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Lisa Renee Jones

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His Secrets

His Secrets An Inside Out story Chris s POVIn a world where my only escape has been my art Sara has been the light in my darkness And there is darkness the kind of inky black that can bleed from my life to her

  • Title: His Secrets
  • Author: Lisa Renee Jones
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • An Inside Out story, Chris s POVIn a world where my only escape has been my art, Sara has been the light in my darkness And there is darkness, the kind of inky black that can bleed from my life to hers.She doesn t see it She doesn t understand what I ve shown her And my biggest fear is that soone will.

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      264 Lisa Renee Jones
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    One thought on “His Secrets

    1. Zandra on said:

      (view spoiler)[Im having a hard time making a review of this short novella i love the series. But im getting tired of the shoving -away- kind- of- guy- because- of- his- secrets-of-the-past. Hmm This episode is where Chris showed Sara his other part of his secret and whipped life. Yep, This involved Amber , that bitch Isabel and Tristan now u have the hint anyway, i miss this series i want more soon (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

    2. Emily McGee on said:

      This is an absolute MUST READ! If you love the Inside Out Series, you have to read this book. His Secrets picks up right before Chris and Sara head back to San Francisco. There is some time spent at the country home in Paris in which Sara and Chris finally get to spend some much needed time alone. All too quickly though, we are back in the world in which Chris must battle his demons at every turn. This is not a novella just to tide us over until the next book. This novella, told from Chris' POV, [...]

    3. Lisa Jones on said:

      DO YOU REMEMBER TIGER, MARK'S ATTORNEY, FROM INSIDE OUT??? HE HAS HIS OWN BOOK!! Check out the details on the WHITE LIES DUET BELOW - book one, PROVOCATIVE, is available now, and book two, SHAMELESS, is out on July 11th - PLUS if you pre-order book two you get a FREE EBOOK: lisareneejones/shameless-p★★BUY PROVOCATIVE - AVAILABLE NOW!★★Book one in the sexy and intense new White Lies duet from New York Times Bestselling Author Lisa Renee Jones!There are those moments in life that are provo [...]

    4. Jessica Brandon on said:

      His SecretsLisa Renee JonesI give His Secrets 5 stars. This ARC was given by Lisa Renee Jones in exchange for an honest review.Chris and Sara met because of another woman's secrets. Rebecca's journals and secret thoughts are what intrigued Sara into the art world and led her to the love of her life, Chris. However, he has his own secrets and he is not sure if he can completely share them before they marry. Protecting those secrets are not to keep her from fearing him, but to protect her from who [...]

    5. KatLynne on said:

      3.5 Hot Stars!This novella is told from Chris' POV and gives the reader deeper insight concerning his fears. His true motive for bringing Sara to Paris is much more than what was revealed in the last installment, Revealing Us, and a few key elements presented will continue throughout the remainder of the series. The reader is taken back to Paris where Chris and Sara are enjoying the last few days of bliss before returning home. A plot twist involving Amber throws a major kink in their plans and [...]

    6. Natalie The Biblioholic on said:

      I loved Chris. I wish the entire series was in his POV alone!!This book was straight drama. It felt like Chris couldn't catch a damn break from his demons. Especially not with both Amber and Isabel trying to manipulate him. In this installment, Sara was really just along for the ride. I did feel bad for Amber because it was obvious that she was suffering, but she made her own choices. She was grown. Chris may not have been the best influence, but she chose to follow him. The consequences of her [...]

    7. Renee Entress from Renee Entress's Blog on said:

      Lisa does not disappoint. Have to say when I looked at the amount of the pages I was upset it is very short.But you know Lisa she still manages to deliver spicy and passionite stories even on a few pages This is told in Chris's POV. You get a little more indepth look into Chris. You learn a little more about Amber and her pain. You still feel the pull with Chris and Sarah. You can feel Sarah's pain during parts of the story. You also feel Chris trying to shut her out at points. In the end will t [...]

    8. Heather on said:

      His Secrets 3.1Chris's POVI received a copy for an honest review.I love every part of this series! There are so many pieces that makes this series what it is. These journals are so important to the characters back stories. This particular journal is in Chris's pov. I love when we get a glimpse into the heroes perspective, especially Chris Merit; he has such a sordid past. After I read If I Were You, I wasn't to sure of how I felt about Chris. You could see he was hiding so much from Sara, I wasn [...]

    9. Vanessa on said:

      **FULL REVIEW**“She’s the woman I love, whom I asked to marry me only hours before. I would have sworn I would never love like this, never risk loss, but I can no longer imagine life without Sara. I don’t even want to try.”Sara has agreed to spend the rest of her life with Chris…but there are conditions. He has to finally open up to her and show her who he really is. And that means delving into the demons of his past that have somehow resurfaced in the worst possible way.Now, Sara is g [...]

    10. Rebecca Marr-blankenship on said:

      I was given this to read and give my honest review.This book is apart of an amazing series called "Inside Out", must read all of the books first before reading Chris'POV.This book is about Chris and the dark secrets he holds, his feelings, and you will learn about his pain. He takes the love of his life Sara to Paris to show her his painful dark secret but his fear is that it will tear them apart. He fears that Sara is not strong enough to hold what she is going thru plus what he is about to sho [...]

    11. Christi Lofton on said:

      Thanks to Lisa Renee Jones, I was able to read an ARC of this novella. I must say it was an awesome read! Being able to see inside that beautiful, troubled mind of Chris was amazing. The love between Chris and Sara was shown in even more detail. This is a great novella and I can't wait to read more of not only Chris & Sara, but also Mark. Great series! If you haven't read the series, then start with If I Were You now. If you are reading the series, then grab this one as soon as it comes out! [...]

    12. Esra on said:

      Serinin devamında hikayeyi ve elbette ki kendisiyle ilgili bazı gerçekleri bu sefer de Chris'in ağzından dinliyoruz.Fransa'da yaptığı teklifin ardından her şeyden uzak mutlu mesut yaşarlarken aldıkları telefonla işler yine sarpa sarıyor. Ve yine o gereksiz, saçma sapan kuruntular ortaya çıkıyor!Rebecca'nın günlüklerini de okuyayım, ondan sonra Mark var! Çok heyecanlıyım!

    13. Paris(kerbytejas) on said:

      I've read all of the Inside out books, read all of Rebecca’s lost journals, and now I've read His Secrets (Inside Out #3.1) by Lisa Renee Jones . Unfortunately, I have to say this novella (page count unknown, but its short) was my least favorite.I found the story line disjointed, the flow of the writing stiff and mechanical, and the character portrayal disappointing. These are character’s I've spent time with, they are far from perfect, they have problems, some more than others, but if this [...]

    14. SammiesBookBlog on said:

      I was given a copy for an honest review.I've read this entire series and I loved it! to get to read some of the story from Chris's eyes. I loved! he is so complex and one of my favorite male characters, I just loved getting inside his head and seeing how he sees, feeling what he feels. How he takes care of and protects the people around him, Amber, Sara, I just love. He is one of the most amazing, intense and complex men out there. Of course he has many demons and past issues and Sara tries to b [...]

    15. Grace on said:

      3 starsSTOP: Don't read this novella until you've read Revealing Us. This is Chris' secrets and his POV. It starts off where Revealing Us ends.The bulk of this novella takes place over 1 night, the night before Chris & Sara leave Paris. Amber is back (grrrr) and Isabel (GRRRRRRRR). Chris reveals more about himself, and while his secrets are sad and worrisome, I feel like they were revealed before. There's a lot going on, but what I took away most from this book was how messed up both Amber & [...]

    16. Elaine on said:

      Of course Lisa wrote an amazing POV for Chris Merit. When he decided to take Sara to Paris he wanted to show her, his deepest, darkest secrets from his past because he wants to marry her, he has never loved like is before, never risk loss, but he can no longer live without her. He can't help but feel that his proposal was about his selfish need to have Sara in his life whether its good for her or not. With only hours before their flight, he gets a phone call about Amber from Tristan. She is at t [...]

    17. Joy Whiteside on said:

      This was an amazing read. I could not stop reading it once I started and it took me away from my everyday life, and then when it was done it was back to reality.It moved along at an amazing pace, has awesome characters and a story that keeps you entertained from the very first word all the way till the very last.Lisa Renee Jones is an amazing author who I cannot get enough of. I am hooked on her writing and cannot get enough. I am really looking forward to reading more books by this exciting and [...]

    18. Jennifer on said:

      So good. I really enjoyed hearing Chris's voice. But what is with her and the last two pages being a cliff hanger. Again, really?!?!?!

    19. Amy Collins on said:

      #HisSecrets ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️#SexyAsHell #ChrisMerit Another Hot Read!Keep doing what U do!

    20. Marleen on said:

      ““The painting isn’t about you getting covered in tats. I lower my voice. “It’s about you being covered in me.””I don’t know what it is about Lisa Renee Jones but she always manages to touch me. This woman has a way with words that reaches some place inside me and evokes emotions. And that’s the reason this review will probably end up being more about the quotes than the story-line or my thoughts on it.Unlike the main books in the ‘Inside Out’ series, in which we follow the [...]

    21. ✰ Bianca ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰ on said:

      • Book #3.2 - My Hunger - will be out July 7• Book #3.3 - My Control - September 8• Book #4 - No in Between - August 19• Book #5 - I Belong to You - no date yetMY THOUGHTSChris is finally telling us his side of the story in this new Novella from the INSIDE OUT SERIES!The book starts right where Revealing Us left off.Remember? Chris just proposed to Sara in Paris. After he tried to keep his demons locked away - the demons that want to come out every year on the anniversary of Amber's pare [...]

    22. Jammie on said:

      Ok, I know I love a lot of books, I get that but here we are again, I’ve been waiting on this book. I went on a LRJ reading extravaganza after I read one of Lisa’s books called Escaping Reality (The Secret Life of Amy Bensen). And it just sort of fell into my lap (thank you Netgalley) After reading that one, it spurred me into the Inside Out series. From the first chapter of If I were you I knew I was hooked, 110%. I spent the next few days reading every book that was currently out in that s [...]

    23. Beth on said:

      Sometimes the past clashes with your future, but it is vital in molding who you are and is still a part of your life. When you hide it from the one you love, it can destroy Chris is trying to share it all with Sara before it destroys their love and trust. But when Sara is exposed to the darkest side of Chris's past will she run He is going to have to let down his barriers and trust Sara's love.Lisa Renee Jones fills the pages with emotional strife and a very difficult situation, taking us to Chr [...]

    24. Dianne on said:

      Sometimes no matter how hard you try to keep those dark demons of your past a secret, they are going to come back to haunt you. Chris has a very dark and brutal side he is trying to protect Sara from, his fear of her rejection looming in his mind. Before her, he had his art, but she completes his life with her trusting nature. When his past rears its ugly head, what will Sara do, run or try to break down the last of his barriers between them?Dark and intense, His Secrets by Lisa Renee Jones is t [...]

    25. Sandy S on said:

      4.75 starsHIS SECRETS (Inside Out Novella 3.1) by Lisa Renee JonesABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date February 24, 2014An Inside Out story, Chris's POVIn a world where my only escape has been my art, Sara has been the light in my darkness. And there is darkness, the kind of inky black that can bleed from my life to hers.She doesn't see it. She doesn't understand what I've shown her. And my biggest fear is that soone willVIEW: HIS SECRETS is the latest novella in Lisa Renee Jones’s erotic, adult, cont [...]

    26. Julie on said:

      The trip to Paris was to be for discovery. Chris has revealed his involvement with Amber’s parents to Sara. After a marriage proposal, Sara believe she knows all there is to understand about Chris’s past. Around the time they should be leaving to return to the US, a phone call may change everything. The hauting reality of Chris’s past comes front and center with the phone call. Tristan calls for help. Amber has sought out Isabel and the punishment of her whip. Amber uses the whippings to e [...]

    27. Larena on said:

      Contemporary, Paris, FranceChris Merit has always found his art to be his escape until the day he met Sara McMillan. She has proven to be a light in the darkness of his life. Unfortunately that darkness bleeds from Chris’s life into Sara’s. Now Chris needs to show Sara everything about his life. He is afraid of what will happen once he does because he is sure that Sara doesn’t understand or really sees everything that he has shown her so far. This is another great installment in the Inside [...]

    28. Robin on said:

      Yay we finally get Hottie Chris’s POV good lord I love me some Chris and I’ve been wanting to get in that gorgeous head of his since like forever. Even though this was a quick read, you get a lot of bang for your buck on these pages. You get to see how Chris truly torches himself inside out. Chris really wants to be happy and move forward with Sara but his demons continue to resurface. It also doesn’t help that they are still in Paris and Amber is still lurking for attention. I wanted to j [...]

    29. ✰BJ's Book Blog ✰Janeane ✰ on said:

      ARC Received via Netgalley for honest review So much emotion is conveyed in just 60 pages! And this novella is a perfect companion to the Inside Out series (and really, Ms Jones could write Chris reading the chinese takeaway menu to us and I know I would read it!!)We start where we left off, with Chris and Sara getting engaged in Paris. As we know, Chris and Sara's relationship has not been smooth sailing, and as we can expect from Ms Jones, we get plenty of angst, sorry, pain and drama, as well [...]

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