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Wrangled Cody Wayne had an impossible dream When his high school girlfriend left him for a rodeo star he decided to be a rodeo star too Too bad he got started than ten years later than everyone else his age

  • Title: Wrangled
  • Author: Natasha Stories
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Cody Wayne had an impossible dream When his high school girlfriend left him for a rodeo star, he decided to be a rodeo star, too Too bad he got started than ten years later than everyone else his age Annalee is a young mother fleeing an abusive and twisted relationship, and trying to start a new life for herself and her child When she and Cody are thrown togetherCody Wayne had an impossible dream When his high school girlfriend left him for a rodeo star, he decided to be a rodeo star, too Too bad he got started than ten years later than everyone else his age Annalee is a young mother fleeing an abusive and twisted relationship, and trying to start a new life for herself and her child When she and Cody are thrown together on an isolated ranch in central Wyoming, she begins to hope that her life might just be starting to right itself But loving a cowboy comes with problems of its own.

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    One thought on “Wrangled

    1. Megan Ailey on said:

      Let me be absolutely honest. I do NOT like to give out bad reviewsI HATE IT! I can't stand when somebody says bad things about me, and I do NOT like to say anything bad about somebody else I WILL TRY NOT TO.That being said. I could not finish this book. There was just something about this book that I could not get into. The characters did not wrap around my heart like they usually do, they did not grab my attention. I was not invested in what happened to them at all. I WANTED to like them, but I [...]

    2. Kristin on said:

      Okay well let me just start off by saying some stories are just not for everyone. I really hate giving books low stars but sometimes it has to be done. I had such a hard time with this book. I guess people are really this backward still in the United States, but that doesn't mean I enjoy reading a story about it. I kept thinking that it had to be a historical romance, and that attributed to why their thinking was so stunted, till they introduced the meth subject, then I knew I was wrong. I had a [...]

    3. Jo - *✽*•.★Reading Is My Bliss★.•*✽* on said:

      So this was different.Annalee is one of five sister wives in a a polygamist relationship with a 55 year old man. She is 17 and has two children to him. After a police raid leaves them shattered, their 'husband' facing charges of under age sex, three of them, including Annalee are taken in by a couple to live with them on their ranch.Annalee catches the eye of Cody and the form a friendship which slowly develops into more.It was astounding how naive and innocent Annalee was but she is a product o [...]

    4. Mei on said:

      LOVED IT!!! I am completely "WRANGLED"! This one kept my mind and heart in a tizzy1 I laughed, I could have cried and then I laughed some more. I love, love, love Annalee and Cody. They were made for each other. First I was so broken up about how Annalee and her "sisters" came to the ranch with Russ and Charity. Then I was swooning when plain spoken Cody Wayne stepped into Annalee's life. The characters in this story are really well written. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Russ! Talk about man of your dreams [...]

    5. Black Butterfly on said:


    6. PepsiGirl on said:

      Not sure why I read it, the first in this series at best had it's moments. This was another installment in the Idaho series involving young brides and polygamy and lots of miscommunication. Twisted yes and with their lack of maturity and knowledge about anything their ignorance was just astounding. Annalee was just eighteen when the story started and she had one goal to get her another husband so she could have more babies. Cody was the young buck and also inexperienced leading man that was stil [...]

    7. Dee/ bookworm on said:

      I really hate to give a bad review and realize that not everyone is going to like every book. However, there were a lot of grammatical errors, spelling errors, etc. I realize they were trying to give you a sense of how the words would sound to the characters but it was like reading in another language part of the time. Also, the explicit sexual things this poor character had to endure!! It was so graphic that it gave me nightmares, literally! Even the plot could really use some work. I would not [...]

    8. Gmc on said:

      Wrangled (Kindle Edition) by Natasha StoriesIt's part of a series This story has 5 woman under 18 that social services has removed, from the compound of that prophet guy. 1 is a pregnant 15 year old "married to old man". 3 have 1 child each, 1 has 2 children. They all become wards of Russ. The Annalee one with 2 kids falls for a cowboy on the ranch Cody. He goes off to rodeo, she gets mad moves to town works for Realtor Jason, gets engaged, and he becomes "very abusive" Graphic violence/sex.I re [...]

    9. Emily Goodman on said:

      Wrangled was a good story line. My only problem with the book was how in the world could the main male character not be more educated than he was. I can understand the woman given the storyline With that being said, you root for these two, their story, and the epic love you hope happens. I accidentally read these books out of order not realizing they were a series. Despite my opposition on the lead male character, I went back and bought the first book and I LOVED IT. Check out all of Natasha's b [...]

    10. Krysta Gray on said:

      At first I was confused because it is the second book in a series and I didn't recognize the characters. I soon realized that the characters from the first book are also in this, just no longer the main characters. Interesting way to take a series, rather than the narrative being from the original main characters, but I still enjoyed it. A sweet love story that had its sad points, but ultimately a happy ending. Looking forward to seeing where the next book in the series will take me!

    11. A.T. Hills on said:

      I found this book much better than the first and I simply couldn't put it down. I love the character development and getting to know more about the other characters at the big ranch. The only thing that bothered me, just ever so slightly, was trying to read Cody's parts the way he spoke. I think being English, it must've been the cultural barrier ;) But it was a great will they, won't they, story and I can't wait to read the final book in the series.

    12. Stephanie Beasley on said:

      Good Bookthe story line was good. was a few thing that was hard to keep up with. 1) when she changed points of view she never said who point of view it was. was hard to keep up at times 2) Janet/Janey, name kept changing from one to the other. I think it really needs to be edited again for these mistakes. but the story was good. easy to follow. I would read a more by the author.

    13. Michelle Ella on said:

      I liked the concept and the flow of the story but what I really didn't like was the way it was written. It was written in what was supposed to be the view of the characters but it seemed to uneducated and sloppy for me. Maybe that is how some people in the south are, but I was getting annoyed by the lack of proper speech (and even their thoughts.)

    14. Mimi Lovell on said:

      This was a wonderful story. I haven't read the first book in the series, so I really had no idea what to expect This story was very much a love story with "typical" struggles, BUT, it got very REAL as well. I felt all the problems and there were a few times, when I wanted to shake the girl. It was a beautiful story, and it ended perfectly. Definite read!

    15. Lisa Swanepoel on said:

      This book is much better than the first one in the series. It is not as predictable and the story takes a few interesting twists and turns. Annalee also acts decisively even if that doesn't always work out perfectly, she does what she says. I wish there was more than a five point rating scale this one is better than a the but not quite a four

    16. Sarah on said:

      Not a huge fan of this book. I understood the purpose for making Annalee a very naive character, but Cody drove me nuts. I couldn't stand the way he talked or thought so that made at least half of the book a pretty painful read. Russ was also a very confusing character, as was Charity, never really understood them.

    17. Jennie on said:

      OkayI had to make myself finish it. The writing was okay but plot did not do it for me. Russ smoothed everything with his money and never got back to Uncle Hank's objection about Annalee.

    18. Hey mee on said:

      I thought that Wrangled was a good example of a modern cowboy romance. A bit more of an interesting storyline than I would have expected, with characters going through real hardship at some points. A great read!

    19. Susan Groves on said:

      4 1/2 stars - this is my favorite book of the three :)I can look past the grammatical errors in all books but if the text is updated, be sure to change the first page with that says "Hank's dad". It should be "Cody's dad". that sentence should be correct.

    20. Misty on said:

      Really fast paced. At first I was just going to quit reading it but decided to push through I'm glad I did it turned out to be good. But was short on feelings at times. There was a time I really didn't like Cody at all.

    21. Karen on said:

      This gets bumped up to 4 stars because it surprised me a couple of times, and that's rather rare when I'm reading genre romance. I also appreciate that it stands alone; I didn't even realize it was the second in a series until after I'd finished and was looking at .

    22. Samantha on said:

      WORST BOOK EVER, The lead is rescued from a cult where she is an underage mother than taken to a ranch and paraded around cow boys. Weird weird I didn't even finish it. Worst book do not buy or read. It looked like a great story but its not

    23. Rachael Williams on said:

      Loved this book so much. from the moment I read the 1st page I was hooked. Reading about a girl who was forced into a marriage as a teenager who was raped and tortured and was able to get away and find true love was awesome. I loved it. I laughed, cried. and enjoyed the sex scenes to.

    24. Kari Howton on said:

      I enjoyed Analee's story of being rescued from that horrible cult. Cody's story was heartwarming as well. It got a little graphic toward the end. Overall, a pretty good read.

    25. Sue on said:

      I can't rate this book - I couldn't finish it. It didn't hold my interest and I wasn't invested in the characters. If I ever go back to finish it, I will give a full review.

    26. Kelly on said:

      I really enjoyed this book. Was a nice change of scenery for me:)

    27. Fay Ann Hollcroft on said:

      The wording in this book is AWFUL! There are 18 chapters in this book & I couldn't even get through chapter 3, UGH!

    28. Barbara Allen on said:

      WrangledI really enjoyed this book. I have read about these places. This kind of told you what went on in them. It was a very well written book.

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