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Fight Mocked Scolded Smeared Betrayed From an early age shy nerd girl Autumn Blakewood didn t know how to fend for herself Teased and bullied her whole life she s withdrawing and Not even her broken famil

  • Title: Fight
  • Author: Clarissa Wild
  • ISBN: 9781310529160
  • Page: 478
  • Format: ebook
  • Mocked Scolded Smeared Betrayed From an early age, shy nerd girl Autumn Blakewood didn t know how to fend for herself Teased and bullied her whole life, she s withdrawing and Not even her broken family can help her get through high school.Her only friends, Brody and Evie, are both social recluses too, and they seek comfort in each other s support However,Mocked Scolded Smeared Betrayed.From an early age, shy nerd girl Autumn Blakewood didn t know how to fend for herself Teased and bullied her whole life, she s withdrawing and Not even her broken family can help her get through high school.Her only friends, Brody and Evie, are both social recluses too, and they seek comfort in each other s support However, Autumn s friends can t always protect her from her malicious classmates who seem set on destroying what s left of her heart.When Autumn thinks her life can t get any worse, devastating news rips her family apart It s up to her to pick up the pieces of her life and find a way to fix everything Will she find the courage to fight Fight is a short story prelude to the Fierce series and contains about 8500 words.

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      478 Clarissa Wild
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    One thought on “Fight

    1. Pam on said:

      3 super short stars“I don’t know your name, and you don’t know mine, but it doesn’t matter, since I wouldn’t remember it anyway. What matters is the friendly advice I have for you. I would never let any guy treat you like that. Nor should you. You deserve better. Love - a Stranger.”Not sure what the purpose of this little novella was, it was too short to form any opinion on it. It left me feeling like a prologue than anythingd sadly It didn’t capture me enough to want to continue, [...]

    2. Amelia on said:

      In a nutshell, a pity party with neither discernible point nor purpose. I found reading the choices made by the heroine incredibly frustrating: while bullying is the bully's fault not the victim's, she actively presents herself as the victim. She walks right into conflicts and assumes rejection and failure. Not really a pleasant read.

    3. Kerissa on said:

      This is the second book by Clarissa Wild that I've read and I was definitely not disappointed. I love her writing style and how she really draws you into the world that she creates. This book especially struck a chord with me as I have been in a similar situation as the main character. I also enjoyed how the chapters are set up. I recommend this to anyone who hasn't read any of Wild's books.

    4. Marsha on said:

      WOW. Fight by Clarissa Wild is a tough one to read. I needed a ton of tissues for this novella. Kids can be super mean.

    5. Becca on said:

      Fight is a short and sweet read about some of Autumn’s experiences growing up. I really wasn’t sure what to expect from her history, but I was surprised at the range of emotions this short story sparked in me. Autumn has dealt with bullies since she was just a kid and continues to live under their judgment throughout high school. Meanwhile, her family is facing their own issues, leaving her no place to feel safe or wanted. As I read a little more of her story my heart ached for her.“They s [...]

    6. Michelle Schroer on said:

      Sometimes there's a series that just hits you! Square in the face - with a chairERCE is that seriesTo get a glimpse of Autumn's past - well I jumped over people, cars, houses You get the point!And seriously have you seen how amazingly sinful the cover is?!5 UHN-Believable ***** from Clarissa Wild's biggest fan!!!!℘℘℘℘℘℘℘℘℘℘℘℘℘℘℘℘℘℘℘℘I loved this book! Plain and simple. I could go on and on about the feelings it tore from me. About Autumn as a character, ab [...]

    7. Paige Helling on said:

      I really enjoyed reading Fight. It's not sunshine and rainbows; it helps us to better understand what Autumn faced not only with her tormentors at school, but also her painful home life. It was truly heartbreaking at times. You really feel for her. She's very quiet and doesn't stand up for herself. It's not too big of deal because she had Brody to defend her, but then he leaves for college and she's left alone. She suffers alone until Evie comes into her life and becomes her new protector. She's [...]

    8. Casey on said:

      Review originally posted at Ramblings From This ChickFight is a short prequel in the Fierce series by Clarissa Wild. This story can be read at any point in the series. Even though this story was really short, I thought it was a great way to start off this series. It packs a lot of information in such a short amount of pages. We get to meet Autumn and also her friends Brody and Evie. The story starts with showing Autumn and Brody at a young age. Autumn is bullied from the start and is constantly [...]

    9. Kat on said:

      I read this part way through Fierce, I read it at about midnight as I couldnt get to sleep and it was loaded onto my phone, so I was under my covers reading ;)This is a short story and was free to download I recommend reading either before or during or after Fierce. It certainly gave me more insight into why Autumn is how she is and sad also how Brody turned out (no more on that as I will spoil Fierce for you)Bullying is UNACEPTABLE I have been through it through out my schooling and it took me [...]

    10. Tabitha Jones on said:

      Such a raw and heart wrenching story of shy Autumn Blakewood. Autumn is a sweet girl who is best friends with Brody. Throughout the years they were pretty much both picked on and bullied. Brody was her throughout all of this time he was always there telling her eveything would be ok. Not only was school hard but so was her home life. they didn't have all the money in the world and her parents fought a lot. Autumn tried to consume herself in her books and studies as much as she could. Brody is ol [...]

    11. Kirstie on said:

      Fight is the prequel to Fierce giving us a quick insight into who Autumn is and why she is the way she is.Autumn and Brody are not part of the cool crowd. Autumn is sweet, innocent and far from the egotistical kids she goes to school with. Her only friend through her pre-teen years is Brody. He watches over Autumn and reminds her that she is special and not to pay any attention to the bullies.High School isn't any better, and because Brody is a few years older than Autumn she is soon left to fen [...]

    12. Katrina on said:

      Please check out my full 4 star review right here/2014/04/review-for-fight-by-clarissa-wildmlI was given a copy of Fight by Clarissa Wild for my honest opinion and here it is.I totally got a true insight into Autumns life by reading these earlier events that she had experienced they made her who she is today, and I think we all will gain an understanding of just what she went through and the life she had before we got to meet the Autumn she is now.There was no easy life for Autumn growing up she [...]

    13. Vânia Nunes on said:

      Children and young people can be evil. It is heartbreaking to see Autumn's trajectory, from being small target of bullies and wealthier people than her. And also how she was forced to mature ahead of time when she heard that their parents fought so much for money problem; she could not have a new bike or fashionable clothes. But worst of all was to see the person who always told her that everything would be okay, her mother, having health deteriorated day by day due to a serious illness. The sto [...]

    14. Naomi on said:

      Full review can be found @ Nomi’s Paranormal PalaceFight was a great companion novella in the Fierce series, as it took me back to see what Autumn's life was like before she began College. It gave me a deeper insight into Autumn's struggles with bullying and her self esteem. Evie and Brody were her only real friends. Brody left her and went to college, so she had to deal with high school on her own until Evie came along.Even though things were difficult for Autumn, she managed to pick herself [...]

    15. Sarah on said:

      This is only a short novella, as it gives you the background to Autumn's life right up until she is due to start college.I found it quite an emotional read, the things she went through from a young age, the bullying she suffered, was awful and you really felt for her the whole time. It was written brilliantly and really had you emotionally invested in her life.Her mum getting ill and her parent's constant fighting didn't help her either, leaving her feeling very alone apart from her friend Brody [...]

    16. Solmarie on said:

      I received an ARC of this book in return for an honest review.I have had the privilege of being on Clarrisa Wild's street team and have read and reviewed both Fierce and Fury and I absolutely love this series.Fight is a prequel to these books. A small hint of what made Autumn into the shy, awkward, scared girl she is in the beginning of Fierce. It was good finding out some of the reasons for her "quirks". It also explained why she felt and acted the way she did about her friends Brody and Evie. [...]

    17. T.M. Payne on said:

      Book: Fight ( Fierce 0.5 )Author: Clarissa WildPublication Date: 4/4/2014Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts My Rating: 5 StarsREVIEW This is a short read into the world of Autumn Blakewood. It takes us through parts of her life from a very young age until the time she enters college. Shows us how Brody was her hero for so many years and helped her when she was being bullied which began also when she was very young. She also endures issues at home with her parents always fighting and arguin [...]

    18. Kathy Wideman on said:

      This book is Leafy’s back story. So there is no Hunter. Sad I know. It explains why Leafy is the way she is. It talks about how she was picked on harassed as a she grew up. After reading this I feel like she needs Hunter in her life. She needs him to be who he is to make her feel like she can stand up for herself and not let anyone push her around anymore. She didn’t have this wonderful happy childhood. Not that she had it as bad as Hunter. They are more alike than I realized. I loved this b [...]

    19. Jane on said:

      Autumn Blackwood is very young when the story starts and other children came and bullied her and her friend. Each chapter stops along the way while she is growing up and shows her feelings as children continue to bully her because she is different, wears glasses and can't afford clothes like the rest of the kids. Then her mom becomes ill and she is told how sick she is and a stranger gives her some advice, which changes her outlook and she stands up to the bullies for the first time.Fight is an [...]

    20. Dani on said:

      This book is part of a series. In this novella you see the torment that has made Autumn the person she is today. This books starts with her as a child up until her high school graduation. She has suffered her whole life at the hands of bully's. She had her best friend Brody has a protector until he graduated high school 3 years before her and she was left there alone. This is when she meets Evie a fellow classmate who is also bullied. Evie helps her get through the rest of high school without Br [...]

    21. iliana G on said:

      This book was given to me by the author for an honest review.In this book we meet Autumn and in a young age and we see her life through school years.I have to say that i liked this book because we can see how a child faces the years in school with bullying and loneliness and how hard it is survive in school sometimes.Also we see how autumn faces the problems her family is facing.The emotions of a girls first love and the hopes for it to turn real and failing.I love the work Clarissa has done in [...]

    22. Stephanie Daley on said:

      Awesome little prequel to start of a series!!! I am sooo ready to start the Fierce series because of this little intro to the set. Clarissa did a great character build up in this book and I am rooting for Autumn to get out of the sad life of being a bullied teen. I cannot wait to see how her and the only two people stood up for end up by the end of this series! The story had an awesome flow that did not draw out with overkill of drama. Very well written with an ending that made you want more.

    23. My Secret Book Spot on said:

      Fight (#0.5 Fierce Series) by Clarissa Wild4 out of 5 StarI've read 1 and 2 in the Fierce series and I felt like I still didn't know much about Autumn, so when I saw Fight I was so excited to see it was from her POV!! This was the perfect length and the perfect style of story to give her dimension, a stronger backstory, and a broader character frame without being too much or overly wordy!Great read and a MUST for the series!!**No Cost on and BN**Pepper, My Secret Book Spot

    24. Twin Opinions on said:

      A great back story for one of my favorite series. I loved seeing the childhood versions of Hunter and Autumn. It was great getting to see this side of them and see how they came together before they even realized. I loved the young Hunter and it makes me love his character that much more. Getting this was the missing piece we have all been waiting for and I feel so privilaged to have read it. I think this was perfect and what all the fans of this series needed. Of course I will never complain wh [...]

    25. Rebecca from Cover to Cover Book Blog on said:

      This is the prequel about Autumn's life. Her childhood up to starting college. Brody and Autumn have been best friends forever. Brody is. Little older than her but is very protective of her. When he graduates high school she is all alone. Evie finds her and they become friends instantly. Evie is even more protective over her than Brody was. Autumns mom is very sick and her mom and dad fight all the time. She very excited to start college and be on her own to start her life. This book is a very g [...]

    26. Jenny Brightman Harris on said:

      This is Autumn's story. This shows us how much bullying and torture that Autumn went though not only in high school but starting in her childhood. We also see how Brody really was a person who stood up for her before he went to college. He was one of her best friends and you can see why she had some confusion when it comes to the way he acts in Fierce. This was an amazing short story that really putts the next two stories in perspective. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to re [...]

    27. Donna Hokanson on said:

      Enlightening intro into the seriesWell writer and very entertaining to read this intro to the series. Helps to understand when Autumn comes from. And the chance meeting without really knowing is a great addition. It’s a part of the story that helps you to know the characters better and is very enjoyable to read, but not mandatory to enjoy the other books of the series. I received an eBook copy from the author for purpose of an honest review and was not compensated.

    28. Melanie on said:

      Very short, quick read that just gives you a little background on Autumn. It also introduces Brody & Evie and why they seem so important to her. There are hints of Hunter & her crossing paths prior to her getting to college where they actually meet. Mostly it's the background to show how bullying affected her & how the kindness of a stranger helped her to take back her life & make it through to graduation, something she just wasn't sure she would be able to do.

    29. Candy at Prisoners of Print on said:

      Fight was a great introduction to the Fierce series. I loved getting all this background information on the female character of Autumn to help set the scene in the books to come. It sometimes annoys me when there's a lot of introduction in a story so I think doing this short story was the best way to handle it. I'm definitely intrigued to see how Autumn's story plays out, as well as who her stranger is!

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