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Royce Prouty

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Stoker's Manuscript

Stoker s Manuscript Debut author Royce Prouty offers a spellbinding tale of history folklore destiny and redemption Joseph Barkeley has a gift Without the aid of chemical testing he can accurately determine the authe

  • Title: Stoker's Manuscript
  • Author: Royce Prouty
  • ISBN: 9780425269794
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Paperback
  • Debut author Royce Prouty offers a spellbinding tale of history, folklore, destiny, and redemption Joseph Barkeley has a gift Without the aid of chemical testing, he can accurately determine the authenticity and age of any document, seeing details within the fibers the way a composer picks out the individual notes of a symphony But rarely does Joseph get a job this delDebut author Royce Prouty offers a spellbinding tale of history, folklore, destiny, and redemption Joseph Barkeley has a gift Without the aid of chemical testing, he can accurately determine the authenticity and age of any document, seeing details within the fibers the way a composer picks out the individual notes of a symphony But rarely does Joseph get a job this delicate and well paying A mystery buyer has hired him to authenticate the original draft of Bram Stoker s Dracula When he travels to Transylvania to personally deliver the manuscript to the legendary Bran Castle, Barkeley, a Romanian orphan himself, soon realizes that his employer is the son of the infamous Vlad Dracula Imprisoned in the castle and forced to serve the Master, Barkeley must quickly decipher cryptic messages hidden within Stoker s masterpiece to find the Master s long lost bride or risk wearing out his welcome But as he delves into the history of Dracula and his own lineage, Barkeley discovers that his selection for this job was based on than his talent with rare books Now, he has a perilous decision to make save his life with a coward s flight, or wage a deadly battle with an ancient foe.

    Bram Stoker Abraham Bram Stoker November April was an Irish author, best known today for his Gothic novel Dracula.During his lifetime, he was better known as the personal assistant of actor Sir Henry Irving and business manager of the Lyceum Theatre in London, which Irving owned. Dracula Dracula is an Gothic horror novel by Irish author Bram Stoker.It introduced Count Dracula, and established many conventions of subsequent vampire fantasy The novel tells the story of Dracula s attempt to move from Transylvania to England so that he may find new blood and spread the undead curse, and of the battle between Dracula and a small group of men and a woman led by Professor Bram Stoker s Dracula A Documentary Journey into Vampire Bram Stoker s Dracula A Documentary Journey into Vampire Country and the Dracula Phenomenon, edited by Elizabeth Miller, is the same book as the Dictionary of Literary Biography Bram Stoker s Dracula A Documentary Volume, but in Bram Stoker Irish writer Britannica Two years after Stoker s death, his widow, Florence Stoker, published as part of a posthumous collection of short stories Dracula s Guest, which, most contemporary scholars believe, text editors had excised from the original Dracula manuscript In Dacre Stoker great grandnephew of the author and Ian Holt produced Dracula The Un Dead, a sequel that is based on the novelist s own Vampire Rave is for Real Vampires Vampire Rave is the social networking website for vampires and goths We are a home for real vampires around the globe If you re looking for a darker gothic or vampire social network, you ve found it Vampire Rave was designed as an online resource for the vampire community. S T Joshi Blog It was, as you can imagine, difficult to boil down the contents of six books into a single volume every story had a right to be considered for inclusion. Booksellers Bookselling Books Online shopping for Booksellers Bookselling from a great selection at Books Store. Dracula roman Dracula is een gothic horrorverhaal uit in de vorm van een briefroman, geschreven door de Ierse schrijver Bram Stoker.De hoofdpersoon van het verhaal, Graaf Dracula, is een aristocratische vampier uit Transsylvani.Dankzij het succes van het boek en de verfilmingen die er in de loop der jaren op werden gebaseerd, groeide de figuur van Dracula uit tot s werelds bekendste vampier. A Discovery of Witches All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Deborah Harkness is the number one New York Times bestselling author of A Discovery of Witches, Shadow of Night, and The Book of Life.A history professor at the University of Southern California, Harkness has received Fulbright, Guggenheim, and National Humanities Center fellowships. Literary Terms and Definitions G Carson Newman College This webpage is for Dr Wheeler s literature students, and it offers introductory survey information concerning the literature of classical China, classical Rome, classical Greece, the Bible as Literature, medieval literature, Renaissance literature, and genre studies.

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      311 Royce Prouty
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    One thought on “Stoker's Manuscript

    1. Kathy on said:

      A Dracula novel should be creepy, atmospheric, and steeped in Old World superstition. Stoker's Manuscript hits the mark in its tale about the rare original manuscript of Bram Stoker's Dracula, a manuscript with parts unpublished. Joseph Barkeley, a resident of Chicago, is a rare manuscript expert who is contacted by an overseas buyer through his representative to authenticate and purchase the Stoker manuscript before it goes to auction. The representative insists on anonymity for the buyer and p [...]

    2. Terry Weyna on said:

      Royce Prouty received a 2013 Stoker Award nomination for superior achievement in a first novel for Stoker’s Manuscript. Because of the nomination and the fact that Prouty’s protagonist, Joseph Barkeley, is a rare book and manuscript expert, I couldn’t resist.Joseph Barkeley has always had a knack for spotting rare editions in crowded used bookstores, and is able to tell if a manuscript is genuine without the need for any chemical testing. It’s an ability that makes him the subject of Art [...]

    3. Melissa on said:

      *** Received from First Reads giveaways***I had a hard time getting into the story when I was reading this book. I think it is partially because I didn't think the main character was a very interesting character at all, he was mostly dull and a rather uninspiring hero. The last half of the book the action and the character became more interesting since there was more happening rather than just getting a lot of background history on events that happened in the past. The background history was int [...]

    4. Lara (Bookishsolace) on said:

      As Dracula by Bram Stoker is one of my most favourite classics of all time and as an avid reader of gothic and vampire fiction, this book needed to be read by me! And one thing: don’t read it at night if you’re faint-hearted! There are scenes which are very graphic. Through the use of spare prose, the nightmarish stuff is highlighted even more and Royce Prouty does not use euphemisms like Stoker does. What I like most about this novel is the blend of historical facts and Dracula and the inte [...]

    5. meghann on said:

      This one just did not work for me. Beware paperbacks only costing $2, I guess. I can't even tell you the mc's name. That's how little of an impression he made on me. The first part of the book is just him proving how much he knows about everything. At one point, he walks past a church to get to a cemetery and over a page is spent describing architectural features. Mind you, this is detailed description of a building he is just passing by. He also has the emotional range of a kitchen sponge. A co [...]

    6. Jim on said:

      A fascinating new take on 'Dracula,' with a bibliophile perspective. Joseph, a Chicago antiquarian book dealer, gets a mysterious offer to purchase the original manuscript and notes of Bram Stoker's now-famous vampire novel. But what other secrets are in the edited (or censored) chapters? And Joseph's own orphaned past, along with his priest brother, go back to Romania, where the manuscript is to be shipped.The book-dealing and research aspects intrigued me more than the rehashed vampire suspens [...]

    7. Crystal Spence on said:

      I won this book in a First Reads Giveaway. This was definitely not what I had thought the book would be like when I entered to win it. First, the main character was VERY boring and dry. I could not connect with him at all. Then, the author wrote out accents after he would write a sentence. This was so distracting. I found myself re-reading what I had already read in the accent. I guess if he wanted us to read it as it was being said then why not just write it that way to begin and end with? For [...]

    8. Michelle (True Book Addict) on said:

      I have been on somewhat of a Dracula kick lately. I'm listening to Bram Stoker's classic novel on audio and I'm slowly working my way through a reread of The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. So I was thrilled when Royce contacted me and offered me a copy of his book. My friend, J. Kaye, had raved about it and it turns out she was not wrong.What I liked most about the book was the creepy elements that crept up on me throughout the book. I felt chilling fingers move up my spine more than once. This [...]

    9. AdiTurbo on said:

      The writing isn't brilliant and at times - repetitive, but the story is old-school, East European-style vampire (not the YA nonsense), full of atmosphere, old traditions and the people who still live them, which I can't resist. The plot is very gripping, and even though the main character isn't very likable, he is still interesting, and so are other characters around him. There is some historical background which gives it all credibility and adds another level of interest. Enjoyable, quick read. [...]

    10. LAPL Reads on said:

      When is a risk too great? Even when the possible rewards are tempting? How do you decide? Who’s council do you seek? And what do you do, if after all the consideration and deliberation, you find that you’ve chosen poorly and the costs are higher than you could have possibly imagined? These are just some of the questions explored in Stoker’s Manuscript by Royce Prouty.Joseph Barkeley leads a comfortable life after a rocky childhood. He and his brother were orphaned in their native Romania a [...]

    11. Christopher on said:

      Several words came to mind while reading this novel, but one was repeated more often than the others:terrible! In fact, if it hadn't been for my New Year's resolution to finish every book I begin in 2014, I would have vehemently tossed it aside with a disappointed grunt. I saw this book in a bookstore and instantly noticed that it had the makings of a great - no, fantastic - story, so saving a couple bucks, I ordered it from and restlessly waited for my two-day delivery. WOWwas I disappointed! [...]

    12. Albert on said:

      I had a tough time with Royce Prouty's; Stoker's Manuscript. I loved the subject matter and the premise but felt the delivery of the novel to be disjointed and uneven. Much like a good movie torn apart on the editing floor."You already did, by agreeing to go. There's danger there, a type not like here. You won't like what you see, Joseph, and you'll never be able to purge it from your memory." "Can I have your blessing?" "If only I could," he said. "Where you are going, God's eyes do not watch." [...]

    13. Angelia Herrin on said:

      When rare-manuscript expert Joseph Barkeley is hired to authenticate and purchase the original draft and notes for Bram Stoker's Dracula, little does he know that the reclusive buyer is a member of the oldest family in Transylvania.After delivering the manuscript to the legendary Bran Castle in Romania, Barkeley—a Romanian orphan himself—realizes to his horror that he's become a prisoner to the son of Vlad Dracul. To earn his freedom, Barkeley must decipher cryptic messages hidden in the tex [...]

    14. Janette Fleming on said:

      When the original manuscript for Bram Stoker's Dracula comes up for auction, Chicagoan Joseph Barkeley, an authenticator and purveyor of rare books, is hired by a European family to obtain Stoker's Manuscript and personal notes and deliver them to Dracula's Castle in Romania.Barkeley, a Romanian orphan as a child, returns to the land of his Transylvanian ancestors with the manuscript, only to find out that he has been hired by the storied Dracul family.(view spoiler)[The manuscript's mysterious [...]

    15. Spencer on said:

      "I lived in a place where the weather holds a grudge against humans."This book was quite something different, and for that, I really enjoyed it. It takes a lot of creativity to make a good spinoff of a classic, which many authors attempt to do and fail. This, however I would not consider one of those.I am not saying it was without its flaws. The writing style made it harshly apparent that this was the author's first work. Some of the transitions felt weak and disjointed, and the plot at times wo [...]

    16. Rand on said:

      Once the hook is set, this book is hard to put down.It's been a while since I have read Dracula but I do recall being told of some of the weirdness surrounding that novel's initial publication (last-minute editorial changes, suspected arson hitting both Stoker's workplace and publisher). Prouty builds upon that stuff and then throws in other bits of history for good measure. This book could have been a wee bit shorter. I ended up skimming two or three chapters (the sort which detail obvious solu [...]

    17. Randy Daugherty on said:

      Stoker's Manuscript by Royce Prouty, This was hard to put down once started.Dracula, Bram Stoker's classic horror novel and known by all , a great work of fiction. Or was it?Joseph Barkeley is hired to authenticate the original draft copy and until now unknown notes with a prolog and epilog that was not included in the published copy.Why?As Joseph delivers the copy and authentication to the unknown buyer as per contact he learns that not all of Vlad's children were known and it would seem dead.J [...]

    18. Sheila on said:

      2.5 stars--somewhere between "it was okay" and "I liked it."This book has an amazing premise. What if Stoker knew the real location of vampire burial sites, and included hints of these locations in early drafts of Dracula? I love the idea of using the text as a treasure map, and the vampire lore in this novel is well done, with creepy vampires and lots of menace. However, for such a neat premise, the book sure is dull. The main character is passive and bland; I couldn't tell you a single one of [...]

    19. Joni Daniels on said:

      A first novel and a really good effort. A mix of Romanian history and Bram Stoker and Dracula. Starting with orphaned brothers in Chicago, one a priest and one a rare manuscript expert is offered a deal he can't refuse what would you do with -- and for -- four million dollars? Vlad Dracul is set up a little like a Mafia Don and our hero realizes that there are time that even someone who is a meek, sheltered, nerdy coward can be put in a position where he must be brave. There is some gory violenc [...]

    20. Tina Hayes on said:

      Royce Prouty's "Stoker's Manuscript" is a modern vampire story that takes an American book authenticator born in Romania back to his roots in a way he never would have imagined. Joseph Barkeley is hired to bring Bram Stoker's original manuscript to Transylvania for a very large sum of money, but why? Turns out some of the real Dracula's relatives don't want the rest of the world to find out secrets contained in the original version, and they'll stop at nothing to keep their secrets.If you're a f [...]

    21. Jeremy Trumble on said:

      This is a pretty good book to read at Halloween time. It is a good adventure story which includes tid bits about Bram Stoker and the story of Dracula. I read books to lose myself in the story and I found this story just sucked me in from the beginning. I look forward to another novel by Royce soon

    22. Renee on said:

      Anyone who knows me or reads this blog knows I have a great deep love for anything Dracula, the more intense, creepy and sexy the better.So it was with extreme happiness I took Stoker’s Manuscript from the hands of my best beloved one and eagerly began the process of deciding if I could read this fiction novel…. I tend to immerse myself mainly in YA.After reading the book flap and flipping through a few of the pages I decided that I had to purchase this novel and devour it as fast as possibl [...]

    23. Fangs for the Fantasy on said:

      When Joseph Barkeley was a little boy, he and his brother were taken to an orphanage after their parents died and their home burned down. Unlike many orphans, they were rescued by the Catholic Church and taken to America to be raised. Joseph's brother Bernhardt became a priest and Joseph a rare book dealer and authenticator. Both men are haunted by their past and neither could have predicted what would happen when they were forced to confront it. The journey begins when Joseph is given a once in [...]

    24. Doug Clark on said:

      Stoker’s Manuscript by Royce Prouty is an interesting take on the Dracula myth. This is an engrossing first novel. The basic plot involves a high-end used book dealer, Joseph Barkeley. He is hired to authenticate and purchase the original manuscript of Dracula along with all of Bram Stoker’s notes for an anonymous Eastern European buyer prior to their auction, and then personally deliver the manuscript to the buyer. In the course of researching the manuscript and making the purchase, Barkele [...]

    25. Aimee on said:

      If you're a fan of Bram Stoker's Dracula, then Stoker's Manuscript is a must-read. As the name of the book implies, Stoker's original manuscript features prominently in the narrative as the main character, Joseph Barkeley, a rare book and manuscript expert, is hired to 1) authenticate it, and 2) broker a deal to purchase it from a museum for a mysterious, unnamed client. When Barkeley agrees, he doesn't realize that it will change his life irrevocably. The mysterious client is someone, no, somet [...]

    26. Samuel R. Colletto, Jr. on said:

      After reading the synopsis of the book, I, of course, was intrigued and added it to my "To read" list. I went into it expecting a nicely crafted, chilling reading experiencebut was left scratching my head because it managed to be fairly formulaic and dull. Therefore, I give it a rating of 3 because it was average/decent, and even that is being generous.I still enjoyed aspects of the story, and unsettling feelings arose within me during occasional moments, but the first-person narration destroyed [...]

    27. Mike (the Paladin) on said:

      I think possibly this "sub-genre" of the vampire novel may not be one for me. I tried The Historian and found it (for me) a complete waste of time. This one I didn't really dislike but I did find myself wandering away from it and "taking my time" getting back to it. Joseph Barkeley a rare book dealer and expert makes one of the classic mistakes of horror literature. he rationalizes a decision that will make him a huge amount of money and ignores a warning from a Nun. Thus the said "horror" ensue [...]

    28. Matt on said:

      I thought this would be a good Halloween book, and it's fine, but it could have been great. The story is original - a Transylvanian orphan in Chicago enlisted to authenticate an unpublished edition of Bram Stoker's Dracula finds himself wrapped up in a war among vampires and has to use clues from the book to survive. But the book itself is blunt, with minimal connective tissue. We might get a page of lush description of the Romanian countryside, but we more often get the main character hopping t [...]

    29. Jonathan Tomes on said:

      Several months ago I reviewed The Romanov Cross by Robert Masello, a supernatural thriller, which I gave five stars. My latest read, Stoker’s Manuscript by Royce Prouty, is an equally good supernatural thriller. It concerns a rare-manuscript expert who is hired to authenticate and purchase the original draft and notes for Bram Stoker’s classic, Dracula. Upon delivering the manuscript to the client at Castel Bran in Romania, he is horrified to learn that he has become a prisoner to Vlad Dracu [...]

    30. Viccy on said:

      Joseph Barkley and his brother, Bernhardt, are orphans, rescued from the hell of Ceausescu's Romania and sent to Chicago. Years later, Bernhardt is a priest and Joseph is an antiquarian bookseller. He receives a mysterious telephone call, requesting he verify and obtain the original manuscript of Bram Stoker's Dracula. This brings him back to his homeland and all the vampire legends rampant in this land of superstition. Soon, Joseph discovers intriguing connections between his family history and [...]

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