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Derek Kirk Kim Les McClaine

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Tune: Still Life

Tune Still Life In the second installment of the TUNE series of graphic novels our hapless hero Andy Go is settling into life in an alien zoo one of the exhibits It s not so bad the food is good and his environment

  • Title: Tune: Still Life
  • Author: Derek Kirk Kim Les McClaine
  • ISBN: 9781596437609
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the second installment of the TUNE series of graphic novels, our hapless hero Andy Go is settling into life in an alien zoo one of the exhibits It s not so bad the food is good, and his environment is a perfect copy of his house back on Earth But everything falls to pieces when Andy realizes he s been tricked there will be no weekend visits back to Earth, as heIn the second installment of the TUNE series of graphic novels, our hapless hero Andy Go is settling into life in an alien zoo one of the exhibits It s not so bad the food is good, and his environment is a perfect copy of his house back on Earth But everything falls to pieces when Andy realizes he s been tricked there will be no weekend visits back to Earth, as he was promised, and his contract doesn t last one year lasts a lifetime Funny, sweet, and incredibly goofy, TUNE is Derek Kirk Kim writing at the top of his talents Tune Still Life introduces artist Les McClaine, who brings a new level of sensitivity to the story Fans of the first volume will be delighted by this new entry in the series.

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      159 Derek Kirk Kim Les McClaine
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    One thought on “Tune: Still Life

    1. First Second Books on said:

      Derek Kirk Kim is such a talented storyteller -- we can't wait until you get a chance to read the latest volume of his dimension-spanning TUNE saga, Tune: Still Life. Now with even more aliens, girlfriends, and problems induced by permanent residence in an alien zoo!

    2. Emilia P on said:

      Huh, I am surprising myself by giving this such high marks. First of all, I didn't read the first book, so I don't quite know where it's going. Secondly, I think it's a bit too drawn out (how many books are in this series? Is it necessary? It's one story,geez!). Thirdly, I'm not wildly in love with DKK's artistic style. It's a little too jumpy, cluttered, leaning in the Americanized manga direction without totally committing to it. But, damn, it's just so darn readable! Who wouldn't be freaked o [...]

    3. Nicola Mansfield on said:

      Fantastic! This is just as good as the first, maybe even better! Loved it! What a bizarre, out of this world story, but Andy Go is just such an ordinary down-to-earth guy that the story flows naturally and seems so normal until you realize just how absurd it really is. Parts of the story are just average 22 year-old slice-of-life guy stuff and then, well, Andy *is* imprisoned in an exhibit in a zoo on an alien planet. Dash is such a sweet, sincere character she's my favourite part. And what an e [...]

    4. Emkoshka on said:

      Not up to scratch with the first book mainly due to too much scatological humour and a different illustrator. Still amusing and entertaining though so I guess I'll read the third volume when it comes out.

    5. Destiny on said:

      Much more entertaining than the first, but a bit too crude for my tasteToo many poop jokes for me. :p Anyway, I did find Dash very fun with her childlike wonderment. I guess I'm stuck waiting for the third because these books never get to the meat of the story.

    6. Ana María on said:

      Este volumen complementa el primero y lleva la trama más lejos, manteniendo momentos de ternura y motivos para reír. Es una buena historia, bellamente ilustrada. Pero, ¿hay Tune Vol. 3?

    7. Dani Shuping on said:

      ARC provided by NetGalleyThis second volume is the series picks up right where the first one left off. Andy, the average guy, who is disillusioned with the lack of jobs, can't seem to get his art going, and can't work up the courage to ask out his art school crush has finally found that perfect job. He's going to work at a zoo! an exhibit in an alien dimension. And while all seems great upon signing the contract, he quickly discovers there's no way home and all of that money he's making is usele [...]

    8. Thomas on said:

      Tune was a story I originally read as a Webcomic a couple of years ago. For some reason, I stumbled across this story a couple of weeks ago and decided I wanted to catch up with what was going on in that story. A quick search on Half later, and I was just waiting to get the books so I could catch up.The bad news is that the two volumes already available comprise exactly what's available freely on the Web. I'm not disappointed about that (I have all of the Penny Arcade collections, and several Sh [...]

    9. Tara Anderson Gold on said:

      I got this book from NetGalley without realizing that it's the second in a series, but it ended up okay. In this installment, Andy Go has begun his work as a human exhibit in an alien zoo. The aliens have set him up with an exact replica of his home to live in for one year as aliens watch him through panes of glass. $250,000 seemed like a good salary for this "job" when Andy signed the papers, but he slowly realizes that the job is more than he'd bargained for. His interactions with his neighbor [...]

    10. Jessica at Book Sake on said:

      Tune does a really good job of taking what would be a horrible, nightmare situation and making it funny. I think there was a ‘Twilight Zone’ episode about this very scenario, but darker. Tune is able to make it humorous and is better for it. It still explores a lot of the psychology and moral issue of putting sentient life into cages, but it realizes it can have fun too.The artwork is cartoony which is perfect for the out-of-this-world story. The exaggerated expressions convey the lunacy of [...]

    11. Kristen on said:

      Ever since reading the first book, I have been dying to get my hands on Tune Still Life, the next volume in a series about a boy named Andy Go who becomes a part of a zoo in space. He's the only one in the human exhibit at this point, but soon there will be a female, and who better it to be than Yumi – the girl who he recently found out likes him back. Before he thinks of this, he is miserable and even Dash – the nice female alien that brings him food – cannot cheer him up.When Andy realiz [...]

    12. Arminzerella on said:

      Andy Go (who has dropped out of art school, failed to find a job, and is still living with his parents) has agreed to become a zoo exhibit in another dimension. He finds the first few days being an exhibit are pretty surreal. He has no privacy once visitors start pouring in (which makes it hard for him to use the bathroom). But, he also enjoys performing for an appreciative audience, so that makes up for some of the weird and/or disapproving looks he receives. Although he’s leaving behind the [...]

    13. Dale Pearl on said:

      Advanced Review Media provided by NetGalleyA second volume is the series Andy becomes a zoo exhibit for an alien race. Along the way he realizes that he has become duped and the Aliens aren't as smart as he would like for being able to lead the perfect life they sure have forgotten a few key ingredients.Tune is an easy read, fun graphics, and witty dialogue. I am sure that every person that reads this will find there self relating to Andy in one way or another, as I suspect that is the author's [...]

    14. Hollowspine on said:

      Waking up in a zoo can be frightening, initially. All those bizarre beings staring in at one while one tries to take care a business is a bit off putting, but after a moment of total vexation Andy Go realizes that, in truth, he's perfect for the job. He's fine with being stuck in a cut-out version of his parents house, doing nothing more than lounging, painting and eating, and getting paid for it!I think I'd enjoy that line of work myself! In fact, I'd probably be better at it than Andy, since I [...]

    15. Barbara on said:

      Although I didn't read the first title in this Tune graphic novel series, the book's creators provide just enough background before beginning this one to enable me to pick up right where it must have left off. Talented artist Andy Go is getting used to his new home in an alien zoo. As is the case in most human zoos, he's on display most of the day, and nothing, even his bathroom habits, is private. At first, he's living the high life, eating whatever he wants and spending all day watching TV unt [...]

    16. Jennifer Ranger on said:

      This was another humorous installment in the series. With a cliff-hanger ending, I wish there were a book 3! Even without a third book, I recommend the series for anyone looking for a funny sci-fi graphic novel or two.

    17. Diane Ferbrache on said:

      Andy Go is having a terrible time—his art is not earning enough money for him to move out of his parents’ house and his girlfriend (or rather the girl he wants to be his girlfriend) barely pays attention to him. So when he’s offered a job that sounds too good to be true, he jumps at the chance. Unfortunately he discovers that the contract he signed means a lifetime in a zoo in another dimension. Spending his life being watched by aliens was not what Andy had in mind. Then the girlfriend s [...]

    18. Nick on said:

      This series is an odd one, but a lot of fun. An overconfident young artist ends up signing a long-term contract to work for a bunch of aliens, as a zoo exhibit. What could possibly go wrong? Well, a lot of things, as the story unfolds in this second book in the series. The setting reminded me a bit of an old Twilight Zone story about an astronaut ending up in a similar setting, but this one, by its slower pacing, manages to provide more depth to go with the shock of the setting, and some truly o [...]

    19. Chechoui on said:

      This graphic novel is the 2nd installment in the story; this one following our protagonist Andy Go into an alien space zoo where's he's the exhibit. You don't have to had read the first volume to read this one. What drew me to this comic was the contemporary Asian male lead, which are woefully lacking in American arts and literature. I love how the author even gets down all the details of Andy's favorite Asian dishes. The artwork is a highlight and is expressive and humorous. The dialogue is equ [...]

    20. Raina on said:

      Super fun diversion that acted as a great palate cleanser between prose works. This is the second volume in the Tune series, and details what it's like for our star being an attraction in an alien zoo. For serious. :) It does a great job of balancing the upsides and downsides of being watched all the time, and yet having no real responsibilities. I enjoy how Kim floats his panels around the page and the illustration style is accessible and goes down easy. They also do a great job of catching you [...]

    21. Akeiisa on said:

      With a brief recap, Still Life picks up where Tune: Vanishing Point left off - Andy Go, art school drop out has started his new job as a an exhibit in an alien zoo. Unfortunately, it doesn't turn out to be exactly what he had expected. He won't be returning home anytime soon and his captors aren't sympathetic to his change of heart.The story is stronger and more compelling in this second installment. Kim keeps the humor coming as the hero adapts to his new surroundings and comes to grips with hi [...]

    22. Elia on said:

      The second installment of Derek Kirk Kim's highly entertaining series "Tune" picks up right where the first volume left off - with our hapless anti-hero Andy Go the newest specimen in an intergalactic zoo. Almost as soon as he wakes up, Andy begins to realize the contract he signed isn't the "standard" contract that lets him go home on weekends - oh no he signed the deluxe package, which means he's stuck in an alternate dimension for life. A dimension where he's a living exhibit, forced to eat, [...]

    23. Andrei Georgescu on said:

      I believe that both the illustrations and the story of this book are wonderful and a breath of fresh air. It is funny, unusual and human, at the same time. Maybe it should return a bit to the slice of life roots and move away from the alien zoo humor to get better balance for a while but the duality is one thing that makes it so pleasant. I for one hope there will be many more books to follow and that the love story and generally the parts of the main character's life that we can relate to as we [...]

    24. Jason Bloom on said:

      The second volume of this webcomic turned GN, it picks up where the first left off as we follow our main character into the intergalactic zoo, which is a replica of his parent's house. Mirroring the plight of Billy Pilgrim of Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five, he is thrust in there for the amusement of an alien species. Luckily he gets to also be in there with the girl he loves. Unluckily, they screwed up and got a version from another dimension. Will he get out? Will he ever get laid? Who is that [...]

    25. Louise Bendall on said:

      Andy is now living at the alien zoo, which serves all his favorite foods and allows him plenty of free time for drawing and painting, with no responsibilities whatsoever. Life is gooduntil Andy realizes that no, he cannot go home for visits on weekends and no, his contract is not for one year but for his entire life. This fun and quirky comic shines an interesting light on what it means to be on display, as well as what it means to be looking at something on display in its "natural" habitat.I re [...]

    26. Nicholas Karpuk on said:

      I know this isn't out yet, but having read what I assume is most of the content online, I can say that the second volume of content is damn good, and is the section that truly and fully hooked me into the story. Whereas the first volume was mostly a fun slice of life story, the second volume goes full tilt into the sci fi premise, and it actually makes me wish Kim did more science fiction work.I'll definitely pick up a physical copy when it comes out.

    27. Rini on said:

      The storyline got quite a bit darker in this volume, veering interestingly away from comedy into an existential sci-fi drama Not that I mind, of course! We also find more about the Praxians - up until now, they were kind of presented as generic aliens; while they had personalities, we didn't know much about their world or society. I'm really looking forward to how this added world-building elements will play into the plot later.

    28. Carl Walker on said:

      I've been a fan of Derek Kim for a while, but I was a bit underwhelmed byt he previous volume. Well, that went away with this one, as the plot kicks into gear, the humor and characterization is way more compelling, and Les McLaine's art is perfect (not that Kim's wasn't as good). I'm in near-agony (exaggerating, mostly) that Kim and McLaine may not even be able to continue this series due to sales not being what the publisher had hoped for. Go check this out!!

    29. Kim on said:

      I received this as an Advanced Reader's Copy from Netgalley.This odd little story really picks up in the second book in the series. I can't speak much about the plot without giving spoilers, so I won't, but it is not what I thought it would be - lots of surprising turns. The illustrations are great and I'm really interested to see what the "supplemental material" at the end is. I will definitely pick up the physical copy once it's published to take a peek.

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