Pennsylvania: The Complete Novel

Michael Bunker

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Pennsylvania: The Complete Novel

Pennsylvania The Complete Novel Young Amishman Jedidiah Troyer is now a traveler He s signed up for an emigration program that is colonizing the planet of New Pennsylvania He just wants to start a farm and homestead on affordable la

  • Title: Pennsylvania: The Complete Novel
  • Author: Michael Bunker
  • ISBN: 9781311302502
  • Page: 486
  • Format: ebook
  • Young Amishman Jedidiah Troyer is now a traveler He s signed up for an emigration program that is colonizing the planet of New Pennsylvania He just wants to start a farm and homestead on affordable land in a new Amish community Space pioneering isn t as easy as it sounds when you re plain Jedidiah and his new friend Dawn arrive on New Pennsylvania in the middle of aYoung Amishman Jedidiah Troyer is now a traveler He s signed up for an emigration program that is colonizing the planet of New Pennsylvania He just wants to start a farm and homestead on affordable land in a new Amish community Space pioneering isn t as easy as it sounds when you re plain Jedidiah and his new friend Dawn arrive on New Pennsylvania in the middle of a rebel uprising, and TRACE, the resistance group that is rising up against TRANSPORT, has taken on the mission of getting Jed from the City to the Amish Zone Being a stranger in the old world doesn t even compare to being a stranger in a new world a world that is at war and where nothing is what it seems.

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      486 Michael Bunker
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    One thought on “Pennsylvania: The Complete Novel

    1. Timothy Ward on said:

      Pennsylvania is a very different kind of scifi, and that's part of what I loved about it. The story is told in a very easy to read narrative style that gets right into the meat of our main character's adventure. Jed is the oldest male in his Amish family and is about to take a journey to a distant planet to help humanity colonize their future home. Earth is suffering under a lingering war between the new tyrannical government, Transport, and rebel forces which make some areas far more dangerous [...]

    2. Nick Cole on said:

      A mind bending slide through a future struggling to find the past. Pick this one up if you want SciFi done right!

    3. Cori on said:

      Amish sci-fi. It actually works, that part was believable. I wanted to get into this book. It just didn't hook me until the middle. Then I was finally into it. However towards the end I started wondering how it could end with 10% of the book left. And then 5%, this can't be wrapped up in that time!?! Nope. It wasn't. The end left me high and dry and confused. I still don't understand. So is there more to this series??? No other reviews seem confused but I see no mention of this being the first b [...]

    4. Lisa on said:

      This book was really awful. Interesting premise, but, man, the writing is immature -- and that's putting it charitably. I could go on, but I'll post one star and leave it at that. Oh, and this: ". . . a few faint tracks on her face were the only reminder that she'd had an emotional episode over the death of Donovan." Ugh.

    5. Chris on said:

      Amish Sci-Fi: A New Take on an Old Genre (minor spoilers)Michael Bunker’s Pennsylvania Omnibus is simultaneously familiar and new. The familiar: a futuristic government establishment at odds with the liberties of its constituency breeds a “Fight The Man” rebellion. The new: at the heart of the story—and the rebellion—is an Amish community conflicted within itself. This sect mirrors the larger society in the story as it grapples with an essential question: how much of who I am need I gi [...]

    6. Dylan Hearn on said:

      This is a book I kept bumping into on and I was intrigued by the premise, an Amish science-fiction novel had to be worth a look. I wasn't wrong.Jedidiah Troyer is leaving home to set up a new life on another planet, New Pennsylvania. But stepping out from the comfort of a life and community he knows so well becomes the least of his challenges as he finds himself accused of breaking the law before his journey even begins.I really enjoyed the Pennsylvania Omnibus on a number of levels. The story [...]

    7. K. E.Douglas on said:

      I vascillated between loving the premise of this story, to feeling "meh" about the continuation, to disliking the convolutions. So my rating is sometimes a two and sometimes a four. I marked it three stars for the concept alone. My stepdad grew up old order Amish, and we'd go visit his family in the summers. Immediately at the beginning, I recognized the timbre of the voices between Jed and his brother, and it felt distinctly Amish. It's difficult to explain unless you've spent time with the Pla [...]

    8. C.J. Peter on said:

      Well, hey. An Amish scifi story. And it worked. Of course the conclusion of this volume leads to the next set called "Oklahoma" which will be forthcoming, so it's not really done yet, but this was an enjoyable read.One thing I've discovered over the course of the last year (not specific to this series) is that I prefer completed full length novels over chapters released over time. I'm pretty sure this is a psychological reaction to having grown up with the "whole book" in my hands when I purchas [...]

    9. Adam Collings on said:

      This book has a fantastic premise. An Amish man leaves earth to help settle a new colony of plain people on a distant planet called New Pennsylvania. When he arrives he finds himself drawn into the midst of a battle with a dystopian government.There are a lot of twists and turns in this one. Once you reach the end you find you've been reading a different book than you thought. The ending felt a bit sudden but sometimes a little mystery can be thought-provoking.

    10. Jeff Bowes on said:

      I did not like it. Amish Superman? Really. In the future only the Amish no how to grow food or do hard work. Also they are inherently genius hackers of technology due to their level-headed farming knowledge. I am only exaggerating a little.

    11. Lisa on said:

      This was terrible. Not sure how it got good reviews. Also not sure how anyone could compare it to Hugh Howey's Wool. Keep you 99 cents.

    12. J B on said:

      Young Amishman Jedidiah Troyer is now a traveler. He's signed up for an emigration program that is colonizing the planet of New Pennsylvania. He just wants to start a farm and homestead on affordable land in a new Amish community. Space pioneering isn't as easy as it sounds when you're "plain." Jedidiah and his new friend Dawn arrive on New Pennsylvania in the middle of a rebel uprising, and TRACE, the resistance group that is rising up against TRANSPORT, has taken on the mission of getting Jed [...]

    13. Abby Goldsmith on said:

      Other people have had trouble describing this book without spoilers. Here's my own lame attempt: "Total Recall" meets "The Matrix" with an Amish protagonist. That should give you the gist of it.I've met the author, and he told me that he reads a lot of Russian dystopian literature. He also told me that he doesn't do happy and neatly tied up endings. Based on that + his lifestyle in a Plain community, I assumed that his take on sci-fi would be dark and possibly dreary, with maundering insights ab [...]

    14. M.R. on said:

      I heard about this Omnibus from a few very reliable sources for good books and I was excited to read. I will say for the first 29% I was unable to put the book down. It was intriguing. The mix of sci-fi and Amish culture was something new. The focus of the story seemed to get a bit lost and muddled to the point where I lost track of what the characters actually yearned for. There is a fair amount of telling, and I had a hard time figuring out who Jed Troyer was since he didn’t make many decisi [...]

    15. Kjirstin on said:

      I think I must have been expecting a novel about Amish colonies on a new world, and how they go about it.Instead, this was a part cyberpunk, part time-travel, part action novel that was fast-paced and entirely different than what I was expecting (hoping?) to read. It was filled with interesting ideas, though it might have been a bit smoother reading if more of the "how things got this way" had been explained even after finishing the book I found that I was puzzled as to how it all was supposed t [...]

    16. Coral on said:

      I've been enjoying the local Amish Market and when I found out this was Amish Sci/Fi I had to check it out. Got almost 25% in last night and so far, really good! 75% in and can't get through this book fast enough. Just really interesting great stuff and I'm not a big sci-fi fan. Love the Amish twist and the social comments alluded to in the book. Stayed up until midnight to finish this book. Awesome!

    17. Alex French on said:

      SPOILERS!Initial premise is interesting.First twists are interesting.But wait Jed is like Neo? He's the ultimate hacker because he only has an 8th grade education?Pacing is sometimes really weird, probably because of the original serialization do you mean this isn't a stand alone novel and I only realize that at the very end?

    18. FanFiAddict on said:

      Amish Sci-Fi. HmmmPennsylvania was very different, but in a good way. Not only did I get a new and refreshing Sci-Fi experience with a lot of plot twists, but I learned more and more about the Amish culture the farther I got into the story. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I am looking forward to reading more works by Bunker!

    19. Kristine on said:

      Great bookCaptivating tale. Second time I have read it, bunker keeps it moving. Look forward to reading more of his books.

    20. Eric Eskin on said:

      Engaging story - weak endingThe story engaging the reader with strong plot lines and characters. However, the ending is open-ended and I felt left too many open items.

    21. Daniel J. Weber on said:

      Review originally posted at Daniel J. Weber CreatesMature-Content Rating: PG-13 (Coarse language and violence)Have you ever wondered what it would be like to start again? To some, this may be paradise--leaving mistakes beneath dust clouds of the past, but to others this may be a sad thought. Everything you once knew has changed: family, friends, way of life. Enter the mind of Jedidiah Troyer, emigrating to the planet of New Pennsylvania where he will work shovel and trowel to build an Amish para [...]

    22. Sandy Conley on said:

      It was an entertaining story and I enjoyed it. The fact that I started it without any review I found that it was book 1 of 5 which can be a bummer. The story being based on the Amish and other sects of that nature was a bit off in that they try and not use technology. The technology is well explained in this first book as part of the book's plot. I like all the characters since most are on the main characters side. The romantic side is downplayed as we are in the Amish plotline but with most boo [...]

    23. R.A. White on said:

      I don't read much science fiction, but I can still say with a sense of certainty that the Pennsylvania Omnibus is a distinctly original idea. Whoever heard of Amish science fiction? And surprisingly, it fit together. Jed Troyer is a young conservative Amish man who emigrates to New Pennsylvania, a distant planet where many have gone to find room and peace after our planet was torn apart by wars. But he doesn't find what he's looking for at all. The book is well edited, and for science fiction fa [...]

    24. Aly Abell on said:

      For many years I have enjoyed reading science fiction, and more recently I discovered "Amish fiction." Most current works of Amish fiction are not written by actual Amish persons, but the main characters are usually Amish women who face a variety of challenges and often find romance along the way. I was intrigued to discover Pennsylvania Omnibus, which is a work of science fiction with prominent Amish characters. Author Michael Bunker identifies himself as a member of a Plain community.Pennsylva [...]

    25. Ryan on said:

      I admit it. I was drawn to Bunker's Pennsylvania based upon the promise of Amish sci-fi. I mean, in high school, I created the fictional genre of music called Amish Punk Rock, precisely because it was something that sounded as though it shouldn't exist.So, naturally, when I first heard of Amish science fiction? My first thought was, "WTF??!?"But you know what? It works. It really, really works. Because it's not a fiction novel based upon Amish science. It's a science fiction novel told from a pr [...]

    26. Laura on said:

      What I expected: an Amish man moves to another planet and has to fight for his "free land" - Amish Far and AwayAfter the first few chapters: an Amish man thinks he is moving to another planet, but he is either suspended in animation or more likely, his ship returns to the earth and it's years later than expected - Amish Time MachineAround the midpoint: a young Amish man's trip to the new world is delayed significantly, meanwhile his brother goes to the new world, discovers government controlled [...]

    27. _ on said:

      This book qualifies as a first for me. It is classified as Amish Science Fiction. Yes, almost oxymoronic, I know, but it's true. The story is one of a young Amish man, Jedidiah Troyer, who is pulled into a conflict between tyrannical Transport Authority and the rebel TRACE organization. His only goal was to move to the newest frontier, New Pennsylvania, a completely different planet, and begin his adult life in an Amish community there. But others had other plans for him.I have to say that I was [...]

    28. Stefano on said:

      I read the first part of Pennsylvania in July 2013 and had to wait many months to see its conclusion. It was already clear to me that it was something special. I do not want to write here about the plot or the many twists and turns; you can read about them in my reviews of the single parts (or in many others written far better than mine).What I want to describe here is the beauty of the paperback Omnibus edition.The cover is designed by the master of covers Jason Gurley. They are a beauty in ele [...]

    29. Teresa on said:

      With a recommendation by Hugh Howey, how could I resist reading a sample of another upcoming self-published author? I read parts 1 and 2 of Pennsylvania and was hooked on the concept and the characters and eager to get my hands on the omnibus edition to see how he tied it all together. The Amish spin was definitely unique and I ended up learning quite a bit about life in a ‘plain’ community with Bunker’s handy lesson on barn raising. Other reviewers have already hinted at the plot so I’l [...]

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