The Elephant of Surprise

Brent Hartinger

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The Elephant of Surprise

The Elephant of Surprise Book in the Lambda Award winning Russel Middlebrook Series People aren t always what they seem to be Sometimes we even surprise ourselves So discovers seventeen year old Russel Middlebrook in The El

  • Title: The Elephant of Surprise
  • Author: Brent Hartinger
  • ISBN: 9780984679454
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Paperback
  • Book 4 in the Lambda Award winning Russel Middlebrook Series People aren t always what they seem to be Sometimes we even surprise ourselves.So discovers seventeen year old Russel Middlebrook in The Elephant of Surprise, a stand alone sequel to Brent Hartinger s landmark 2003 gay young adult novel Geography Club which has now been adapted as a feature film co starring ScoBook 4 in the Lambda Award winning Russel Middlebrook Series People aren t always what they seem to be Sometimes we even surprise ourselves.So discovers seventeen year old Russel Middlebrook in The Elephant of Surprise, a stand alone sequel to Brent Hartinger s landmark 2003 gay young adult novel Geography Club which has now been adapted as a feature film co starring Scott Bakula and Nikki Blonsky.In this latest book, Russel and his friends Min and Gunnar are laughing about something they call the Elephant of Surprise the tendency for life to never turn out as expected Sure enough, Russel soon happens upon a hot but mysterious homeless activist named Wade, even as he s drawn back to an old flame named Kevin Meanwhile, Min is learning surprising things about her girlfriend Leah, and Gunnar just wants to be left alone to pursue his latest technology obsession.But the elephant is definitely on the move in all three of their lives Just who is Wade and what are he and his friends planning What is Leah hiding And why is Gunnar taking naked pictures of Kevin in the shower The Elephant of Surprise includes Hartinger s trademark combination of humor and romance, angst and optimism Before the story is over, Russel and his friends will learn that the Elephant of Surprise really does appear when you least expect him and that when he stomps on you, it really, really hurts.

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    One thought on “The Elephant of Surprise

    1. Kaje Harper on said:

      4.5 stars rounded up.This is the fourth book in the Russel Middlebrook YA series. If you haven't yet read the award-winning first book, Geography Club, you should start there. The characters learn and grow throughout the series. That book will introduce you to Russel, and to his wide-eyed, fun and engaging narrative voice. Russel is a young man learning how to navigate the world, trying to fit his desires, his curiosity and his good intentions alongside his worries, mistakes and tendency to be o [...]

    2. Lena♥Ribka on said:

      AudibleWhat a disappointment! The last book in the series is the weakest for me. I think I'm at least 50 years too old for this kind of fiction. Even if I'd get into minus range. I only managed to finish it because I listened to it.

    3. Elizabeth (Liz) on said:

      Review posted at: Swept Away By Romance4.5 StarsRussel Middlebrook and his two best friends, Min and Gunnar, are high school students. The three are inseparable, and they each bring something unique to their relationship. They support one another no matter whateven when it's a really bad idea. When change comes to each of their lives, good or bad, the three band together. They've taken to referring to life's tendency to NEVER turn out as expected as the Elephant of Surprise, and that elephant is [...]

    4. Lindie on said:

      I had really, really high hopes for this one. To steal a thought from it, I wanted it to validate my existence by being awesome and making sticking with the series worth it. Instead it invalidated books 2 and 3 for me.Reading this book was very much like being kicked back to book 2, The Order of the Poison Oak, only without the cool burn survivor kids that tugged at your heart strings. When the story line with Wade showed up, I let out a groan and just had this sinking feeling it was going to be [...]

    5. Anna on said:

      The freeganism movement explained was interesting but*SPOILERS*I was disappointed on several accounts. Mostly, the lack of character development/relationships in this. I don't read the series to learn about freeganism-- I read them because I like Russel and his friends and I want to see what happens in their lives. Also, several other reviewers mentioned that Wade, the character explaining freeganism, sometimes feels too preachy. I wanted to know more about Kevin-- was he taking those hamburgers [...]

    6. Ulysses Dietz on said:

      "The Elephant of Surprise" has been long anticipated by impatient Brent Hartinger fans - and many of us are adults who are more generally fans of YA novels. Do we hope to recapture our own teen years (why would one ever want to do that?); or is it simply that one never forgets one's teen experiences, whether good or bad, no matter how much of life we have lived since? Whatever the reason for our ongoing interest in YA novels, Brent Hartinger never lets us down.Russel Middlebrook is beginning to [...]

    7. Wency on said:

      Insightful and WittyThis book is a continuation of Russel, Gunnar and Min's story. At first I really don't get the title, The Elephant of Surprise? I thought it was Element of surprise. Now that I know I can't stop laughing.This book is about that, The Elephant of Surprises in our lives. That you may or may not believe in fate, it can be a b*tch sometimes.And Russel is tempting it. Soon after saying he is done with love he find himself having feelings for Wade, the mysterious activist guy. Remem [...]

    8. Linda on said:

      I've been a fan of Brent Hartinger since THE GEOGRAPHY CLUB, which I'm delighted to hear is going to be a movie (yay!).His characters are fascinating, fun and realistic. As for the theme of this book, surprises, there are a lot of them in this story. While Russell deals with issues of dating, heartbreak and love, he finds himself drawn into a group of teen freegans, shocked at this very different side of life where scavenging for food, roadkill and wild weeds are everyday meals. When things get [...]

    9. Amy Metz on said:

      Who says YA books are just for young adults? Brent Hartinger proves adults can like them too. I've read all four books in the Russel Middlebrook series and loved them all. Brent's characters become your friends, and his stories hold your interest. The series is one of those where you're sad when you get to the last page in book four, because you want to keep reading about these characters. I wouldn't want to be in high school again, but visiting there with Russel, Min, Gunnar, and the rest was a [...]

    10. Vitor Martins on said:

      Terminei a primeira série do Russel Middlebrook, e estou de coração partido. Esse último livro foi tão chato. O plot foi tão desinteressante. Uma grande bagunça envolvendo freeganismo (!!!), ataques terroristas, assaltos e traições. E eu não me interessei por nada.Sei que existe uma outra trilogia, meio ~new adult~ que conta os 20 e poucos anos do Russel. Vou ler com certeza porque esse protagonista mora no meu coração. Mas eu espero que nesses próximos livros tenha mais Russel e Ke [...]

    11. Michael Bowler on said:

      This is the 4th book to feature protagonist and narrator Russel Middlebrook and, in my opinion, the weakest. "The Geography Club" was terrific, and so was "The Order of the Poison Oak." The third, "Double Feature" and this one are less satisfying. Part of the problem is that all of these books take place over a span of maybe one year, or a bit more than that, and it all feels too compressed. I feel like, make this kid a senior and graduate him already! Anyway, in the first book he had a fling wi [...]

    12. Liviania on said:

      Russel, Min, and Gunnar are back in their first outing since 2007's SPLIT SCREEN (now known as DOUBLE FEATURE). I haven't read DOUBLE FEATURE since 2007 so I was afraid I wouldn't remember anything. Luckily, THE ELEPHANT OF SURPRISE begins with a "Previously" reintroducing the characters and their dilemmas. With that brief reminder, diving into the book was quite easy.Russel thinks that he's finally over Kevin. But he keeps spotting things that make him think Kevin might not be such a bad guy. M [...]

    13. Lorena Miyuki on said:

      Please, please, write another one, Brent!I can't wait to know what happens after this! I think I'm really in love with Russel.[PTBR]Acho que esse último livro é o único que se inicia claramente já resgatando as tramas apresentadas nos outros livros. O nome, "The Elephant of Surprise", é uma metáfora para a expressão "o elemento surpresa" ("the element of surprise, no original em inglês), que é aquele detalhe que a vida sempre nos coloca para tornar nos eventos menos previsíveis, preenc [...]

    14. Patrick on said:

      Let me start of by saying this is the best book from the series! The BEST one i can confirm! Why? Because I'm a sucker for great HAPPY endings! :) I am sad though with what happened with Otto and Russel. For me that one felt abrupt but I guess that's life, when you know it's not working then it's definitely not working. There are just these things which are very black and white. I like the fact that Russel did not beat around the bush just to push something to happen or salvage something that is [...]

    15. Jon O on said:

      Well, for one, I surely appreciated Geography Club. It was cute and funny. I have to confess that I liked The Order of the Poison Oak more, because at the end, Russel got what I was hoping for - a chance to have someone in his life to make him happy.I did wish that this whole book would concentrate more on Russel and Kevin. Perhaps it was an attempt to inject educational stuff into the story line but I felt Wade was boring. And so were the freegans. I did not enjoy their involvement in the book. [...]

    16. Sarah Warn on said:

      Terrific addition to the series! All the relationship drama was fun, and learning about freegans was interesting. The Kevin-Otto-Russel triangle was intriguing, and Gunnar's obsession with posting everything he does online is (unfortunately) all too relevant. But my favorite character is still Min, so I was glad the book delved more into her relationship with Leah.Overall, a great read!

    17. Evan Knudson on said:

      As I've begun to expect Brent has created another wonderful book about Russels life. Russel now begins to realize that life is not always easy to plan, but it's surprising. I won't lie there was a terribly heart breaking piece to this. I felt just as betrayed as both Russel and Min. Just as angry. Not only that but he educated us about a entirely new kind of lifestyle and philosophy of life, which I totally found engrossing and terribly interesting.Though he reminds us that their is a difference [...]

    18. Becky Condit on said:

      The titular elephant of surprise in this fourth book of the Russel Middlebrook series, is the unexpected twists and turns that life throws your way, or as the cliché goes, life happens when you are making plans.The book is generally optimistic, or as much as a chapter in the life of teenagers can be. When something tears at a heart there is always the knowledge that there is still hope for the future.I’m not generally a reader of YA novels but this series spoke to me across the decades since [...]

    19. Timothy Bannister on said:

      This book series is one of my favorites and this book ended how I wanted it to

    20. Kameron on said:

      It had been a long while since I've read the first three books in the series. I'm glad it started out with a recap of all the past books, allowing me to feel up to speed. "The Elephant of Surprise" was a disappointing read and I had to push myself to finish it. The biggest reason I didn't care for the book was the "freeganism" topic. It came up throughout and felt like an unwarranted lecture. I remember liking Russel a lot in "The Geography Club" and "The Order of the Poison Oak", but I found my [...]

    21. Will Lutes on said:

      Okay I really, really wanted to love this book as I did the others. Unfortunately there was a huge disconnect with this latest (last?) entry in the Middlebrook series. First off, full disclosure: the writing was superb (as always with this series and author) so no surprise there. Min, Gunnar and Russel are all in prime form (I swear this is the gay Harry Potter series (even if Gunnar is the token straight) -- complete with the Ron, Harry, Hermione/Gunnar, Min, Russel trio setup).[Spoilers Ahead] [...]

    22. Heather on said:

      Okay so I'm gonna go all fan girly over this novel. I loved, loved, loved it! No, I haven't read any of the other novels in the series, but I wasn't at all lost. There is enough back story that I felt completely in the know as I read the story. Russel is the navigator of The Elephant of Surprise and I say it that way because he's kind of leading a double life. Don't worry his friends are, too, sort of. I love having Russel narrate because he talks to the reader asking us to agree with him. He is [...]

    23. Karielle at Books à la Mode on said:

      The Elephant of Surprise picks up about a year after where Geography Club left off, this time, introducing Russel and his crew to a strange, intriguing cult of freegans, who are principled selectivists who ONLY use what they need in life—or in other words, the unhygienic variation of vegans. I do have to say I was a bit disappointed by this sequel, probably because of how much I loved the first book in the series. The Elephant of Surprise is fine as a stand-alone novel—I didn't have to read [...]

    24. Anya on said:

      The Elephant of Surprise by Brent Hartinger is the fourth book in the Russel Middlebrook series, but don’t worry, it’s a stand alone! I’ve only read the first book, Geography Club, so this was partially a test of how it read as a stand alone ;-). While the first book of this series focuses on the hardships of gay teens in an unwelcoming high school, The Elephant of Surprise tackles a completely separate idea. This book focuses on the “freeganism” movement and the characters’ sexualit [...]

    25. Kyle on said:

      To begin with, I received an advanced read copy of this book from netgalley.This is the fourth book in the Russel Middlebrook series. And though I haven't read them all (I'm looking at you, The Order of the Poison Oak), I have read the other three and at this point I'm familiar enough with the characters to have an idea of what's going on.I really enjoyed the Geography Club back when I first read it, and I tore through it quickly (which is easy because it isn't very long). A few years later I pi [...]

    26. Aaron on said:

      Russel Middlebrook has always been a character I felt a strong connection to. He is the primary character in a series, which began with the Geography Club, by Brent Hartinger. Russle has always come across as a bit of an everyteen, and he reminds me a lot of the high school version of me. Well, at least me if I grew up in recent times.Russel is gay, and the books have been following him through the coming out process and his first tentative steps in the area of relationships. He is currently in [...]

    27. Cialina (Muggle-Born) on said:

      I went through a phase in middle school where I gravitated towards a lot of LGBT-centered young adult novels. It’s how I discovered some of my favorite authors such as David Levithan, and it’s also how I discovered Geography Club by Brent Hartinger. After reading hundreds of books in the last decade, Geography Club is one of the handfuls that I still remember picking up.Now, Brent Hartinger’s Georgraphy Club has been adapted into a feature film, releasing later this year, and he is releasi [...]

    28. Annette on said:

      Even though I haven't read the first three books in the series, The Elephant of Surprise was an entertaining story about some realistic teens.At the beginning of The Elephant of Surprise Hartinger gives the reader a quick summary of the characters and what happened to them, relationship-wise, in the first three books. This made it very easy for me to jump right in to the story with some understanding.Russel is the narrator, and he's having relationship trouble which is understandable, given that [...]

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