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Jen Lancaster

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Twisted Sisters

Twisted Sisters New York Times bestselling author Jen Lancaster is as adept at fiction as she is at telling her own stories Publishers Weekly starred review And now in her new novel reality gets an unreal makeover

  • Title: Twisted Sisters
  • Author: Jen Lancaster
  • ISBN: 9780451239655
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Hardcover
  • New York Times bestselling author Jen Lancaster is as adept at fiction as she is at telling her own stories Publishers Weekly, starred review And now in her new novel, reality gets an unreal makeover Reagan Bishop is a pusher A licensed psychologist who stars on the Wendy Winsberg cable breakout show I Need a Push, Reagan helps participants become their best selvesNew York Times bestselling author Jen Lancaster is as adept at fiction as she is at telling her own stories Publishers Weekly, starred review And now in her new novel, reality gets an unreal makeover Reagan Bishop is a pusher A licensed psychologist who stars on the Wendy Winsberg cable breakout show I Need a Push, Reagan helps participants become their best selves by urging them to overcome obstacles and change behaviors An overachiever, Reagan is used to delivering results Despite her overwhelming professional success, Reagan never seems to earn her family s respect Her younger sister, Geri, is and always will be the Bishop family favorite When a national network buys Reagan s show, the pressures for unreasonably quick results and higher ratings mount But Reagan s a clinician, not a magician, and fears witnessing her own personal failings in prime time And seriously Her family will never let her hear the end of it Desperate to make the show work and keep her family at bay, Reagan actually listens when the show s New Age healer offers an unconventional solution Record Nielsen ratings follow But when Reagan decides to use her newfound power to teach everyone a lesson about sibling rivalry, she s the one who will be schooled

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    One thought on “Twisted Sisters

    1. Elizabeth on said:

      Even for a rabid Jen Lancaster fan like myself, this was not a good book. The plot was a retread of her last novel, Here I Go Again, and the main character was laughable. I could actually imagine Lancaster thinking to herself "I need to write a character that is not me. I don't run, so let's make her a runner. I didn't excel academically, so let's make her a PsyD. I do drink, so she'll be a teetotaler. I LOVE MTV's 'The Real World', so she'll be disdainful of reality television" and on and on. R [...]

    2. Lisa on said:

      This book made me sad, and not because it was a sad topic. Jen Lancaster launched herself into my heart and my must read list with the release of Bitter Is The New Black. That book was epic. With each new memoir, I was first in line to get a copy, and devoured it. None really reached the heights of Bitter, but the first few were great and would leave me laughing so loud I had to be careful not to read them in public. I have practically forced friends to read her books, especially Bitter. But, wi [...]

    3. Angela Risner on said:

      Reading this reminded me of a quote from an episode of Will & Grace, where Taye Diggs' character says: "If this isn't the theater showing 'Memoirs of a Geisha' then why are all of these people coming out going "eh"?"Yup, that's all I could think about when I thought about writing this review. Eh. Eh. Eh.There's no question in my mind that Jen Lancaster is a talented and funny writer when she is writing about her own life, though some of those tomes have gone astray as well. But when she trie [...]

    4. Aimee on said:

      I love Jen Lancaster. Unabashedly, unapologetically and in a totally clam-up & sweat-whenever-I-see-her-in-person kind of way, I just plain adore her. But this book? It's not good. Admittedly I'm not much of a fan of Jen's fiction. I wish she'd stick with her non-fiction snark, but this was by far the worst of her fictional works. It was tough to read because 1) Regan Bishop and most of her surrounding cast sucked and 2) the premise was over-the-top ridiculous. I read it and stuck with it so [...]

    5. Melissa on said:

      Really disappointed in this book. Generally love this author, but this one was just not good. Very slow to start, pacing totally uneven, and the bizarre twists did nothing to advance the story. I didn't like the main character at all (I think that was supposed to be the point)but there was no lead in with her sisters so we could warm up to them more, I didn't like them either. There are some funny parts, Lancaster's humor is great no matter how much the plot is a stinker. And I'll keep reading h [...]

    6. Darcy on said:

      Oh Jen Lancaster, I'm so sorry for giving this book a horrid review. I love her blog/Facebook posts but I feel that this one was so far from her style.I loved her earlier memoir-type books and I enjoyed the first one of her novels. The Martha book was lacking something for me, and this one was just insufferable. The highlight for me was a couple pages in when she referenced my high school (Maine South) because her books tend to take place in the Chicago area and suburbs. But this one was just ho [...]

    7. Andrea on said:

      I love Jen Lancaster and have read all of her books, but this one was a real bomb. Contrived and copied ideas abound throughout--she references her own work too much and the main characters job was a riff on an Oprah show/network. Plot jumped around so much that I truly thought my e book had eliminated chapters. One minute she's talking to the show producer about going network, the next the producer is fired? But it was never discussed! Also the boyfriend Sebastian--when in the book did their br [...]

    8. Arielle on said:

      God this book is awful. Fool me once with your terrible fiction, Jen Lancaster, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. The characters in this book are such thinly veiled copies of real people (both Jen herself as well as celebrities) that to call this fiction is an insult to real fiction writers. The premise is both stupid and ridiculous, and the characters - when not blatant copies of real people - are so absurd that they're just caricatures. Has Jen ever met a real person? After reading wha [...]

    9. Linda Larsen on said:

      Awkwardly written, with unnecessarily complex words and just not interesting. The main character is just plain disagreeable and unlike able. After struggling through 100 pages I just gave up. Will not be reading more from this author.

    10. Lauren on said:

      I'm giving up! Normally I enjoy Lancaster's books, but this one is just too much: the plot is predictable and every single character is insufferable

    11. Amy Lignor on said:

      Ah…the joys of sibling rivalry. There are many readers out there who have been the one to stand in the ever-expanding shadow of the ‘family favorite’ - the sister who seems to be accomplishing ‘SO much more than you are.’ This book not only offers the immense humor and sarcasm that will keep readers laughing over this particular situation, but also presents a real-life story when it comes to loving your sister, even while you’re dreaming of turning her on a spit above an open campfir [...]

    12. Trisia on said:

      I'll give it 3.5 stars and should never read other reviews until after I'm finished. I think some of the reviews were snarky in themselves and maybe really didn't get the book. Personally I liked it. It was entertaining, snarky, what a first born thinks about the second and third was interesting. I found the "walk a mile in my shoes" scenario with sister to be thought provoking. Can you imagine putting yourself in someone else's body (whether for good or bad) and then come to the "ah-ha" moment [...]

    13. Kristina Hoerner on said:

      I am much more a fan of Jen Lancaster's memoirs than I am her fiction. I didn't really get into this book until almost the end when the main character realized how selfish she was being. Reagan Bishop is a TV psychologist who has spent her whole life trying to be perfect. She eats healthy, exercises, went to the right schools, and puts her job first, relishing being a semi-celebrity. Unfortunately, all of that has not made her popular with people, especially her family. She thinks her parents lo [...]

    14. Dale on said:

      This was a DNF for me. I got about 10% in and wasn't enjoying this book whatsoever. I decided to take a look at some reviews here in GR to see if I just hadn't "gotten it" yet. I saw a bunch of 1 and 2 stars and knew it was time to cut bait. I may have given up too early but I doubt it. Sorry.

    15. Slickery on said:

      Sigh. I think I'm done with Jen Lancaster books. I don't like her essay books anymore at all but I held out hope for her fiction. Although I disliked her first, her second was really good so I had high hopes for this one. I even bought the ebook instead of getting it from the library because I've been a fan for so long and want to support her.But this book is a mess. I suspect an unknown Jen Lancaster never could have gotten this published. She's said she purposefully made the protagonist unlika [...]

    16. Peebee on said:

      I would probably give this a 4.5, but I'm going 5, and here's why. I've read all 10 of Jen Lancaster's books, and have really watched her develop as an author. Her first several books were memoirs, and they were really funny, because they were a real account of her life, with her glorious snark at the forefront. Then it seemed like she ran out of memoirs/projects to write up, so she started writing fiction. Her first attempt at fiction (If You Were Here) frankly was just not that good. It was re [...]

    17. Juli on said:

      In a word: this book was bad. Every character was such a caricature that it was unpleasant. The story took way too long to get to where it was going, and it seemed like many important details were left out (I found myself muttering "WTH???" far too often). And while I enjoy losing myself in a little fantasy and have no problem suspending reality, this book crosses into unbelievable in all the wrong ways. I think that "Twisted Sisters" could have been salvaged if Jen Lancaster had taken some time [...]

    18. Silver_Neurotic on said:

      I have read several of Jen Lancaster's memoirs and I consider them to be some of the funniest books I have ever read. I recall one even making me snort out loud because I was laughing so hard. Fortunately I was in the privacy of my own bedroom at the timebut I digress. This was my first foray into Jen Lancaster's fiction. When I saw this book was on sale I grabbed it and as I was due to take a three hour train ride, figured it would be the perfect book to keep me entertained. Sadly, I was mistak [...]

    19. Debbie on said:

      I was optimistic when I started reading the book. I have loved Jen Lancaster's snarky memoirs and have read most of her books. When I got to the end of chapter one, I quickly realized this was fiction, not a memoir, and liked it a little bit less. When I got to the end of the fifth chapter and the characters were really unbelievable and non-likable, I liked it a whole lot less. Around halfway through when the novel turned into a Freaky Friday situation and the main character, Reagan, literally w [...]

    20. werejumpinbooks on said:

      To be perfectly honest, I almost DNF this book as soon as I landed on page 20. I’d also prove she’s not allergic to nuts. (That was my ham sandwich, damn it!) ~pg 20Food allergies is nothing to play with, and you wouldn’t “prove” anything. This was the hardest thing to overcome to even try to read the rest of the book. If someone says they have a food allergy, you shouldn’t have to prove anything. But on the plus side at least at the end of the book she did use Epipen and went to the [...]

    21. Kate Sherwood on said:

      I've never read this author before, and don't think I'll be looking to read her again.I didn't mind the first third of the book. The main character was annoying, but I LIKE complicated, prickly characters. I was ready for some gradual character growth, some insight, some progress. Instead I got a total mess. Out-of-the-blue body swapping, ridiculously cliched characters, totally unrealistic 'revelations', etc. I felt like I was reading the wish-fulfillment fantasy of an overweight teenage girl w [...]

    22. Mary on said:

      My experience of reading this (I got through about 100 pages before finally giving up), was of Bridget Jones meeting Bewitched. Snarky self absorbed, man obsessed person meets a witch. When I realized the second character was a witch I gave up. So it's possible something really amazing happens in the second half of the novel. And, if Bridget Jones and Bewitched appeals to you, this novel probably will too.

    23. Barbara on said:

      I received Twisted Sisters by Jen Lancaster from a Giveaway. This unusual story of warring sisters and the way they settle their differences is amusing and even has a bit of a twist towards the end. A fun, quick read and as always Lancaster is just like that girlfriend you love to hang out with.

    24. Rina on said:

      it's true I changed the rating from one to two stars, only because the story ended on a much better note than it began but it was frustrating getting to it. it was so trivial and the main character so so unlikeable I never thought I'd get through it, or even wanted to. but I plowed my way and got there. she did improve and so did the story. the end.

    25. Karie on said:

      I have to admit - I wasn't loving this book when I first started. The main character was SOOOO snarky, and maybe too much for me. True Jen Lancaster style, but felt totally over the top. I set it down and read a couple other books, and after picking this back up I'm glad I came back with a fresh perspective. It reminded me how much I really enjoy Jen Lancaster.

    26. Ann on said:

      I love Jen Lancaster. This book, however, was terrible. The plot was insane, the characters were totally unlike able and I couldn't wait for it to be done (I'm a finisher). Stuck with writing about yourself, Jen!

    27. Lauren Glenn on said:

      I hate that I disliked this book so much. I love Jen Lancaster but not even ten pages into this book, I couldn't stand the main character. I had to force myself to finish it and all I can say is THANK GOD it's over.

    28. Marissa Crawford on said:

      3.5 starsMy two complaints about this book are 1) that the main character is completely unlikeable and 2) the ending is too rushed. Otherwise, I enjoy Lancaster's writing although this book felt very similar to "Here I Go Again."

    29. Lyndsay on said:

      Maybe 2.5 stars. Fiction is not her thing. Very disappointing. The main character isn't likeable at all. I spent most of the book wanting to punch her.

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