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Jennifer Gold

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Soldier Doll

Soldier Doll Fifteen year old Elizabeth Bryant is not happy She s had to leave all her friends behind and move across the country for her dad s job in the military One hot summer evening during her first week in h

  • Title: Soldier Doll
  • Author: Jennifer Gold
  • ISBN: 9781927583296
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fifteen year old Elizabeth Bryant is not happy She s had to leave all her friends behind and move across the country for her dad s job in the military One hot summer evening during her first week in her new city, she s out killing time at a local garage sale when she spots a little soldier doll amid the junk She thinks only that it might be a good last minute birthday gFifteen year old Elizabeth Bryant is not happy She s had to leave all her friends behind and move across the country for her dad s job in the military One hot summer evening during her first week in her new city, she s out killing time at a local garage sale when she spots a little soldier doll amid the junk She thinks only that it might be a good last minute birthday gift for her dad, who s about to ship out to Afghanistan She doesn t realize that it might be a missing and very valuable historical artifact With the help of Evan, the cute guy she s just met at a local used book store, Elizabeth discovers that the doll might be THE soldier doll the inspiration for a famous World War I poem of the same name Elizabeth s story is interwoven with the amazing, tumultuous story of the soldier doll itself Fashioned with love by a father for his only child in England years ago, we follow the doll back to England during World War I, then on to Nazi Germany in the 1930s, a Czech concentration camp during World War II, Vietnam in 1970 and through the aftermath of 9 11.

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      491 Jennifer Gold
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    One thought on “Soldier Doll

    1. Pinky on said:

      Before I start this review, I am going to rant a little bit. I know, I rant a lot but this is something that I want to talk about. One of the things that I am super confused about is the fact that there are so many kids who find their parents embarrassing. I mean sure, my mom might dance and sing and make everything awkward. Sure my mom does weird things and although it may be embarrassing, I find it hilarious and she makes me laugh. But half of the time, a lot of kids find their parents embarra [...]

    2. Alex Baugh on said:

      It’s 2007, and Elizabeth Bryant, 15, isn’t really happy about having to move from Vancouver to Toronto, leaving behind her friends, her school and everything familiar. But, her dad is in the military, so there was no choice. When Elizabeth finds a little wooden doll painted like a soldier, she decides to buy it for her day’s birthday, just before he is deployed to Afghanistan. Who knows, maybe it will bring him so luck.By chance, Elizabeth also meets Evan working in a used book store and t [...]

    3. Lindsey Ellis on said:

      I received this book as part of a giveaway.Even though Soldier Doll was written for a younger demographic, I really enjoyed it. The main character, Elizabeth, is looking for a present for her father’s birthday when she comes across a small doll that resembles a soldier. Shortly after purchasing the doll, Elizabeth is introduced to a poem written about a similar doll that is gifted and lost by the author’s sweetheart during WWI. With the help of her father, Elizabeth begins to follow clues t [...]

    4. Cheryl on said:

      As a big fan of young adult fiction I have lately been tired of the same supernatural, bloodsucker plots. It was so refreshing and satisfying to read this beautifully written, unique story that gripped my attention from start to finish.The Soldier doll is captivating and moving and left me feeling enlightened. It offers thought provoking perspectives on a subject as contentious as war in a way that is relatable, while still engaging readers in a number of other important themes throughout the na [...]

    5. Phoebe on said:

      I found this to be a very good young adult/teen book. The story follows a doll painted to resemble a soldier. Over time, the soldier doll has been handed off from person to person as they experience and live a part of history (war, concentration camps, etc). In present day, a teen, Elizabeth, is in possession of this soldier doll and is uncovering all of its' back stories. Thank you Giveaway for the opportunity of winning this book and getting to be a first reader.

    6. Cassandra on said:

      09/02/16Still not over the fact that this is Jennifer Gold's debut novel! I will definitely be reading more from her. Read my full review hereVery interesting and a quick read! Full review to come c:

    7. Olivia on said:

      This story follows a doll that travels continents, time, and the world. The story flows together so beautifully that it seems real. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE TISSUES ON HAND BECAUSE THIS MADE ME CRY SO MANY TIMES.

    8. Chapter by Chapter on said:

      Soldier Doll by Jennifer Gold is one book that I am really hoping will be made into a movie. As I read the pages in this book, it wasn’t difficult at all to imagine the words and images making it onto the big screen.And the basis of the book? A soldier doll that was found by Elizabeth at a garage sale whom she buys for her father for his birthday. A perfect fit seeing as her father is a soldier who is supposed to ship out to Afghanistan. But little did she know that the little soldier doll tha [...]

    9. Ashley on said:

      Rating: 3/5***Minor spoilers***Elizabeth and her family have recently moved from Vancouver to Toronto, and Elizabeth is trying to cope with the change. Her father is going to Afghanistan for a year soon, and it's his birthday coming up. When she sees a little doll at a yard sale that is painted as a soldier, she buys it for her dad. When Liz visits a bookstore and meets a boy named Evan, he mentions that there is a very famous poem named The Soldier Doll, and that the doll in the poem has been m [...]

    10. Lucy on said:

      I’ve always been an archaeology geek, so when I read the blurb for Soldier Doll it instantly sparked my interest. Soldier Doll follows the incredible journey of a single historical artefact (a small wooden doll dressed as a soldier) as it passes from owner to owner, silently witnessing a century of warfare. It’s a difficult task for an author - attempting to forge an emotional attachment between the reader and an object rather than a single individual - which is maybe why although I enjoyed [...]

    11. Becky on said:

      Soldier Doll is a message-driven novel with an interesting premise. Towards the end of World War I (1918), Margaret Merriweather, an English woman, gives her fiance a wooden doll. This is a doll that her own father made for her when she's a child. She paints a soldier's uniform on him. She gives him as a good luck charm, a way he can carry her with him wherever he goes. After he dies, Margaret is inspired to write a poem. This poem becomes famous. The doll itself is gone forever. Or so everyone [...]

    12. Rebecca on said:

      Teenage Elizabeth has just moved to Toronto when she sees the little soldier doll at a yard sale, and buys it for her father, who is shipping off to Afghanistan soon. She then discovers that there’s a famous poem about a soldier doll from WWI, and wonders if hers could possibly be the doll that went missing. Meanwhile, the narrative follows young Meg in 1918, who gave the doll to her fiance, then follows the doll’s wanderings through WWII, Vietnam, and more.I’m unclear about two things wit [...]

    13. Barbara on said:

      Fifteen-year-old Elizabeth Bryant is miserable after her family's move from one part of Canada to another. When she finds an odd-looking wooden soldier doll at a yard sale, she figures it might be the sort of thing her father would like. While Elizabeth seeks a substitute for her friends back home, finding a friend and maybe a boyfriend in Evan, a boy who works in a local bookstore, the story moves between her experiences in 2007 Toronto and the doll's own history. It turns out that the doll has [...]

    14. Enid Wray on said:

      As I read the book, I tried to put myself in the mind of a 10 - 14 year old who might well be reading about a lot of this content for the very first time. How would I react to the story? How would I react to the content? I decided that there was an appopriate balance between trying to depict the horrors of war, and the changing nature of war over time, and the need to not devastate the reader. The book is graphic enough for the younger reader to paint the necessary mental images, without renderi [...]

    15. Steve on said:

      An imaginative series of engaging stories dealing with the small wooden doll of the title which begins as a memento from a girl to her fiance as he leaves for World War I. When the soldier is killed, the doll is recovered by a German soldier who eventually it passes to a younger man in a concentration camp during World War II only to have the doll find its way to an American GI in the Vietnam War. A young girl buys the doll at a garage sale in the beginning of the novel and gives it to her fathe [...]

    16. Shirley on said:

      Jennifer Gold's Soldier Doll is a very well written young adult novel. I like the way Gold uses the doll to share events from both World Wars as well as the Vietnam War. The realities of war are made personal by the stories of the soldiers and those left behind. There are many twists and turns throughout the novel that keep the reader immersed in the story. The events in the novel are not predictable. I enjoyed reading the book because it is so unlike most of the books being published for young [...]

    17. Sarah on said:

      A wonderful young adult début told through dual narratives, you are taken on a journey through several significant historical events and moments through the story of a doll passed along in a linked chain of events. Whilst being eye opening and honest with some of the realities and horrors of some of the settings (including 9/11, concentration camps and the Vietnam war), the story is emotional yet entirely appropriate for its intended audience. I enjoyed how the story covered angles both from th [...]

    18. Cee on said:

      If you can't miss an episode of Antiques Roadshow, then this is the novel for you. 15 year old Meg Bryant finds a wooden doll painted with a soldier's uniform and decides to give it to her father who is about to be deployed in Afghanistan. Inter mingled with their story are chapters detailing the doll's origins and previous owners. All of the characters are affected by war and all lose their innocence in various ways which will leave you wondering: is the doll a lucky charm or a foreteller of de [...]

    19. Michelle on said:

      Overall, I really enjoyed this story. It started off slow, but the more I read, the better it got. I love that there are stories within the story and that they all link together. We tend to think of people living extraordinary lives and being touched by other people, but this story reminds us that precious items serve a purpose and can connect us to other people too. It's a great book for anyone who has sentimental attachments to prized possessions or who loves a story that shows how we are all [...]

    20. Julia Schultz on said:

      I wholeheartedly loved this book. I picked it up as a suggestion from a friend, and couldn't put it down! It uses a very creative and interesting way to tell the story of the soldier doll and how it was passed down, while intervening every few chapters with where the doll now is in modern times. I'm not normally one to enjoy this type of book, but the soldier doll was extremely well written and captivating. The multiple stories of people written inside are heartwarming, and full of detail and wo [...]

    21. Alison Jog on said:

      Loved it. The concept is unique, pacing of the story is done well and the reader should feel complete when everything comes full circle. I really enjoyed the story arc between Elizabeth and Evan, it was a nice addition. I just wish there was more like how did Evan react? How is life after the baby is born? Many unanswered questions but that is the best part of some novels, never knowing the answers or making up your own to help you sleep at night.

    22. Yolie on said:

      I wish I liked this better. It is the kind of book that I want to love: smart protagonist, Canadian, different points of view and history. Unfortunately, it just didn't work for me. Elizabeth's section just felt off. Almost as if the author was forced to switch the POV from first person to third person at the very last minute. Also, the end was terrible. It was cheesy and the death was just ugh. So was the perfectly timed pregnancy. Again, ugh.

    23. Ray on said:

      what i tought about this book? Was that it was pretty interesting with the different stories that the doll went thru. The way the book started was so interesting on how the last person that had the doll was living close to elizabeth but how come she didnt ask the family about the doll. But other than that the book is so amazing i love it!!!

    24. Joyce on said:

      Really glad it's on our book club list for next year! Well written, I expected more sappiness but not so. Like the character of the old lady, the original owner of the doll, and her response to seeing it again. Powerful vignettes of various doll owners, especially haunting (of course) the ones from the Holocaust.

    25. Ampersand Inc. on said:

      I quite enjoyed Soldier Doll. Gold’s premise of a Zelig like toy soldier doll that travels thru many of our world’s biggest wars. This is definitely a teen book as some of the war scenes are quite graphic.

    26. Alanna King on said:

      I really liked the premise of the soldier doll's journey but, as usual, it felt contrived if it was an extended creative writing exercise. I found the characters to be likeable but not altogether authentic.

    27. Melissa ♥ Dog Lover ♥ Martin on said:

      This book was so bitter sweet. It makes me wonder if there truly is or could have been a soldier doll traveling around the world. The stories were so sad, but as most of us know are very true. I really enjoyed this book even through the sad times.

    28. Caroline Wells on said:

      I usually do not like books about war. But thisis was simply amazing. I loved this story very much.I loved all of the little "back in time" chapters that lets you know where the doll adventured. I already loaned my book to another book lover.I definitely recommend this read.

    29. IAmTheReadingPug on said:

      A really powerful book. It shadows that journey of the Soldier Doll and the stories of everyone who has had an influence upon its journey.

    30. Nancy Morecraft on said:

      I loved this book! War is never good but just goes to show that this is a small world and everybody has a story. Even a soldier doll! Thank you GoodReads and Jennifer Gold!

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