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Tim Timothy lived a life only a psychopathic sociopath could enjoy and understand When he was bitten on the first day of the zombie apocalypse he turned the tides on a single minded virus he affectionatel

  • Title: Tim2
  • Author: Mark Tufo
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Timothy lived a life only a psychopathic sociopath could enjoy and understand When he was bitten on the first day of the zombie apocalypse he turned the tides on a single minded virus he affectionately called Hugh Together they terrorized a city before seemingly meeting their untimely demise Nobody could have foreseen his resurrection Tim s close call with death has doTimothy lived a life only a psychopathic sociopath could enjoy and understand When he was bitten on the first day of the zombie apocalypse he turned the tides on a single minded virus he affectionately called Hugh Together they terrorized a city before seemingly meeting their untimely demise Nobody could have foreseen his resurrection Tim s close call with death has done nothing to temper his missions in life, to live, to eat and to rule the world Tim is back and he s an asshole.

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      295 Mark Tufo
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    One thought on “Tim2

    1. T.W. Brown on said:

      Mark Tufo, author of the best-selling Zombie Fallout series has created a world that he can dip into at his leisure and pluck nasty little tidbits from for his devoted fans. Timothy (2) is one of those stories. However, you do not need to be a ZF reader to dive into this book. You don't even need to read the first Timothy book (but I highly recommend doing so).This is a perfect example of what is so great about the Indie writing scene. Mark Tufo rips away all pretense and delivers some of the na [...]

    2. Glenda on said:

      I ate up every word of Tim2 as if they were a yummy sweet trail ofwell you know. I absolutely loved every morsel. Is being a psychopathic asshole an advantage to surviving a zombie apocalypse? It is for Timothy! Timothy was a man at one time but now he survives by sharing room and board with the virus and he will do whatever it takes to ensure his continued survival. If you’ve read Timothy then you know what drives the monster, an all consuming, incessant need to eat, but the man takes this ne [...]

    3. Shana Festa on said:

      The amazing books just keep on coming from Mark Tufo. I wasn't sure how he was going to work a sequel into the mix with the way the last one ended, but he did it. And did it well, while being completely original. Looking forward to seeing where things go from here! Five stars just doesn't cut it. Also, he picked the perfect narrator for his books. Runnette has a way of increasing the enjoyment of the snarky banter that Tufo's characters are famous for.

    4. Vix on said:

      Fantastic restart. Nice short reminder of what's going on without lots of preamble.The story continues on with Timothy on his quest for food; which is anything moving, this will push your boundaries so if easily offended, then you clearly have not read Timothy #1!Mr Tufo does a brilliant explanation of why Tim has Hugh and is Hugh/Tim hybrid and therefore different to the other zombies.The additional psyche into the mix is amazing, loved all the funny namesill laughing at Clara-bell.Mr Tufo is u [...]

    5. melissa on said:

      I thoroughly enjoyed the first Tim as fraught with agonizingly disgusting moments as it was. The second Tim was so much better. Tim2 has more story, not just stomach turning horrific acts. Don't get me wrong, Tufo didn't let up on the details and there are plenty of gag inducing moments in Tim2 but there is more to it than that. Tim is an even worse human being than I though he was in Timothy and I dislike him more after Tim2. I can't wait to see what fresh hells await him in Tim3.: )I'll never [...]

    6. Mark Heath on said:


    7. YORLEY on said:

      I was lucky enough to win Mark Tufo's contest & have a character named after me How awesome is that? VERY I hope there will be a Tim3 it certainly ended with that possibility. Once again a fantastically horridly grotesque zombie book from Mark Tufo, I absolutely loved it.

    8. Matthew on said:

      The novelty of the premise wore off a little for me with this book.

    9. Petra Gleason on said:

      I cannot believe where this one ended! I have a serious love/hate relationship with Tim

    10. Adam Cagle on said:

      SO after the three hour intro book I found myself "hungry" for more. The zombie genre is not my thing, and I hate clowns, but Timothy is about the most irreverently entertaining book I have ever "devoured." I still feel that Timothy is a slightly more educated version of Cormac McCarthy's "Child of God" to begin with d then he becomes a zombie clown. There are SO many levels to the book as the demented rage monster Tim Tim is dissected psychologically and physically by a new nemesis. The approac [...]

    11. Michael Flanagan on said:

      This book is so twisted and wrong that is so so so right. Mark Tufo reigns supreme yet again delivering another spectacular book in his unique style. Tim the clown is back with his side kick Hugh the zombie, and what's this they have a fat geek called Clarence coming along for the ride as well. The only problem is they all occupy the same body, or should I say their consciousness do. As you can imagine there is not much room in their and Tim and Hugh do not play well with others.Tim makes the cl [...]

    12. Brandon on said:

      The world championship heavyweight asshole is back. Still sharing head space with Hugh the zombie virus. After the last book and events at the beginning of this one, Tim's body was so destroyed that they were forced to transfer themselves to a new host. That host was Clarence, a typical overweight self conscious guy whose consciousness also remains inside his head, although, Tim and Hugh have full control over his body. Clarence is taken along for the ride down insanity lane as Tim hunts down hi [...]

    13. Colin Buckland on said:

      The excelent follow on to Timothy, surprise surprise, which puts a novel twist on the zombie theme where the mind of an infected man forms an uneasy alliance with the virus responsible for his condition.I loved the first book, especially as the author crossed over into his Zombie Fallout series towards the end, and also manages to do it again in this one. Tim is a sicko, full stop, and revels in the carnage he causes to other zompoc survivors, all in the name of survival as he would say.It's a g [...]

    14. Annie on said:

      OK I loathe Timothyhe is a Misogynistic pig of a manhe is super gross and being a zombie just amplifies it!! Let me tell you this clown would terrify Pennywiseny moments in the book I was screaming WTF and shaking my heads such a gross but awesome storyjust the character itself deserves to be kicked in the balls like 1000 timeslmao I loved the storyI love TUFO.but really WTF Mark? Cant wait for #3!!!! If you are a Tufo fantake a listenbut fasten your seat beltsis is a bumpy ride If you haven't r [...]

    15. Leesa Austin on said:

      This is different from the other mark Tufo books that I have read. With that in mind it is disturbing, gross, and I would stop reading it before you eat. Though it is a bit gross and disturbing (I can not look at clowns without thinking of this book now) it was very well written. Tim is just a nasty as he was in the first book and maybe a bit more nasty, which is what makes this book so good. I would suggest reading it if you like the whole gross zombie clown thing.

    16. Tanya Saunders on said:

      Phenomenally detailed in the disgusting and grotesque from the zombie's POV. As always, Mr Tufo's humor comes out, at all the most seemingly inappropriate times, but that just makes it more fun. Thank goodness his books aren't scratch and sniff.ough, as a comic book, that would be a hell of an idea ;-).

    17. Dkolacinski on said:

      If Timothy was a gross-out fest, Tim2 was merely a tedium-fest. Not worth the time spent, although I rather liked the twist at the very end. The viewpoint and internal monologues of a zombie just isn't my cup of tea.

    18. Lisa Parker on said:

      Not as impressed as other seriesSo I love this author's books, but to be honest this series isn't as good as his other series. I really do like the information on the Hugh man virus. Tim is an interesting villain but I don't think he is a redeemable villain.

    19. Shawn Kass on said:

      Mark Tufo takes zombie description further than any other author, we now know more about a zombie's digestion and bowel movements than anyone ever wanted, aside from perhaps a truly disturbed proctologist.

    20. Ron Casey on said:

      This book like Tim 1 is not for the faint of heart. Some of the tricks that Tim gets up to are twisted, disgusting and shocking!! Mark Tufo once again delivers another fantastic book in his unique style. Tim the psychopathic clown is back and this time he is not alone, be afraid, be very afraid.

    21. Christy Thornbrugh on said:

      Was not sure how tim 2 would start , it started off well and it was a good and creepy read never got board in it. I loved the way it ended i kind of laughed a bit on how it ending got what he deservies but it was a laugh that was in a good way thank you Mr. Tufo keep writing

    22. Patti Bartosch on said:

      Sickenly WonderfulIt has to be good to keep me interested and Mr. Tufo does just that, combining two things that scare many of us the most. His writing keeps me reading foe days.

    23. Kevin Mccormack on said:

      not my favorite of the Tufo works - in fact Timothy #1 & #2 are disgusting, and yet I couldn't stop reading them UGH! Tufo you are good!

    24. AudioBookReviewer on said:

      You can find this complete review and all of my other reviews here: audiobookreviewer/Audioboo

    25. R.K. Gleason on said:

      Better than the first. I can't wait to see how Tim gets out of this one.

    26. Susu on said:

      NOOOOOO!!!!!! You cant leave me hanging like this, its just not right! *sigh* guess I prepare for the long wait for Tim3. :(

    27. Julie Jones on said:

      great read great booksoooooo grossI've loved and read all of his workevil zombie genius

    28. Elizabeth Mcqueen on said:

      Brilliant book - full of great characters - very gory - made me feel a bit sick at times LOL! Love Mark Tufo - one of my favourites authors - love everything he does.

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