Rough Ride

Rebecca M. Avery

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Rough Ride

Rough Ride Widow Lilly Warner is running from her past leaving a life of privilege and money behind Life lessons have taught her not to trust her own judgment and running smack into a sexy blue collar bad boy l

  • Title: Rough Ride
  • Author: Rebecca M. Avery
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Widow Lilly Warner is running from her past, leaving a life of privilege and money behind Life lessons have taught her not to trust her own judgment and running smack into a sexy blue collar bad boy like Bobby Jackson is just further proof When her past catches up to her will the dark and intimidating playboy prove to be than hard to handle Bobby Jackson is struggliWidow Lilly Warner is running from her past, leaving a life of privilege and money behind Life lessons have taught her not to trust her own judgment and running smack into a sexy blue collar bad boy like Bobby Jackson is just further proof When her past catches up to her will the dark and intimidating playboy prove to be than hard to handle Bobby Jackson is struggling to keep his motorcycle repair shop afloat with the help of a few friends A notorious ruffian in his small Florida town he couldn t be further from high society When out of his league Lilly Warner lands in his shop he finds himself not only outclassed but outmanned Can he outlive his past indiscretions and hang on for the ride

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      466 Rebecca M. Avery
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    One thought on “Rough Ride

    1. Lisa on said:

      3 StarsOkay, so I went into this book, thinking thisI am sad to report that Rough Ride simply did not live up to my expectationsSynopsisLilly Warner moves to Florida to live with her sister, Sherri. She is a widow and was deeply hurt by her husband's illegal business dealings and his cheating ways which she only found out about after his death. She wants to get away from the privileged life and stuck up individuals that have surrounded her for the past ten years. Her car breaks down before she a [...]

    2. Mo on said:

      I did like it but I really feel sorry for authors when there are lumbered under the "its like KA" banner. Straight away, we die-hard KA fans think GREAT. and then we read it and we realise that it is not like KA. As I have said in previous reviews KA in unique . but enough about Ms Ashley - this book was written by Ms Avery. It was a good read. Liked the characters. As I am writing this i cannot even remember the Hero's name - now that is not good. Not sure if I will be getting the next in the s [...]

    3. Sheryl on said:

      OH WOW Rarely have i in fact NEVER have i compared another author to my favorite author of all time; Kristen Ashley, but today is a first for me today is the day that i'm going to go out on a limb and possible incur some derision for this and i'm going to say that Ms Avery's debut effort; Rough Ride is quite possibly in the same category as Ms Ashley's books for me!!!! (And those of you that know me, know that, that is a HUGE COMPLIMENT coming from me!)Rough Ride had everything!!! A tattooed, ba [...]

    4. Vika aka ♔ of GIF & Grumpy Smut-ateer *P/T Freebie Fairy on said:

      3.5 RatingA great story as with all bikers I enjoyed it. This is not a story about MC but about a biker garage who do custom work on biker. It's not about a rough life of an MC and old ladies but of a rough, womanizing-no-more garage owner Bobby and his falling sweetly & madly in love with Lilly. Lilly who ran away from NY after her husband's death which shed some ugly truth on her life with him that included a Ponzi Scheme and big FBI investigation.Totally worth a read definitely looking to [...]

    5. Tee loves Kyle Jacobson on said:

      LORD HAVE MERCY I NEED ME A BIKER RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Rough Ride is another great read with a hot as hell biker with an attitude and a way with words. Lord Bobby Jackson's words are a direct line to a women's G-Spot! He is hot sex on a platter and being with him is both scary and thrilling. Tall, dark, and handsome and all the bad boy makings! Woo hoo so when he meets straight laced Lilly his world is turned upside down and he is not sure why it has been. Bobby can have any woman he wants [...]

    6. Chappy on said:

      2.5 disappointed starsThis story had me rolling my eyes quite a few times. I didn't really connect with Lilly and Bobby gives off some mixed signals at first.This is not a motorcycle club book. Bobby rides a bike and owns a garage where they do custom builds and specialized upgrades to motorcycles. The whole "suspense" arc just fell flat for me.

    7. Mandy on said:

      All I have to say is if you're (YOU ARE) going to write a book please learn the difference between YOUR (possessive) and YOU'RE (YOU ARE).Like Kristen Ashley. MY ASS.

    8. CasPerfitz~SLiTsReaD on said:

      3.5. This is not a very intense biker book but it was sweet and hot. The story goes fast. If you want a non too intense with a sense of humour biker book, read this To me, it's an "just alright" book.

    9. JackieKiwibooknerd on said:

      I love books about bad boy bikers and I found myself totally loving this book. I thought it was very well written and I loved all the interesting characters. I think this is going to be a great series and I cannot wait to read the next book.I think I will be particularly interested to read more about Tommy (and his cute foul mouthed

    10. Wminbc on said:

      Thoughts continue to wanderMmm Bobby hawttie! Must sleep now. later

    11. Kristal on said:

      It was okay and I liked it, but.I can't compare this to Kristen Ashley's books, it's not a fair comparisonRough Ride just didn't reach that sacred status (Motorcycle Man quality) for me. Overall it was a 2.5 read, so I bumped it up to 3 stars.

    12. B.E.Love on said:

      I am impatiently waiting for book two, and book three and any others that come out in this series. After a horrible time in Lilly's life she's decides to move to Florida to be closer to her sister, but on the way car troubles leave her stranded till a tow truck happens upon her and tows her to a repair shop. Once There Lilly finds an older woman in the office in desperate need of help in the office and with nothing to do helps her. While helping Lilly see's Bobby the owner of the shop and is ins [...]

    13. Tiffany on said:

      Genre: light biker romance/Page Count: 244/Price: $2.99/Part of series/Standalone: series book 1/HEA/HFN/Cliffhanger:heaEpilogue included:noBook Description:Very adult h and H. No games- Both thirty years old+ so they know who they are and what they want. No bad treatment of women(which is a nice change). I'm a little disturbed by Gretchen-that child really needs some mother's TLC/Heroine:Lily Warner/widowed/lied to, cheated on by husband/Hero: Bobby Jackson/bike shop owner/Secondary Characters: [...]

    14. Lisa on said:

      I seldom write reviews about the books I read, but this one needs a review. I really wanted to like this book. But it fell short in so many ways. Many reviewers compared her to Kristen Ashley which, to me, seems to be an insult to KA. She's got a LONG way to go to measure up to KA. Character development: I think she did a better job with the guys than she did with Lilly, but I felt like I didn't really know any of the characters very well. Writing: OMG. This might be the WORST book I've ever rea [...]

    15. Lori on said:

      Okay I REALLY, REALLY wanted to like this book and quite frankly based on the description I thought I would love it. It was okay there was lots of potential but it was also lacking. I think the biggest turn off for me was the amount of people that compared it to any of Kristen Ashley's work - let me be perfectly honest in saying that this book is NOTHING like KA sure there was a smokin hot biker and his friends were not only sweet as can be but also badasses that is where I would leave the compa [...]

    16. M on said:

      I like the overall concept, and I get part of the comparison to Kristen Ashley as far as theme/alpha/badasses go. But the writing style is so stilted and prissy that I picture Lilly as kind of a frowsy chick in mom jeans. I was shocked when her age was mentioned because she was a lot younger than I expected. The guys were at least likable, but even their parts seemed like they had a prudish undertone. Bobby at one point had a thought about priapism, and it actually made me laugh because that isn [...]

    17. Laurie on said:

      I've been on an MC kick so I was happy to find this one. Rough Ride is a really sweet Biker book. The h is Lilly. She was widowed two years ago and when her husband died she found out that not only was he having affairs he swindled lots of people and used her name to do it. All her accounts were frozen, and none of her so-called friends will have anything to do with her. Lilly decides to flee to her sisters house in Florida. She meets up with Bobby, who owns a garage that rebuilds bikes. Bobby h [...]

    18. Lisa Jo on said:

      Just read this last nite. I agree with other reviews that it had so much potential but the characters were sorely lacking that oompf factor for me! Just didn't do it. Was it ok? Eh sort of, but not anywhere near a wow. It was very predictable. To be fair, I read this wanting to compare the bad boy biker image in my head from KA. I have read two other biker books so far & they just don't measure up. SORRY! I think it's the alpha personality that is lacking something. I felt that Bobby kind of [...]

    19. GeNette on said:

      A couple of people reviews said that this book was similar to Kristen Ashley books. So that catches my attention to read this book. First off I’m a big fan of K’s books, so I was motivated to read it. The book was pretty good held my attention. If you readed K’s book Motorcycle Man, and Sweet Dreams that is what the book remind me of, a mixture of both but not as dominated as Tack or Tate. Don’t get me wrong he was still an alpha male. Overall I will read the next book of this series, in [...]

    20. Breezy *Lover of all things Alpha Male* on said:

      For the most part I really liked the book. It was very tame compared to what I have been reading. I really like Bobby and I feel for Lilly. She goes through a lot in this book. A lot of story, for me very little romance. Not super graphic sex scenes which I kind of wish there was more of. If you are looking for something sexy and hot, this is not your book. But if you want a book that focuses on a really decent story and romance and sex is not something that you are focused on, then this book is [...]

    21. Sobia on said:

      Meh average read.I feel like I've read this before, but done better. There are quite a few roll your eyes moments, and I feel like this is one of those 'read an excerpt before you buy' books, .Oh and the pacing is pretty quick, like everything happens way too quickly, to be believable And the bikers are sortansy-ishey've got the tattoos the muscles, and the bikes, but they're not very bad ass, IMO. 2.5 to 3 stars.

    22. Jeanie V. on said:

      LOVED THIS BOOK! I love me some motorcylin' men and this book had a bunch of them with different, loveable personalities. But Bobby sigh motorcycle man, owner of an auto repair shop who likes to "talk dirty" and can flirt like no one else's business!!! I love when he tells Lilly "to mean it" when she kisses him (or does anything else). To mean it because when Bobby does things, he means it. Gaahhhhh!!!! I love Bobby! Can't wait for the sequel. 5 Stars!!!

    23. Kate's Corner on said:

      Lily has decided to go and see her sister for a while. Her car breaks down and gets towed by Dickie to Bobby's custom bike chop shop. Bobby Jackson is loved by everyone in the small town in Florida (especially the women) but he tries to woo Lily. They have a misunderstanding and Lily takes off to help the victims where her husband was involved in a scandal. For a MC book it was rather tame but there was a good story with good and real people and the book was really enjoyable.

    24. Jennifer☠Pher☠ on said:

      I am a rebel, wanted to end the year with a 5 star and I really did, Gabriel just about moved me, Book 2 will have to wait because someone said Kristen Ashley. I couldn't resist. I think my Book Girlfriend Elizabeth is jumping in, so, Buddy Read and Happy New Year!Meh2.5 on this one. Jumped on it because of the comparison to KA, I don't see that at all.

    25. Pamela on said:

      I enjoyed the characters in this book and was getting into the H and h romance, then halfway into the book the story began to change. It suddenly morphed into a crime mystery in another state, with only the h involved. This could have worked had the H been involved.The book ended abruptly with a ta daa here's the end. There were quite a few editing mistakes.

    26. Sarah on said:

      Loved this book. Of course far fetched with the princess and the frog but I still loved it. Bobby was steamy hot, seductive and possessive. But I liked the story behind with her past and trying to right her husbands wrong. Good quick read.

    27. Ginette on said:

      Liked the concept of this story, but I felt like so many things were left unsaid and or didn't make sence. Characters were ok but not fully developed to their potential in my opinion.

    28. Dee on said:

      3.5 starsI'm not sure if I missed it, but this is NOT an MC book like I thought it was. After I got over that, it turned out to be a pretty good book.

    29. Carrie on said:

      Leaning more towards 2.5 stars but eh the foul mouth 4 yr old deserves a round up.

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