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Heidi Belleau

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#First Impressions #Second Chances

First Impressions Second Chances Jonah Gilchrist lives a double life On the internet he s a fashion blogging Tumblr celebrity In the real world though being an awkward gay virgin isn t as cute and endearing as it is online it s a

  • Title: #First Impressions #Second Chances
  • Author: Heidi Belleau
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 415
  • Format: ebook
  • Jonah Gilchrist lives a double life On the internet, he s a fashion blogging Tumblr celebrity In the real world, though, being an awkward gay virgin isn t as cute and endearing as it is online it s a target on his back After years of being bullied, Jonah s determined to start afresh at college, but it s hard to remake yourself when you re sharing classes with your ill fJonah Gilchrist lives a double life On the internet, he s a fashion blogging Tumblr celebrity In the real world, though, being an awkward gay virgin isn t as cute and endearing as it is online it s a target on his back After years of being bullied, Jonah s determined to start afresh at college, but it s hard to remake yourself when you re sharing classes with your ill fated junior high crush.Sebastian Rose, with his easy going manner and great sense of humor, was one of the most popular guys in junior high He was also one of Jonah s only defenders Too bad Jonah knows Sebastian s kindness was only pity.Bumping into each other after all these years makes it seem like the universe itself wants Jonah to have a second chance at his first love But how can he ever hope to reinvent himself when Sebastian s presence pulls him further into his past Then again, maybe moving forward doesn t have to mean leaving the best part of your past behind.Please enjoy this free ebook, courtesy of Heidi Belleau and Riptide Publishing

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    One thought on “#First Impressions #Second Chances

    1. Julio Genao on said:

      I was half-way through inhaling this before I realized it was brilliant—and I was missing it.So I started from the beginning, read it more carefully, and took some notes:anANNOTATED SELECTIONofAMUSING THINGSinTHIS STORY1. "actice his best dead-eyed male model expression." (view spoiler)[as you do. (hide spoiler)]2. ".ed high-rent french prostitute dying of consumption in the 1800's." (view spoiler)[moulin rouge reference: gurl, you had me at chumma-chumma. (hide spoiler)]3. "bloodmouth." (view [...]

    2. Exina on said:

      #4 stars #incredibly cute #first love #new start #second chance #oh you silly boy #fashion obsessed #please understand me #so lonely #so scared #not too good with people #hilariously awkward #defense mechanism #yes I love tumblr too #can’t wait to see your Gucci pants #adorable #reality is sweeter than your dreams #smiling so much it hurts #feeling so damn lucky #read this #you’ll love itOriginally posted on my blog on October 21, 2015.My favorite quotes on Tumblr.

    3. Mandy*reads obsessively* on said:

      4.5*I loved this LHNB story. Yes, I did. I wasn't sure I would, the way it starts I sympathize with Jonah but I don't really like him all that much, but that changes throughout the story.I don't want to give too much away, because reading how this enfolds is all part of the fun, but Jonah is a young, vain, insecure, self-conscious, neurotic, social media addict with a very soft heart and very sweet core he tries to hide. He also could be a fashionista poster child. He also has some awesomely fun [...]

    4. Vivian ♪(┌・。・)┌ on said:

      #so #damn #fabulous #it #hurtBecause of course, things that are too fabulous hurt. Of course. Jonah is a gay fashion blogger and a little on the neurotic side. Sebastian is a sweet, adorable little soul and a little on the tubby side (but fuck do his imperfections make him all the more perfect). The story itself had me smiling like a goof and spluttering with laughter, there were so many things that really were wonderful.# love interest is not 2m tall with a rippling 20-pack stomach and guns tha [...]

    5. Bev on said:

      Another day, another excellent LHNB freebie. 4.5 stars and a huge This is Jonah's story, and I have to be honest, I really didn't like him very much at first. He's at college and is a rich, self-centred, snarky introvert, who spends most of his time snapping pictures of himself in his oh-so-trendy and expensive clothes and posting them on Twitter to his followers, some of whom are quite nice to himothers not so much. Admittedly, Jonah has been through a lot in his lifebullying, suicide attempts, [...]

    6. Deeze on said:

      This should of worked much better for me. I love the idea of the nerdy/shy type but Jonah just never engaged me. I guess I never really saw his shy insecure side as much as I saw his online confident side. I did love that Sebastian, (love that name), while still being the popular guy, was not the fit hunky sports star. Overall a sweet story, but not quite a full 3 star for me.

    7. Lisa Henry on said:

      Ahjust so sweet! Jonah is a wonderful ball of snarkiness, insecurity and cutting-edge fashion sense, and Sebastian is the boy he had a crush on in junior high. When they meet again in college, Jonah is sure it will be a disaster and immediately tells his Tumblr followers exactly that. Jonah's online persona as a rich fashionista both defines him, and undermines him. Yeah, he's got a lot of supportive followers who hang on his every word, but it's the anons and their hateful messages that really [...]

    8. Dαɴιjα on said:

      I'm not one for hashtags, but for Jonah, the fashionable, vain, and never to be called fabulous blogger, I'm making an exception. He's just that #adorable!His story begins the first day of class when posting his #ootd on Tumblr, and watching the compliments from his numerous followers roll in made him an hour late to the lecture. Sneaking in didn't work. All eyes were on him when he showed up, including those of the last person Jonah expected there: Sebastian aka Jonah's crush in junior high aka [...]

    9. Justin on said:

      Another fantastic story from the LHNB event. Thank you for participating and sharing this fun story, Heidi Belleau!

    10. Fangtasia on said:

      Snark to cover up anxiety? Snobbishness to distract from social awkwardness and lack of self-confidence? Living online because real life is too much? Pfft! Never seen it! Who has ever heard of that? /sarcasmSweet, sweet Jonah, with his Tumblr fans, and his clothes, and his money, and so little love. Lovely, adorable, down-to-earth Sebastian, with his ratty t-shirts, holey jeans, and disastrous hair, with his belly and earnest, true love for Jonah. Since the 9th grade. Young gay love. *sigh*So mu [...]

    11. AnnaLund on said:

      I think I fell in love with young Jonah. Completely vulnerable, and totally sweet and funny. I screamed with laughter seeing the Tumblr hashtags, and I adored the comebacks from the followers. Ach, there is always an Anon lurking, isn't there?Sebastian was a surprise, and the whole story just made me smile so widely I don't think I'm going to lose this grin for hours to come.Brilliant writing is brilliant. Need to find more words from this author.*skips, sings, and whistles happily********LHNB i [...]

    12. Eli Easton on said:

      I loved this. Jonah was too cute with his fashionista sensibilities, his Tumblr blog, and his introverted insecurities. I enjoyed the romantic arc -- some nice UST and not too much too fast. But I particularly enjoyed the Tumblr blog, tags and comments (being on Tumblr myself, I can relate), and I also liked all the fashion name dropping (not being particularly fashionable myself it was a whole new world). Very fun and one of my fav LHNB stories so far. Thank you, Heidi!

    13. Jill on said:

      I wrote the Dear Author prompt for this story, so maybe I have a bias, but eh, I'm reviewing it anyway! This story is so cute and fun! Jonah is awkward in such an adorable way and Sebastian is awesomely sweet. These boys had me laughing and smiling in a big way. Thanks, Heidi, for a fantastic story!

    14. Optimist ♰King's Wench♰ & MANTIES Champion on said:

      I've previously declared my affinity for this author. She did not disappoint with her LL offering. The fashion references.The witty repartee.The awkwardness.The snark.All classic Belleauism. Well, maybe not the fashion references, but she does seem to have her pulse on THE NOW, as it were.Jonah was just this side of getting a swift kick in the ass. He totally needs Sebastian to keep him from lapsing into complete douchedom.I liked that it was first love and sweet with just a hint of kinky potent [...]

    15. Erika on said:

      I still love this story to pieces, and wish there was a longer version or a sequel. I still feel like the author managed to peel back my brain to look at all my neuroses and interests, which is hard to do with a short story. Stellar work!Previously, on 062413:4 stars. A Tumblr driven love story about a gay fashion blogger with Comme Des Garçons, Lanvin and Henrik Vibskov? What's not to love?? It's like Heidi wrote it just for meThe only thing I didn't like was (view spoiler)[the way Sebastian p [...]

    16. Marte - Thunderella on said:

      Spoilerish review! * 1,5 lots-of-feels-in-this-book-yeah-right star **(see if you can find all my feels) Ohhhhh Gaaaawd.Reading this made me feel really really old. Yes, old! *growls*I didn't like the characters at all. Jonah was all about updating his Tumblr page with "outfit for the day" and reading comments, intermixed with the story flow. *rolls eyes* He gets asked on a date by his high school crush who happens to attend the same collage class as Jonah. *awww*Jonah frets for days about what [...]

    17. Nina on said:

      I don't know if it's because short stories rarely satisfy me completely, because Heidi Belleau does full-length novels or simply because this short story in particular wasn't all that mindblowing, but it honestly left me cold.It's cute. Mildly amusing, too. But a little underdeveloped, and with a main character I never managed to warm up to, because the limited length of the story didn't allow consistent, logical character development.I did enjoy it, and it made me smile, which is why the rating [...]

    18. Shelby on said:

      Lol! Well hello KURT! Oh wait, no that’s Glee, hehehe. And besides Jonah is ever so much more insanely adorable! This one hits all my “oh so adorable” buttons and just plain makes me smile from ear to ear.Jonah is loves style and clothes…ok maybe obsessed would be a better word, obsessed with style and clothes. Having suffered a horrific childhood at the hands of bullies for being himself he’s found solace in the world of Tumbler and the like. Within the anonymity of online relationshi [...]

    19. Serena Yates on said:

      If you've ever wondered what it's like to be a social outcast, not just because you're gay, but because (on top of that) you're fundamentally uncomfortable around people, then Jonah, the narrator of this book, can be your guide. And even though he does his best to sound funny and unaffected, if you read between the lines, you will see a cry for understanding and love from the very start. Jonah has a way to go, and he may not want to admit it, but he isn’t stupid. He is just very, very inept.At [...]

    20. Trix on said:

      That was really cute and sweet.I really liked Jonah. In fact, I liked both of them. Jonah for his sad past and self imposed seclusion while still keeping some optimism and sense of humor. And Sebastian for being this down to earth, approachable, nice guy that met and exceeded Jonah's expectations.The plot was a surprise. There were some predictable things but also sudden twists that made for a fun reading. (view spoiler)[ I never expected Sebastian to come to Jonah's room and demand explanations [...]

    21. Heather on said:

      Now that was nearly perfectly done fluff!!!It had such a great emotional element. I have to have a honest moment, I have the fashion sense of well. Probably. Every unfashionable person on the plant. With that, so heartbreakingly put out there. I had no idea what half of the fashion name drops were. But, I did connect to that reserved introvert side. Jonah's need for acceptance and distance. Social media is a introverts best friend. It's so easy to put yourself out there. Easy to close a browser [...]

    22. Jess Candela on said:

      I liked it, but struggled with a few things. Jonah's feelings for the junior high crush - then and now - made sense to me. Sebastian's feelings for Jonah made less sense, and I don't think it was just because we weren't in his head. I just never got why he'd have been interested in Jonah in junior high, why he'd have remembered him all those years, or why he'd be interested now. Perhaps it was because Jonah was an unreliable narrator, but ideally the reader should be able to see and understand t [...]

    23. Anke on said:

      More like 2.5 starsThis didn't really work for me, as I have to confess that I don't get all this tumblr business and I still live very well without Facebook. So, not only was there all this hashtag comments, no, on top of that it was a bit too much fashion labels and stuff. Yes, I know it was his fashion blog, nevertheless it had too much space in comparison to the development of the story. Well, yes, I'm getting old.

    24. Madison Parker on said:

      Absolutely adorable. I loved the dichotomy of Jonah's online persona (confident, flirty, social) and his real life persona (insecure, withdrawn). The tumblr posts were hilarious, especially the #hash tags. Such a fun and totally sweet read. Loved it!

    25. Lucy on said:

      4.5 Just adored Jonah, insecurities, fashionista, drama queen and all. I want to see him rock the pom pom toque. Sebastian is sweet and love that he knits.

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