The Sweet Life: The Serial (Sweet Valley Confidential)

Francine Pascal

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The Sweet Life: The Serial (Sweet Valley Confidential)

The Sweet Life The Serial Sweet Valley Confidential For Jessica and Elizabeth the sweet life begins at Beautiful blonde twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield are back in The Sweet Life now available in one volume Three years after the events of Sw

  • Title: The Sweet Life: The Serial (Sweet Valley Confidential)
  • Author: Francine Pascal
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • For Jessica and Elizabeth, the sweet life begins at 30 Beautiful blonde twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield are back in The Sweet Life, now available in one volume Three years after the events of Sweet Valley Confidential by Francine Pascal, Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield are back in Sweet Valley and inseparable once Things are looking up for both twins ElizabethFor Jessica and Elizabeth, the sweet life begins at 30 Beautiful blonde twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield are back in The Sweet Life, now available in one volume Three years after the events of Sweet Valley Confidential by Francine Pascal, Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield are back in Sweet Valley and inseparable once Things are looking up for both twins Elizabeth is a star reporter at the LA Tribune, and Jessica s PR career is on the fast track But while the professional lives of the Wakefield sisters are secure, their personal lives may be in jeopardy Jessica, now a mother, finds that managing parenthood, marriage, and a job is harder than she expected, while Elizabeth and Bruce must face a scandal that could strengthen their bond or tear them apart forever.Meanwhile, life goes on in Sweet Valley Families are made, hearts are broken, and Lila Fowler is a reality TV star Some things never change.The Sweet Life, first published serially as digital originals chronicling the continuing adventures of Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield, is now available to read in one volume

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      306 Francine Pascal
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    One thought on “The Sweet Life: The Serial (Sweet Valley Confidential)

    1. Nicky on said:

      This is more like it. If you're a Sweet Valley fan from way back who was disappointed with Sweet Valley Confidential, The Sweet Life is for you. The main problem with Sweet Valley Confidential was the Jessica/Elizabeth relationship. If the twins aren't getting along then they obsess over each other, all we hear about is how they feel like they've lost half of themselves and everything and everyone is geared towards reuniting the best twins ever. It's sorta dull. However if they're friends like t [...]

    2. Roxane on said:

      LOL you wouldn't believe how things are popping off in Sweet Valley now that everyone is grown. There is so much delicious drama, poorly written prose, melodramatic nonsense, and everything we've grown to love about SVH over the years. Also, Elizabeth is still the worst worst worst ever. She has no loyalty at all. TEAM JESSICA 4 LYF.

    3. Jessica on said:

      When I was a kid, I lived a very sheltered life in a very rural area and liked to imagine that most of the bigger world around me was accurately reflected in pop culture. I wanted to go to school in what I saw as the idealistic world of TGIF, TNBC, and, yes, Sweet Valley. Something about the relative autonomy of the teenagers, the constant excitement of even the most mundane activities, and the easy access the teens had to almost anything was very romantic to me. That's probably why I also got s [...]

    4. Angelc on said:

      The 6 Sweet Life e-novellas that were released over the summer are now in print in one volume. I really enjoyed this book even more than the author's first book about the Wakefield twins in their 30's, Sweet Valley Confidential. This novel really drew me in more so than the first bookThe book follows all of our old favorites from the Sweet Valley High series, some haven't changed at all, like Liza, and some are on a new path, like Jessica and Todd. My favorite story was Elizabeth and Bruce's sca [...]

    5. Christine Ho on said:

      Great, trashy, brainless fun. Can't believe I read all 6 in this E-series in 48 hours. Loved the ending- I love Liz, but glad that she might finally realize that being a spineless wimp and just hoping that everyone realizes that you are Such! A! Great! Girl! doesn't always work out. (don't tell Bruce! But I hope Bruce knows! But I don't want him to know that I want him to know!) Perfect cliffhanger, and hoping that another E-series comes out soon.

    6. Courtney on said:

      Good gosh, this was terrible. The writing was repetitive and boring and predictable and just awful. Even worse than the originals, which I loved back in the day - but in retrospect - were drivel.So why 4 stars? The last sentence of the last page. Freaking priceless. Made me laugh out loud and I continued to chuckle for the rest of the day.

    7. Stephanie on said:

      Not as good as the first one, and I can't believe I'm even calling the first one good. This was just over-the-top dramatic. I couldn't wait to finish it, but I guess in a way I couldn't put it down either.

    8. Laura Lawson on said:

      Made me very angry really. I thought I would like but the more I read they angrier I got with the characters in the story.

    9. Jessica on said:

      Couldn't put it down but it was because this book was incredibly stressful. Cheating, lies, misunderstandingsif you want to be on the edge of your seat with a put in your stomach then try this book. Not everything was reseal ed at the end, either.

    10. Jenn on said:

      I actually got this book last year but it took me a while to get around to it and in the right mood for it. But I finally did back in August (so far behind reviewing again ugh) and I enjoyed it, for the most part. I was really excited when the first one came out and it's what got me back into reading all the original books again. This book has the 6 novellas Pascall published online after Confidential took off better than expected. This review will obviously have spoilers from that 1st book but [...]

    11. Molly on said:

      This is a sequel to Sweet Valley Confidential, which I unfortunately have not read, and which the public library I checked this out from did not have. It's possible to jump right in, though things seem a bit more topsy-turvy than they might have had I read the previous book. As this book begins, Jessica, now thirty, is separated from Todd Wilkins; you will remember Todd as Elizabeth's on-again, off-again boyfriend from previous Sweet Valley series. Apparently, Todd and Elizabeth were dating when [...]

    12. Em on said:

      I will confess that I was one of those girls who read Sweet Valley Twins when I was a pre-teen (never really got into Sweet Valley High though), so I was intrigued when Francine Pascal came out with Sweet Valley Confidential. I listened to that book on tape and became interested enough in the characters that I picked up the e-serial; however it has been sitting on my book shelf until I needed a light read. I am now thinking that maybe I subconsciously knew that this was not going to be a good re [...]

    13. Rhiannon St. Clair on said:

      I couldn't finish this book. For many reasons. I've read every Sweet Valley book that's been printed. I own almost all of them. This was my favorite series as a kid and teenager, I know these characters inside out, I know their stories, struggles, triumphs And this book blew everything to bits. I can't finish it because if I do, it's going to ruin everything for me. Francine Pascal obviously used ghost writers for the majority of the series, because she doesn't know the characters or former plo [...]

    14. Hazel on said:

      After reading every Sweet Valley book in the 80s and 90s, I was excited to pick up the series again. Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later from the library. I have mixed feelings about it, but I can definitely say that I have no mixed feelings about The Sweet Life. All I can say is that Ms. Pascal should remain retired.The book was about Jessica and Todd's separation. They have this 'will they?' kind of relationship. Trust me when I say, it's not romantic at all. It's not like Matthew and L [...]

    15. Ellen Stenzler on said:

      I have always loved the Sweet Valley seriesarted reading Sweet Valley Twins, read a few Sweet Valley kids, and graduated to Sweet Valley High. I was STOKED when Sweet Valley University popped up in the bookstore one day, and read a plethora of those in high school. And then Sweet Valley Confidential?? Oh man, I couldn't have been more excitedexcept now that I'm 32, the unbelievable storylines don't hold as much pizzazz as they once did. I downloaded the first 2 books of the e-serial last summer, [...]

    16. Jennifer N on said:

      I got through this because of my love for the Sweet Valley books of the 80s and 90s. Was it better than Sweet Valley Confidential? Maybe but only because I was already prepared for the topsy turvy world of Jessica being with Todd and Elizabeth with Bruce.This book combines the short e-books together into one volume. They were all connected so it was a good idea. Jessica and Todd are on the outs because she works too much. She ends up sleeping with Liam which of course upsets Todd who sleeps with [...]

    17. Jennifer on said:

      I was so excited with the return of Sweet Valley in Sweet Valley Confidential that I couldn't wait for the digital mini series to come out. I regionally bought the Sweet Valley serials but had to have the book in hardcover for my Sweet Valley collection.If you liked any of the original sweet valley series, you will like this book. I read the Sweet Valley High, twins, University and Elizabeth books and I couldn't wait to return to the world of Sweet valley and everyones favourite blond twins. Lik [...]

    18. Charlotte Lynn on said:

      A few years after Elizabeth and Jessica graduate high school, we catch back up with them and their lives. Jessica and her husband, Todd, have separated. Jessica, being Jessica, has been playing around with a hot young star. She has her son find themselves in danger. Will true love save the day?Elizabeth turns her back on Bruce Patnam when he is accused of rape. Realizing that all may not be as it seems, Elizabeth puts her reporter skills to work and tries to find out the truth and save Bruce’s [...]

    19. Rashmi Tiwari on said:

      My name is Rashmi and I am a childhood Sweet Valley addict. I first read this adult version of Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield's lives when it came out as an e-series of six novellas in 2012. It was summer. My kid was six months old. My newly formed little family and I were visiting my childhood home for six weeks and I happened upon this in the Kindle store, and promptly read one a week immediately when they came out (Hey B. Dalton's monthly release of SVH books).I forgot about them (even the p [...]

    20. Kristin on said:

      I absolutely loved the Sweet Valley series growing up and would obsessively check the out at the library. I was excited to see that we were going to be able to check in on Sweet Valley now that everyone was grown up. (Sidenote: I was a little depressed that the twins were not older than me in this updated installment. They're 30. It was a sad day.) The good news is that all of the main players from back in the day were back in action. The bad news is that none of them seemed to have actually mat [...]

    21. Vickie on said:

      I was surprised when I came across this book in the library. I grew up on the Sweet Valley High series and had read Francine Pascal's follow up book, Sweet Valley:Ten Years Later. I would say this novel is only so/so. Yes, the characters that we have all come to love are layered into the book, but the storylines between them tend to fall flat in my opinion. A very shallow, self centered storyline is presented with all of the women having marital/relationship troubles with their partners. Instead [...]

    22. Susan Bazzett-Griffith on said:

      This book was compiled of six short e-books, and I think it probably would be better read that way, as it can get a little repetitive when reading all of it in one big novel. I enjoyed catching up with the Sweet Valley residents, not quite as much as I enjoyed the Sweet Valley Confidential book that came before it, but I still definitely snuggled down in my favorite chair and devoured it in a few reading sessions. The plots are very soap-opera, some faster moving than others, some left unresolve [...]

    23. Jackie on said:

      I am slightly embarrassed to have read this. I guess I didn't learn my lesson when I read 'Confidential'. But, let's review why I chose to read it:-It was November when I came across it, and I work in retail. The start of the holiday season calls for extra light, mindless reads.-I am a sucker for things that give me a nostalgic feel.-The other book I have been reading is a dark, social commentary that is quite a bit depressing and haunting all at the same time. In other words, not at all conduci [...]

    24. Cathy on said:

      Ok, so we knew I was going to read this after I read and reviewed Sweet Valley Confidential. This is the same brand of guilty pleasure that the SVH books were when I was a kid. In fact, because there are more subplots (this was originally published as a 5-part e-serial), it feels like several of the books put together. The biggest problem is that some of the subplots work, and some are just duds. Perhaps it would have been better in installments, but for a book I read in two 1-hour settings it j [...]

    25. Elaine on said:

      I never expected much from this eseries. I knew as a teenager that SVH was not necessarily well-written or well-developed. I feel the same about these books. The Sweet Life eseries is exciting albeit predictable. I did not expect every storyline to be solved, and they weren't, but considering the final scene, I may be disappointed if the story does not continue for a few more episodes. I expect THAT particular story to be wrapped up good or bad. Sweet Life doesn't have to last as long as SVH. I [...]

    26. Elijay on said:

      I read the whole series in less that a week! (Expensive when compared to a ebook) But it was worth it, a real blast from the past, spending a bit of time with the swwet valley characters. As true Sweet Valley stories are, full of suspense - where you have to wait another 4 chapters to find out what happens to that cahracter next, meanwhile getting hooked on the next sub-story! I'm such a sucker!

    27. Daveia on said:

      I've been a fan of this series since I was a child and it was nice to see where some of my favorite characters ended up as adults on a purely selfish note I do hope that Elizabeth and Bruce end up back together before this series is fully concluded. I know happy endings for everyone is totally cliche but just once I want to make an exception. Especially for Elizabeth!!! All the liars and schemers get a happy ending and my childhood heroine doesn't? The little kid in me just can't accept it!

    28. Jennifer Green on said:

      The ending killed me. Why can't she be happy like everyone else. My favorite character in all of the SVH books for years and I wanted to smack someone for letting her be the only one who gets nothing. Elizabeth is good and does what's right - she even forgives Jessica - but she doesn't get a happily ever after with Bruce? No way! I agree with all of those who read and rated before me on that one. If anyone deserved to be alone, it was Jessica. And pretty much everyone who ends up happy really.

    29. Michelle on said:

      It took me awhile to read this for no real reason. The book was better then sweet valley confidential, mostly due to the fact that Jessica talked like a normal adult and like wasn't in her vocabulary so much. I didn't like the ending, wish that everything was tied up. But overall a good easy back to high school read.

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