The Museum of Intangible Things

Wendy Wunder

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The Museum of Intangible Things

The Museum of Intangible Things Loyalty Envy Obligation Dreams Disappointment Fear Negligence Coping Elation Lust Nature Freedom Heartbreak Insouciance Audacity Gluttony Belief God Karma Knowing what you want there is probably a Fre

  • Title: The Museum of Intangible Things
  • Author: Wendy Wunder
  • ISBN: 9781595145147
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Loyalty Envy Obligation Dreams Disappointment Fear Negligence Coping Elation Lust Nature Freedom Heartbreak Insouciance Audacity Gluttony Belief God Karma Knowing what you want there is probably a French word for it Saying Yes Destiny Truth Devotion Forgiveness Life Happiness ever after Hannah and Zoe haven t had much in their lives, but theyLoyalty Envy Obligation Dreams Disappointment Fear Negligence Coping Elation Lust Nature Freedom Heartbreak Insouciance Audacity Gluttony Belief God Karma Knowing what you want there is probably a French word for it Saying Yes Destiny Truth Devotion Forgiveness Life Happiness ever after Hannah and Zoe haven t had much in their lives, but they ve always had each other So when Zoe tells Hannah she needs to get out of their down and out New Jersey town, they pile into Hannah s beat up old Le Mans and head west, putting everything their deadbeat parents, their disappointing love lives, their inevitable enrollment at community college behind them As they chase storms and make new friends, Zoe tells Hannah she wants for her She wants her to live bigger, dream grander, aim higher And so Zoe begins teaching Hannah all about life s intangible things, concepts sadly missing from her existence things like audacity, insouciance, karma, and even happiness An unforgettable read from the acclaimed author of The Probability of Miracles, The Museum of Intangible Things sparkles with the humor and heartbreak of true friendship and first love.

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      379 Wendy Wunder
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    One thought on “The Museum of Intangible Things

    1. Char on said:

      This was just so bizarre. The hipster in me is incredibly drawn to this cover. I want it.

    2. Saoirse on said:

      Wellat was weird.I know nothing about this book when I first started it out, just that it is some kind of a road trip between two best friends. I guess it would be pretty mean of me not to warn you that this book dwells with the idea of mental illness. It's not a spoiler, I assure you. You'll get the gist of it on the second chapter (I think) so there's no need for you to go all ballistic on me. I thought it would be nice to tell you that so you won't be expecting a light read judging from the c [...]

    3. Megan on said:

      Oh, book. Our relationship should have been amazing, but instead I closed you and felt as if maybe I had wasted too much of my life's time trying to understand where you went wrong. But slowly it hit me. I won't lie and say it was me and not you. It really was you.Dear readers, there be spoilers within, but mild.After my magical three hours spent reading "The Probability of Miracles" while in a hospital in early January, a time spent as an assistant caretaker for my grandfather dying of terminal [...]

    4. Abbie on said:

      What a beautiful cover! The story must be great Oh. Never mind. *Tosses book into the Never Read Again Pile* I'm sorry. I don't want to sound mean but this book was so boring and uninspiring that I skipped pages just to be done with it. Why in blazes did I even read it to begin with? Because I like pretty looking things and I was blinded by the appearance of the book. I'm only human. Anyway, Zoe's BPD was supposed to appeal to me but she just annoyed the heck out of me. Then Zoe's flat personali [...]

    5. Susane Colasanti on said:

      A beautiful, evocative story that made me smile on every page. Wendy Wunder is an outstanding writer whose words resonate deeply.

    6. Ashley on said:

      I picked up this book for purely aesthetic reasons. The title design was unique and the cover made me think it would be a cute summer read about friendship. Hahaha. No. It was depressing and weird and the subplot of romance was equally ridiculous. To call trying to get in someone's pants within like three interactions love made me spend the entirety of this book rolling my eyes. Recommended to no one.

    7. Katy on said:

      Es una historia muy buena, el principio es fantástico, porque te cuenta de estas dos chicas que quieren salir de la pequeña burbuja que es su casa, y conocer el mundo, y tener éxito. Y tenemos todo este recorrido, por todo el país, hacia ningún lugar pero con una enseñanza en cada destino.Y luego tenemos el final. Que lo arruino todo.

    8. Caitlin on said:

      Oh, man. I'm so torn. I would give the first ~120 pages of this book 5 stars for sure. The writing was phenomenal and I loved the characters so, so much. Unfortunately it went downhill for me after that, as soon as the road trip started and I would give the rest of it 2 stars at best. I just the road trip, honestly was sloppy writing. EPIC PLOT SPOILERS:(view spoiler)[It was wish fulfillment; a series of zany events with no consequences, and that is not real life.Here's a list of everything they [...]

    9. Emily (Obsessed Reader) on said:

      I beg of you, please read Wendy Wunder's books. They are beautiful, poignant, and grossly underrated.This was phenomenal. It touched on so many important topics in the perfect way. The execution of the entire book just blows me away. I HAVE SO MUCH LOVE FOR THIS BOOK.

    10. Lexi Wright on said:

      This isn’t just a road-trip book. Or a novel about mental illness. Or an exploration of first love or damaged families or the lust for a bigger, more important existence. But Wunder (The Probability of Miracles, 2011) expertly weaves all these timeless elements into a crisp, beautifully crafted story of adventure, love, and the limits of friendship. Dependable Hannah and unpredictable Zoe have spent their entire childhood taking care of one another. The Museum of Intangible Things follows them [...]

    11. Noémie on said:

      C'est subtil et intelligent. Les personnages sont attachants et c'est parfois complexe à suivre mais c'est logique.

    12. Star Crowned Book Throne on said:

      What started off so well took a turn for the worst. Something about this book attracted me to it - I don’t know what it was because I’m not usually for the busy, ribbony, all full covers, but maybe it was the promise for something entrancing that did the trick. I thought this book was going to be a light, fun contemporary but I soon realised that according to the summary I was mistaken. Starting, I expected an emotional heart-wrenching reads. I guess it just shows: you can't always trust sum [...]

    13. Cass -Words on Paper on said:

      THAT COVER!And also, the synopsis really draws you in. Road trip! <3

    14. Rebecca McNutt on said:

      This book was an often-hilarious yet sometimes unexpectedly sad and honest novel, featuring two girls whose rebellious road trip out of New Jersey leads them into something they never even imagined.

    15. Jen (Pop! Goes The Reader) on said:

      Did you find this review helpful? Find more of my reviews at Pop! Goes The Reader!“I am a freshwater girl. I live on the lake, and in New Jersey, that’s rare. The girls on the other side of town have swimming pools, and the girls in the south have the seashore. Other girls are dry, breezy, salty, and bleached. I, on the other hand, am dark, grounded, heavy, and wet. Fed by springs, tangled in soft fernlike seaweed, I am closer to the earth. Saturated to the bone. I know it, and so do the fre [...]

    16. Kelly on said:

      1.5 StarsWARNING: THIS ENTIRE REVIEW IS A GINORMOUS RANT AND I APOLOGIZE IN ADVANCE FOR THE LENGTH.Bleh. This book was bleh. I'm so happy that it's finally over after struggling through it for a few days.The Museum of Intangible Things centers on two girls that are best friends, Zoe and Hannah. Now as teenagers, Zoe is itching to leave their small town and explore. What follows is a long road trip where Zoe hopes to bring Hannah out of her shell and learn to be more outgoing and big. Things like [...]

    17. Kim on said:

      Oh. This was good. This knew right where to burrow its pincers and plant that seedling. If that even works that way. Ten letter word for incorporeal, evanescent, imponderable, unsure.This weed that is growing is deep in my nethers. It hurts. It reminds me that something is missing, something/one that is far away, evasive. That what I consider is true love. True: “You choose your truth and then you build your life around it.” Love: “Greater love has no man than this: to lay down his life fo [...]

    18. Juhina on said:

      This book was very weird. Not a typical happy road trip. It tackles issues such as mental illnesses. I was often uncomfortable with the writing style but I have to say this book was emotional. The ended made my heart pound like crazy and I almost teared up. Don't pick it up expecting a light hearted fun road trip read_________Actual review:I had really high hopes for The Museum of Intangible Things because I loved Wendy Wunder's previous novel, The Probability of Miracles. First of all, she is b [...]

    19. Alexandra Christo on said:

      This is a story about a truly devoted friendship. In a way, I suppose that makes it a love story; one which shows the rocky nature of such relationships, but also the unflinchingly loyalty that comes with finding a friend you know will be in your life forever.This book is Zoe's journey, but told from Hannah's point of view. We watch with Hannah as her friend's mental state slowly deteriorates, and worry alongside her as Zoe gets more and more erratic. Yet, we also smile and laugh while thes [...]

    20. Paula M. of Her Book Thoughts! on said:

      2.5!!!"There is no stronger bond than the one that gets you through childhood. This is our story."Well, it's nice to read something that focuses on the friendship more than the romance. But this didn't really came up to my expectations. Yes, it's about two inseparable friends. Yes, it's about a roadtrip. But no, this is not a light read. It deals with mental issues (Zoe is bipolar and this is not a spoiler!) I guess, what I'm trying to say is that the cutie cover is a little misleading. Hannah i [...]

    21. Jana on said:

      4.5*Wow. I went into this expecting a light and fluffy road trip novel, but I got so much more - it was a real emotional roller coaster with loads of ups and downs, great characters and just the right amount of happy times and tragedy.

    22. Justine on said:

      DNFJ'aurais pu aller au bout, mais je sais que c'est pas le livre que je vais aimer. Je trouve ça vraiment bizarre comme livre, les personnages, leurs réactions et leurs actions. Ce n'est pas pour moi !

    23. Melanie on said:

      If I could give more stars to this book i would give it 10! Its been time since I dont read a book so amazing like this. Its beautiful, and sad and everything!

    24. Saylee Padwal on said:

      To be quite honest, I picked this up only on the basis of the cover.The story does live up to the awesomeness of the cover but, comes with a predictable ending.

    25. Verónica on said:

      Leídas 30 páginas. Abandonado.Tenía muchas expectativas puestas en este libro y por eso me da pena abandonarlo a tan pocas páginas.Sinceramente, no entiendo que ha querido contarme la autora con esta novela (quizás sea que al no haber avanzado más no lo haya entendido o que yo soy cortita y ya). Hanna (protagonista que sabes su nombre en el capitulo 3) no me gustó, es una chica sin personalidad que solo sabe seguir a su amiga y lamerle el culo porque esta amiguita es muy "buena" por apiad [...]

    26. Jordan on said:

      wandering-worldyrock/32TOUTES CES CHOSES QUI NOUS ÉCHAPPENT est un fabuleux roman. C’est un très joli coup de cœur que je n’avais absolument pas vu venir. Ce n’est pas compliqué : dès la première page – littéralement – j’ai été enivré par les mots de Wendy Wunder et les protagonistes qu’elle m’a permis de rencontrer. Hannah et Zoe m’ont profondément touché. Elles m’ont coupé le souffle, pour être précis. Sincèrement, je ne trouve rien à redire. TOUTES CES CHO [...]

    27. Mei on said:

      That beautiful cover is misleading. It screams a perfect summer read about friendship and roadtrip.But it's not. Just a little bit.It turns out to be sad! My friend Martha and I were looking for something light and cheerful to match the holiday season and for me to get out of my sequels reading slump. And since we both have guilty pleasures towards road trip books, I was expecting to read about it, maybe not immediately, but soon after the first few chapters. But it only began at the 40% mark.Th [...]

    28. primeballerina on said:

      “Das Glück wächst nicht auf Bäumen” – alleine dieser Titel hat mich sofort auf den neuesten Jugendroman von Wendy Wunder neugierig gemacht.Hannah und Zoe sind beste Freundinnen. Dabei sind sie eigentlich so verschieden. Hannah ist schüchtern, vorsichtig, hält sich gerne an Regeln, lernt gern. Zoe dagegen ist voller Energie, impulsiv, kann nicht stillsitzen, möchte alles Mögliche entdecken und ausprobieren. Doch für die Menschen, die sie liebt, würde sie alles tun. So kümmert sie [...]

    29. Hessa Issa on said:

      When I was halfway through the book, I got asked how I would rate it on a scale of 1 to 10 and I said that so far I would give it a 6.5 or 7, and that depending on the ending it may become an 8.I know!Because now if I was asked that question, I would go so far as to say 10! Or even 10.5!If you’re thinking (which you probably are not) that the main reason I liked this book so much is that those are very stressful (final/submission) times & that I just happened to find the great escape for o [...]

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