in love with Alistair, but for him his clueless or just in denial. he been with his girlfriend for years without love just broken up with her. The Ex goes crazy and blames things on keagan. can friends and family help and can these 2 guy get together already.

    18. Janie on said:

      Well thank all that is holy that Alistair finally woke up and realized what he wanted most in life. I loved the scenes at the beginning where him and Keagan were laying in bed together after a gig, so very romantic and neither one seemed to realize it. I loved all the family and band members helping them along.

    19. TayaJay on said:

      I admit that I only read this story because of the cute prompt picture. Even though I like the story, i just never really connected with the characters. It just felt like established couple who just had title change from friends to boyfriends. I wish there was more mix family interact with both MCs present and less of the girlfriend.

    20. Gwen on said:

      I total love the story, I love how they both love each other but seem so oblivious. There were so many signs they ignore but it all wonderful. Keagan and Alistair are really perfect for each other and i wish Alistair's ex got worse than a little harassment for all the drama she caused even thought that brought Keagan and Alistair closer.

    21. Beck on said:

      Although this was one of my favourite tropes, it also contained my least favourite story arc Namely the poor-communication-to-build-suspense As a verbose person with no brain/mouth filter, this drives me insane Ignoring that, this is sweet romance based on an awesome picture prompt.

    22. MarcyShane on said:

      I love best friends to lovers stories. I like the chemistry between the MC'sd the explosive coming together! Great HEA!

    23. Nikko on said:

      Actually it was an ok read. Didn't like the fact that it took Lauren to dump him to realize that.

    24. Sarah on said:

      Same old friends to lovers formula but it was written well and there was a lot of feeling. Well done.

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