Blood Witness

Alex Hammond

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Blood Witness

Blood Witness One man s search for justice and redemption plunges him into the violent world of Melbourne s underbelly Defence lawyer Will Harris is reluctantly drawn into a bizarre murder trial A terminally ill ma

  • Title: Blood Witness
  • Author: Alex Hammond
  • ISBN: 9781921901492
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Paperback
  • One man s search for justice and redemption plunges him into the violent world of Melbourne s underbelly.Defence lawyer Will Harris is reluctantly drawn into a bizarre murder trial A terminally ill man claims to have witnessed the brutal crime in a vision.But the looming trial is than just a media circus it s Will s first big case since the tragic death of his fiaOne man s search for justice and redemption plunges him into the violent world of Melbourne s underbelly.Defence lawyer Will Harris is reluctantly drawn into a bizarre murder trial A terminally ill man claims to have witnessed the brutal crime in a vision.But the looming trial is than just a media circus it s Will s first big case since the tragic death of his fianc e.With the pressure mounting, Will s loyalties are split when his fianc e s sister is charged with drug trafficking.The strain of balancing both cases takes its toll and Will finds himself torn between following the law and seeking justice.Blood Witness is a dark powerful thriller from a talented new voice.

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      295 Alex Hammond
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    One thought on “Blood Witness

    1. Sharon on said:

      Will Harris is a defense lawyer and has been keeping a low profile since his fiancée, Rachel died in a diving accident two years ago. Trying to comes to terms with her death over the last few years has been extremely difficult for, Will.So when one of Melbourne’s top defence barristers, Chris Miller asks, Will to join him in a case he's working on, Will thinks this might be just what he needs and agrees to join forces with Chris. He'll be working on defending, Martin Kier for the rape and mur [...]

    2. MaryG2E on said:

      I became quite engrossed in this story at an early stage, and read the book quite quickly. Although it is not what I’d call brilliant, I found it hard to put down. The portrait of the main character lawyer Will Harris is rather touching. He is desolate and barely functioning since the death of his fiancee Rachel two years earlier in a diving accident. His firm has given him plenty of space in which to grieve, but now it is time for him to re-engage with the cut and thrust of the legal world. A [...]

    3. Shelleyrae at Book'd Out on said:

      I am impressed with this well crafted crime/legal thriller, a debut fiction novel for South African born Australian, Alex Hammond. Set in Melbourne, Blood Witness introduces Will Harris, a defence lawyer for a large legal firm. Tasked to instruct barrister Chris Miller in a high profile murder trial, Harris has to think outside the box to prevent their client from being branded a killer. The case demands all of Will's attention but when Mischa, the younger sister of his fiance he lost in a tragi [...]

    4. Kathryn on said:

      I picked this book up because I was heading to Melbourne and wanted a book that was set in Melbourne to read while I was there. And I loved the references to the city which I was seeing (or had seen) for myself. I loved that Will, the main character, lived on Spring Street (which I’d walked along) and that his mother lived on Clarendon Street (where I also walked one morning). I didn’t get to see Melbourne’s legal district, so might have to check that area out on my next visit to Melbourne [...]

    5. Christine Bongers on said:

      Bloody good debut crime novel by Melbourne writer Alex Hammond. His ethically-impulsive protagonist, lawyer Will Harris, has all the makings of a franchise. Look forward to the next.

    6. Bree T on said:

      Will Harris is a defence lawyer working for a prestigious firm in Melbourne’s CBD. Two years ago, Will was an up and coming name, high off a string of creditable wins – he was a person to watch. But then Will lost his fiancée Rachel in a diving accident and he’s been dropping off the radar ever since.But now top Melbourne defence barrister Chris Miller has requested Will’s help specifically on his latest case, defending Martin Kier for the kidnap, rape and murder of a fifteen year old s [...]

    7. Lizzy Chandler on said:

      Especially considering Hammond is a first-time author, the story doesn’t disappoint. The opening prologue, which sets up the protagonist Will’s character and motivation, is as exciting as anything I’ve read in a long time. It says much for Hammond’s story-telling skills and augurs well for his future writing. (Blood Witness is the start of a series.)Apart from the engaging, anti-hero protagonist and insight into Melbourne’s social and criminal worlds, what particularly interests me abo [...]

    8. Simone Sinna on said:

      This is a first novel by lawyer Alex Hammond, set in Melbourne (I’m starting to get paranoid that my locations in my yet to be submitted novel are being taken, but he doesn’t go anywhere near Collingwood). It is part legal, part gritty grimy side of crime, set in the legal end of Melbourne and around little known (to locals like me) West Melbourne. Given it’s also got a “Will Harris novel” over the title, we can presume we’ll see more, though towards the end Will’s legal career and [...]

    9. Emilebro on said:

      A top notch legal thriller. Stylish, unpredictable, and totally engrossing. Love the Melbourne setting too.

    10. Donna-Marie on said:

      I read this in two days. Simply couldn't put it down. Compelling reading and exciting storyline. When's the next one coming out?? I need more!

    11. Bookish Enchantment on said:

      Very good thriller. Loved how it did not take the cliche' style that so many authors take. Look forward to more work by this author. A good book that will keep you reading.

    12. Sue Law on said:

      Crime from a lawer's point of view. Will Harris is a criminal defense lawyer, making sure defendents are given a fair go by the judicial system. He's been on the skids a bit since his fiance died, but another firm offers him a chance to get his career back on track with the briefing role in a high profile case. Then he gets a call - his dead fiance's sister is in gaol on a charge of drug dealing. Can he handle both cases without tangling the reins? Can he stay on the right side of the ethics com [...]

    13. Narelle on said:

      I found this a great read and a real page-turner. It was intriguing, thrilling and enthralling! Given it has “A Will Harris novel” at the top of the front cover; I do so hope that Alex continues Will Harris’ character in future novels he may write!It was great to read a crime and legal thriller set in the heart of Melbourne. The main character, Will Harris, is a defence lawyer with a vulnerable side. It is easy for the reader to believe in the integrity of this character, and for readers t [...]

    14. Brenda on said:

      The sun was warm, the day beautiful and recently engaged Will Harris with fiancée Rachel were about to do their last dive for the day. Lowering themselves over the side of the boat, they joined the other tourists; Rachel had her camera and was searching for the best photos of the creatures of the deep that she could find.Two years later, Will began to drag himself up from the depths of deep depression, the grief he still felt over the accident which took Rachel’s life intense. He was a defenc [...]

    15. Rjurik Davidson on said:

      Alex is a friend, but in any case, this is a sharp, smart legal thriller, set in my home town of Melbourne. The first in a series, it has everything you would look for in such a book. Murder, a seedy criminal underworld, suggestions of the occult - the story races along from its crushing start to its bloody finish.

    16. Deb Bodinnar on said:

      Will definitely be on the look out for more books by this author. Loved Will Harris and Chris Miller think there will be plenty of cases for these two to sink their teeth into.I really enjoyed the story with it being set in Melbourne, (my capital city) I could easily visualise where the action was taking place. Characters were real and believable. Would higly recommend this debut novel.

    17. Impishfae on said:

      Loved loved loved it. I found myself cheering and groaning as the novel progressed, each twist drawing me further in. The characters are multifaceted, real. The rhythm of the dialogue and exposition is beautifully crafted. And I finished it with a satisfied sigh. Really looking forward to Will Harris's next round of exploits!

    18. Karen on said:

      The legal thriller is a fairly common sub-genre overseas, but Alex Hammond’s Blood Witness is the first of this sort of book from a local writer for quite a while. Full review at newtownreviewofbooks/2013/

    19. Cel Jel on said:

      A book club read, and not my usual type of book in this genre, so I realise that it has influenced my rating. Reasonably well crafted, but I think a little too out there in the three interwoven threads and experiences.

    20. Rob Spencer on said:

      Solid, well paced debut bringing an interesting mix of controversial criminal defence, quick-witted problem solving and unfortunate encounters with the mob. The protagonist is human, fallible and resourceful. If you're after fresh crime novels, this one is well worth a punt.

    21. Philip Taffs on said:

      Bloody clever premise.Bloody atmospheric Melbourne setting.Bloody credible hero.Bloody good first novel.Very Bloody enjoyable.

    22. Kristen Peake on said:

      Excellent read, exciting story. Very cool to read a novel set in my own home town :)

    23. Jodie Warner on said:

      Finished this just in the nick of time for Bookclub tonight. An easy read, loads of plot holes and it could have done with a bit of tightening of the story line.

    24. Mary-Lou Stephens on said:

      Very impressive debut novel. A book that makes you miss it when you reach the end and feel grateful that there's a sequel on the way.

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