A Circle of Wives

Alice LaPlante

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A Circle of Wives

A Circle of Wives An Indie Next Pick A LibraryReads Selection An Best Book of the Month Mysteries Thrillers A Daily Candy Best Book of March One of More Magazine s Five Thrillers Not to Read After Dark When Dr John Tay

  • Title: A Circle of Wives
  • Author: Alice LaPlante
  • ISBN: 9780802122346
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An Indie Next Pick A LibraryReads Selection An Best Book of the Month Mysteries Thrillers A Daily Candy Best Book of March One of More Magazine s Five Thrillers Not to Read After Dark When Dr John Taylor turns up dead in a hotel room, the local police uncover enough incriminating evidence to suspect foul play Detective Samantha Adams, whose Palo Alt An Indie Next Pick A LibraryReads Selection An Best Book of the Month Mysteries Thrillers A Daily Candy Best Book of March One of More Magazine s Five Thrillers Not to Read After Dark When Dr John Taylor turns up dead in a hotel room, the local police uncover enough incriminating evidence to suspect foul play Detective Samantha Adams, whose Palo Alto beat usually covers petty crimes, is innocently thrown into a high profile case that is complicated than any she has faced before A renowned reconstructive surgeon and a respected family man, Dr Taylor was beloved and admired But beneath his perfect fa ade was a hidden life in fact, multiple lives Dr Taylor was married to three very different women in three separate cities As the circumstances surrounding his death emerge, Detective Adams finds herself tracking down a murderer through a tangled web of marital deception and revenge New York Times bestselling author Alice LaPlante s haunting and complex novel of family secrets dissects with scalpel like agility the intricacies of desire and commitment, trust and jealousy.

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      470 Alice LaPlante
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    One thought on “A Circle of Wives

    1. Patrice Hoffman on said:

      The idea that we never quite know who we've chosen to live the rest of our lives with is always an interesting mystery. Many of the best mystery novels are built on this premise and have maybe influenced those with eyes wide shut to get a grip. A Circle of Wives by Alice LaPlante explores this topic and turns it on its head.A prominent reconstruction surgeon is found dead in an upscale hotel. At first glance, it appears the deceased has died of an apparent heart attack. After closer inspection, [...]

    2. Carol on said:

      I couldn't wait to get my hands on Circle of Wives. It promised all the things I like in a book. An interesting premise, a psychological tale and exploration of holy matrimony. A doctor is found dead in a hotel room. At first look Dr. John Taylor, appears to be the victim of a heart attack. Very quickly there's enough evidence for police to investigate the death as murder. Dr. John Taylor is a famed plastic surgeon, married for many years to Deborah, who on the service seems quite nice but who b [...]

    3. Diane S ☔ on said:

      2.5 A man is dead. A rookie detective is on the case. What appears at first to be a heart attack, may not be once it is known that the man had three wives. How was he able to fool these women into thinking they were the only one? Or did he?I loved her first novel, thought it was original, well Written and well executed. This one reminded me of a story in the National Enquirer, yes, there are a few twists and turns but for the most part this book did not grab me at all. News articles and all, I f [...]

    4. i. on said:

      At the beginning I liked detective Samantha Adams. Her honesty about her shortcomings and the way she approached the investigation , even her descriptions of her boyfriend's peculiarities.At first the novel made me smile more often than not, in spite of the plot : three women married to a man who is murdered.However, as I continued reading and discovering new facts about the three wives , their present and past lives and their relationship with a very charismatic but moody husband, I felt that t [...]

    5. Connie on said:

      I read or listened to this back in Jan or February and thought I had done a review, but apparently not. Does that mean it was not rememberable? Maybe.There is a murder, and we learn that there are three wives and wonder which of them did the dirty deed. Entertaining? Yes. Great writing? Ahybe? Suspense? Some. This is the type of book you take on vacation. A quick and entertaining read, nothing too intense. I enjoyed the character development, though I did not really like the characters.I appreci [...]

    6. Marla on said:

      Lots of twists and turns. You don't find out what really happened to John until the end. John has three wives who don't know about each other until he is murdered. Very well written and interesting.

    7. Kathy on said:

      The first 50 pages had me going, I was very interesteden it didn't go anywhere, I couldn't connect with any of the characters and the ending was not a surprise to me.

    8. Debbie on said:

      Hm. I read “Turn of Mind,” LaPlante’s earlier novel, and I came away so satisfied—I’m now wondering if my opinion was tainted by my interest in books about Alzheimer’s victims. Because “Circle of Wives” is a book that didn’t leave me satisfied, and it’s a book I’ll forget in no time. In fact, I’m worried that its boring essence will lead to a boring review. How can I write a passionate review when I have such a boring taste in my mouth?This book is about the murder of a p [...]

    9. Carol on said:

      Although nicely written this book is not terribly suspenseful. The wives are one dimensional and Samantha is bumbling and unprofessional. I suppose I was most bothered by the depiction of women as being dumb and so desperate to catch and keep a successful man they fail to question the obvious. It is a quick read that provides mild entertainment. Unfortunately, the premise of this book was totally unbelievable from the start. Even if John Taylor had ADD with extreme hyperactivity and never rested [...]

    10. Minty McBunny on said:

      I have to congratulate Ms LaPlante on her ability to take a very interesting premise and transform it into a flaccid, lifeless and utterly dull murder mystery. I give it 1.5 stars only because I did manage to drag myself through it in order to find out who the killer was. And even that was a disappointment, as it was the most obvious suspect. Really a remarkably boring "thriller".

    11. Vonia on said:

      This was definitely not as good as Turn of Mind. It was, however, a subtly suspensful read that explored the psychology of the multiple wives as well as the detective, Samantha. I use "subtly" because it was not exactly a page-turner. I kinda had the murderer figured out pretty early on, but it was fun reading how LaPlante choose to get the reader there. The multiple points of view approach was a good choice. Four voices, each of the wives plus Detective Samantha Adams (no beer references, she s [...]

    12. Bonnie on said:

      This is a second book following Alice LaPlante's best selling debut novel, Turn of Mind. Circle of Wives is a psychological thriller of martial deception, revenge, and murder. The narrator is Samantha, a detective with the Palo Alto Police department living with her boyfriend of ten years. When a body is discovered in the Westin hotel, she is sent as the investigator. At first, the man seems to have died from a heart attack, but a postmortem shows bruising and a needle mark. The verdict is murde [...]

    13. Karin Slaughter on said:

      Really good read, though the murder plotting side of the story wasn't very tight, and I didn't find the young woman believable as a seasoned cop (her voice was too tentative). Overall, I just love the way LaPlante writes about cold, scientific women.Though she shouldn't write about southerners. Some of the colloquialisms were laughably off.

    14. Kristina on said:

      Alice LaPlante’s second book, A Circle of Wives, is excellent. I love her writing style because her characters have authentic and original voices. This is one of the few fictional books I’ve truly enjoyed this year. Dr. John Taylor is found dead in an upscale hotel room. The police aren’t sure if it’s murder, but they don’t think it was a heart attack either. Young and recently promoted Detective Samantha Adams is in charge of the case, her first suspicious death. In her quiet and weal [...]

    15. Samantha on said:

      3.5 out of 5 stars Having just read an advance copy of Jennifer Murphy's "I Love You More" I was curious to see how Alice LaPlante would tackle her novel about three women who all discover they've been "married" to the same, recently deceased man. (Side note, men with multiple wives maybe these two novels should be treated as cautionary tales; in both the husband is no longer in the land of the living.) Both books focus on unraveling the mystery of the husband's death, though LaPlante takes a di [...]

    16. Erin on said:

      ARC for review - received as part of First Reads program. A solid 3.5 stars for this, my second LaPlante this monthd there's a clear pattern here. LaPlante writes mysteries a la Jodi Picoult but here the character studies are far more important than the whodunit reveal (which both here and in Turn of Mind were rather underwhelming). We learn quickly that Dr. John Taylor has turned up dead, possibly murdered, in a Palo Alto hotel room and then we learn that he had three wives and was living very [...]

    17. Lynn on said:

      Full review at Smoke & Mirrors: books-n-music/201. Great book. I was reminded of The Wife, the Maid, and the Mistress and In the Woods. I like the fact it isn't all tied up nicely and neatly. I like the interwoven realizations as Sam works her way through this case, especially with regard to her own relationship. It really is that old question in some wayswhat is it like to be "in love"? And is it necessary for a "successful"/"happy" relationship? What a tangled web

    18. Cynthia on said:

      Rounded up 3.5 stars. This is another very readable story by Alice LaPlante, but perhaps not her best.

    19. Mom2nine on said:

      Story line is interesting, but I have a real issue with authors who do not do their research, esp. in a crime novel. LaPlante is a college writing instructor, writing 101 is to know your subject. So, just in the set-up of the story. MJ is from Gatlinburg, this would not be a TN community known for white trash or meth use. If you write about a real location, do your research and still expect to offend people from that area, with your consistent and un-needed jabs. Secondly, she states that many b [...]

    20. Laurel-Rain on said:

      A Palo Alto plastic surgeon is found dead in an upscale hotel room, apparently of a heart attack. But further investigation reveals that foul play has been involved.Detective Samantha Adams has been assigned to the case, and the more she digs into the matter, the more complicated it all becomes. For Dr. John Taylor has not only one wife, Deborah, a society matron, but two others: M.J. Taylor and Alice Richter. And supposedly it was all okay with Wife Number One, who had apparently helped orchest [...]

    21. Gwen on said:

      Only upon his death in a hotel room, under possibly suspicious circumstances, did two women realize that their husband actually already had one wife who knew about both of them. As Detective Sam(antha) Adams tries to unravel the truth, and relationships, between Deborah (wife #1), MJ (wife #2), Helen (wife #3), and Claire (surprise fiancee and possible cause of divorce), the reader gets the perspective of (almost) all of these women. The jump from character to character makes for some short cha [...]

    22. Jacqie on said:

      I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This book, by the author of Turn of Mind, is another murder mystery. A doctor is found dead in a hotel room and it turns out that he had three wives. The first wife knew about the other two, and in fact made arrangements for her husband to spend time with them, but the second two didn't know anything about their husband's secrets. So, who killed this guy? Set to find the answer is a young, rather childish detective who still we [...]

    23. Erika Nerdypants on said:

      I'm reaching at 2 stars, according to the rating system. This was only barely okay, which after "Turn of Mind", was a huge disappointment. As a mystery, this falls short in many departments. Even with considerable suspension of disbelief, the plot of one man married to four wives without anyone being the wiser simply doesn't hang together. This could make the premise of a good story, but there are too many main characters, with none of them being developed. In fact they all seemed stereotypical [...]

    24. Laurielib on said:

      After reading The Goldfinch I was looking for something witty and fun for an escape. I saw good reviews for Circle of Wives and initially was not disappointed. The premise of an altruistic surgeon, who turns up murdered and trapped in an unhappy marriage fit the bill. In concert with his wife of 35 years he embarks upon marriages with two other women to complete his life. As wife number one says, the relationship created a perfect marriage and a balanced life. The novel is told from the perspect [...]

    25. Joanne on said:

      I hesitate to call this book a thriller. It really wasn't, in that the resolution to the murder didn't matter all that much. In fact, it was fairly predictable. What I liked about the book was the format, seeing events from the many different perspectives, each in its own way poignant. These were all such damaged people, which is why the deceased, John Taylor, was able to get them settle for so little. It was really very sad. The book moves at a fast pace, helped by the short format chapters. Th [...]

    26. MARILYN on said:

      A classic " who done it". Even though I figured it out early I still enjoyed the story and how she brought it to a conclusion. No blood, guts or gore here, just a simple who killed Thomas Taylor and why. An interesting premise and well written story.

    27. Marianne K on said:

      Loved this book! It's a quick read with a satisfying ending. An added bonus is that it's a mystery.

    28. Bancha on said:

      The author had me interested at first, then it just started laying out flat and boring. I definitely didn't like the detective and finally the way all of these wives allowed this man to be in their lives so little but were obviously controlled by him---well, that is just not interesting---and is it really believable that this accomplished surgeon with a busy practice also had a full life with all of these wives and none of them ever crossed paths or were interested enough in his life to go to hi [...]

    29. Maryellen on said:

      Everyone has something to hide. When you end up murdered in some hotel room, just about everything you were hiding comes out. Dr. John Taylor, 62 years old, renowned plastic surgeon from Palo Alto, California, was found in a room at the Westin Hotel. At first it would appear to be a heart attack. A closer look tells a different story. Who would want to kill this respected and admired surgeon who founded a clinic to reconstruct the faces of disfigured children? Maybe one of his clinic partners? M [...]

    30. Rachel on said:

      I chose this book because it got an A- review in Entertainment Weekly and involves polygamy. Perfect combo for me! This book is different from the other polygamy books I've read in that most of the wives don't know the others exist. Although I wouldn't rate this as high as EW did, I found this to be a quick and entertaining read. It did require some suspension of disbelief to fully enjoy however. Unless John never slept, it was difficult to imagine how he kept up the ruse for as long as he did. [...]

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