The Curse of Maleficent: The Tale of a Sleeping Beauty

Elizabeth Rudnick Nicholas Kole Walt Disney Company

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The Curse of Maleficent: The Tale of a Sleeping Beauty

The Curse of Maleficent The Tale of a Sleeping Beauty This beautifully illustrated novel dives into Aurora s tale in the upcoming Walt Disney Pictures film Maleficent

  • Title: The Curse of Maleficent: The Tale of a Sleeping Beauty
  • Author: Elizabeth Rudnick Nicholas Kole Walt Disney Company
  • ISBN: 9781423197515
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This beautifully illustrated novel dives into Aurora s tale in the upcoming Walt Disney Pictures film, Maleficent.

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      319 Elizabeth Rudnick Nicholas Kole Walt Disney Company
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    One thought on “The Curse of Maleficent: The Tale of a Sleeping Beauty

    1. Bailey on said:

      "The difference between a hero and a villain often depends on perspective." -The Curse of MaleficentContrary to the evil Maleficent of old, an antagonist with no trace of a heart, "The Curse of Maleficent: The Tale of a Sleeping Beauty" builds a beautiful and fresh take on this so called "villain." The fairy, Maleficent, only ever wanted humans and fairies to get along with each other, a hard task when humans consistently pillaged her land. However, she finds it in her innocent and pure young se [...]

    2. LJF on said:

      I don't know why so many people gave this such horrible ratings. I actually really liked it.

    3. Samantha on said:

      This was horrible and super cheesy. Maleficent was given no personality and Aurora was boring and naive. I think a 5-year-old could have written a better and more believable story. There was no continuity throughout the book and left me confused with so many unanswered questions. A huge disappointment after watching and enjoying the movie.

    4. Susan on said:

      I can't really give this book a star except it did have nice drawings, but I don't generally read books for their drawings. This is just a very long-winded "fairy tale", with a different, yet not any more believable, ending than the original. I think that they should have just left the classic alone. Very disappointed.

    5. Karyn Kar Mun (Thy Evil Queen) on said:

      2.5 stars.Here we have Maleficent, the wicked fairygodmother to Aurora, aka Sleeping Beauty. The princess is the side character here; this is Maleficent's malevolent and magnificent tale, in which she is both the heroine and the villainess. Unlike the Disney adaptation, which was maledicted with instalove and inexplicable evil that seemed to exist solely to be evil, Maleficent here is a morally grey character, although still a bit inexplicable at times.I do not know how much freedom the author h [...]

    6. Captain I on said:

      In reality, I would like to give this book two separate ratings;For the illustrations - 5 stars. They are the reason I bought the book in the first place; exceptionally beautiful and fairytale, full of soft curves and sharp angles, and some really enchanting backgrounds. Top marks, Nicholas Kole.For the text itself - 1 star. Not for the story - I had already seen the film before I read it, so I knew I was going to like the story and the characters - but for the actual writing. I was prepared to [...]

    7. Holly (Holly Hearts Books) on said:

      Personal Rating: 2.5I LOVE the tale of Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent. It's been one of my all time favorites ever since I was a kid so while looking for something quick and easy to read before the year ends, I thought to pick this up and indulge in this wonderful story of my favorite characters.Unfortunately it's disappointing.This is basically a book adaption for the movie Maleficent which came out in 2014. Go watch that instead. Yeah, I'm actually say that. I enjoyed the movie way more than t [...]

    8. Elevetha on said:

      Very few additions to the movie Maleficent, which was a bit of a let-down. Really the only thing that stands out as being any different was a mention of Maleficent's parents in the prologue. Other than that, it was exactly the same as the movie, but with 80% less of my favorite character, Diaval. Bother. That being said, I still enjoyed it, probably because I liked the movie. But this really didn't add anything to the story.I did very much enjoy the intermittent illustrations, mostly for their c [...]

    9. Miss Clark on said:

      First of all, apart from the briefest mention of Maleficent's parents in the prologue and a few scenes from Aurora's POV, the book adds nothing to the film. It follows the film word for word and does not ever bother to delve deeper into the motivations of the characters. I was hoping for some depth and development for Diaval and Aurora. Some mention of Aurora's mother, perhaps. Alas, it was not to be.That said, it is a lovely book. I love the illustrations! The book is a hardcover. I wish more b [...]

    10. Charity Cano Pierson on said:

      This book was based off the movie Maleficent. It finally gave Arora a personality that didn't need to be supported by animals and prince Phillip. I also like how Disney is starting to have the women save each other instead of needing a prince. This book gave Arora backbone. not only did Maleficent and Arora get back stories but so did King Stephan and the three fairies! Wonderful book.Pictures were beautiful too!

    11. Nilsson on said:

      Aurora was lucky to have such a kind woman looking out for her. And if I may say, it worked out very nicely the other way round, as well. May Maleficent never take such a blameless godchild for granted.

    12. Hope on said:

      "Aurora smiles. Yes, she thought, there is more to this wall than just thorns and brambles. And I intend to come back every chance I get until I find out what lies beyond.".

    13. Sandra on said:

      Beautiful illustrations and a easy read. Really enjoyed this, just as I enjoyed the movie.

    14. Megan on said:

      I really love this book. I enjoy this wave of backstories that Disney is doing. This one is no different. Such a beautiful nuanced telling. I also really like that isn’t not an exact replica of the film. There are a few unique aspects of the book that aren’t explained in the film- as it should be. Film and book are two different mediums. The story is beautiful. The pictures are really well done. You should read it.

    15. Rachel Meyer on said:

      This is about the fourth time I've read this, and I still love it. The way they captured the movie on the page is wonderful, and there are beautiful illustrations to top it all off. I'd definitely suggest this book if you're a fan of the movie.

    16. Emily on said:

      It's a kiddo book, but a fun companion to Maleficent movie. Seeing Maleficent from outside of Maleficent's point of view. Aurora tells how she views Maleficent which was cute. Wish there was more Diaval, but that's also my complaint about the movie. So overall, cute.

    17. Colleen M on said:

      I actually liked the movie better, which almost never happens to me. I saw the movie prior to reading the book, so maybe that had something to do with it. I feel like the book focused more on Aurora and the fairies compared to the movie which focused more on Malificent.

    18. Sara Abadía on said:

      I loved to read a fairy tale where true love was not necessary romantic

    19. Drew Graham on said:

      Maleficent is a sprightly young faerie with an inexplicably ominous name who loves her life on the Moors, though she doesn't understand the animosity her people feel for the humans who inhabit the neighboring kingdoms. She even goes out on a limb to befriend a human boy, which friendship develops into romance, but which romance results in betrayal. Brokenhearted, Maleficent takes her revenge however she can, but when the curse she casts on her former lover's child backfires, will she be able to [...]

    20. Darcy on said:

      The audio version of this marvelous new twist on Sleeping Beauty was spellbinding. The masterful exploration of love and hate, revenge and forgiveness, loss and the healing power of love gives readers young and old much to learn from and think about. I absolutely loved the story, the beautiful language, and Lucy Rayner's delicious British narration.

    21. Ashalyn on said:

      For a cute and very quick read this one fits. When I started listening to this I wasn't sure what to think. I know the story of Sleeping Beauty and also the portrayal of Maleficent in the movie so didnt know exactly what direction this one would more lean towards. This one really skates a fine line because this after all is a movie tie in but while that was dark this book was fairly light like the original Disney Version.As far as the audiobook goes it is voiced by Lucy Rayner. I love her Britis [...]

    22. Kevin on said:

      FANBOY POV:This is a masterpiece from the narration to illustration, it is a magnificent book. CRITIC POV:It's just me, but I kinda miss the traditional fairytale feel. THE REVIEW:WRITING STYLE:Even though the traditional fairytale feel is missing, I love how it is modern but enough to make children read it and children at heart (like me) love it. You will not be disappointed in reading this. PACE:It's fast. Not a dull moment. I could finish this book in one sitting if it isn't for my busy sched [...]

    23. Castiel Valmont on said:

      First of all, if you want to read this story I would recommend buying this version because it would feel more like a fairy tail book this way.Also, I would recommend watching the movie first (I know the book came out before the movie did, but I found that in order to understand somethings in the book or it's important to know some untold scenes in the book from the movie before reading the book just an opinion.)The book was written just like any good fairy tail. The twist of Maleficent past was [...]

    24. Jenny on said:

      The ideas and twists within these pages are not new--at least from my stand point. Even when viewing it in the Disney's The Sleeping Beauty universe, it is a separate entity, only a few select names and lines tying it to the animated movie, and should be held as such. In keeping mind of that, it is a rather good quick read, the author leaving much for the imagination (if you have yet to see the movie) and having a good split-view from the two main characters, Maleficent and Aurora. I wasn't over [...]

    25. Becky Ginther on said:

      This is an okay book adaptation of an okay movie. It follows the plot of the movie pretty much exactly, so you won't get much more out of the book if you saw the movie, which is what I was hoping for. The flaws I have with the movie are obviously the same as the book so I won't get into that here. It was an easy read and if you really enjoyed the movie you make like to read it just to get a little different perspective. The book was divided into sections and each one was from the point of view o [...]

    26. Angelynn on said:

      I really liked this book it was really adventurous.Also at the end of the chapters there are cliffhangers that really make you want to read more.Even though it might seem boring in the beginning it gets really cool once you get more into the book.I also like it because it is a twist on a Disney story and i like that because i am not a big fan of Disney stories.You will like this book even if you did or did not watch the movie because it is not like other books based on the movie where it is the [...]

    27. Jessie on said:

      I borrowed this a few months ago, then didn't get around to it because I'd already seen the movie. Since it was a movie to book adaptation, I felt justified. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was not just a rewrite of the movie Maleficent. The book was told from alternating perspectives. Sometimes I felt like I'd learned more through the movie, other times, I felt like I knew the characters better through the book. It was a good balance.I loved that the book and movie both took a story w [...]

    28. Theresia on said:

      Read this mainly for Nicholas Kole's illustration, alright.The book itself is, well, predictably meant to fit Disney's latest trend of revisionist, queering its antagonist characters. My problem is I grew up with the 1959 Maleficent: she's deliciously dark, deliciously evil, and she TURNS INTO A DRAGON. For all its metaphors (which I admit I enjoy), the 2014 Maleficent is not deconstructive; she just goes in the direction of the tired adagio "if you want a woman to become a heroine, you have to [...]

    29. Shelby Rollenhagen on said:

      Disney has taken the story of Sleeping Beauty and reinvented it in a new and interesting way. This story is easy to follow and read like many other young adult books. The story line is engaging and promotes wanting to read more at each stage of the book. I have given this book 4 of 5 stars instead of 3 of 5 because I thoroughly enjoyed the fairy tale aspects of the story. I would recommend this book for both children and adults who are interested in this type of story.

    30. Sharon on said:

      My Kiddo said before we see the movie, I have to read the book. Hmmm. Wonder where she got that from? :)I read the book in an hour and a halfort and sweet. Actually as it turns out, not so sweet, but I don't believe in spoilers. This book does for Sleeping Beauty what Wicked did for The Wizard of Oz.There's generally a pretty good reason folks act the way they do, this one has a list a mile long.Enjoy!

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