Black Heart

Justin Somper

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Black Heart

Black Heart There s a new ship of vampirates roaming the seas leaving a trail of fear and devastation in its wake When a high profile pirate is slain the Pirate Federation takes decisive action and begins train

  • Title: Black Heart
  • Author: Justin Somper
  • ISBN: 9780316020879
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Hardcover
  • There s a new ship of vampirates roaming the seas, leaving a trail of fear and devastation in its wake When a high profile pirate is slain, the Pirate Federation takes decisive action and begins training up a ship of dedicated vampire hunters The team will be led by newly appointed Captain, Cheng Li and will include pirate prodigy Connor Tempest.Meanwhile, Connor s twin There s a new ship of vampirates roaming the seas, leaving a trail of fear and devastation in its wake When a high profile pirate is slain, the Pirate Federation takes decisive action and begins training up a ship of dedicated vampire hunters The team will be led by newly appointed Captain, Cheng Li and will include pirate prodigy Connor Tempest.Meanwhile, Connor s twin sister Grace enjoys a bittersweet reunion with their mother Sally Tempest has some important and shocking news that will leave the twins facing a very uncertain future.

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      320 Justin Somper
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    One thought on “Black Heart

    1. Wolf (Alpha) on said:

      I loved this book. I like the race, and how they are competitive and how they all try to win. I hate how Lola kills the Headmaster, and gives them his body. I like how the pirates are determined to kill those Vampirates. I like how Grace gets to meet her mother. I love that they take Sally back to their hometown. I really like how Sally heals when they go back. I like how she is able to rejoin the twin’s father. I hate how Sidorio and Lola meet and how they go around causing destruction wherev [...]

    2. colleen the convivial curmudgeon on said:

      3.5(I wish I'd had time to write this review before I finished the next book in the series - 'cause now I'm getting them confused in my mind.)At the end of Book 3, Grace and Connor's mother returns as a spirit during the Captain's healing, so Grace and Connor get to meet the mother they never knew, and also learn more about themselves and secrets about themselves.Meanwhile, Sidorio continues to be Sidorio, but a knew villain, Lady Lockwood - the Black Heart - seems to be a heretofore unknown riv [...]

    3. Amanda on said:

      Black Heart is the fourth book in the Vampirates series and the best one yet! Somper just gets better and better with each book. Without ruining the series for new readers, I'll simply say that it's an adventure-packed tale of vampires and pirates. Each chapter is told from a different perspective which gives readers insights to every aspect of the story, allowing you to see the inner workings of each key character. Nearly every chapter ends on a cliff hanger, which makes it a very fast read sin [...]

    4. Crystal on said:

      Definitely not my favorite of the series. In fact, I don't think I'll read any more if he writes them. First off, the kids should be at least 2 years older, (they are 14) or else not have serious romantic interests. Next, the book was completely anticlimactic, and seems hopeless. The bad vampirates need to be destroyed. Come on! I didn't like the plot twist of Sidorio being their father, or that he impregnated their mom by having an evil witch cast a spell on her. (at least, as a children's book [...]

    5. Norrin Shearer on said:

      Black Heart is probably the best book in the Vampirates series so far! Finally we start getting answers about the mysterious pasts of the main characters, and as always the novel is full of high stakes adventure! Very exciting read!

    6. Zane Williams on said:

      I loved this book and I want you to read this book and the others. Black HeartJustin Somper

    7. Sarah on said:

      Having been released from his articles by Molucco Wrathe Connor keen to start a new life with Cheng Li as his Captain. After the murder of an important pirate by the vampirates they are given a vital mission by the Pirate Federation to track down and destroy the killer. Meanwhile Grace is keen to spend time with their mother but she is about to learn some shocking news about her family that will change everything for both herself and her brother.Black Heart is the fourth book in the Vampirates s [...]

    8. Amanda Dotterer on said:

      Oh my god!!!! I like totally knew that Sidorio was Grace's father! Although, I should've known that it was magic that created the Tempest Twins (Connor and Grace) you see, I thought that Sidorio had raped Sally (because she wouldn't of betrayed Dexter, her true love)! Wow, I was sooo wrong! I also knew that Jez and Johnny were good deep down ww, I love them. But not as much as Lorcan! I always knew that he loved Grace :) And then there's Connor. with Jasmine no less! I also knew that Grace and C [...]

    9. Elizabeth *Swords for Fighting* on said:

      The fourth installment in the Vampirates series is just as good if not better than the previous book. This book is mainly about self-discovery for Connor and Grace, but mainly Grace because Connor is not yet ready to accept who he is. Grace, on the other hand, is completely ready to embrace who and what she is. Since the beginning of the series, Grace has always known where she belongs, and Black Heart only confirms this more. Connor, on the other hand, seems to have doubts where he wants to be. [...]

    10. Shana Ying on said:

      New characters are added to stir up more conflict and adventure, I gotta say, it's one of the best I have read in the fantasy genre!

    11. Jadewik on said:

      This book was the fourth in the young adult series of Somper's "Vampirates". The book continues the story of Twins Grace and Connor Tempest as they see where life will take them next.I have to say, of all the Vampirate novels thus far (and, yes, this one does have another "cliff-hanger" ending but it does stop at a good place), I enjoyed it the most. There was less time spent on character development than the previous book. This book actually advanced the plot substantially.A slew of new charact [...]

    12. Vickie on said:

      This could be a difficult review to write as there are sooooo many plot OMG's abounding throughout the book. Suffice to say that it's really intriguing with plenty of eye-popping developments.I felt a little behind the story curve since I had to skip book 3, BLOOD CAPTAIN, as I am waiting for it to make its way up my wishlist on RecordedBooks. I couldn't wait to listen to BLACK HEARTd I am running low on audiobooks I did my best. I still enjoyed the story as it's vampirates and a fab story and D [...]

    13. Oscar on said:

      Black Heart is the fourth book in the series that is Vampirates. This is a series where Vampires have been mixed with pirates. The story is follows the lives of twins Connor and Grace. Connor has been growing up to become a great pirate one day, meanwhile his sister meets their mother for the first time, but it is not the happiest reunion. And the twins soon find out they are not just Vampires, but half human half vampires. They also find out who thier father is, Sidorio, a bad guy. And they fin [...]

    14. Rachel on said:

      Twins Connar and Grace are reuited with their mother Sally Tempest. Everything seems okay but when a ship of Vampirates, led by the evil vampire Sidario, threatens the costal villages it's up to Connar and his new Captain, Cheng Li, to stop them. Meanwhile Grace is spending time with her mother and there she finds out that Dexter Tempest isn't her real father but if he isn't then who is?I picked this book up becuase I read the other three books in the series and they were pretty good so I wanted [...]

    15. gina on said:

      Justin Somper does it again. In this fantastic continuation of the Tempest Twin's Saga, he carries the pace of the story fast and without remorse, showing once again, he's not afraid to kill of characters and head full steam ahead into this tragic but lovely tale. I enjoy his works because they keep me on my toes. Too often I listen/read fiction that you can see whats going to happen to everyone and though it might be written well it bores you in its predictability. It isn't perhaps that Somper [...]

    16. Michelle on said:

      Dude! I got the scare of my life that would have given me every good reason to fling the book across the room in anger had it been the truth. Fortunately, it was not so and I'm glad Lorcan is being more affectionate now. Lorcan can kick sparkling Edward's butt! Bwa ha ha ha ha! Wow that was not very mature of me right there but it's true!However, I do have a complaint about this book and it's on the villain's character. He used to be so much more threatening in the other books but now he's kinda [...]

    17. Chelsea Gouin on said:

      This book took me a lot longer to finish then was probably necessary. It just didn't catch me as the others had. This book was 500 pages of filler! The last, I'd say 10% of the book was interesting and set up for an interesting finish to the series. That's all this book wast up. There were some new romances, lots of interesting revelationsd very little action. I skimmed over the Cheng Li parts as I find her a closed-minded character that is too irritating to waste time on. Connor is getting to b [...]

    18. Kacey F on said:

      Black Heart Justin Somper Kacey Flanery 12-19-16 This book was a very good book about the fourth vamprirates book series. In this book connor tempest has to find a way to kill a vampire and then tell everyone ,who are pirates, so they can be prepared to fight the pirates off. This is very hard for him because in the earlier books he acutually befriended one of these vampires. But connor has to go on and find a way. He eventually finds a way with the help of his friends. He goes to his other pira [...]

    19. Jodi on said:

      Connor and Grace face their biggest crisis ever in Black Heart. Connor's new captain has been charged with eradicated the Vampirates while Grace is discovering just how tied she and Connor are to the vampirates. Connor is torn between two worlds and doesn't know why (he chose to leave Sanctuary before his mother could tell him the truth). Grace has never been torn and now she knows why she's always felt at home on the Nocturne. The knowledge and lack thereof drives a wedge between the twins that [...]

    20. MayDerp on said:

      This is uneniably one of the best books I have ever read. With it's witty comments, and spectacular twists and plot turns, it's a definite entertainer. New issues arise between the characters, bringing out hidden bonds. Also new characters entirely arise, including the notorious-yet cool and entertaining-Lady Lola Lockwood, captain of the Vegabond, another rebel vampirate ship akin to the Blood Captain. Within the story, the twins face separate and growing issues about their parentage, and what [...]

    21. Stephanie on said:

      I was not impressed. While the newer characters were interesting, Connor and Grace get less so. The whole book dragged out longer than it needed to--there was a lot of extra stuff that just didn't add to the story.(view spoiler)[The strange revelations and forced relationships didn't really work for me. Lorcan and Grace, that was fine--it's been a long time coming. But it took making Grace think he was her friggin' father in order for it to happen. What in the world?? And the awkward stuff with [...]

    22. Darren Choy on said:

      The 4th book in the series of the Vampirates mainly displays the ideas of hate, love, and guilt. when one of Conner's friends is killed by the vampires while another one of his friends is revived as a vampirate. Cheng lee one of Conner's old friends is grated her own crew and ship to start off her own pirate team. while recovering the former captain of the vampirate's ship is recovering in Sanctuary. And before they knew it Conner and Grace discover the history of their mother and father's relat [...]

    23. Jessica on said:

      Black Heart really did live up to my expectations. Like the previous Vampirates books, I was drawn to the adventure, thrill and the hint of romance from Justin Somper. I know this sounds like what everyone says, but I seriously could not stop reading the book until I finished. I could not wait to see what happens next after I finished a page. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone, regardless of age or gender. If you're looking for a present, the Vampirates books would definitely be a [...]

    24. Janni"Gulde" on said:

      Jeg må sige, at den første i serien nu alligevel var den bedste, bog 2 også okay men ikke nær så god, og 3'eren brød jeg mig ikke meget om. Særligt Mosh Zu irritere mig grænseløst, men jeg kan ikke helt sætte finger på hvorfor. Selvom der var mange generende træk i denne bog 4, så synes jeg dog alligevel den formår at få lidt at den oprindelige stemning tilbage, særligt fordi den ligesom for forklare og sluttet ring om mange af de "øh, udenfor?" detaljer som kommer til i 3'eren [...]

    25. Cody on said:

      In Black heart Sidorio finds another vampire ship Taking their feast nights away from him. Her name is Lady Lockwood. They stared to date mean while Connor and Grace meet their mother name Sally. Connor leave and Grace stays. Grace starts to learn about her mother past life but her mother doesn't have much time. While Connor is getting used to the life his living they have to learn how to kill vampires which they do after testing them out on 3 vampires. Then Connor goes to get weapons and on way [...]

    26. Heather on said:

      Bizarre and gruesome. I was going to give it 3 stars, but the book lost all credability with just two words:"Pregnancy Spell" Are you kidding me?! The book was bizarre enough, but that is ridiculous!Frankly, I am to the point that I wonder how any profession in this world can be glamorous.Pirate? Nope.Donor? Yuck.Vampirate? No thanks. (You either slaughter people for a living or cruise around on a ship all the time, thus taking out the "pirate" part of the equation.)Not much else is left except [...]

    27. Tamara on said:

      Finally finishing the book, the book was well written. I've noticed a few spelling errors but nothing major. In the fourth book of the series, the book was well written. The first half of the book was a little slow but it picked up half way through. It picked up when Grace started to find out the truth about her family and who her real father was. When she finds out the truth its like everything fell into ace with her. The ending of the story is what I loved about the book because Lorcan and Gra [...]

    28. Rosa on said:

      In this volume of Vampirates Grace learns the origins of the twins from her mother and the other vampirates. Connor (as part of Cheng Li's crew) embarks on a mission to assassinate vampirates. While he tries to explain to those in power that not all vampirates are the same (ergo not evil), in the end he fails and Cheng Li convinces him that they will be able to get Grace away from the other vampirates before they get that far into their mission. Cheng Li is still the same as ever,pretending to b [...]

    29. Dayna Smith on said:

      The fourth book in the Vampirates series. There is a new group of vampirates roaming the seas. After an attack on the Pirate Academy, the pirates ask Chen Li to hunt them down and kill them. She chooses Connor for her crew. He agrees, but is worried about his twin sister Grace who is on a Vampirate ship. As Connor and his friends learn how to kill vampires, Grace is discovering the answers to her questions about the twin's past. Secrets that will change both their lives forever. Fans of the seri [...]

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