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Conflict Content Warning This is a new adult fiction with mature themes It contains graphic sexual situations mature language and explicit description of sexual violence Conflict is the second book in the Con

  • Title: Conflict
  • Author: M.S. Willis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 138
  • Format: ebook
  • Content Warning This is a new adult fiction with mature themes It contains graphic sexual situations, mature language and explicit description of sexual violence Conflict is the second book in the Control series This description contains spoilers for those who have not read book one in the series, entitled Control.Private Investigator, Paige Stone has always appr Content Warning This is a new adult fiction with mature themes It contains graphic sexual situations, mature language and explicit description of sexual violence Conflict is the second book in the Control series This description contains spoilers for those who have not read book one in the series, entitled Control.Private Investigator, Paige Stone has always appreciated the independence of her life, however, her world was pitched upside down when she and her roommates were attacked and nearly killed As a result of the attack by Chris, Paige now finds herself dependent upon Daemon Pierce for a place to live as she hides from Chris Paige has never lived with a man before and demands that Daemon consider her a roommate only, even though it goes against her own desires.Strong willed and arrogant, Daemon Pierce has been working hard to protect Paige from Chris and from herself Letting go of his life as a womanizer, Daemon tries to prove to Paige that she can trust him, even though he refuses to enlighten her as to his past Daemon struggles to comply with Paige s ridiculous demand to be roommates and quickly finds that he has fallen in love with the girl who does nothing but push him away.Chris is still on the loose and Paige becomes impatient at the amount of time it is taking the authorities to apprehend him Paige takes it upon herself to hunt Chris down, while still refusing to ask for Daemon s assistance When Paige discovers a message left by Chris, she devices a plan to locate him while keeping Daemon in the dark as to her plans Paige s emotional journey once again places her in dangerous situations and when secrets are revealed and decisions are made, Paige has no choice but to look deep within herself to see if she can finally trust the man who will stop at nothing to save her.

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      138 M.S. Willis
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    One thought on “Conflict

    1. Alexis *Reality Bites* on said:

      Minor Spoilers -mature content reader discretion is advised.4 STARS out of 5Genre:Romance Erotica NOTE: If you have not read book one in this series, Control, then you should probably not read this review because it may contain spoilers.“I’m going to fuck that sassy little mouth of yours, Paige. It’s something I’ve wanted to do since the first time you told me not to call you ‘Damsel.’ ~DaemonTHAT is one of my fave lines!LOL!! LOVES me some Daemon!!!M.S. Willis definitely takes it up [...]

    2. Snow on said:

      Ok! I'm thinking right now and will come back with another bundle of thoughts on this one. :)and a couple of hours later, I still have some minor objections about some story flows and moments BUT I'm again overlooking it LOLit was predictable from the very first book and we get the confirmation of it in this installment, although I don't quite follow the reason of our heroine to feel and acts the way she does d yet, I'm still overlooking it.nI know, i'm a sucker for hot, determined and slightly [...]

    3. Rosh Disch on said:

      The book reads like a beginners writing class with way too much wordiness and a general lack of flow. The dialogue wasn't natural and the characters weren't believabler example, how many 5 year old girls would say to their mothers, upon being summoned inside from playing, "ok, mommaI'll be in shortly."It was as if the author was trying to sound literary or at the very least, up her word count! It was very distracting to get that amount of detail in EVERY scene and sentence. Left nothing to the i [...]

    4. Aalia Khan Yousafzai on said:

      What has me really impressed is M.S Willis's ability to create different characters and situations in each book. There is no resemblance whatsoever between Paige and Madeline from Madeline abducted and so on. What I like more about her writing is that she portrays flaws as flaws. Paige is irritating and full of herself and this IS supposed to be her problem. I was annoyed by her attitude but I also appreciated that it was acknowledged to be wrong and nonsensical. I admire the insight that Ms Wil [...]

    5. Adrienne on said:

      SpoilersPaige got on my last nerve in this book. I could not get past her bullying of David to help her be completely stupid. So she uses her heretofore unproven P.I. skills to get a location to search for Chris. And in her infinite "wisdom" decides to search for the survivalist on her on because she grew up liking nature. Um, what? Didn't Chris overpower not just her, but 3 other people just weeks before?Before that time Paige was headstrong, but she never seemed like an idiot. I could not get [...]

    6. Chris- Bookaddict on said:

      WOW , Just WOW M.S. has not disappointed with the next installment of the Control Series !!!!! You all will NOT be disappointed in this one !!!!Review to come Once Released got my ARC woo hoo

    7. Tbird London on said:

      Her voice was authoritative and assured as she spoke. “I mean, think about it, ladies. Yes, all of you underwent some form of physical or emotional abuse, the severity of which is different in each case. You can look to your neighbors on your right and left and I can guarantee you one of them went through something worse than you or they endured it longer than you. So, does that make them more of a victim and you, less of one?” Momma paused a beat to allow what she was saying to be processed [...]

    8. Blushing Reader on said:

      Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5Heat Rating: HOT!!**If you haven't read Control, STOP! Conflict is NOT a stand alone book, you really need to read Control first to understand what is going on in this story. However, this isn't a bad thing, Control was a great book and you get to see how it all started from the beginning with Daemon and Paige (links to buy Control and my review of Control are at the bottom of this page, so please scroll down)**Conflict!! Holy cow, I am impressed! Conflict is book two in [...]

    9. Angela Goodrich on said:

      Conflict is the continuation of Paige and Daemon’s story from Control. I have to say this now and be done with it (at least for this review) Paige is an idiot. Don’t get me wrong because I really like her character. She’s a spitfire who refuses to let recent events pull her down. I loved that she channels her anger to move forward and that she continues to stand up for herself. BUT… the fact that a woman who is a private investigator is completely incapable of putting two and two togethe [...]

    10. Crystal Marie on said:

      One issue with series is that usually when the first book is FREAKIN AWESOME!!! You have to worry that the following books won’t be able to live up to the expectations that you have for it. That has happened to me several times throughout my reading history. I am really excited to say that that is NOT the problem with Conflict. Although there weren’t as many “funny parts” as there were in Control, I think that M.S. did a great balance between the humor and the suspense. This book had a [...]

    11. Lynn Worton on said:

      I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.This is the second book in the Control series. I loved it!Paige Stone is a strongly stubborn individual. I loved this character's determination to find Chris after the brutal attack. Unfortunately, she is a bit reckless at times, which nearly gave me a heart attack, never mind Daemon! Daemon Pierce is sexy, handsome and downright ticked off with Paige! I originally thought he was a bit of a jerk. However, by the end of [...]

    12. Mary Tatar on said:

      Conflict is the second book in the Control Series and thank goodness it's not the last. For obvious reasons I am love with this series. I just read the first book Control and I was so glad I had Conflict waiting for me on my kindle. It was just yelling at me to read and I sure am happy I did. This book spoke to me. I did feel a definite connection to the story. I now am emotionally invested in everything that is Paige and Daemon.If you haven't read the first book I highly suggest you stop readin [...]

    13. Maria's Book Blog on said:

      An amazing follow up to Control!I love when authors don't waste too much time recapping what's happened in the previous book(s), and instead pick up right where the story left off. It's greatly appreciated, at least by me, and that's exactly what M.S. Willis did here! There isn't much I can say without giving away key parts of the story, so to put it simply, Conflict is pretty awesome. The intensity & drama of Control flows right into this next book making it nearly impossible to put it down [...]

    14. Ashley on said:

      This book picks up where Control (Book 1) left off. Paige isn't liking how long it is taking the cops to find Chris. So of course the PI in her has to take control of the situation and find him herself. Some of the questions from Control become clear at the end of this book as well.There were parts with gut wrenching pain, scary parts, and plenty of love scenes. M. S. Willis has captivated me with this series. I am ready to read the next book please. She has a way of pulling you into the stor [...]

    15. Dani on said:

      We pick up where Control left off. Paige and her friends are recovering in the hospital from the horrific attack from the obsessed and crazy Chris. Paige has moved in with Daemon. Paige is trying to keep this as a roommate status and Daemon is determined to make Paige his. I love the banter between these 2 during certain scenes. Paige has a lot of self discovery in this book with things from the past. She also becomes a rock for David and Annie who went through this attack. She deals with the bl [...]

    16. Breeze on said:

      Well, the second installment was not as good as the opening of this story. Sadly Paige does not learn from her mistake of controlling every situation and again fails to see how her decisions really put her friends in danger. However, that is finally spelled out to her in this book. I don't like Paige but it didn't stop me from disliking this story. Daemon's eyebrow worked harder than his mouth which became annoying "eyebrows shot up, eyebrow knitted," over and over again. I would have liked to h [...]

    17. Stacy on said:

      I was very impressed with the debut book in this series. With it being so amazing I wondered if M.S. Willis would be able to keep it up. Guess what? This one is just as amazing. She continued to build the characters so that you fell in love with them each a little more. You can feel the emotion through out the whole book and it keeps you guessing as to what will happen. When you think you have it all figured outBOOM you're wrong. Didn't see that coming! There are so many directions this series c [...]

    18. Babus on said:

      Conflict is the second book in the Control series, picking up where Control (book 1) leaves off. Paige continues to be obstinate in her relentless pursuit of her attacker, Chris. Daemon wants to keep Paige safe, but, she feels like a prisoner, which makes her strike out more by defying him. In this book we find out more about Daemon and his past, as well as the depth of his feelings for Paige. Will she be able to trust anyone, especially him? Will Chris finally be caught and brought to justice? [...]

    19. Christina on said:

      I truly enjoyed this book and I have suggested this one, as well as Control, to all of my friends as a need to read. Once again, I felt the emotional roller coaster that I had experienced in Book 1, Control. This book grabbed ahold of me from page 1 and did not let go. Now that it is finished, I really want to read book 3 to see how it all turns out. With the long list of characters I felt so much that they had gone through and I wanted to cry, rejoice, punch, laugh, and seek justice with them a [...]

    20. Desiree Gorman -A Love Affair With Books on said:

      4.5/5What an absolutely amazing series! Let me just say, series are probably one of my favorite things! Especially ones that are a story continuation and not just new characters. Also, I love a great series that doesn't leave you with some major cliffhanger but rather closes a scene and starts you back up again.With M.S. Willis' Control Series, she does just that! The story is flawless, the characters are entertaining and realistic, and the emotion and depth of the novels is apparent. With each [...]

    21. Nadia on said:

      Great and enjoyable continuation of the first book, and good development of the heroine. The romance is developed and intensity heightened. Daemon remains swoon worthy and holds on tight to his alpha persona and masculinity, while intensifying the romance sweetness. The series probably should of ended here, but then it would rush the ending. At least by the end of the series, you get a perfectly developed ending without being disappointed, although it gets dragged out unnecessarily. Thus this se [...]

    22. Rachael Orman on said:

      Another Awesome book And once again I relate so closely to Paige and the way she handles things. The men in the book may not like it but she is a strong willed and stubborn female, which I love! Part of me felt like we didn't make a whole lot of progress in the lives of the characters. We still didn't get resolution from the way the first book ended, but we did get a learn a lot about Paige's life and she learns a major secret that has been under her nose through the first book and most of the s [...]

    23. Megan on said:

      The book is just freakin' amazing. I love this series so much! I was sucked into all of the twists and turns and OH MY GOD! I loved David so much in this book. He had me crackin' up. I'm glad we dive deeper into Paige and Daemon's relationship in this book and questions that had me on edge in the last book are slowly being answered. Of course though Ms. Willis leaves us begging for more at the end which I cannot wait for Conquer to make its appearance on my kindle because I am excited to see Dae [...]

    24. Lisa on said:

      This is the second book in the Control series. Paige is now having to live with Daemon, at least until Chris is captured. She struggles with keeping her independence while Daemon insists on not letting her out of his sight. Daemon is also constantly trying to get Paige to want to be more than a "roommate." As they continue to live together, Daemon and Paige also share more of their past with one another.There is one more book in this series. I'm anxious to see how it ends and I think I liked thi [...]

    25. MissyG. on said:

      I'm still enjoyed the story. But I have to admit, I've decided I don't care for Paige. She annoys me bad. She's over the top with her carelessness I can't me more in love with Daemon tho. I decided to keep going with the third book because I feel kind of committed to the series. I'm ready for Chris to be caught, and can't wait to see what happens with Paige and Daenom not that the secret is out.

    26. Saicel on said:

      Story continues on with Paige Stone & Daemon "Buddy" Pierce. Paige doesn't know the complete story on Daemon but, she wants to know. Her roommates are in the hospital from a vicious attack from Chris. With Chris on the run. Daemon wants Paige close to him to protect. Only Paige is independent & doesn't take it well when she under "house arrest". Still a good read, there were a few twists the made the story grow.

    27. Cynthia O'Neill on said:

      Amazing follow-up to Control. I was given this book as an ARC and all I can say was, "Wow!" Daemon is a definite hottie. Paige has met her match with him. Their need for each other is very powerfulyou can't help but route for them! If you like a steamy romance, then this is definitely for you! I highly recommend it and can't wait for the next book. Brava, M.S!

    28. Debbie on said:

      Ok, there is one big reveal in this book which we all knew was coming. Paige and her friends recover from their attack in the first book. The stalker is still out there. Come on! I thought the author was pushing it when she let this story drag on to 2 books. But to go on to a 3rd? Sorry, I 'm not buyin'.

    29. Melissa on said:

      I liked this book much better than book 1 even though that was still enjoyable. More intense in angst and suspense. I am eager to get Daemon's full story! Glad I won't have to wait too long for book 3. 5 solid stars

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