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Joelle Charbonneau

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The Testing Guide

The Testing Guide In the scarred and war battered United Commonwealth ten year old Cia Vale watches her older brother Zeen dream about being chosen for The Testing He s graduated at the top of his class and being cho

  • Title: The Testing Guide
  • Author: Joelle Charbonneau
  • ISBN: 9780544084780
  • Page: 253
  • Format: ebook
  • In the scarred and war battered United Commonwealth, ten year old Cia Vale watches her older brother Zeen dream about being chosen for The Testing He s graduated at the top of his class, and being chosen, like his father was before him, means a chance to attend The University and help lead the effort to revitalize postwar civilization Cia is conflicted she hopes Zeen isIn the scarred and war battered United Commonwealth, ten year old Cia Vale watches her older brother Zeen dream about being chosen for The Testing He s graduated at the top of his class, and being chosen, like his father was before him, means a chance to attend The University and help lead the effort to revitalize postwar civilization Cia is conflicted she hopes Zeen is chosen, but dreads him leaving home She also realizes that one day she too must set her mind on being chosen But does she realize the deadly path she will have to take THE TESTING GUIDE is the short story prequel to The Testing, the first novel in the stunning and epic Testing Trilogy.

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    One thought on “The Testing Guide

    1. Stacy on said:

      First off, it's a darn good thing this puppy was free, or there would've been a lot of irate people out there. I wouldn't even say it qualifies as a short story--it's a bonus chapter, one that really can't be included in the book because the book is told in first person by a different character. I can't say that it particularly adds anything to the book--the only reason I'm rating it as high as I am is because I happen to like Zeen from the few small glimpses we've been given of him. All we get [...]

    2. Angela on said:

      I liked The Testing Guide but this was WAY shorter than I expected it to be. Most of it was just a preview of The Testing. This can hardly be considered a "short story."Nonetheless, The Testing Guide was interesting. I've heard of The Testing but never actually knew what it was about. Now that I've read this, I'm more interested in starting the series.But like most prequels, this really was pointless. I can't say I see the point of this. It's an okay set-up for the series, because it explains so [...]

    3. B.A. Wilson on said:

      It's free, which is great. It doesn't really add a lot in terms of the world or story, but if you just want to read a little bit more, it's good for that purpose. I typically love novellas but don't find this one to be a necessary read. If you are a die hard fan of the story, then downloaded it for free. There's nothing to lose, so you can give it a try and decide for yourself. Pages: 46

    4. Jenn on said:

      Literally the shortest novella I have ever read. It's only one chapter and then the rest is part of the first book, The Testing. But I did like seeing more of Zeen and hope that the author showcases his character more in the next books, or does a full novella with him.

    5. Nick Turner on said:

      This eleven-page story, teaser prequel to novel, The Testing (with a forty-page excerpt of The Testing after the prequel story), sets the scene locating the future post-apocalyptic world of The Testing in a post-war North America a century after war and global catastrophes destroyed much of the Earth's population and biomass leaving coastal cities submerged and toxic tainted soil.The prequel tells the story of Zeen (elder brother of The Testing's protagonist Malencia - "Cia") and how it was that [...]

    6. AH on said:

      This is a short 45 page prequel to The Testing. It also includes the first three chapters of the book. Once again, I'm really not sure if this prequel would make me want to go out and purchase the book. The Testing Guide gives a basic backdrop to a world destroyed by war, earthquakes, and bad weather. Resources are limited. Graduates of school compete to get a place in the capital city for the Testing which upon successful completion ensures a spot in university. It kind of has The Hunger Games [...]

    7. Carrie on said:

      A great teaser for the up and coming book The Testing. Besides giving us a glimpse of what to expect for the story, the eprequel also includes the first 3 chapters of the book. I am happy to say I am VERY excited to read it and looking forward to this series by Joelle Charbonneau. A free download can be found here:The Testing Guide

    8. Myndi on said:

      What I'm guessing is just a peek into the world that I'm about to learn about in The Testing. I actually hopped on GR to show someone the series I was about to read and learned about this little novella. So I clicked the link and got it for my Nook. We learn about who I've learned is the main character of the series' big brother and what happened at his graduation and shortly after. We also get to see what his relationship with his sister was like. Only a bit though because the novella really wa [...]

    9. Mehsi on said:

      Well I had hoped for a bit more story and I am a bit disappointed. You got about 10 pages of bonus story, and 3 or so with a bit of history information, and after that a first look at the Testing. Which is a shame.I am now still not sure if I should read the Testing or not. For now I am lingering to the no.It was an interesting story, but also slightly confusing. Still don't understand stuff about the testing or what it means, and I was hoping this story would let me know a bit more.

    10. Brooke (The Cover Contessa) on said:

      This was a nice introduction to the book. I had already read the first chapter of The Testing prior to reading this. This is very short, took me about 10 minutes to read it. Not much to it. Gives just a bit of background on the world and a few of the characters. Looking forward to getting into the book now!

    11. Muphyn on said:

      Seriously?! It looks like it's a 50-page prequel but it's really just 10 as the rest is made up of the first three chapters of 'The Testing'. It just wet my appetite and then it was all over.It's Zeen's story of his graduation day and I wanted to know more. So much more. Bit disappointing, obviously I expected too much.

    12. Jackie on said:

      Intriguing beginning pages to the full length novel, a very very short teaser to what is to come in the future for Cia and her friends.Currently reading the book and already in a short period of time over 100 pages and am fascinated and looking forward to finding out more. May be one of my new favorite series found from Netgalley.

    13. Sarah on said:

      This was a very short story (less than 1 chapter), which shows Cia's older brother, and how he failed to get into the Testing, and instead stayed at home and encouraged his sister's dreams of getting into the testing. The other 80% of this book is an excerpt from book 1.

    14. Kayleigh K-Books on said:

      I really enjoyed this short prequel.It really gave me an insight to this course and really piqued my interest and curiosity for the first book. I can't wait to find out more about this dystopian world.

    15. Alyssa on said:

      It's short. It's interesting. And it is free. :D The Testing Guide gives the readers a small glimpse of The Testing. It's a really short read but it managed to entice me to read The Testing. Off to read The Testing then! :)

    16. Xxertz on said:

      Quick glimpse into Zeen's life. I wouldn't pay $ for it as short as it is, but it is curious. (I obviously am not used to 0.5, 1.5, etc books).

    17. ɑƨħŵɑɡ ♥Team Magnus Damora FOREVER♥ on said:

      I don't like how this new world is explained & I still don't get it

    18. Deniz on said:

      3.5 StarsAn interesting short novella that gives a glimpse into the world of the testingA nice appetizer- looking forward to reading the testing!

    19. Lindsay on said:

      Meh. Unnecessary.This is about ten pages of Zeen's POV on graduation day. It didn't provide any ground breaking insights into the story or characters. Nor was there any excitement.

    20. Carlos on said:

      Pequeña precuela de la historia original de la serieLa Prueba , que relata un momento al que se hace referencia en los libros muchas veces pero que nunca se termina de explicar del todo. (view spoiler)[El relato cuenta el momento de la graduación de Zeen, el hermano mayor de Cia, que como se dice en los libros, no fue elegido para ir a La Prueba a pesar de ser uno de los más brillantes estudiantes. Al descubrir que no es elegido, pretende irse por su cuenta a la ciudad, pero finalmente su pad [...]

    21. Melanie Dulaney on said:

      My rating of 3 stars, instead of a 4 or 5, is absolutely only given because of the brevity of this ePrequel to one of my very favorite dystopian series. I was excited to download a Kindle short that would give me a glimpse into the early lives of Cia and Zeen and enjoyed every bit of it, but it was disappointingly short. I really needed much more insight into what Zeen was feeling as he was passed over for The Testing and was forced to remain in Five Lakes to help his dad develop more ways to br [...]

    22. Kacule on said:

      Ach, Zeene, kdybys tak věděl, co tě čeká. Příběh z promocí Zeena, vyprávěno z jeho pohledu. Škoda, že to bylo tak krátké.

    23. Colleen on said:

      I love Zeen. He's a great minor character in the entire series.

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