Moonfixer (Appalachian Journey Book 2)

C.C. Tillery Caitlyn Hunter Christy Tillery French

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Moonfixer (Appalachian Journey Book 2)

Moonfixer Appalachian Journey Book In the dawning years of the th century Bessie Daniels leaves her home town of Hot Springs and travels east over the mountains to live with her new husband Fletcher Elliott in the Broad River sectio

  • Title: Moonfixer (Appalachian Journey Book 2)
  • Author: C.C. Tillery Caitlyn Hunter Christy Tillery French
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In the dawning years of the 20th century, Bessie Daniels leaves her home town of Hot Springs and travels east over the mountains to live with her new husband Fletcher Elliott in the Broad River section of North Carolina.Bess and Fletch stay with Fletcher s parents for the first five years of their married life with Bessie teaching in a one room schoolhouse and Fletcher worIn the dawning years of the 20th century, Bessie Daniels leaves her home town of Hot Springs and travels east over the mountains to live with her new husband Fletcher Elliott in the Broad River section of North Carolina.Bess and Fletch stay with Fletcher s parents for the first five years of their married life with Bessie teaching in a one room schoolhouse and Fletcher working at the lumber mill in Old Fort while they save to buy property of their own on Stone Mountain.In 1906, they purchase 400 acres of the old Zachariah Solomon Plantation which includes a small house with a shack beside it, a branch of Cedar Creek and a row of dilapidated slave cabinsAnd ghosts.Thus begins Bessie s next phase of life where the gift of sight she inherited from her Cherokee ancestors grows stronger, her healing abilities are put to the test, and she encounters a vicious secret society that tries to force her and Fletcher to turn their backs on a family sharecropping and living in one of the cabins.When Bessie and Fletch refuse to give in to their demands, the group strikes back, bringing pain and suffering to their once serene existence on Stone Mountain.

    Beloved Woman Appalachian Journey Book Kindle Beloved Woman Appalachian Journey Book Kindle edition by CC Tillery, Cyndi Tillery Hodges, Christy Tillery Fench, Caitlyn Hunter Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Beloved Woman Appalachian Journey Book . Whistling Woman Appalachian Journey Volume A whistling woman and a crowing hen never come to a very good end In the waning years of the th century, Bessie Daniels grows up in the small town of Hot Springs in western North Carolina.

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      348 C.C. Tillery Caitlyn Hunter Christy Tillery French
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    One thought on “Moonfixer (Appalachian Journey Book 2)

    1. Caroline on said:

      Being a genealogist, I am really enjoying this series. I see so much of my family in these books. My family moved from the Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia area of the country to the Missouri Ozarks and the dialect is so familiar and comforting. My mother's grandmother was Cherokee and their family didn't stay in Cherokee country but went to visit family in Iowa and stayed until they willingly moved to the Tri-State, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, area to work in the mines there. G-Grandma instilled a [...]

    2. Sharon Anne Stanich on said:

      Aunt Bess. A woman for the ages!!Aunt Bess. A woman for the ages!!I just finished reading moolnfixer. I have already finished reading the Whistling woman but moonfixerer is my favorite so far! I think it was because I fell in love with Bess and the outlook she had on her own life. She knew that she loved her man and that there was nothing that would stop it. The inclusion of George and Sadie's family was a very important part of the story. However how many tears of injustice must we cry over the [...]

    3. Susan on said:

      'Moonfixer' is the sequel to 'The Whistling Woman' and there is to be another one soon (I hope) entitled 'Charming Gardeners'.Moonfixer is a nickname Bessie is given in her new home place because she is so tall 'she could fix the moon. It covers about 10 years of her life with her husband Fletcher. They work and save their money to buy 400 acres of land which has a house and a shed and several slave houses on it. Bessie teaches school and Fletcher works for a wood mill.The reader follows the dai [...]

    4. Patsy on said:

      This is a sequel to 'Whistling Woman' it's best to read 'Whistling Woman' first. Moon-fixed is Besty' s nickname she got it for being so tall, it was said she could fix the moon. This is the memoirs about Aunt Bess' s life. In 1906 Besty Daniels leaves her home in Hot Spring to go with her husband to North Carolina. They purchase 400 acres on a plantations with a row of old slave houses. Betsy' s Aunt taught her to heal with herbs from their woods and she inherited an insight to see things in th [...]

    5. Billie Lester on said:

      Sweet ReadI love the stories of the Appalachian Mountains. This author has a way of using the mountain language and terminology to bring you into the lives of the characters. By the end of the book you fall in love with the good and kind mountain folk and at the same time want to see justice for those who cause them pain. I'm already excited to begin reading threats book of this series. If I had one criticism it would be that the book didn't have a better ending. The end came without an actual c [...]

    6. Jool on said:

      I'm really enjoying this series about family life in the Appalachians in the early 1900s. They are somewhat protected from the destruction the Civil War brought as well as other world events. However we soon fine out that racism is alive and well even in the friendly little mountain communities.

    7. kathy post on said:

      Another good read!Bess's marriage to Fletcher takes her away from her family. Early Appalachian life can be hard, but they are working together to succeed and are very happy together!

    8. Toni L. on said:

      I'm sorry that I waited so long to read this series.It is so good. Will recommend.

    9. Stormy on said:

      Insightful look into the early 1900's. Well written story of various lives during this unsettled time of change. Definitely looking forward to what comes next.

    10. RuthAnn Parker on said:

      This is a wonderful series.This book was every bit as good as book one. Both educational, Informative and a joy to read. Loved it.

    11. Charlotte on said:

      Although I didn't like this book as well as the first in the series, I am still glad I read it; and I am starting to read Beloved Woman, the third book in the series this evening. Some of the expressions in the book are familiar to me, but I am trying to remember which of my grandmothers said, "Well, I swan." Both of my grandmothers lived in the foothills of the Appalachians. This series of books interests me especially because of the language. I want to learn more about the Appalachian culture [...]

    12. Vanda on said:

      Bessie ve věku 25 let, na polosamotě v Appalačských horách. Tady mi došlo, že když se tehdy k domu přiblížil kdokoli s jakýmikoli úmysly, valnou většinou tu našel jen ženu, případně ženu a děti, protože muži pracovali někde v lese/na poli/na pile atp. Nebyla to sranda, přijít mohl opravdu kdokoli. Druhý díl byl rozhodně lepší než první, jedna zajímavá historka za druhou, spoustu příkladů, jak se tehdy žilo, jak se lidé na sebe vzájemně spoléhali, ale i [...]

    13. Pamela on said:

      Very interesting story! I love stories from this time period in history, especially when they are based on real people and places. The events and characters in this series are fascinating to me and really caught my imagination. I suspect a lot of people would enjoy the Cherokee stories but personally (maybe just because I have different religious beliefs) they were probably my least favorite parts of the book. Enjoyed reading it immensely. It was hard to put down and I always wanted to know what [...]

    14. Glenda Lynne on said:

      This book is a sequel to "The Whistling Woman", and unlike many sequels, it was equally as enjoyable as the first book. There is something so inviting about these characters. I really like them. I want them to be my friends. They feel very authentic and are going to remain in my memory for a long time. I also love the story, the way it gently moves through each aspect of life at that time and place. There is a striking realism about it. It unfolds and grows in ways that are rich and rewarding. I [...]

    15. lynda on said:

      Light easy reading as Bessie's story continuesI was surprised when this book ended, but then I remembered there is a third volume! Yay! Enjoyed especially the Cherokee legends and the insights into living with the mountain people. There is a simple and beautiful love story woven through the first two volumes, life and death on the mountain provide just enough excitement to keep things interesting.

    16. Myla C Dalton on said:

      Beautiful sequelIf you enjoyed The Whistling Woman like I did, you will enjoy Moonfixer too! The story of Bessie picks up where it left off. Her life continues to unfold with the same wonderful blend of humor, heartache, and triumph. I love how the writers bring the characters and scenery to life and with sights, sounds, colors, and even smells! A wonderful read. I can't wait to begin the next one!

    17. Debbi on said:

      "Moonfixer" is the second of four books in C.C. Tillery's "Appalachian Journey" series. Bessie gets married in this story and moves away from her family deeper into the mountains. She doesn't have the material comforts she grew up with and this displeases her father who is unhappy with Bessie's choice of a husband. She becomes the school teacher she's always wanted to be but death seems to follow her.

    18. Nora Peevy on said:

      A great second book to a lovely anthology about struggle, determination, love, and family. The characters come to life off the page. I might be a little biased, as I spent time in these mountain hollers repairing homes for people in need. But her writing is soulful. I really enjoy the mountain sayings beginning each chapter. The local color in this trilogy is spot on with my experiences.

    19. Sharon Snider on said:

      OreGood series to hold your interest.I have read the entire series and enjoyed each book. Probably would have been more enjoyable had I realized they were a series before I read the last one first. The authors do a good job enhancing each book with relevant history from the time periods.

    20. Ann on said:

      This is the sequel to "Whistling Woman" and it picks up where that story left off. I hope the authors finish the telling of Aunt Bess's life. This memoir of her remarkable life in the Appalachian mountain community is riveting. I think there is at least one more book needed to finish the narrative.Looking forward to the next book.

    21. Marijo Hinton on said:

      An authentic setting for a charming story An authentic setting for a charming storyThe setting and characters in this book seemed very authentic. I was delighted to see the expression "I swan" which my southern grand used so many years ago. I will definitely read the next book in this series.

    22. Wendy on said:

      enjoyable I enjoy the Appalachian Journey series. The stories are nice. The characters are fun and fairly believable. I e noticed that with stories of Appalachia, the folks are either wonderfully kind or they are basically evil. There doesn't seem to be much in between. Still, I like the stories of Bessie and her family.

    23. margaret miranda on said:

      T It was such a fine book, I laughed and I cried it was so really to me,I loved it!! I would recommend to anyone to read. It make you feel like your there at that timeIt was such a fine book, I laughed and I cried, it made feel like I was there, it seem to real to me I loved it!! I ready to read the 3rd book

    24. Anna Cazale on said:

      A wonderful book that touches the heart.Once I started reading I literally couldn't stop. Bess is a woman that I want to emulate. She has wonderful values and her Cherokee wisdom of respecting the land is inspiring. I loved the way she applies the wisdom passed from her grandmother to heal body and soul.

    25. Margie Dorman on said:

      Modifier OverviewI liked this book very much. The adage that begins each chapter is as relevant today as it was then. The interactions between the characters are warm. The difficulty of being a woman during this time frame is well explained. Our daughters do not appreciate the sacrifices that have gone before.

    26. Connie S. Jones on said:

      MoonfixerI must say this second book was better to me than the first. I enjoyed the new journey that Bess and her husband took and am looking forward to the third book in the series to see how the journey continues. Think it might be a good read, at least I'm hopeful it will be. Gotta see how it ends.

    27. sharon murray on said:

      Amazing bookOnce I started this book I was lost in the beauty of the mountains. I felt like I was getting a glimpse of what life was like for mountain folk. Loved this book and would recommend to everyone.

    28. Diane on said:

      I am thoroughly enjoying these books.Based on the life of the authors great aunt, there is one more in the series of three. I am not sure if it has been published yet, but I will be reading it when it is.

    29. Ray Chanley on said:

      A Great Series ContinuesAnother five stars because this book continues with the life of Bessie Elliott, whom we met in Whistling Woman. I have laughed and cried reading both books. I'm looking forward to Beloved Woman. The strength and courage of Bessie is inspiring.

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