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Shattered Christine and Nathan s quest for normal may rip them apart Someone as powerful as Christine Gavin cannot afford to be reckless and after accidentally ending the world her caretakers give her somethi

  • Title: Shattered
  • Author: M. Lathan
  • ISBN: 9780989418423
  • Page: 280
  • Format: ebook
  • Christine and Nathan s quest for normal may rip them apart.Someone as powerful as Christine Gavin cannot afford to be reckless, and after accidentally ending the world, her caretakers give her something she has wanted for years a normal life without psychic powers But it comes at a great price, one her boyfriend has to pay.A dangerous hunter plotting to kill her and theChristine and Nathan s quest for normal may rip them apart.Someone as powerful as Christine Gavin cannot afford to be reckless, and after accidentally ending the world, her caretakers give her something she has wanted for years a normal life without psychic powers But it comes at a great price, one her boyfriend has to pay.A dangerous hunter plotting to kill her and the world growing closer to another magical war are little things compared to what fate has in store for her next.

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    One thought on “Shattered

    1. M. Lathan on said:

      Shattered has been the most enjoyable book to write so far. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Disclaimer -Because my characters are growing and getting deeper into their roles, they encounter more adult situations. Be advised. This book contains some mild adult language, mature situations, violence, and strong, emotional themes.

    2. Marked By Books on said:

      This review is going to be the death of me. Throughout the whole novel, I wanted so badly to love it as much as I loved the first book, Hidden, and going into it, it never even occurred to me that I might not. Hidden blew my mind by how much I loved it, and I still really enjoyed the second novel, Lost, but this one just wasn't up there with the rest of them. It was still a very good book, and I'm not saying that I didn't enjoy reading it, but I didn't fall in love with it the way I did with the [...]

    3. Juliana on said:

      This book started out good but I started to lose intrest up until the point where I was telling myself "you can finish this book". Like telling myself to do homework. That's not exactly what I would call fun. I dreaded picking this book up and then about half way into it, I closed the book and it is now gathering dust on my book shelf, where it will stay untouched.

    4. Debbie on said:

      A fun read, but a little disappointed in a few of the characters - namely Chris's parents. They seem so one dimensional and stuck. I was hoping that we would find out that they were being controlled by someone to act that way.

    5. Elen Tabita Bertoldi on said:

      soon in my blog too: licareadsThis book surprised me with Nathan's pov. I thought that Nathan's pov was just a lucky chapter in the last book, but I'm happy to see a lot more through his eyes and what he thinks and go through to keep Christine safe and happy.After the whole ordeal where she destroyed the world, Christine is more certain as ever that her powers are dangerous and that she wants to live a normal controlled life, so now she spends her days in Trenton Arts School being a common colle [...]

    6. Angi on said:

      3/12/14: I loved this one overall. Yes, her parents were ridiculous (tends to be normal) and they were hiding their feelings from one another (also a real normal thing), but where it went was awesome! So creative, so action packed, so sinister, so heart-wrenching, so much hope It was good. Many things were revealed, life seemed perfect but was not. Secrets were revealed- a lot of secrets, mysteries were unravelled, we all learned so much and it was great! My big issue is the fact that the next b [...]

    7. Kenechi Udogu on said:

      Another enjoyable read in this unique YA paranormal series. I liked seeing things from Nathan’s point of view, as well as Chris’s. His voice, weirdly, made me warm to Chris more than I did in the other books. The story itself was a bit more obvious than the first two books but it still kept me eagerly turning pages. The only (sort of) let-down for me was that I thought the story would end after this instalment but turns out M. Lathan has more for us. This made the end a little unsatisfying. [...]

    8. Briana on said:

      ♥ Love❗ ♥There is absolutely nothing to complain about when it comes to this book, and the ones written before it. The characters will instantly pull you into their story. Which, is about the flawlessly flawed, perfectly imperfect characters that were beautifully crafted into these novels about the paranormal world we've all heard tales of before or read about ourselves. However, this time it comes with a wickedly different view of the "normal" paranormal world that we've come to know. The [...]

    9. Maureen Hoar on said:

      Another one bites the dustThis was epic. This was gut wrenching. This was awesome. Christine is becoming a goddess. We get to see a bit of Nates point of view. It's official, I love him. He struggles a bit in this one but comes out being just as powerful as Christine. I loved every minute of it. I'm a little miffed at Herr dad. He's a bit over protective. He i guess he doesn't fully know what she's capable of or who Nate is. I hope he lightens the reigns in the next book. He's a total downer. I [...]

    10. Diana on said:

      Nate continues to protect Christine and its taking a toll on him as a shifter. Die to this he can be sentenced to prison or death and taken from Christine. They have to endure the fathers disapproval, i am very disappointed in Christine's character. She seems to let her dad disrespect Nate at every turn and she doesn't stand up for him. Other than that i like the story. They do have many challenges along the way though. Full video review on YouTube channel Adventures-IN-Print. youtu/NuIbyRyUCyc

    11. Alissa Hess hamilton on said:

      I don't know, I really liked this series but something about this third book just wasn't as good as the other 2. I don't know if it felt too whiny or just way too unrealistic. I think this book is way past children's fiction which is what they have this classified as. I mean she hints towards several couples having intercourse multiple times in this book. Maybe young adult but not for children. I don't know if I'll read the last one or not, this one didn't even come close to the other 2.

    12. Hannah Johnson on said:

      POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT:THE BEST SO FAR!!! I can't believe that Nathan and Christine's story is almost over, it makes me want to cry! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! Oh gosh, I loveeee the acceptance that Christine has for Nate and his condition, it truely is unconditional love! Im in love with their love! ON A SIDE NOTE: I love how the author uses Christine's father to dictate her life and how he is incorporated. Oh gosh I CAN NOT WAIT FOR #4!!! LOVE YOU!!!

    13. Ali on said:

      I really enjoyed this book. I especially loved the evolution of Christine's character. Though she is so powerful, the fact that she experiences everyday activities and relationships makes her continuously relatable. Of course I was surprised and sad that the end did not work out the way I wanted it to. Still, I cannot wait for the next book in this series.

    14. Laurie Hopkins on said:

      AwesomeYou know you have it bad for a series when you dream about it. Can't get Christine and Nate and Emma Paul and Sophia and freaking Lydia Shaw out of my head. I don't think I could have taken Gavin as my dada little over the top.

    15. Jordan Cory on said:

      FantasticThis was a great book with an amazing combination of romance and action. It is beautifully written and has a wonderful ending. I can not wait until the next book comes out

    16. solita on said:

      Hidden still a good series u find out interesting facts along the way can't wait for next book to come out

    17. Kimber Betner on said:

      I loved itI absolutely love this series I can't wait to start the forth book. Such an amazing writer. Well worth the read

    18. Kyana Canady on said:

      I enjoyed this book the most out of the series thus far. And just when I thought it couldn't get any better, it ended with a cliffhanger leaving me wanting more.

    19. Sheri on said:

      Awesome!!!! Couldn't wait to finish it then didn't want it to end!!!!

    20. amandra on said:

      I absolutely love this series so sad there is only one book left but excited to see how it ends.

    21. Juliah Wiederhold on said:

      I loved this book. I think that this is the best one of the series so far. I couldn't put it down. I was so happy to learn about the family histories and to see the different relationships develop

    22. Gina on said:

      I did not think that this story could get any more amazing than the first two in the series. I was wrong. I thoroughly enjoyed this story.

    23. Michele on said:

      I love how Nate's character has grown into a strong male hero that can help chris grow. I also love how the parents got back together! I hope Nate can find his old family!

    24. Terry Sims on said:

      Good seriesOverall this was a good series. In some places a little long winded and repetitive but mostly a good read.

    25. Kathy Runion on said:

      Oh my goodness. I cried. My heart felt like it was going to be ripped out. This book was awesome. I can't wait until the fourth book is out!

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