The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic

Mark R. Levin

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The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic

The Liberty Amendments Restoring the American Republic For a century the Statists have steadfastly constructed a federal Leviathan distorting and evading our constitutional system in pursuit of an all powerful ubiquitous central government The result i

  • Title: The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic
  • Author: Mark R. Levin
  • ISBN: 9781451606270
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Hardcover
  • For a century, the Statists have steadfastly constructed a federal Leviathan, distorting and evading our constitutional system in pursuit of an all powerful, ubiquitous central government The result is an ongoing and growing assault on individual liberty, state sovereignty, and the social compact Levin argues that if we cherish our American heritage, it is time to embracFor a century, the Statists have steadfastly constructed a federal Leviathan, distorting and evading our constitutional system in pursuit of an all powerful, ubiquitous central government The result is an ongoing and growing assault on individual liberty, state sovereignty, and the social compact Levin argues that if we cherish our American heritage, it is time to embrace a constitutional revival The delegates to the 1787 Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia and the delegates to each state s ratification convention foresaw a time when despite their best efforts to forestall it the Federal government might breach the Constitution s limits and begin oppressing the people Agencies such as the IRS and EPA and programs such as Obamacare demonstrate that the Framers fear was prescient Therefore, the Framers provided two methods for amending the Constitution The second was intended for our current circumstances empowering the states to bypass Congress and call a convention for the purpose of amending the Constitution Levin argues that we, the people, can avoid a perilous outcome by seeking recourse, using the method called for in the Constitution itself The Framers adopted ten constitutional amendments, called the Bill of Rights, that would preserve individual rights and state authority Levin lays forth eleven specific prescriptions for restoring our founding principles, ones that are consistent with the Framers design His proposals such as term limits for members of Congress and Supreme Court justices and limits on federal taxing and spending are pure common sense, ideas shared by many They draw on the wisdom of the Founding Fathers including James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and numerous lesser known but crucially important men in their content and in the method for applying them to the current state of the nation Now is the time for the American people to take the first step toward reclaiming what belongs to them The task is daunting, but it is imperative if we are to be truly free.

    The Liberty Amendments Mark R Levin The Liberty Amendments Mark R Levin on FREE shipping on qualifying offers The long awaited new book on how to fix our broken government by the New York Times bestselling author of Liberty and Tyranny and Ameritopia In his bestsellers Liberty and Tyranny and Ameritopia The Liberty Amendments Restoring the American Republic The Liberty Amendments Restoring the American Republic Kindle edition by Mark R Levin Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Liberty Amendments Restoring the American Republic. US Bill of Rights st Amendments with Source James McClellan s Liberty, Order, and Justice An Introduction to the Constitutional Principles of American Government rd ed Indianapolis Liberty Fund, C The Bill Of Rights The first ten amendments were proposed by Congress in , at their first session and, having received the ratification of the legislatures of three fourths of the several States, they became a Liberty Day Institute US Constitution Teacher An Innovative Approach to Education Liberty Day strives to provide the highest quality resources to help effectively introduce students to the U.S Constitution and American government. Liberty Eylau ISD Home LEISD will provide an instructional environment where all students will develop essential academic, career, and social skills for a lifetime of learning Our students will become responsible, contributing, and highly productive citizens in a diverse and changing world. United States Bill of Rights The Bill of Rights is the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution Proposed following the often bitter battle over ratification of the U.S Constitution, and crafted to address the objections raised by Anti Federalists, the Bill of Rights amendments add to the Constitution specific guarantees of personal freedoms and rights, clear limitations on the government s power Personal liberty laws The personal liberty laws were laws passed by several U.S states in the North to counter the Fugitive Slave Acts of and .Different laws did this in different ways, including allowing jury trials for escaped slaves and forbidding state authorities from cooperating in their capture and return. The nd Amendment s Forgotten Value The Liberty Chronicle Calling to mind the nd Amendment s original purpose broadens the gun rights debate to include the societal benefit of widespread gun ownership. The Liberty Amendment Individual liberty, freedom and sovereignty of the people will be restored in a representative republican form of government by clarifying the original spirit and intent of the Constitution. The Separation of Angry Atheists and Constitution A Reply Religious Liberty The Separation of Angry Atheists and Constitution A Reply to Our First Two Constitution Amendments The Separation of Angry Atheists and Constitution

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    One thought on “The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic

    1. William C. Montgomery on said:

      This is an important book that could appeal to all Americans. This book should appeal to all Americans. But this book doesn't appeal to all Americans because it is too backward looking. Levin has written a wonderful book that will appeal to constitutional conservatives and libertarians like myself but is crucially missing any crossover appeal. That is a massive flaw.The problem that modern Republicans have is that they think they can win every political argument by appealing to the constitution. [...]

    2. Charles on said:

      For any one interested in law, our history, and what defines our unique American style of self-rule - which was never designed to be a dictatorship of the 51% popular vote. This book does not delve into the controversial topics of today or spout un-examined talking points or partisan rally cries. It deals with the legal history of our constitution and the original intentions and debates behind the Bill of Rights and other amendments. It is not a book of whining disagreement with any one politica [...]

    3. Davet on said:

      August 10: preview reviewI heard the audio excepts today on Mark's show from the Liberty Amendments and was encouraged enough to buy a copy. I thought I would the be one of the first to indicate what I thought about the potential solution to the problem that the federal government is imposing on us. This is yet another way that the average countryman can start fighting the hundreds of unconstitutional laws and 80000 pages of regulations that are spitting out of the federal government every year. [...]

    4. Bryn Dunham on said:

      In "Liberty vs. Tyranny", Mark Levin wrote the definitive book on Conservatism. In "Ameritopia", he argued effectively how America has entered a post-constitutional era and that the never ending quest for an unattainable utopian society is not merely destructive but has been sought after by Statists since the dawn of civilization. Now, in "The Liberty Amendments", Levin once again delivers an excellent escape route to restoring America to the image envisioned by the Framers of the Constitution, [...]

    5. Bruce Snell on said:

      In this book from Mark R. Levin, the author makes the proposal that the states call for a States Convention to offer amendments to the Constitution. He begins by debunking the prevailing theory that such a convention could lead to the wholesale destruction of our Constitution as we know it today - much as the Constitutional Convention that was called to amend the Articles of Confederation resulted in the replace of those articles with the Constitution. In the course of the book Mr. Levin suggest [...]

    6. Brad on said:

      Very good book. Explains his point of view clearly and explains the current problems with the Federal government. A lot of people complain about the things that are wrong, but Levin does an excellent job at laying out clear solutions to the problems that many people see with the Federal government.

    7. John on said:

      Article V of the U.S. Constitution enables for Constitutional amendments to be proposed at special conventions called by two-thirds of the state legislatures. These amendments can then be ratified by a two-thirds majority of the state legislatures, thereby bypassing the need for input from the federal government.In theory, this would provide Americans with a method for passing strongly supported legislation that the federal government refuses to implement (usually at the behest of special intere [...]

    8. Lance on said:

      I am by no means a fan of Mark Levin, and in fact this book is the only thing written by him that I have read. While I don't agree with everything he proposed in his book, I do agree that we need to have a larger conversation about the principles upon which we will base our society. We need more voices, not less, engaging in dialogue about facts.And Levin does a good job of laying out facts. Our government is filled with corrupt, self-serving politicians who have warped the system slowly but sur [...]

    9. Myron Alexander on said:

      Mark Levin provides an excellent platform for laying out a plan to save the USA. The USA is currently on course to become a has-been country which is very bad for the entire world. The world has depended on it to provide political stability which allows for economic and technological growth. Love it or hate it, this is the reality. Without the USA as it was, before the stateists ruined it, the world will begin to recede into a new dark age. It is already happening. We need the USA to return to i [...]

    10. Paul on said:

      The systematic centralization of governmental power and violation of the Constitution has been happening since FDR and Mark Levin blows it all out into the open with The Liberty Amendments. This isn't a 'soap box' book. This is well thought out with direct references to support his views. The Constitution isn't broken. It has just been twisted and allowed to be corrupted by the very people who will do anything to maintain their power over the states and individuals. Mark Levin makes a compelling [...]

    11. Lynette on said:

      This was one of the most provocative books I had read in a long time. I only thought I understood the constitution and how "we the people" are really not getting a deal from our three houses of government. The congress, senate, president and supreme court all need an overall. It takes we the people to get out and vote and demand what the founders of the this great nation intended.My family have fought, bled and died for the United States of America, before it was the United States of America. I [...]

    12. Paul Kurtz on said:

      I agreed with Levin's point of view and thought the amendments he proposed were excellent. However, I think there is a fundamental flaw in the book. I see no way that there will be enough state legislatures willing to petition congress for a constitutional convention to amend the constitution. Politicians use local and state offices as stepping stones to higher offices. They are just as corrupt as the U.S. congressmen and senators who Levin says will be unwilling to amend the constitution becaus [...]

    13. Beccihall on said:

      We all know greatness when we see it, and Mr. Levin's "Liberty Admendments" sets a new standard. He has done an exceptional job supporting his views, and the Amendments, with historical and modern-day facts. He, wisely, omits the "social issues" of our time because America's troubles are systemic. As such, I didn't have to block out any agenda-driven noise; I got to read a smart, respectful and fresh depiction of an approach to solving our 21st century tyranny problemERT! Give this book an HONES [...]

    14. Jim Brown on said:

      Republican, Democrat, Independent. Doesn't matter. Sooner or later the opposing party will be in office and you will not like what it is doing to America. Mark Levin has identified a solution to not being able to control the people in power and this book defines the solutions currently available to American citizens by identifying 12 Amendments to the U. S. Constitution that can be achieves by State Governments. I would add a 13th and that is that all members of Congress, the White House and the [...]

    15. David Vanness on said:

      High School & College students should have it required reading. An analysis of the validity of Levin's reasoning for extra credit would be nice. My introductive required reading was a world history volumn of six or eight hundred pages that was quite old. Needless to say I enjoyed it.

    16. Stephanie on said:

      This man needs to run for public office. Preferably the Senate. Or Presidency. Great, great read.

    17. Joey Bredesen on said:

      With regards to the balanced budget amendment (BBA) in the book I think that a rigid BBA is bad meaning that government can't run debts, because during times of recession and depression it is natural that government would have to spend more in order to meet the needs of its citizens, so I would have one that allows for debts to increase to say let's say 30% of GDP. How I came to that number? The debt to GDP ratio during the great depression increased 27%, and I just rounded up to 30%. It's a rou [...]

    18. Connor Bulgrin on said:

      This book is a great read for people interested in the history, substance, and different interpretations of the U.S. Constitution. It's based off a clause in Article V of the Constitution that states that amendments can be proposed in a meeting of 2/3s of the state legislatures and then ratified if approved by 3/4 of the states. Levin proposes we use this method of amending the Constitution (that does not depend on the federal government) to bring the nation back to the Founders' vision. It prov [...]

    19. Miles Fowler on said:

      1CThe Liberty Amendments 1D is first and foremost a highly thoughtful working through of proposed amendments to the United States Constitution by talk-show host and former government attorney Mark Levin. It is also an exploration of what has gone wrong in the development of federal power over the past two centuries and of a little-known remedy built into the Constitution itself. But more about that later. Most of the book is devoted to ten amendments that Levin has written himself, but which wou [...]

    20. Ron Housley on said:

      The Liberty Amendments©2012 Mark LevinA short book report by Ron Housley“The Liberty Amendments” wound up in my cart after I succumbed to the cable news blitz plus personal nudging from several friends. Also, as I wrote in my book report on Levin’s prior book, “Ameritopia,” this author does have some penchant for scholarship. All of that was a sufficient hook for me. Levin’s thesis is that the country’s lurch into statism can be reversed if we hold state conventions to amend the [...]

    21. Paula Shreckhise on said:

      Although I didn't understand some of this because it was in Lawyer Speak, I think the author is well versed in the underpinnings of the Constitution. His arguments seem well thought out. They make sense! We need to get back to what the forefathers were trying to fix when we broke away from England. It seems nowadays people are pushing to get back under someone else's thumb! This one is well worth the read and needs to be pondered on!

    22. Aaron Thibeault on said:

      *A full executive summary of this book is available here: newbooksinbrief/2013/09/24 When the early states came together to discuss the possibility of establishing a confederacy, they did so with a great deal of hope, but also a great deal of trepidation. The hope was that a federal government might be formed that could handle the few issues that were common to all the states but which could not be dealt with by the states individually. The fears, on the other hand, were that this government mig [...]

    23. Dave Roth on said:

      This book was a good read. Mark Levin clearly articulates the problems facing the federal government today, and proposes to implement the United States Constitution's amendment process to solve them. His approach makes sense, because it suggests using a tried method which has been proven to work in the past, and which if done properly can effectively be implemented now. The Liberty Amendments is Mark Levin's fourth political work after his previous books, Men in Black, Liberty and Tyranny, and A [...]

    24. Stephen on said:

      The United States Constitution was written by men who appreciated their lack of omniscience, and who therefore included in Article V means for amending their handiwork, for fixing through Congress and the state legislatures any problems that might arise. How do you solve a problem through Congress, however, when Congress is the problem? The solution, says Mark Levin, is right there in the Constitution: Article V, which establishes the means of amendment, provides two. While Congress can vote on [...]

    25. Brett Thomasson on said:

      I've never listened to Mark Levin on the radio for any longer than it took me to change the station; he has a graceless manner and attitude that make him even less appealing than the usual run of airwave shouter. And that manner often bleeds into his written work, which means my encounters with it are also rare.But a couple of excerpts of The Liberty Amendments piqued my interest, so I dug in and found it a good deal less heated than Levin usually manages, with some definite food for thought whe [...]

    26. Matt Holsen on said:

      Say what you will, but I liked this book. I certainly don't agree entirely with his ideas, but I found this book to be coherently thought out and rationally argued. Talk radio is all too often a parody of itself - shrill tantrums feigning outrage about the flavor of the day. But reading this book gave me a sense of participating in a Constitutional Convention - especially since I didn't completely agree with the author. I'd find myself having to stop reading so that I could explore my own though [...]

    27. Roland on said:

      "The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic" by Mark Levin was highly recommended reading from a friend. I was looking forward to reading the book because I had read great reviews online and had even seen an interview with the author in which he eloquently addressed the various proposed amendments in a compelling and understandable manner. I admire and share the author's concern for our constitutional republic; however, I feel the book was geared more towards the "Tea Party" mentali [...]

    28. Jack Hansen on said:

      A solution to restore America to the original intent of its founding fathers, The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic, outlines the manner and supports the rationale for taking measures to ensure less corruption and deceit by those in power who wish to remain in that intoxicating position at all costs. Mark Levin, in his earlier books, Liberty and Tyranny, and, Ameritopia, describes how America starts with a Constitution that limits the powers of men and groups of men and women i [...]

    29. Dante Ferrigno on said:

      Even with some reservations I would have no problem acquiescing to nearly all of these amendments being adopted because they do a lot to restore the federalism that was created by the the Constitution. However, they still allow for a Federal Reserve Bank and they don't repeal the 16th Amendment wholesale which are most important to this end, and without these changes we are still slaves to the silent taxation that is inflation, and the government still has the authority to take the fruits of our [...]

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