Toxic Part Two

Addison Moore

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Toxic Part Two

Toxic Part Two Skyla Messenger s days are drawing to an end Seventeen year old Skyla has been taken by the Counts is under the strict punishment of her mother in a war gifted in her honor and is the only hope of t

  • Title: Toxic Part Two
  • Author: Addison Moore
  • ISBN: 9780983478294
  • Page: 139
  • Format: ebook
  • Skyla Messenger s days are drawing to an end.Seventeen year old Skyla has been taken by the Counts, is under the strict punishment of her mother in a war gifted in her honor, and is the only hope of the people captive in the tunnels Everything that can go wrong has For Skyla, life is panning out to be of a curse than a blessing.Relationships change.The war draws toSkyla Messenger s days are drawing to an end.Seventeen year old Skyla has been taken by the Counts, is under the strict punishment of her mother in a war gifted in her honor, and is the only hope of the people captive in the tunnels Everything that can go wrong has For Skyla, life is panning out to be of a curse than a blessing.Relationships change.The war draws to an end.Death comes to Paragon.Skyla must decide if she is brave enough to sacrifice everything in order to save her people.

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    One thought on “Toxic Part Two

    1. Marie on said:

      Ok so what started out as one of my favourite series is now becoming my worst. Skyla IS SO DAMN ANNOYING she's kissing Gage one minuet, Logan the next and then Marshall and now even Ellis. The ending was pretty good I think surprisingly, the book was quite good it's just the love quadruple is making me sick, it's boring and now just plain aggravating. She needs to choose cause honestly I have had enough. I feel proud of my man Marshall in this, he's the only one you can always rely on and depend [...]

    2. Liesl Biddell on said:

      Seriously??? This still isn't the end??? Ok, so I am sucked in but losing my interest so please, please, please Addison don't leave any questions unanswered in Elysian. Why has she asked everyone not to let Chloe die? How does she get out of her covenant with Marshall if she does? Why was she dumped into this faction war with no training, no clues and no idea what is going on until the last few regions? If anyone has an opinion on this one I would love to hear it. I know she needed to 'learn th [...]

    3. Rhea on said:

      i'm giving up on this seriesi no longer care who skyla will choose or how selfish or stupid she will be. this series started out great, but by book 5 i felt like i was reading the same paragraph over and over and over

    4. Booknut on said:

      To sum up Skyla in one gif: This book basically covered one topic: "Your Hormones And Why You Should Give Them Up ". It was like Skyla had a one-tracked mind, completely smitten with the three Greek-god-resembling males that have graced her life. Not one. Not twobut THREE men. This book made me want to gag at how Skyla (apparently the saviour and supposed key to winning the war) was so.hizo.Review to come!

    5. Home Is Where the Wine Is Book Blog on said:

      Falling in love is a lot like death. It chooses you, It decides the moment and the chain of events that will preclude the precise intersection of life in which it occurs. It uses you--treats you as though you were malleable in its warm hands. It doesn't bother to ask if you want it or need it, just fills the gaping hole of destiny's design. First off this is probably the first series I have ever read that I disliked the main POV character soo much. Sykla is the most self centered, promiscuous, v [...]

    6. Delphina on said:

      I absolutely, positively love this series and when book seven and a half came out I did the happy dance. For real. I danced around like a silly one. I was a bit concerned that splitting the book into two would be disjointed, but it lent itself perfectly to the split. Unlike the previous books in this series, I decided to read it a bit differently and only allow myself a few chapters a day instead of my typical "Addison Moore Release Day Readathon". I have to tell you that putting down the book e [...]

    7. Dianne on said:

      Talk about edge of your seat! Every time I turned a page, poor Skyla is either on the verge of being killed, hated, or in the arms of her true love, which depending on what page it is, could be Gage, the hot guy, Logan, the hot guy, or Marshall, the hot guy. The war between the Celestras and the Countenance is raging on, thanks to Skyla's real mom. Each battle must be won in order to win the war for the world's souls. So far, Team Skyla is not doing too well, or should we say, nothing is going r [...]

    8. DKristin on said:

      Wow, where do I begin??? I think the second part of Toxic was just as great if not better than the first part. I found myself no longer worried about "who" Skyla would choose. She made fun of the idea of their threesome/square, but I think you really recognize in Toxic how lucky Skyla is to have that much love and devotion. I think you also realize that she needs it! She has such a heavy burden on her head and more often than not she is the one who is mostly in the dark while those around her ho [...]

    9. Amber on said:

      Well when I think I am ready for the series to be over Addison Moore draws me back in. This author really is quite amazing and weaves a tale that both young adult and old will enjoy. Toxic Part 2 FINALLY gives us more of the war we've been waiting for. What does fate have in store for Skyla Messenger and the other characters? Will they all survive this war? Definitely questions that you take into the next book. Both bad and good this book has both kinds of characters . Skyla and her family scene [...]

    10. Ariana Stotz on said:

      I love this series!!! Especially the end of book 7.5. I am still reeling from stupid Chloe decapitating Logan and skyla chopping Ellis in half! I don't like That I have to wait for the last book Elysian! HereAre some of my notes:I want Skyla to be with Marshall, gage is untrustworthy, Ellis was dating Chloe?,Skylas mom sucks, skyla and gage gave wings,Logan, Kate, peirce, Holden, Emerson (again) and Ellis are dead, for now that is.I loved the book!

    11. Toni on said:

      Does Skyla finally get her revenge on Chloe? And who does she finally choose to spend her forever with:Logan, Gage, or Marshall? This book finally ties up all the questions that have plagued the readers since the first novel in a uniquely stunning bow that can be easily undone to allow for another spinoff series (my hope of all hopes) because I seriously need my Logan, Gage, and Marshal fix.

    12. Jen on said:

      This was the worst book out of the entire series. I wish I could have skipped it. I feel like this series seriously devolved and I really hope the next series doesn't follow this ridiculous love triangle pattern that doesn't die.

    13. Michelle's Paranormal Vault of Books on said:

      Toxic Part 2 ReviewWow, this was a heck of a ride, of emotions, action, some blood and gore (you know, the facton war) we get some major sadness in this one, and great losses too.I don’t want to spoil anything, but will say, its amazing, these books just get better and better, but you need to read them all or you would be so lost, it’s an ongoing story for sure.Skyla has some decisions to make and sacrifices too. I felt so connected too.I still love Marshall, just can’t help it. To me he i [...]

    14. Caitlin on said:

      I'm happy with the ending was a long time coming and written incredibly well. I am however beyond done with this series. While I love the main storyline, the constant going from guy to guy is slowly driving me insane. I know what it is to love someone, and when you truly love someone, there is no room in your heart for anyone else. Pick a sideI beg of you I consider throwing myself on a spirit sword!

    15. Lea Vanderlei on said:

      Fantastic Read!!!This was such a great book to read! Also a great series. Each book is better than the last. I am so sad to be at the last book now.

    16. Jessica on said:

      Great addition to the series. A serious suspension of disbelief is helpful in order to really enjoy these books.

    17. Kristi-The Book Faery on said:

      THE FAERY SAYS:Okay, I've read this entire series over a period of 4 days and I must say it has tremendous entertainment value. I love the idea of the different Nephiliam Factions and the way that Ms. Moore tied it all in with her new Countenance Series (which I also read). I'm going to review the series thus far in this review. It may confuse some as to why I gave such high stars after they read my review but again the books had great entertainment value and a kick butt theme. I just had a few [...]

    18. Samantha (NeverCat Books) on said:

      Toxic has lots of laughs and brings the action but I only gave this book 3 stars because Skyla is starting to get a little frustrating for me to read.The series started off great and I found the love story between Logan, Gage, Marshall and Skyla very interesting. Marshall is a hilarious and Gage makes me feel all weak in the knees imagining his raven hair and deep blue eyes. I would choose Gage any day! Logan I felt so sorry for considering all the bad things that happened to him and his family [...]

    19. Alisha on said:

      So, my review of this book is pretty much the same as everyone elseTHIS SERIES IS TERRIBLE! Yes, I did read them all just to finish the "storyline" and to see if the books got any better but boy, was I disappointed! Firstly, Skyla is one of the biggest, most slutty, annoying, stupid and self centre "heroine" I have ever read about. Secondly, Chloe is the biggest bitch in the entire novel world, I hated her so much I wanted to set my iPad in fire and throw the ashes in the ocean.Thirdly, this nov [...]

    20. Paige on said:

      Oh, well crap now I feel a bit emotionally dead. First off I'm going to start with the things that ticked me off because there are far fewer of those than the things that I liked. First off they party hard! seriously it's like a bunch of hopped up monkeys! which is fine but then there's the fact that weird and almost unexplainable things happen at random and no one really questions it. I hate Chloe. Skyla needs to stop trusting Gage, I think it's funny that everyone practically gets their heads [...]

    21. Siew Ee on said:

      Right on the heels on “Expel”, we have Skyla and Logan thrust into the hands of the Countenance and of course, they survived or else there’s no story to tell. The war rages on, and the end is nowhere in sight.Again, I do not see anywhere in these two “Toxic” books that convinces the reader why Logan, Gage and Marshall place Skyla on such a high pedestal of love and devotion. She manipulates them shamelessly, especially Marshall and takes the meaning of “triple-barrelled heart” to a [...]

    22. My Bookbag by Karen on said:

      “They say death comes for you once and no more, and then you dissolve to bones, disintegrate from the memory of the world and cease to exist forever.” (Skyla Messenger, Toxic Part Two by Addison Moore)This is a story about love, loss, destiny and death. Only one who is brave, strong, committed and pure as gold can face the fire. Only true love lends the willingness to sacrifice everything. Skyla’s life is very complicated and becoming more so as the series progresses. Her home life is craz [...]

    23. Hayley on said:

      I really enjoyed the first few books in this seriesbut my rating has decreased for subsequent novels because I have become increasingly annoyed with the main character. She declares her "forever" love for Logan on one page, then says the same about Gage on the next page and goes on about wanting to sleep with him, then kisses Marshall in the next paragraph (and on and on). She has been going between these 3 guys for most of this series. Throw away the idea of a monogamous relationship. She has b [...]

    24. Tanya on said:

      Oh how I love this series Even if this love quadrilateral drives me crazy! Also, can I just say that Addison Moore is so funny. I laughed out loud so much during this book. Tad's exclamations like "Sweet babe in a manger!" & "Judas Priest!" Were just some of the things that cracked me up, also Skyla's inner dialogue of talking about her mother & the crazy baby schemes she came up with we're awesome. On another unrelated note, there is a ton of beheadings in this series & in this part [...]

    25. Rach on said:

      Love the series, I really do, but seriously? ANOTHER book of her just kissing around. It's not even that I want her to pick one of them now, I just want her to stop kissing all of them! It's just been taken a little too far, I've gotten so confused. And the faction war is the most confusing parts, just a lot of things don't really get explained and I'm just like ok just gotta go along with it! Oh well, it's a good book, it just seems like the last four or five books blend together. Someone dies, [...]

    26. Kristin on said:

      This series frustrates me to no end. I try to forgive her for being young and stupid, but it is a big reason why it has taken me years to finish this series. So much potential that gets ruined with every senseless twist.It also gets a bit disgusting for a YA book (this is supposed to be a YA book right?). And I don't mean the three-some or more-some fantasies. These are supposed to be the offspring of celestial beings? I have a feeling in this world I'd be hanging with Lucifer. I pick this serie [...]

    27. Nicola on said:

      3.75 stars! I continue to enjoy this series a lot but I found that Toxic Part 2 dragged a fair bit as taken with Toxic: 1 - it just became many,o. many pages of 'same old, same old'. Which is not to imply it was bad but relatively speaking my interest began to wane.Also, is it just me? but I cant abide the author's use of viral in these books, firstly many, many things are viral. Maybe it particularly grates because I don't understand the context of it in almost every instance - with viral hatre [...]

    28. Sara on said:

      Toxic is the longest ebook ever but i loved it! It's a series which leaves me at the edge of my seat continuously wanting to know what happens next. I never know what to expect and I'm continuously intrigued. The ending left me breathless. I'm not sure what happens from then on i have a million questions and I'm sure they will all be answered in Elysian. I really do hope Skyla gets to have her dream future with either Gage or Logan. I think I'd want Gage for her personally I changed my mind mayb [...]

    29. Lisa on said:

      This was the hardest of the books for me to read. I liked the series and am still looking forward to the end but I worry I won't be able to finish it. The Logan - Gage back and forth in what felt like every chapter almost made me put this book down but I made it to the end because I thought I had read this would be the last book. I am glad this wasn't the last book because Addision now has the opportunity to make the next book great like the earlier books and end on a high note. Even though I on [...]

    30. Zoe on said:

      Wow what a cliff hanger!! I am now dying inside waiting for Elysian!!!! This book had me hooked and the last few chapters especially so! I loved the humour in this book and I thank my lucky stars my parents are nothing like lizbeth and Tad Also would like to add that for the first time ever I feel true hatred towards a character in a book (bet you can all guess who that is). Anyhow hoping and praying Elysian arrives sooner rather that later because although a lot of questions were answered soooo [...]

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