Dark Grace

M. Lauryl Lewis

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Dark Grace

Dark Grace A small group of survivors of a zombie plague have overcome countless tragedies and horrors Now settled on a small island in Puget Sound they hope they will find peace and have a chance to catch thei

  • Title: Dark Grace
  • Author: M. Lauryl Lewis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A small group of survivors of a zombie plague have overcome countless tragedies and horrors Now settled on a small island in Puget Sound, they hope they will find peace and have a chance to catch their breath They soon find that new, and old, threats are around the corner Trusts will be broken, lives will be lost, and hope will become an idea of the past as darkness surA small group of survivors of a zombie plague have overcome countless tragedies and horrors Now settled on a small island in Puget Sound, they hope they will find peace and have a chance to catch their breath They soon find that new, and old, threats are around the corner Trusts will be broken, lives will be lost, and hope will become an idea of the past as darkness surrounds them all.Dark Grace is the third book of the Grace Series and picks up where book two, Tainted Grace, left off Intended for mature audiences due to graphic horror, intense gore, and sexual situations Due for release on June 20, 2013.

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      319 M. Lauryl Lewis
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    One thought on “Dark Grace

    1. Petra Garcia on said:

      *Contains "BAD WORDS" and several grammatical errors. I tend to get excited while writing a review and forget to check what I wrote*This book WOULD have gotten its 5 stars if it werent for that goddamn cliffhanger. I was scared the whole timewell nervous. I fucking hated Boggs in this book and LOVED Gus even more. I still cant believe the shit that went down in this book. Nate, Susan, Zoe, Gus, Abbey,Jane, Emily and Boggs cant get a damn break. This book seemed much more real because the author [...]

    2. Dena on said:

      I am toally surprised the characters have lasted this long with their stupendous planning. I mean really it just lacks sense and quite frankly I do not expect anything more which is a shame because the story plot is awesome. I mean I cannot wait to find out what happens next but the characters are just not getting any better. I love the changes and how smooth it goes. I love how she keeps the high going throughout the story that you don't have any idea what will happen next. What I do not like? [...]

    3. Allie Rashkow on said:

      You know, I always had an "ick" kind of feeling about Boggs and he REALLY proved me right in this one here! Boggs needs to GROW up and stop acting like a three year old! Other than that, I cannot BELIEVE how amazingly awesome this book was! I LOVE Zoe as the protagonist. There were sharp turns around corners that I NEVER saw coming and they took my breath away. There were tears (lots of them) and love and warmth. I hate that what makes an amazing zombie book is the author's non-fear of killing o [...]

    4. Heather on said:

      I am enjoying this series. I'm not someone who normally reads zombie stories but this one is worth it. I'm glad to start seeing tension and dislike occurring between the characters. I feel like in the first book of the series everyone seemed to get along but by this book there are definitely some dislike and hurt feelings. I feel that Zoe is starting to grow a little as a character as well. She is starting to seem a little less weak and needy. I would have liked to see her progress a little fart [...]

    5. Joanna on said:

      Still like the series, even more annoyed with Zoe and her whining, center of everyone's world, I can't live without this guy, but I can't live without that guy either, and they should just accept I want them both attitude. The romance is getting ridiculous. It's a zombie apocalypse not high school for Christ's sake. I could do without the sexual stuff, I find it hard to believe anyone would be that sexually active at such odd times. I want more zombie - less "doing it".

    6. Jennifer Nigh on said:

      More spoilers in this review. A great series to read.I was a little miffed by the fit Zoe was throwing at first in the book. What did she expect? She cheated on Boggs with Gus, betraying her friend, Em and Boggs. She didn't tell Boggs until later in the book that Gus and her had a brief affair. I was saddened by the deaths of Em, Zoe and Boggs baby, Molly, and Jane. I kind of understood having to kill Em off so the author could put Zoe and Gus together, but found I was upset by the death of Jane [...]

    7. Kylee on said:

      This series has been a really good series so far! I have read 3 books and I'm not stopping now. I love Zoes abilities and I think it's cute that Gus has abilities related to Zoe. Gus has grown on me more than Boggs did. When he slapped Zoe, that made me mad. Gus was there and really started to grow on me. I have to say I really like Zoe and Gus, they are my favorite. I really like the zombies in the book because they are not like the normal slow zombies. Overall, a very good book and looking for [...]

    8. Robin Wings on said:

      Okay, so I know I sort of seem like the odd-man-out with this series, since my opinions don't seem to mesh with anyone else's. Maybe that's because I've been on an all-out reading rampage of late, and I've been gobbling up one enormously great book after another, thus consistently raising the bar until I'm almost unmollifiable. Or maybe it's just one of those "to each his own" sort of deals. I don't know. The good news here is that, while I almost didn't continue onto the third book, I am rather [...]

    9. Sarah-Jayne Briggs on said:

      (I received this book for free as part of First Reads giveaways).(This review may contain spoilers).This book was less creepy than I expected, probably because it brought me right into the story. The narrator of this book, Zoe, was a character who was fairly interesting and one who didn't actually irritate me. Even though she did some things she really shouldn't have, I could still emphasise with her and still find her fairly likable.I'm not very clear about what the green markings on some of t [...]

    10. Janice Colbert on said:

      I almost don't know where to begin. Zoe's pregnancy is rather different than the norm. Gus and Zoe have connected more ways than one. I literally was beside myself with what happens to Emilie. I don't think I have ever disliked a character/s more in my time of reading books than I have with this series. The people from that compound they got involved with has filled me with so much dislike for them. Their constant harassment toward Zoe and her "family" is getting under my skin! The walking dead [...]

    11. S.T. Williams on said:

      I don't know exactly why I keep reading these books, maybe it's because the plot and world of this series is interestingor maybe it's just because I am book-aholic and I have a problem.but it is definitely not because of the charactersI swear they all drive me freaking nuts. I still wish I could punch Zoe in the face and honestly I don't think that will ever change, and I'm not sure anymore how I feel about Gus. On top of that I feel like the author was purposely trying to make Boggs seem like a [...]

    12. Secretly Adorkable Readers on said:

      I am not going to lie to you but this was the hardest book to read. There was so much loss and tears and tragedy that was unexpected. Definitely enough of surprising twists, kidnapping, blood and gore and action to keep this series moving. I dont have much to say or review about this book without saying too much so you will just have to find out yourself. Get the tissues out and dont sit in the dark with this one. Read 07/20/2013Reviews posted on and

    13. Megan Cowman on said:

      I have been waiting very impatiently for this book to come out since I read the first two! I thought this one was a bit slow in the begining, but once it gets going it doesn't stop! I was sad to see some of the characters die, especially when they have grown on you throughout the books! I hope a lot of the conflict going on right now in the story can be solved, but with an ending like that I have no idea WHAT is going to happen next!!!!

    14. Tanya on said:

      I won this book, the third in a series, and the author was incredibly generous and sent me all three in the series. Although the main premise is surviving a zombie apocalypse, the books contain elements of the action, thriller, romance, coming-of-age, and survivalist genres. Each of the books is a well paced, quick read with relatable characters. I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

    15. Carey on said:

      This book ( 3rd in the series) deserved a 5 star rating. Holy Mother of Hell! Nothing and nobody is safe or sacred, danger never stops, not for a second. The story has evolved so much, I'm actually kinda freaked out and I need to stop reading it before bed. I've only had the happen with one other author in this genre. I'll follow this to the end.

    16. Deborah on said:

      Dark Grace is the third book in this OMG great zombie series. I read all three books back to back and am dying to read the next book in the series! Zombies, horror, sex, loss of characters this reader had come to care about; and definitely hang on to the seat of your pants suspense!

    17. Cade Carvell on said:

      Great 3rd book on the seriesNew things happen- the group splits up, New people join, a long time member dies, a baby is born! If you are sensitive to flights of children you may want to skip this book in the series.

    18. Carrie on said:

      These poor survivors can't catch a break! More adventures in Zombieland. This book focuses more on Gus and Zoe as the group gets separated. We lose a few of the survivors. And we gain. Zoe has the baby and that is all I'm saying on that. Can't wait to read more in the next book.

    19. Cynthia on said:

      Uau. now I have to wait till January to know what will come Can't wait!!!!!

    20. Summer Adams on said:

      Seriously!Ok, I'm hooked! That was an awful cliffhanger!!! I can not wait to see what's in store for the group.

    21. Melanie Knealing on said:

      I cried! Poor little Jane :( And Zoe's baby, Molly. I just bought the 4th book in the series!

    22. Brian on said:

      I am really loving this series. Lewis has created a richly detailed world that I find myself becoming more and more immersed in.

    23. Vykki on said:

      What a great book I enjoy the story about Grace and the other character. I'm hoping that it will be another book I love the stories.

    24. Christa on said:

      Great series so far, ending was very sad. Love character development.

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