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Evening Stars

Evening Stars New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery returns to Blackberry Island with the poignant tale of two sisters on the verge of claiming their dreams Small town nurse Nina Wentworth has made a care

  • Title: Evening Stars
  • Author: Susan Mallery
  • ISBN: 9780778316138
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Paperback
  • New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery returns to Blackberry Island with the poignant tale of two sisters on the verge of claiming their dreams Small town nurse Nina Wentworth has made a career out of being a caretaker More Mom than their mother ever was, she sacrificed medical school and her first love so her sister could break free Which is why she isn t exNew York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery returns to Blackberry Island with the poignant tale of two sisters on the verge of claiming their dreams Small town nurse Nina Wentworth has made a career out of being a caretaker More Mom than their mother ever was, she sacrificed medical school and her first love so her sister could break free Which is why she isn t exactly thrilled to see Averil back on Blackberry Island, especially when Nina s life has suddenly become complicated Nina unexpectedly finds herself juggling two men her high school sweetheart and a younger maverick pilot who also wants to claim her heart But as fun as all this romance is, Nina has real life to deal with Averil doesn t seem to want the great guy she s married to, and doesn t seem to be making headway writing her first book their mom is living life just as recklessly as she always has and Nina s starting to realize that the control she once had is slipping out of her fingers Her hopes of getting off the island seem to be stretching further away until her mother makes a discovery that could change everything forever But before Nina and Averil can reach for the stars, they have to decide what they want Will Averil stay Will Nina leave And what about the men who claim to love them Does love heal, or will finding their happy ending mean giving up all they ve ever wanted

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    One thought on “Evening Stars

    1. Rebecca Smith on said:

      I just don't know. Something was missing from this book. I can normally relate to or connect with the characters in Susan's books but not this one. This book started off interesting but quickly lost all interest in it. If this was a show on tv or a movie I would of turned it off. But since I bought it, I finished it. Something was lacking, just not what I have come to expect from a Susan Mallery book. Nothing seemed to really get fix, or come to a conclusion. Everyone in the book just said oh He [...]

    2. Jackie on said:

      As the inaugural poster on the WHY ROMANCE MATTERS web site last year, Susan Mallery stated: "I am a feminist. I read and write romance. Those two statements do not contradict one another." The ending of Mallery's latest, Evening Stars, provides strong evidence that Mallery's claims are not contradictory. But much of what comes before had me wondering.Nina has spent much of her teen and adult life taking care of her family. Her needy, attention-seeking, flighty mother has always refused to take [...]

    3. Kimberly on said:

      Review featured on books-n-kissesThere is just one word for the story. Poignant. Yes there is a romance (or two) in this story but that is not what it is about. This is about family and the dynamics of a family with a mom who will not grow up, a daughter who grew up too fast and another daughter who doesn’t know her role in her life. I had a bit of a hard time connecting with Nina at first. She seemed so put upon but once I realized why she was like that I could understand her life. She was th [...]

    4. Susan on said:

      Good story revolving around two women and the changes that come to their lives. Nina is almost thirty years old and has lived on Blackberry Island most of her life. She has spent most of her time, since she was twelve, taking care of her flaky mother and younger sister. Averil is now married and Nina's mom also has someone special in her life, but Nina is still stuck where she is. She isn't happy, but she isn't miserable either. Then some things happen that really shake up her life.Nina's high s [...]

    5. Carrie Zagzebski on said:

      DNF. I am so sad. I love Susan's books, but this one just didn't hold my attention.

    6. Lily (Night Owl Book Cafe) on said:

      Evening Stars is the third book in Susan Mallery's Blackberry Island series. This one is about a woman named Nina who grew up on the island and has been unable to escape it, even when she had plenty of opportunities.Nina grew up being the responsible one ever since she could remember. Having a mother who refused to grow up and a younger sister who needed to be taken care of, Nina took the wheel. For that, there seems to have been a strained relationship between her, her mother and her sister Ave [...]

    7. Jane Stewart on said:

      This was ok, but not as good as the first two books. The audiobook narrator was ok but I prefer other narratorsE SERIES:This is book 3 in the Blackberry Island Trilogy. Each book can be read as a stand alone. This author has written many romances which are primarily about relationships between men and women. For a change in this series she is writing about relationships between women as friends or sister-like. And I like the change. And I like that at the end of each book, the main female charac [...]

    8. Susan on said:

      Evening Stars by Susan Mallery is the final book of the Blackberry Island trilogy set off the coast of Washington state. Nina is the responsible one in her family - both her mother Bonnie and sister Averil "just want to be princess, don't want to be queen". Neither faces up to the consequences of her actions; just leave problems for Nina to solve. Nina gave up her dreams to leave Blackberry Island for medical school, to put her sister through UCLA. Nina watches the family antiques store accounts [...]

    9. Clarabel on said:

      Je ne vous cache pas mon amour pour les petites villes américaines où je ne cesse de poser mes valises en contemplant la vie qui passe Cette fois, direction Blackerry Island chez la famille Wentworth.Je demande la fille aînée - Nina, 30 ans, infirmière, célibataire, dévouée à ses proches. C'est elle qui a financé les études de sa sœur et qui tient la maison debout, car leur mère refuse toute responsabilité (elle se couvre derrière le syndrome Peter Pan). Nina est loin d'avoir une [...]

    10. Rossy on said:

      (view spoiler)[I really can't stand reading about cheating of any kind. Even when it's only in thought, let along by having sex. It's not logical, as I'm not as judgemental in real life; but God damn it why can't people be loyal at least in fiction?! Don't keep saying you lorve him to death and then accepting a date with some stupid chap, and stringing him along for nothing! (hide spoiler)]I HATE the main couple, couldn't care less about the ridiculous ending and EXTREMELY happy I'm DONE! The li [...]

    11. Sharon Huether on said:

      Evening Stars Susan Mallery This was a wonderful story of sisters and their mother. The older sister always looking out for the younger sister and her mother too; since the mother was more like a friend than a mother. After a long dry spell of a love life the older sister had two men of her choosing. There was a wonderful time of change, when the girls grew up. I love a happy ending. The author didn't disappoint us. I won this book through 'Book reporter"

    12. Dee on said:

      Two-haiku review:Old boyfriend returnsPlus guy who's loved her for yearsFrom no guys to twoDeeper issues hereShe always took care of thingsGave up her own dreams

    13. Monica Gearhart on said:

      SPOILER ALERT!! I loved this series. I wish it wasn't the end. It did end with a happily ever after. I actually thought Nina was going to end up pregnant by Kyle when she was sick. Turns out, it was just the flu. But I didn't think she was going to go back to Dylan. Now we need another book to show their love story and also continue her sisters story. I mean, it ended the book with her sister being 7 weeks pregnant.

    14. Kathy on said:

      4.5 stars.In Evening Stars, the third installment of Susan Mallery's heartwarming Blackberry Island series, complicated family dynamics are almost impossible to overcome when Nina Wentworth and her visiting sister Averil find themselves trapped in the roles that have defined them since childhood. Averil is happily married but the prospect of beginning a family leaves her contemplating exactly what she wants out of life. Nina is still taking care of everyone, including her irresponsible mother Bo [...]

    15. Ashley Farley on said:

      I wouldn’t call the plotline extraordinary or the writing style remarkable, but the well-drawn characters in Evening Stars drive this novel around the bases and into home plate. Susan Mallery’s key to success involves one of the basic principles of fiction writing—creating characters whose strong motivations propel the story forward.What did I expect from Evening Stars? A novel about familial relationships with a little romance on the side. What I didn’t expect was to get sucked into the [...]

    16. Marti on said:

      Evening Stars by Susan Mallery is the newest book in the Blackberry Island series. Susan Mallery can draw characters with all their hopes, fears and dreams. The best part of her books is that they end happily with everyone happy and in love. This book is the story of Nina. Nina is a woman who was mother to her younger sister when she was a child herself. Her mother wouldn’t take her responsibility and lived at if she were Peter Pan. Nina took on more and more – paying for college for her sis [...]

    17. Cherise on said:

      I don’t know what it is about these books that scare me. I always find myself putting off reading them like I am NOT going to enjoy them. It must be the heavier than normal subject matters. I was hesitant with the first two, yet ended up loving them, and still hesitated with this one… and loved it.Nina has been living on Blackberry Island her entire life. Once she had big plans to leave the island, go to medical school and become a doctor, but family obligations kept her home. Now she is a n [...]

    18. Barb on said:

      Small-town nurse Nina Wentworth has made a career out of being a caretaker. More "Mom" than their mother ever was, she sacrificed medical school--and her first love--so her sister could break free. Which is why she isn't exactly thrilled to see Averil back on Blackberry Island, especially when Nina's life has suddenly become.icated.Nina unexpectedly finds herself juggling two men--her high school sweetheart and a younger maverick pilot who also wants to claim her heart. But as fun as all this ro [...]

    19. Morrigan on said:

      This is the first book I read by this author. This book is slightly different than your average 2-main leads romance in that it integrates the family relationships a bit more. I liked that, it gave the book a better background and more depth to the characters.Nina Wentworth is the self-sacrificing caretaker of the family. She has sacrificed her personal happiness for that of her family. Now, she has the attention of two men and a complicated life as her family refuses to take care of themselves. [...]

    20. Angelique on said:

      In this final installment of the Blackberry Island trilogy, Nina and Averil Wentworth are at crossroads in their lives. Will they both find the strength to pursue their dreams and chase their happiness, or will the pull of the known keep them in the rut they're currently drowning in?Susan Mallery not only shares the story of the Wentworth family, she also fills us in on what has happened since our last visit to Blackberry Island, reacquainting us with the characters from Three Sisters. It was gr [...]

    21. Emily Savageau on said:

      I received an ARC of this book.This is the third book in the Blackberry Island series. I've read the first two and enjoyed them quite a bit so I was excited to read this one. This book follows Nina who we met previously in Three Sisters, who is a nurse working for Andi the pediatrician. Nina's life is running as normal until her ex Dylan shows up along with a new love interest plus the addition of her younger sister who left her husband to try and find herself. Things get even more complicated w [...]

    22. Swanangel15's Book Review on said:

      I was not expecting all this angst in this book, but, it oddly intrigued me. This book is for all the women who ever felt like that it is too late to achieve your dreams. Well guess what, it's not and +Susan Mallery tells us a story about why that is!Nina Wentworth is a small town nurse who also has a life time job of being the responsible one. Having to be a mom to her mother and to her sister, Nina was not able to be child, she always had to be the grown up around the house.Read the rest of my [...]

    23. Harlequin Books on said:

      "TOP PICK! Mallery's immensely entertaining, intensely emotional novel is a vividly descriptive, locale-perfect, stand-out story, starring eclectic cast of unforgettable characters who will warm hearts and confound, and heroines that readers will champion. Although it concludes the trilogy, this Blackberry Island book reads well alone". (RT Book Reviews, rated 4 1/2 stars)Blackberry Island, book #3

    24. Jess on said:

      I'm so surprised by how much I didn't enjoy this book. I love Susan Mallery's books and I've really enjoyed the other books in this Blackberry Island series. But this one had nothing I liked. I though the main character was flaky, the extra family story was just boring and the heroes didn't interest me at all.I would still suggest checking out the other books in this series but don't be surprised if this one doesn't interest you!

    25. Maureen ~Bitch Can Write A Book on said:

      Another great visit to Blackberry Island.Another wonderful story of relationships.ers, mother daughter, old love vs new love. I really enjoyed this book. Walking the journey with Nina was sweet, seeing her finally get what she wanted after years of making sure everyone else in her family had what they needed. Never putting herself first. I'm looking forward to the next book she writes this author really is amazing.

    26. Darcy on said:

      Very blah. The family drove me nuts, each of them made their place and knew what they were doing, even as they wanted a change. I didn't really like either of the men Nina was interested in, so when she finally did choose it didn't really matter to me.

    27. Sally Ember on said:

      Unexceptional but entertaining enough. I've read all her books in several series and can speak with some experience when I say this one seems that she phoned it in. Disappointing, cookie-cutter book.

    28. Sarah on said:

      The first one was by far the best in the series. Ignore this one.

    29. Linda Farrell on said:

      Typical beach book with no redeeming social value. I enjoyed it.

    30. Heidi on said:

      Three and a half stars: A book about finding yourself and grabbing your dreams.Nora is irritated that she has to run to her mother's antique store after work after the latest employee turned out to be another bad decision. On the drive over, her car stalls and won't restart, and it is just her luck to be in one of the island's cell phone dead zones. As if all that isn't bad enough, it is now raining. Nora must make the hike in the cold rain, but thankfully after a few feet, a rescuer pulls along [...]

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