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Elizabeth Anthony

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All I Want Is You

All I Want Is You An innocent girl Seventeen year old Sophie is a scullery maid at a large country house Belfield Hall but what she truly desires is to dance on stage in London Caught up in a dangerous gameGlamor

  • Title: All I Want Is You
  • Author: Elizabeth Anthony
  • ISBN: 9780316254816
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Paperback
  • An innocent girl1920 Seventeen year old Sophie is a scullery maid at a large country house, Belfield Hall, but what she truly desires is to dance on stage in London Caught up in a dangerous gameGlamorous Lady Beatrice offers her assistance, though not without an ulterior motive A new heir the seductively handsome Lord Ashley is about to arrive at the Hall a man thAn innocent girl1920 Seventeen year old Sophie is a scullery maid at a large country house, Belfield Hall, but what she truly desires is to dance on stage in London Caught up in a dangerous gameGlamorous Lady Beatrice offers her assistance, though not without an ulterior motive A new heir the seductively handsome Lord Ashley is about to arrive at the Hall a man that Beatrice will do anything to ensnareeven if she has to exploit her young maid Of forbidden passionWhat she doesn t know is that Sophie has met Ash once before And as Lady Beatrice s devious plan unravels, Sophie has two choices refusee to be a mere plaything for the man she loves so desperately, or give in to the thrill of unimaginable sexual pleasureSet in a country house in the 1920s, this tale of forbidden love between a kitchen maid and her aristocratic master is perfect for fans of Downton Abbey and E.L James Fifty Shades of Grey.

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      173 Elizabeth Anthony
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    One thought on “All I Want Is You

    1. Kara on said:

      I'm really going to try to keep this brief, but we all know "brief" isn't really my thing soThe first half of this book was pretty decent. It sets up a solid picture of being in the lower class in turn of the century England. The writing is pretty simplistic, but it fit the voice of the thirteen year old narrator. After working at a Downton Abbey type mansion for a few years, Sophie is unwittingly pulled into sexual escapades with some of the staff. Sophie has a low profile in the house - except [...]

    2. Stacia (the 2010 club) on said:

      Introducing the bastard child of Tipping the Velvet and Downton AbbeyThis isn't necessarily a bad thing. I like TTV and DA. All I Want is You had a certain sort of appeal which kept me glued to the pages. I love stories where a young girl meets an older man and we have to wait years for the man to notice that she's finally grown up.However, I don't think I have it in me to champion for another "author's got balls" moment twice in one week. My patience is wearing a little thin. I blame Allegiant. [...]

    3. Mary - Buried Under Romance on said:

      This is the first romance I have ever read that is continuous with the next in the series, Breathless For You. The ending of this would have crushed me if it were a standalone, as I'm not fond of non-HEAs. (What's the point of reading a romance if it the characters are alone and miserable at the end?) Nonetheless, All I Want is You was a rather heart-wrenching story that very much portrays the interplay of politics, power, prestige, passion and sex in a rich historical era, in the vein of The Gr [...]

    4. Pam Victorio on said:

      I'll start with the good. The history is amazing. It did feel quite a bit like Downton Abbey in a way most books that compare themselves to Downton fail. I felt Sophie is very comparable to Daisy or Ivy and I could make comparisons to other staff as well. The rest of the book kind of fell apart for me. The sex in the beginning was lesbian but not in a loving way. One woman was using poor Sophie to entrap a man so she needed to keep her a virgin while she taught her the art of the sexytimes. Then [...]

    5. Mia Asher on said:

      GAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Downton Abbey meets Fifty??!?! Mind you, I haven't read Fifty but the blurb screams MIAAAAAAAAA!!!!

    6. Tina on said:

      4 Stars!*Special thanks to the author for granting me access to the ARC via NetGalleyA wonderful read! I have a few complaints about the story, but for the most part I thoroughly enjoyed it. The novel wasn't exactly what I expected (not in a bad way), but it did ring true to what was presented in the synopsis. For the most part, whatever you expect to come from a 1920s erotic romance, you'll most likely get it. Nowlet's get into character discussion, shall we?Sophie Our leading lady is, for the [...]

    7. CrazyForRomance on said:

      Era veramente tantissimo tempo che non mi imbattevo in un libro che rispecchiasse i miei gusti in modo così completo ed era una vita che non mi sentivo in totale armonia con un testo letterario. Nonostante (anzi forse proprio per quello) il romance parta col narrare, in modo molto particolareggiato, la storia dell’infanzia della piccola Sophie, la sua vita dura, la sofferenza della morte della madre, il suo lavoro presso la dimora del duca di Belfield ad una tenerissima età e di conseguenza [...]

    8. TFitz on said:

      I learned about this book via an ad on that was promoting it as a combination of Downton Abbey and FSOG. I'm a bigger fan of the former than the latter, and the sample chapter was well-written enough to capture my interest (despite being written in first person POV, of which I am not a fan). I had a gift certificate to purchase, otherwise I would not have bought it. 8.89 for an ebook, especially by a relatively unknown author, is way too much. After reading this book, I wouldn't pay more than 2 [...]

    9. Anne Dirty Girls' Good Books on said:

      This was under the "erotica" category at NetGalley, and it sounded interesting. For about the first half I enjoyed it, but it's very Danielle Steele like, so it may work for her fans. It's got a lot of anguish. The story is focused on the heroine, Sophie, not the relationship between her and Ash. I would not consider this story a romance, as I think a happily ever after ending is necessary in a romance. Sophie she goes through a lot of tough times, yet continues to push away any help he would of [...]

    10. Tati Saetre on said:

      Recensione completa QUIVorrei non essere critica, e se è per questo nemmeno cattiva. Di solito non lo sono mai, quando leggo. Certo, ci sono libri che non mi appassionano e che non mi piacciono, ma arrivo sempre alla fine, anche se la narrazione è pessima e i personaggi non hanno né arte e né parte.Questo è stato il primo libro letto dopo la maturità, e fatemelo dire senza troppi giri di parole: Elizabeth Anthony non ci ha capito un cazzo.Mi sono arrabbiata come una iena, leggendolo. La tr [...]

    11. Sophie Gonzales on said:

      This review was originally posted on my blog, and I read the edition published by Hodder & Stoughton in the UK.I'm a massive fan of Downton Abbey, and of course I loved Fifty Shades of Grey, so I have to admit that I was pretty intrigued when All I Want is You popped through my letterbox. But, then again, I was also weary – historical romance novels which tend to take 'modern liberties' have a track record of getting on my nerves (see my review of Julia Quinn's The Duke and I). How would I [...]

    12. Marta Fernández on said:

      No tenía grandes expectativas en esta novela porque antes de empezar a leerla, curioseé por y tenía puntuaciones bastante bajas, pensé que se me iba a hacer cuesta arriba, aunque para mi sorpresa me enganchó desde la primera página.La autora tiene un estilo muy fluido, sin grandes descripciones y con frases cortas, sí que contextualiza más o menos bien la época aunque eché en falta más referencias a la misma. Digamos que los años veinte no son muy usuales en la romántica, y bueno e [...]

    13. Killian on said:

      Within a few pages of beginning All I Want Is You, I knew this one wasn't going to be my cup of tea. The writing style is not one I enjoy reading. Full of purple prose, full of actions and emotions but no real reasons behind them. But I wanted to see where it was heading instead of just judging it by all that. Unfortunately, it just became more and more not my speed as the story went on.I didn't like the main characters. Sophie has absolutely no reason to fall in love with "Mr. Maldon", he never [...]

    14. *Angela* on said:

      I was really excited to read this book. Although I am not a huge historical fiction/romance fan, I am a huge fan of Downton Abbey and this book appeared to fit that bill. It started out just as I hoped: I was sucked into the story and the description of the characters and setting. It was dark and steamy, totally intriguing and original. It was headed for a 4+ rating!And then I don't know what happened. The story takes a twist (a predictable twist) and suddenly Sophie has a completely different p [...]

    15. Mary on said:

      I read this book in one day, the story of a young scullery maid who meets a powerful man, whiile in desperate situation. His kindness and concern for her is never forgotten and she keeps the fragile connection intact by writing to him, although after a while, her letters are not returned. As Sophie grows up, in innocence remains intact and she is easily manipulated into becoming a game piece for her boss's quest for matrimony, an offering to an unknown man. The past and present collide in a fier [...]

    16. Kris Irvin on said:

      This book was so frustrating. The historical aspect I enjoyed, but the characters were flat. Also, Sophie was the most annoying character ever. Ever. I think I hate romances. Are they ALL like, "oh I love you but I am bad for you so I am going to run away from you without telling you why! or maybe I'll just keep saying how bad I am for you but never do anything about it! or maybe BOTH!" Seriously. Ridiculous. Don't waste your time or your money. As a side note, I read this book on my birthday. W [...]

    17. E. Jamie on said:

      Hero and heroine meet once and then for the next hundred pages the heroine proceeds to have sexual encounters with all the women in the house she works inwith no sign of the hero that I could see anytime soon. DNF'd.

    18. Ƥʋиʏα [Punya Reviews...] on said:

      My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book for more, visit Punya Reviews“All I ever wanted was you. Oh, my love. My only love.”I wanted to read Elizabeth Anthony’s All I Want Is You not only because of the beautiful cover that caught my attention on-spot but also because I’m crazy about this song. Then I read some negative reviews as the book being was compared to a popular contemporary BDSM romance and any comparison to that, good or bad, makes me [...]

    19. Antonella on said:

      Per una volta cammino indietro come i gamberi dopo aver letto "Tu sei il mio desiderio" faccio un passo indietro tornando ai fatti precedenti la storia di Madeline e del suo Nathan. Così dopo aver scoperto del matrimonio del Duca Ash e della sua Sophie in "Tu sei mia" conosciamo quella che è stata la nascita e l'evoluzione della loro storia d'amore anche se.«T u e io non è possibile. Lo sai benissimo che non è possibile.»Lui si avvicinò ancora. Mi abbracciò, mi strinse a sé e disse: «M [...]

    20. Miraphora on said:

      Sono molto indecisa su che giudizio dare a questo romanzo.Prima, durante, dopo la lettura continuo ad oscillare tra il bello e il brutto, tra il mi piace e il non ne sono convinta. E' un continuo cambiare idea, un continuo leggere pareri opposti.Iniziamo subito dalla pubblicità fatta dall'editore. Si può paragonare un romanzo alle 50 Sfumature e a Downton Abbey assieme? Si può dare un titolo così in linea con il filone erotico come Tu sei mia anche se il titolo originale è All I want is you [...]

    21. Lynne M on said:

      I'm not sure how I feel about this book, so I went back and forth with what number of stars to give it. I didn't love either of the main characters, and found Sophie extremely naive but given the time and place I suppose that fit. I liked the historical setting of this book, and it started off very interesting. Then, it went off the rails into the FSOG territory, and seemed like it was written by another author entirely. I'm glad Sophie found her backbone by the end of the book, but I was never [...]

    22. Mjinn d.A. on said:

      Todo lo que quiero eres tú me ha parecido una novela muy entretenida que me ha atrapado de principio a fin, pero solo porque me encanta la narrativa erótica. Reconozco que la historia de amor resulta demasiado típica y, además, la pareja protagonista me ha crispado los nervios más de lo que me gustaría. Pese a todo, Elizabeth Anthony sigue siendo una de mis autoras favoritas.Reseña completa:mjinnda/2017/1

    23. Elisa Vangelisti on said:

      Non ce la posso fare: 34 pagine di pura noia. Ci si aspetta un romanzo passionale e si legge di una sguattera di tredici anni. Tra l’altro Elizabeth ha un modo di raccontare lento e fiacco. Sgradevole scorcio dei primi del novecento nei dintorni di Londra, ti saluto.

    24. Mary on said:

      I had hopes for this. I don't know what I was expecting but not a vaguely veiled 50 shades knock off.

    25. Federica on said:

      Molto bella la storia, scrittura scorrevole e descrizioni precise ma mai noiose, anche se mi aspettavo un finale diverso Una lettura piacevole che consiglio

    26. Stephanie on said:

      The Seamy Side of Life at the Dawn of the Jazz AgeORIGINALLY POSTED TO MY BLOG:fangswandsandfairydust/201Disclosure: E-Galley provided by Publisher via NetGalley. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinion presented herein is my own except as noted.One thing I liked about this book was how the Sophie’s (the main female character) voice changes as she matures. I also like how the relationship between the “hero.” Ash and Sophie develops right before the end.Even so, Sophie, a poor, 13 yea [...]

    27. Laura on said:

      I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.I won’t lie; seeing a Downton Abbey named-dropped in the blurb is what made me pick this up, even if I was a little wary of the Fifty Shades of Grey comparison. Still, I do enjoy erotica, and I thought something set in early 20th century would be intriguing. I thought, after reading the description, that this sounded like it would be a nice mix of historical r [...]

    28. Floriana Amoruso on said:

      labibliotecadellibraiospo"Ho imparato che quando l'amore arriva - l'amore fisico, il desiderio fisico - le regola normali dell'esistenza si devono arrendere. Puoi fare o permettere che ti siano fatte tante cose, ma c'è sempre un momento - un anno, un mese, o magari solo una notte - che diventa indimenticabile, si scolpisce nella memoria per sempre."Non si ha modo di sfuggire all'amore; quell'amore forte, sensuale, morboso, passionale, e poco importa chi tu sia, da dove venga, le tue origini, so [...]

    29. NomdePlumePress on said:

      Sophie, born into poverty, is trying to help her dying mother. She reaches out to a stranger on the street, and he helps Sophie, sets her up at Belfield Hall as a scullery maid, and makes her promise to write to him. So she writes to Mr. Maldon as she grows up and negotiates the cruel downstairs world of the manor house. One day she meets Lady Beatrice, the widow of the heir to the dukedom. The new heir, a distant relative, is bound to arrive soon, and she intends to marry him. To sweeten the de [...]

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