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Megan Keith

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Eraser Crimson

Eraser Crimson HonestyLoyaltyTrustA relationship needs all three to survive Mackenzie is only beginning to uncover the man beneath the mystery yet she s already falling for him hard and fast What he s asking from h

  • Title: Eraser Crimson
  • Author: Megan Keith
  • ISBN: 9781500899073
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Paperback
  • HonestyLoyaltyTrustA relationship needs all three to survive.Mackenzie is only beginning to uncover the man beneath the mystery, yet she s already falling for him hard and fast.What he s asking from her is than she s ever given before.Her instincts have never let her down in the past, so relying on them now should be simple.But this is differentLove is differentAnHonestyLoyaltyTrustA relationship needs all three to survive.Mackenzie is only beginning to uncover the man beneath the mystery, yet she s already falling for him hard and fast.What he s asking from her is than she s ever given before.Her instincts have never let her down in the past, so relying on them now should be simple.But this is differentLove is differentAnd relationships well, they re uncharted territory.Please Note This is the 4th novella of the series and they do need to be read in order Mature 18 readers only It contains explicit sex scenes including BDSM type scenarios.

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      435 Megan Keith
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    One thought on “Eraser Crimson

    1. Barbara on said:

      Eraser Crimson is absolute perfection! Book 4 for me is my favorite. I was hooked right from page 1, I read the whole book in one sitting I couldn't stop. We get to see a different side of Sir, a side that I didn't see coming. If you thought Sir was sexy as hell well you are in for a BIG surprise in this next book. I love the way the author has evolved both characters in their relationship, Mack and Sir will always be my favorite book couple. Bravo to Ms. Keith for creating a beautiful love stor [...]

    2. Erin O'brien on said:

      Wow oh wow oh wow Seriously how talented is this lady from a book that was meant to be 1 little novella to this the 4th book in the series I'm captivated by this series I just want more and more and more I could honestly read this series forever and never get sick of it Megan Keith is a master and if you have read the other three book you don't need me to tell you to go buy this book because I'm sure you have already preordered or bought the book so off you go and read this juicy little morsel o [...]

    3. Emily Gould on said:

      Oh Sir! I'm so glad Megan decided to write more than one book of you. I love Sir but I think I love more. :) ha you thought I'd say his name but no that's part of the thrill of these books, finding out exactly who Sir is. By the end of Crimson you will see Sir in a whole new light. Mackenzie and Sir's relationship changes in every book but when she finds out who he really is will she want to be with him?   I had the privilege of receiving a complimentary copy provided by author.

    4. CrazyDaisy on said:

      5 Crazy Ass Stars!!!I just have to say that this has been a great series to read. I'm so glad that Megan Keith decided to make this into a series because it's so captivating. I can't believe how this one ends! I'm on the edge of my seat, waiting to see what happens in the next installment. ***The Eraser Series (Books 1-4) will be featured on Crazy Daisy Book Whore's Crazy Ass Must Read Spotlight on Sept. 21, 2014 starting at 12:00 PM EDT. ***

    5. Susan on said:

      WOW, this series just keeps getting better and better, Sir and Mackenzie give whole new meaning to hot and steamy yet I didnt feel like the sex was the only thing tying the story together. The introduction of some new characters adds depth to the story and the ending will leave you screaming for more more more of this wonderful pair. My biggest disappointment is the wait for the next installment.

    6. Shirley Alfsen on said:

      OMG folks these books just keep getting better and better! The passion and heat keep growing with Sir and Mackenzie! The secrets are revealed and the stakes get higher when hearts become involved! The pages just fly by as emuerse yourself in the pleasure and pain of these two! I loved loved loved this story and u will too! And Sir is my new book boyfriend! Soooo hot and sweet!

    7. Tash on said:

      Reviewed for Confessions From RomaholicsKnowledge, it is a beautiful powerful thing and in the wrong hands it can bring a relationship to its feet. This probably going to be one of my most cryptic reviews ever as there is so much dished in this novel itself that it is twice as long as the previous installments. Am I complaining no, as there is lot to be pleased about in this book and whilst I want to tell, Sir won’t let me ;). The fourth installment continues right where we left off and after [...]

    8. Michelle on said:

      4.5 stars. This one volume packs in the most emotion so far, along with a few new revelations. Sir's name is finally given to Mackenzie. Their relationship moves to the next level, not just physically, but emotionally. Sir is starting to show his vulnerabilities and human side, whereas before he seemed more hypnotic and an object of manly lust with a lot of money. Mackenzie herself is trying to process the give and take dynamic of a relationship because she's not really had much experience in th [...]

    9. Marina Skinner on said:

      I feel Megan has outdone herself in writing an incredibly HOT, sexy story that delves into the lives of her characters Sir and Mack. I absolutely loved it. Without telling you too much, I LOVE that we find out more information on SIR. The ever elusive, secretive man, that has Mack tied up in knots!! Literally and figuratively!! Oh yes!!! Their chemistry is off the charts!! Then the ending will have you going OMG did that just happen??? Seriously good!!Eraser Crimson is the 4th book in the Eraser [...]

    10. Paige Morris on said:

      I received an ARC for an honest review. And to be honest, I absolutely love these stories. I reread Lilac before reading this to get into the right frame of mind to read it. I feel as if I just binged on it. How long must I wait for more Sir/Mackenzie? Especially with an ending like that. One of the best parts of these stories is that they are so much more than the sexual aspect of the relationship. There are light parts and deep parts and dark parts and funny parts and then there are the downri [...]

    11. Sassy Southern on said:

      Eraser Crimson by Megan Keith is the fourth book in the Eraser Series. These are not stand alone books and must be read in order. I have read the first three and was excited to be able to read this. Mackenzie had admired "Sir", when he would come into her place of business. Sir proposition Mack and she accepted. At the end of book three we finally learn Sirs name. I will not reveal in this review. Sir and Lacks relationship is started to grow and they no trying feel like its more than lust. This [...]

    12. Megan on said:

      Love it of course!I am having so much fun writing this series.I think Mackenzie's strength really shines through on this one.OUT NOW!US Link: amzn/1pRGcOwUK Link: amzn/1sf2PrQCA Link: amzn/1u0uq2fAU Link: amazon/gp/product/B

    13. Linda on said:

      I was given this book free for my honest review.I have read the first three book in the Eraser Series and was not so patiently waiting for this one. If you have read the first three, you know that at the end of book three we find out "Sir's" name. I will not give away any spoilers. I will tell you that this book tops the last three! I could not put the book down. This book is not to be read unless you have read the first three. Megan Keith you rock!

    14. Hopelessly Hooked on Books on said:

      Sir is back and hotter than ever!!!!!!! Does Mackenzie found out his real name or does he still remain a mystery? All I can say is you HAVE TO READ Crimson!!!!! I think Crimson is my favorite of the series yet!!!

    15. Barbara Malia on said:

      First off, what a book hangover! I read all 4 books just about straight through.ey are short but loved them and very hot! liked them all but this 4th book was the best.

    16. Gillian on said:

      OMG… OMG… OMG!!! Eeeepppp!!! It's Finally here!!! I feel like its Christmas! I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for this book!!!! Especially after the way the last book ended!! NOT COOL Ms. Keith, way to leave us hanging!!!Thankfully, we pick up right where this deliciously sinful little story left off!! Mackenzie has just found out that Sir is actually a billionaire and she isn't happy at all!! As the article she's has been forwarded claims that the fight he was in outside The Blue Roo [...]

    17. Books Laid Bare on said:

      This series has been getting better with each book and that, for me is remarkable – because I was slack jawed at the end of the first one - it was that good.But as we have slinked from Blue to Lilac and now Crimson, this is quickly becoming one of my all-time favourite series.This book picks straight back up from the end of the previous book, I was keen to see how on earth Megan expected to top the cliff-hanger she had left us with I was anxious about my expectations but should I have been – [...]

    18. Lauren on said:

      Reviewer gifted a arc copy of this release for honest review. Review done on behalf of 'Romance of Daydreams - a Book Blog.Author Megan Keith really kicks this series into high gear with this release, the fourth in the Eraser series. We quickly jump straight back into the story of Mackenzie and Sir. And we kick the story off with a doozie - we, and Mack finally learn Sir's name. FINALLY!! We have a name to go with our bossy, demanding, sex lead character. And I am not gonna give it away in this [...]

    19. Kat on said:

      **PLEASE NOTE: This is the 4th novella of the series and they do need to be read in order**.***WARNING: Mature 18+ readers only. It contains explicit sex scenes including BDSM type scenarios*** so if you don't read this type of genre then thats ok, but if you want to give it a go, I would recommend it highly. *I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for my honest Review*And here goes, I am not going to tell you much as YOU REALLY NEED TO READ IT without knowing whats going to h [...]

    20. Erin Lewis on said:

      4.5 Star Review Eraser Crimson by Megan KeithI received this ARC for an honest review.As with the previous books in the Eraser series, I have to say I loved this one also. I am so thankful that a good friend recommend I read this series over lunch one day. This is the continuing story of Sir and Mackenzie and continues where book three left off. A BDSM relationship, where love truly shines through for both the characters. Although Sir is intense, I believe Mackenzie has calmed and soothed his so [...]

    21. Irene on said:

      OMG Megan has done it again. She has you on the edge of your seat and by the time you are finished you are flat out on the floor. Way to crush a woman's booty Megan.Let me say this Eraser Crimson is the 4th book in this series. YOU HAVE TO READ IN ORDER. It is confirmed what Sir's name is. No I am not telling you. As much as Sir loves to hear Mack call him Sir, he loves his real name rolling off her tongue and vise versa. I swear this book was sex on a stick. They were doing it like bunnies LOL! [...]

    22. Kristine GPI Bookblog on said:

      This series has been hot and intriguing from the beginning, grabbing you by your collar and holding you captive throughout each novella. The Eraser series is so much more than just BDSM erotica, the depth of emotion and story Keith conveys on the page had me hooked, the more I read the more I needed to know about Sir and Mack.This instalment is fast paced, We finally get to see who Sir really is, we see his past, we finally get his story, and there is so much more to Sir then even my pre conceiv [...]

    23. Marlene W on said:

      WoWzaa!For fear of spoiling even the smallest tidbit, I won’t be writing a short synopsis. Instead, I have a few pieces of advice and a few things I have learned in this installment. Here goes:1) DO NOT read this series in public! (In front of A/C or fan is recommended)2) This series must be read in order! Period. (See reading order below)3) Mackenzie is even more sassy than I originally thought. 4) Sir is so much more insecure than he wants anyone to believe.5) Sir is sappy. Yes, a sappy pile [...]

    24. J.A. Melville on said:

      Ok so having just finished reading Eraser Crimson I admit I'm feeling a bit like her from the movie Misery and am seriously considering kidnapping the author and standing over her until she writes the next book in this series. Ok, I'm joking about the whole Misery thing but I'm not joking about how I'm feeling right now. There was a lot of hot and steamy sex in this book. I'm talking a lot and I'll confess that I was kind of becoming overwhelmed from an orgasmic glow. Unfortunately not my orgasm [...]

    25. Carrie Klein on said:

      This has got to be one of my favorite of the series so far. This story is starting to heat up and it seems we are in for quite a ride. Ms. Keith has a way of answering questions while giving us more questions in turn. Will we ever know all the answers or ever get to the end of the story? I don't know and I don't care as long as she keeps on giving us stories like this. I was just thinking we had all the answers and BOOM there were more questions, more things to discover. I know cliffhangers can [...]

    26. April on said:

      I give this latest installment in the Eraser series infinity stars! I kind of have a thing for the figure 8 now ;)Ladies, prepare to be swept off your feet and swoon like no other Eraser has made you before! Crimson has so much depth, sexiness, a little goofy grin :) & introduction of secondary characters which I hope we get to see more of in the maaaaany future installments to come (a girl can wish right?) & ends with one heck of a cliffhanger. There is so much more to Sir & Mackenz [...]

    27. Angela on said:

      My mouth was agape when I realized I was at the end of the latest installment of Sir and Mackenzie. So engrossed was I in the story, when I hit next page on my kindle and it told me "to be continued" I nearly cried. "You're kidding me" I'm yelling while aimlessly punching the next page button on my e-reader - all to no avail. I haven't been so dejected to finish a book for ages. Sir and Mackenzie's story just keeps getting better and better. Beautifully written Megan Keith. What a lovely talent [...]

    28. Erin on said:

      Argh what the bloody hell Megan Keith??? How dare you leave me with a cliffhanger.If you have not met SIR from the Eraser series you don't know what your bloody missing. This 4th book Crimson finally reveals the name of SIR which I have been dying to know from Eraser. So here I was thinking yes this book is moving in the right direction then out of nowhere boooooom. Lucky I love ya lady.I read this book in like 90 mins and couldn't put it down. I mean the toilet and food had to wait till I had m [...]

    29. Marcy Clay on said:

      Hot sex with a story,even!I am not the sort of person to fall for a series. I'm just not interested enough. I get so many free books to choose from that I RARELY buy any. After reading the first three Eraser books, I immediately purchased the next three. Even though it seems far-fetched, it's an enjoyable series and this book introduced new characters to like. Megan Keith writes well and shows us more of Mack's and Sir's personalities in each installment (see, MeganI didn't divulge his name)!

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