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Murder in Paradise

Murder in Paradise Overlooking the waters of the Biscayne Bay sits a mansion where all hell has broken loose A shadow passed by thedriver s side window then the sound of breaking glass small pieces hitting myback and

  • Title: Murder in Paradise
  • Author: DeborahBrown
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Overlooking the waters of the Biscayne Bay sits a mansion where all hell has broken loose.A shadow passed by thedriver s side window, then the sound of breaking glass, small pieces hitting myback and arm I jerked around, at the same time reaching for the Glock attachedto my thigh The last things I saw were the bursts of electricity flashingbefore my eyes In DeborahOverlooking the waters of the Biscayne Bay sits a mansion where all hell has broken loose.A shadow passed by thedriver s side window, then the sound of breaking glass, small pieces hitting myback and arm I jerked around, at the same time reaching for the Glock attachedto my thigh The last things I saw were the bursts of electricity flashingbefore my eyes In Deborah Brown s newest novel, Madison Westin must piece together the clues to solve a murder and save her best friend, Fabiana from a lifetime behind bars Smart, sexy, and thrilling, Murder in Paradise will leave you begging for .

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    One thought on “Murder in Paradise

    1. Julie on said:

      Murder in Paradise by Deborah Brown is a 2014 Paradise Publishing, LLC publication. I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Madison is back for another screwball adventure, only this time it's a lot more personal. Fab is in deep trouble and it will take all of Madison's investigative skills and charm, plus some help from all her friends and family to keep Fab out of a prison cell. Valuable art , ex- husbands, and murder- just what Madison needs on top of her tumultuo [...]

    2. Simone on said:

      I received a free copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review.Murder in Paradise is a humorous cozy mystery novel with quirky characters that will keep you entertained throughout the novel. Madison resides with her best friend Fabiana in The Cove, located in sunny South Florida. Madison owns and operates the apartment community they live in, as well as doing side jobs for Fabiana's boss "Brick". Life gets interesting when Fabiana's ex husband returns and turns up dead. Madison will stop [...]

    3. Sharon Martin on said:

      Here we are again in the Keys with Madison and Fab in their crazy world. Even though this is the 4th book in the series it can be read as an individual as the author explains and clarifies what has happened in the previous stories.It is amazing how the author can keep providing new escapades and adventures which keep the reader enthralled and the story moving forward. We fall more in love with Maddison, feel sorry for Fab and learn more about Maddison's family, plus the fact that even though Mad [...]

    4. Colleen B on said:

      I swear Deborah Brown’s books get more and more fun to read. The overall mystery (the “murder in paradise”) is intriguing and keeps you guessing. But… what really makes the book so fun for me is the individual interactions. The non-stop chaos and insanity that Madison finds in her day to day life is amazingly unbelievable, in the best way. Off the wall jobs. Interesting payment plans. Random business to run. And just oddball and shocking turns of events on each and every page. You just n [...]

    5. Shecki B on said:

      Deborah Brown is back with another winner! In Murder in Paradise Madison's friend Fab receives a blast from the past visit from her ex, who is fresh out of prison, and Not Happy with her. Things go from bad to worse when Fab ends up the prime suspect in a double homicide. While Madison is trying to help her friend clear her name, hilarious hijinks ensue, of course. The book ends with Madison reeling from a stunning revelation, and the loss of one of the two men who have been competing for her at [...]

    6. Angela McKinney on said:

      I love a good action packed book and this one starts right off with action. It really hooks you from the first chapter and was a fast read. Madison and Fab have such a great friendship that it kind of made me jealous. To have a friend that will have your back in a very dangerous situation is awesome. I do not think I have read a book in a long time with so much action. I did not want to put the book down because I wanted to be sure everyone was still alive. There was even a part at the end of th [...]

    7. Silvie Armas on said:

      I had not read Deborah Brown Books before this one and now I must read the entire series! I absolutely loved this funny story that has characters that kept me intrigued and entertained from cover to cover. When Madison’s best friend’s husband is found dead, Madison’s mission is to prove her friend’s innocence. This mystery novel has so many adventures and chaos that I just couldn't put it down. This is a great story that kept me waiting to see what Madison get’s herself into next! I to [...]

    8. Carole Harris on said:

      This fast paced book of Deborah Brown is a good stand alone, and the first I read in this series. It's nice to see powerful and empowering women take the lead in a novel. Follow Madison as she untangles the problems with her beach property, and deals with her mother with work. Madison is every woman as she deals with car trouble and Brick, car trouble and her love life. Watch how things turn out with Creole, Fab, and intrigue. Remember, the title is Murder in Paradise, so there's that, and watch [...]

    9. Natalie on said:

      A light and easy read, I couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen next in yet another exciting, action packed gem from Deborah Brown. A perfect "beach" read, I can't wait for another.

    10. Jodi on said:

      I have to admit Deborah Brown's Madison Westin series is my guilty pleasure. It's great to see what Madison and her best friend Fabiani, get themselves into. The usual cast of characters from the previous three books, Crazy in Paradise, Deception in Paradise and Trouble in Paradise are present and accounted for and as usual, they don't fail to bring comic relief to the read. Just when you think it’s time for Madison to have time to enjoy her newest endeavor of restaurateur trouble strikes agai [...]

    11. Kelli Guilbeau on said:

      I love this series and the wonderful, quirky characters with strong females that are willing to take care of things themselves. Madison is not a stay home type of person. She loves getting in the middle of things and swapping favors. Of course, this isn't always a good thing. Trouble seems to follow her but she seems to always get out of it. Will this time be any different?In addition, to all of the trouble, Madison needs to figure out her love life. In the first book, I was pretty much team Zac [...]

    12. Marcee on said:

      4.5 STARS-I loved this book even more than the first Deborah Brown book I reviewed, Trouble in Paradise.I think part of it was that I knew the characters a bit and it helped me appreciate and understand who they were. The characters are so well fleshed out in both books and you can't help love them flaws and all. New characters are written so well into the story that they seem to have naturally been there all along.As in Trouble in Paradise, there is plenty of action and "laugh out loud" moments [...]

    13. Michele on said:

      This is one of those murder mysteries that have me laughing, chuckling and smiling throughout the entire book. I mean how could you not with the characters in this series. Madison's Mom is the kind of Mom that can make you groan--thankful that your own Mom isn't like her (my condolences if she is). Her word is law and heaven forbid she is the last to know something!! Madison's brother-the supposedly only normal one in that family has a few surprises up his fisherman's sleeve and Lucas-(the teen [...]

    14. Elizabeth Towns on said:

      Murder in Paradise is the 4th in the Paradise Series by Deborah Brown. Although the murder mystery set around bad girl Fab, Madison's bestie, can be a standalone novella, I felt more invested having read others in the series. Background info helped me stay focused when background storyline meandered.Fab and Madison are fun and funny, and Madison is a cool crime solver - stumbling into situations that she needs help extricating herself from in one piece. This time her friend is involved and in tr [...]

    15. Leila on said:

      Deborah Brown’s Paradise series is my mystery obsession as much as Melissa Foster’s romance series are my romance obsession (and if you follow my blog and or book reviews – you know how crazy I am for Melissa’s romance books!)I love Madison and Madeline! Fab is an added bonus and Creole… oh Creole!Murder in Paradise is as much fun as the previous reads in this series, but as mentioned above; you do not need to have read the previous books to enjoy this one.With the mystery there are al [...]

    16. Becca on said:

      Murder in Paradise is book number four in the Paradise series and it is even better than the last! It has humor and characters that will have you laughing and smiling throughout the whole thing. Madison and Fabiana live together in The Cove in South Florida. This is where Madison runs and owns the apartment community that they both live in and she also does work for Fabiana’s boss. Fabiana’s ex-husband comes back into the picture and mixes things up a bit. There is nothing in these novels th [...]

    17. Ashley on said:

      I know I say this with every one of these books but they seriously keep getting better. Everytime I open the newest one, I am sucked right in and made to sit in amazement as I am taken on yet another wasky journey along with Madison and the rest of her gang! I love how Deborah Brown just continues to develop and create characters keeping the stories new and fresh.This story finds Fab having to prove she didn't commit murder! Fab's actions have always been on the dark side but never have they gon [...]

    18. Melissa Smith on said:

      Madison Westin is at it again! But of course, so is her best friend Fab. I really loved how we got to learn more about her & her sordid past. Of course it had to be because of a couple of murders, but that's to be expected now whenever Madison is involved. Throughout the murder investigation though, I was more enthralled by the good cop, bad cop acts of both Zach & Creole. They both seemed to have their moments that made you want to root for them & I have to admit that I was Team Zac [...]

    19. Debbie Denny on said:

      Come on down to the Florida Keys. We have beaches, fun, and MURDER for you. Deborah Brown once more brings us another Madison Weston adventure. In the fourth book of the Paradise series, we find Madison's best friend, Fabiana, in a major pickle when she is suspected in a murder. Even if you haven't read the first three books, you know Madison can't let this go. She is determined to get to the real truth. She must accomplish this feat while dealing with the crazy antics of the residents at her be [...]

    20. Laura Frost on said:

      Murder in Paradise is a slam dunk. Twists and turns had me second guessing myself as I tried to solve the murder. I was so sure I had it, I didn't. All of my favorites players were back: Fab, Madison, Zach, Creole, and of course Jazz. Oh to be spoiled like Jazz! Fab's ex-husband makes an apperance on the keys and boy does he bring the trouble. Fab is booked for a double murder, leaving Madison to use her mother as her wingman for her dubious private investigator jobs. Can't you just picture it? [...]

    21. Julie Baswell on said:

      If you’re going to have trouble constantly following you, it might as well be in Paradise. This book grabs hold of you from the very first page. I mean, how many stories start off with buying your mother a humidor for her favorite Cuban cigars as a birthday gift, then it being stolen in a carjacking? And that’s before turning to page 2.It seems this series just gets better and better with each installment. I absolutely love reading all the exploits of Madison and company. This time around, t [...]

    22. Teresa Kander on said:

      Another great adventure with Madison,Fab and company. This time around, they are working overtime to keep Fab out of prison. And considering Fab's antics, it is not an easy assignment.The further I go into this series, the more well developed the characters are becoming, which makes them even more enjoyable. There is plenty of action and humor in this story again, as well. It's a real page turner that you don't want to put down.I'm a little turned off by the sexual content in this book, which we [...]

    23. Jessica Avancena cassidy on said:

      Florida is one of my bucket list. I do not know when can I delete it. I hope someday. Reading Ms. Deborah Brown's Murder In Paradise gives me a view about Florida and its treasures. This is my first time to read her book too and definitely not my last. This book makes me laugh. It is fun to read. It makes you smile and at the same time the feeling of adrenaline that you want to find out who is the murderer. Reading suspense book is my second favorite genre. This book never disappointed me. I lov [...]

    24. Heather Greenwood on said:

      This was another great book by Deborah Brown! I really am enjoying these books, even though I've been reading them out of order. This is part of a series but you can easily read it on it's own as a stand alone. Madison and Fab keep the action going in Murder in Paradise and have quite the crazy situation to try to work their way through! Mystery, murder, a private island. has all the makings of an intriguing story! This is a pretty quick read (because of some pretty hot scenes and the fact that [...]

    25. John on said:

      If you're lying by a pool somewhere in the Florida Keys and want some clever, quirky, slightly slapstick reading to take your mind off the mosquitoes and have some laughs, then Murder in Paradise might be precisely the book for you. Serial mystery novels aren't typically my thing, but as I've said in other reviews, I am starting to get back into them. This wasn't really my favorite, as I think it was aimed at a different demographic (perhaps of the female persuasion). However, I am loathe to sta [...]

    26. K-koira on said:

      Murder in ParadiseMain girl Madison is the zany, slightly out-there star of this gripping mystery, along with her best friend Fab. Fab's ex-husband showing up in town brings back Fab's criminal past in France, and things only go down hill from there when her ex turns up murdered and Fab is framed for it. Madison definitely has something to prove, with her quest to become a licensed private investigator and her constant involvement in dangerous situations. But, she has the friends and connections [...]

    27. Veritas Vincit on said:

      While I am not one for easy reading beach fodder, my wife has read Deborah Brown's books and convinced me that some light reading might do me good. I hadn't read any of the others in the series, so some of the recurring characters that made allusions to experiences in the past was a bit annoying and confusing. Combining that with a rather disconnected plotline and some unrealistic moments/dialogue, I considered putting this down and moving onto something else, but I pushed through. I have to adm [...]

    28. Jan Heart on said:

      Murder in Paradise is the 4th in the ‘Paradise’ series from Deborah Brown and I can safely say, that having read this one, I’ll definitely be reading the rest!The books are set in Florida and when I look out my window and see the weather we’ve got this week I’m ready for a slice of sunshine! The main character is Madison Westin, a sort of junior PI, and the books follows her escapades and exploits intermixed with her faltering love-life, crazy/loveable family, great BFF and many other [...]

    29. Ashley Nemer on said:

      Oh how Ms Westin loves trouble! So I have seemed to skip a few books in this series. I read the first book back in October. That made me nervous that A-a lot had happened I missed and B-I may not remember a lot of the story.Well good news, that was not the case at all!I easily fell back into this story. It was like months hadn't passed since I picked up the first book. I started this book Monday on my way to work listening to it. And as the week went on, listening to it in the car no longer enou [...]

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