Accidentally Yours

Susan Mallery

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Accidentally Yours

Accidentally Yours WANTED Single mom seeks billionaire s pocketbook to fund dying son s research cure Will seduce if necessary Blackmail is not out of the question Miracles welcome Cynical billionaire seeks working mom

  • Title: Accidentally Yours
  • Author: Susan Mallery
  • ISBN: 9780373772056
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Paperback
  • WANTED Single mom seeks billionaire s pocketbook to fund dying son s research cure.Will seduce if necessary Blackmail is not out of the question Miracles welcome Cynical billionaire seeks working mom with a heart of gold forPR campaign to improve his standing in the community Must be willing to attend social events Anyone looking for love need not apply.It seemed lWANTED Single mom seeks billionaire s pocketbook to fund dying son s research cure.Will seduce if necessary Blackmail is not out of the question Miracles welcome Cynical billionaire seeks working mom with a heart of gold forPR campaign to improve his standing in the community Must be willing to attend social events Anyone looking for love need not apply.It seemed like the perfect match until the unthinkable happened.

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      325 Susan Mallery
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    One thought on “Accidentally Yours

    1. Shawna on said:

      5 stars – Contemporary RomanceSelfless, determined single mom Kerri Sullivan is in a desperate struggle to save her 9-year-old son Cody from a rare, debilitating, and progressive disease and vows to do anything and everything possible and impossible to find him a miracle, even masquerading as superhero Wonder Mom and blackmailing ice cold, ruthless, cynical, emotionless, power hungry, billionaire shark developer Nathan King into funding $15 million dollars for cutting edge research for a poten [...]

    2. Dinjolina on said:

      Why,oh why was this book on the best cont. Romance list?On the most basic level I can tell you that this was a typical tragedy-salvation-love-marriage book.If you'rw starving for a hallmark momentgo watch hallmark and don't throw your money away on this chunk of *bleep*!Th concept and plot by them selves were ok, but you know how the seen+predictable combination works,right?It ruins a read because you always feel the whole book was in the summary.The in-betweens were just for show at the publish [...]

    3. ♡Karlyn P♡ on said:

      Got 65% into the book but couldn't take the heroine one minute longer. I didn't like her, I could not see why Nathan was one bit attracted to her, and I didn't understand how she could treat billionaire Nathan with such contempt. BUT this became a solid wall banger when she keeps acting on her stupid disillusions that she has some cosmic control over her sons life if only she deprive herself of all things enjoyable. This broke the straw for me. I hate stupid ass heroines, and delusions such as h [...]

    4. Miss Kim on said:

      Starts out slow, and overall I found it 'meh'. The herione has a son dying from a degenerative disease, and she blackmails a billionaire into donating funds to work on the cure.I didn't warm up to her much, as I found her pushy and silly. The billionaire was a cold jerk for 3/4 of the book.There is a predictable HEA.

    5. Lady Allison on said:

      Don't let the cover fool you, this is not a lighthearted book! But don't let it deter you either as it's also a FANTASTIC story.Kerri is a single mom with a son who is dying from a degenerative disease. She is desperate & running out of options to keep her little boy alive. She finds billionaire Nathan, a reportedly cold hearted man, & blackmails him into donating 15 million dollars to a lab & research to find the cure. She figured he would be more open to support considering his you [...]

    6. Rebecca on said:

      This was a great book. It was very emotional, and I almost cried several times. Kerri's son Cody is dying, and there is only one man who can help her find a cure. Nathan King's son died from Gilliar's Disease, the same disease Cody has. He doesn't let himself care about anyone, because it hurts too much. However, Kerri basically blackmails him into donating $15 million dollars to reopening a research lab to help cure the disease, and he ends up caring far more than he believes he should.Kerri ha [...]

    7. Thenia on said:

      Kerri Sullivan is a great mom to her 9-year-old son Cody, who suffers from a debilitating disease that has no cure. Her research has led her to a researcher who was close to developing a potential cure before his lab burned down, which stopped the research. Determined to do all in her power to keep her son alive, she seeks the help of a billionaire who lost his son to the same disease, hoping that he would provide the funds for a new lab.Unfortunately, the aforementioned billionaire, Nathan King [...]

    8. Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ on said:

      This was a nice little book that was probably a bit heavier on the emotional side for a contemporary romance.The story's of a mother who's trying every means possible to find the funding for a research for a deadly desease that's slowly claiming her son. And her trials take her to the wealthy coldhearted businesman who's her last resort for the vast amount of money needed for the research. She practically blackmails him into 'donating' the money and in return he wants her to help him get the app [...]

    9. Jessi on said:

      I'm going to preface this by saying that I normally love Susan Mallery books. However this was not one of them.Kerri Sullivan, the "heroine" of this story really annoyed the crap out of me. This book came so close to DNF for me. Yes, I get that people will do anything for their children but this is just ridiculous. Blackmailing a really rich man and playing on his emotions to try and save her son? And said billionaire going along with it. This book is just too twee. It doesn't deal with Nathan's [...]

    10. Maeling on said:

      Was quite surprised by this book. Do not be fooled by the description. It made it seem like she was being seeked out, which was completely not true. In fact, don't bother reading it at all. I thought it was going to be a fun and light-hearted read but didn't quite turn out that way. Kerri Sullivan is a single mother with a nine-year old boy fighting a fatal disease. She has devoted her life to her son and will do anything to save him including scheming billionaire Nathan King into 'donating' 15 [...]

    11. Wendy on said:

      After I got into this book and found out that it was about a Mom fighting for her sons life (he is sick with a fatal disease), I wasn't sure if I was going to like it. I usually have to gear up for those kind of books. But this one had me hooked and I couldn't let go. But don't fear, it all turns out okay. I liked the characters a lot. Kerrie the heroine is funny and smart mouthed. The hero is tall dark and quiet. I liked that they each had to start to see each other differently before they coul [...]

    12. Tara on said:

      It's a love story they all end the same. I like this one because I wanted to find out what happened. I was either going to have tears because I was happy, or I was going to have tears because I was sad. It was always just Kerri and her son Cody, just the two of them. Cody has a degenerative illness that will take his life. Kerri is determined not to give up. She needs money in order to help the Dr. do research that will find a cure for what Cody has. In walks Nathanhot millionaire. It's a race a [...]

    13. Dee on said:

      Two-haiku review:Her son is dyingShe blackmails him to donateMillions for researchLoved this heroineUnrealistic, still goodFabulous ending

    14. Mia Adorable on said:

      A powerful story about the love of a mother and second chances. Widowed single mom Kerri Sullivan is trying to find a cure for a degenerative disease her 9-year old son, Cody is suffering from. Her husband died before they even realized they were pregnant and has been working odd-jobs mostly as a hairstylist to support her and Cody. Billionaire Nathan King, also a widow, lost his 5-year old son from the same disease. Little does he know that the love, determination of a mother will cross his pat [...]

    15. Mei on said:

      Of course the moral tone of the book isn't the bestmail, extortion, briberyThe whole pretense is far fetched at best and Kerri is not the sweet, innocent, heroic mother Mallery wants you to believe she is. She blackmailed a billionaire among other things! Boy was her moral compass off! And what billionaire is going to cave into it. People don't become billionaires by giving in to bribery and blackmail! Ludicrous!

    16. Virginia Hill on said:

      Accidentally Yours was touching, clever, funny, heartfelt, and romantic! It's so much more than the synopsis and cover elude to. I was little prepared for the feelings evoked by this emotional story. Of the thirty-one Susan Mallery books I've read so far, this gem now holds the top spot for favorite! I can't recommend it heartily enough!

    17. Briana on said:

      This book rocked me to my core! It was so heartfelt and the writing was so moving! I loved the dynamics between all of the characters, Nathan and Kerri, Kerri and Cody, Nathan and Cody, Nathan and Frankie. They were all woven together so beautifully and I loved every moment of it. This book drew laughter, smiles and tears from me. Definitely worth the read!

    18. Jessica Alcazar on said:

      what can I say it was cute and easy to read :) HOWEVER, can we not cut the HEA so frikkin close to the end because I was having heart failure and hyperventilating from crying just sayin ;-)

    19. SABREE on said:

      Almost 5 starsThis book almost got 5 stars from me. I love an alpha male character and he had a great transformation into a lovable guy. Keri on the other hand annoyed me with her back and forth. I know she was going through a lot but one minute she was thanking him and the next she was pissed off again. The book only had one sex scene which was good but I was a bit disappointed that there wasn't more relationship development. Book is mainly about her love for her son which was nice. The love st [...]

    20. debra seib on said:

      WonderfulOne of Susan Mallory's best books.loved the characters and the inclusion of faith in this book.She made the characters human.Great reading.

    21. Kristie on said:

      3.5 stars Not sure it was entirely believable, but sweet female lead who was hard not to like.

    22. virtualb on said:

      Feel good story with a too-good-to-be-true HEA. A great pick-me-up with some serious reflections on faith, hope, and love.

    23. Lina on said:

      Um, wow. What I loved most about this book was the very exciting and cool conversations between characters.

    24. Vanessa on said:

      Quick, easy, fun romantic read, a bit of a Cinderella fairytale, just what I needed!

    25. ♥ℳelody on said:

      I had issues w/ this book for several reasons mainly with the heroine Kerri. It really bugged me how this character was written and the complete hypocritical narrow-minded focus she had. To me this wasn't a romance book in the least so if you are expecting to get lovey dovey sweet moments this isn't the book for you.I sympathized with Kerri and could never imagine the situation she was going through. I don't ever want to. Guilt and desperation and anguish can drive a person to a state of mind an [...]

    26. Norine on said:

      I just finished this book. It wasn't a great book but it wasn't horrible. Okay so quick summary poor mom Kerri Sullivan needs 15 million dollars so there can be a cute for her son Cody's disease. Cue in billionaire Nathan. Kerri blackmails Nathan in to giving the 15 million and in return Kerri had to attend any event with him that he wanted.So here's what I liked about the book. The banter between Kerri and Nathan was funny and cute. The banter with Kerri and Cody was also funny. I also like how [...]

    27. Christi Snow on said:

      My Review:There are people in this world that have had more than their share of hard luck and bad breaks. The hero and heroine of this book could both be put into that group, but they have each dealt with that bad luck in totally different ways. Nathan is a bitter, hard, cold man. After a long string of bad personal relationship (ex-wife, parents, sister,) his 7 yo son died from the same disease that Kerri's son has, and that's the last straw. He is determined that no one will ever to him emotio [...]

    28. Kristen on said:

      When I started this book and found out that is was about a mother (Kerri Sullivan) who's son has a terminal disease I wasn't sure I was going to be able to read it because I'm a very emotion person. But I figured I would give it a shot and kept ready. I was immediately drawn in by Kerri's determination and witty remarks. She is definitely not afraid to speak her mind. She is determined to get millionaire Nathan King to donate money to the research company that is working on the cure. Kerri initi [...]

    29. Patti K on said:

      As with any story, the characters are what make or break it for me. Nathan was a pompous jerk much of the time, and while he had some good reasons for that, we hardly saw them. Then there is Kerri, who seemed pretty great until later when she's convinced that her lack of a love life is the price she has to pay to keep her son alive. Not because he needs all her time. No, because if she has a love life, then her son will get sick.The plot wasn't too bad - predictable, though all my review readers [...]

    30. Kaitlin on said:

      This was an interesting read for me. I picked it up at the library on audio book because I've enjoyed several other Susan Mallery books and the story sounded interesting. Kerri's son Cody has a life threatening illness and she will do anything in her power to get him better. This includes posing as "wonder mom" to give her son hope and getting billionaire Nathan King to donate $15 million to a research facility that was working on a cure for Cody's disease (I wouldn't call it blackmailing but I [...]

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