Thor, The Mighty Avenger: Complete Collection

Roger Langridge Chris Samnee

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Thor, The Mighty Avenger: Complete Collection

Thor The Mighty Avenger Complete Collection Roger Langridge Muppet Show Eisner and Harvey Award nominee and Chris Samnee Siege Embedded re imagine the God of Thunder Thrill as Thor battles robots the size of cities Gasp as he tames the mightie

  • Title: Thor, The Mighty Avenger: Complete Collection
  • Author: Roger Langridge Chris Samnee
  • ISBN: 9780785183815
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Paperback
  • Roger Langridge Muppet Show, Eisner and Harvey Award nominee and Chris Samnee Siege Embedded re imagine the God of Thunder Thrill as Thor battles robots the size of cities Gasp as he tames the mightiest sea creatures Swoon as he rescues damsels from the vilest villains It s Thor as you ve never seen him, as the god of thunder tests his might against the Sub MarineRoger Langridge Muppet Show, Eisner and Harvey Award nominee and Chris Samnee Siege Embedded re imagine the God of Thunder Thrill as Thor battles robots the size of cities Gasp as he tames the mightiest sea creatures Swoon as he rescues damsels from the vilest villains It s Thor as you ve never seen him, as the god of thunder tests his might against the Sub Mariner, learns why he was banished from Asgard, battles Fin Fang Foom, takes on raging robots, and fights side by side with Iron Man for the very first time Plus when mischevious Loki s machinations throw Thor and a World War II era Captain America into King Arthur s court, it s a time twisting tale of Camelot craziness that neither Avenger will ever forget COLLECTING Thor the Mighty Avenger 1 8, Free Comic Book Day 2011

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      106 Roger Langridge Chris Samnee
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      Posted by:Roger Langridge Chris Samnee
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    One thought on “Thor, The Mighty Avenger: Complete Collection

    1. Gavin on said:

      It's fine, decent art, a touch juvenile perhaps, storylines read like Thor is a teenager on Time-Out on Earth.There's a few cool run ins with Ant-Man and Wasp, Iron Man, Captain Britain, and Cap. Apparently there was a planned Hulk run in too, but it never came to pass.Loki is there, and keeps calling Odin "dad" so that throws it offThe Warriors Three go out drinking with Thor, and Thor gets his ass handed to him by Heimdall.It covers a lot of ground, it checks a lot of boxes, and it's a solid c [...]

    2. Nerdish Mum on said:

      What a brilliant book. I really enjoyed the writing and I loved the story. There are some great moments between Jane and Thor and with cameos from people like Mr Hyde to Namor you just can't ask for more. The only thing I wasn't keen on was the art, but not to the point where it took anything away from my enjoyment of the whole thing. A definite recommendation from me if you fancy trying out some Marvel or Thor.

    3. Aaron on said:

      I remember hearing a lot of great things about this series as it was still coming out each month. There were a lot of things said about how original of a take on Thor it was, how well-written and human it was, how great the art was. I mean, none of those things are wrong. But I think what all that hype boils down to is people viewing this series through the filter of longtime comic book enthusiasm.Yes, the book is a very different take on Thor, but it's not a very different take on superheroes i [...]

    4. Amanda on said:

      This was the first collection of comics that was just plain fun to read, that I've encountered in ages. It reminded me of older comics, especially the humour that was included. I adored the art and the stories were nice and self contained, yet fit really well into the overall arc. I was actually bummed that it ended when it did. I'd love to read more.

    5. Shaun on said:

      This is my third time through this comic (although my first with this edition of it) and the charming approachability is still there after multiple readings. This is a book I would classify as an all-ages superhero comic. But one that does not suffer for lack of complexity or cut corners on the art. Thor: The Mighty Avenger is just a pleasure to read.

    6. Randy Lander on said:

      The best Thor comic I've ever read, and yes, that includes the Simonson run. It breaks my heart that we won't ever see the follow through on the stories Langridge and Samnee had to tell here, but I'm glad to finally get a full-sized collection that does justice to what was published.

    7. Faith Hicks on said:

      This comic was so great. I wish more superhero comics were like it. One creative team, perfectly in sync and a story that ends. Plus Chris Samnee draws the cutest Thor.

    8. Mario on said:

      This review originally appeared on my blog,Shared Universe Reviews. I’ve been a big fan of Chris Samnee’s work since I read a story arc he drew in Greg Rucka’s Queen & Country as well as the Vertigo Crime graphic novel Area 10 written by Christos Gage. This is the first time I see his art coloured and it’s also the first time I see him draw a superhero comic. The reason I picked this up is mostly because of appreciation for Samnee’s art. It also helps that it was rather well receiv [...]

    9. Jen on said:

      This was really hyped up, but I can't say that I was super impressed. Jane was all swooney over Thor before she even began to know him, we never found out who the super-villain is, and there wasn't as much humor as I would have liked. Iron Man and Thor had some good lines together, but Giant Man was just clumsy and uninteresting.

    10. Sassy on said:

      THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN! The art style was great, the plots were awesome, and all the cameos were cute. If you're looking to read a Thor comic thats self contained and lighthearted this is definitely one I'd recommend. Also the bonus comic at the end is hilarious and deserved an entire run.

    11. Kamillah on said:

      Mistaken for a homeless vagrant, Thor wanders the streets of a small town in Oklahoma dumpster diving behind local taverns until he crosses paths with Jane Foster. Thor: The Might Avenger puts forth a a more lighthearted, sillier romantic tale about how the Norse god finds himself marooned in Oklahoma. With his sights singularly set on finding his way back to the rainbow bridge that will lead him home to Asgard, he learns through a few exciting trials and a handful of Marvel Universe cameos that [...]

    12. John Wiswell on said:

      It sounds like a fairly standard superhero reboot that re-introduces Thor to the modern world. What sets Roger Langridge’s story apart is the retro lightheartedness it carries itself with. Jane Foster is essentially our main character, this time playing an archaeologist working at the museum that owns Thor’s hammer. She winds up doing something between babysitting and dating the Norse god, trying to prevent him from killing himself and others in a heroic quest to return to Asgard. From the o [...]

    13. Michael Emond on said:

      This is a book that many reviewers at the time hailed as a stand out series and I can see why. In short, it stands alone as a series of Thor stories, him coming to Earth to learn humility because of something he did (we never learn and neither does he) and meeting his love Jane Foster (who works in a museum, and some heroes of the Earth that are uniquely presented for this series but still familiar to us (Iron Man, Ant Man, Wasp, Captain Britain, Captain America). These are just fun stories and [...]

    14. Kristen on said:

      This is my first (male) Thor book and wow, did I ever enjoy it. I pay a lot of attention to character interactions, and when the chemistry's right, I love a good romance. This book has both of those down pat, but doesn't overdo it. There are still the expected fight scenes and team-ups, but what shines is the relationship between Thor and Jane Foster. They're adorable together without being annoying; simple, sweet, innocent, and caring. Comics need to show more interpersonal relationships, in my [...]

    15. Will Robinson Jr. on said:

      This was a great throwback Thor story. This was definitely worth a read especially for Samnee's artwork alone. His art on Daredevil was amazing. He really draws old school style superheroes with flare. I definitely see that Roger Langridge was trying to take Thor back to basics with this run. There are elements in this book I feel Marvel injected into the actual Thor motion picture. It is said that this run did not get the love it deserve. This is great introduction story to fans of Marvel that [...]

    16. Matt Ryan on said:

      I don't generally like superhero comic books from the United States. This, however, was enjoyable. A simple take on Thor, lost and confused and ejected from Asgard (for some reason not revealed), falling in love with Jane Foster and bumping into various other Marvelites. Setting has a '60's retro feel, art is simple and pleasing. The story is unencumbered with 40 years of back-story and retconned nerd facts, the two ever-present bugbears that clobber most superhero comic book stories.A fun, quic [...]

    17. Sean Camoni on said:

      A fun retelling of Thor's start on Earth, but the storytelling is flawed. The ending was obviously not a completion of the story, but there's no indication of where to go next for more (it says this was the end of the run). The artwork was pretty good, nothing iconic, but suited the stories well. Playful at times, and I felt comfortable letting the kids read it. That's a big plus. Overall, felt more geared for kids, which may have been the plan.

    18. Jeff Powers on said:

      This is probably one of the best Thor series I have ever read. It is fun and light hearted as more comics should be. It is exciting and keeps you reading,with enough emotional pull to keep the characters engaging. I came into this book mostly just wanting to see Chris Samnee's art, which I absolutely adore. I ended up getting so much more. Hands down one of the better Marvel series of the past decade.

    19. Dean on said:

      A great introduction to a version of Thor and others in the Marvel Universe. It was fun series with a tone similar to the comics I grew up on - stories with a mix of humor and drama. The artwork was simple and thoroughly engaging. This is the type of series I would consider subscribing to - if they hadn't cancelled it.

    20. Kylie on said:

      This was my first forray into Thor comics, given as I'd enjoyed the films. I was drawn to the somewhat stylised art, which I found pleasing. I wasn't particularly keen on the first couple of issues with Mr Hyde as the villain, but did enjoy the later ones very much. I just wish the series had continued. Not everything has to be dark and gritty.

    21. Shane Perry on said:

      More 4.5Really enjoyed this quite a bit. A fun series detailing the (revised) early days of Thor on Earth before the Avengers. Amazing art by Chris Samnee. A must read if you love Jason Aaron's work on the character. Also great for those who have never read a Thor comic.

    22. Tiffany on said:

      The art was so cute and the characters were hilarious. Each issue is a self-enclosed story of Thor meeting a different hero. (ex- Namor, Ant-man) Appropriate for all ages but adults get the most out of the nuances in the storytelling, I think. Only complaint was that it ended.

    23. Scott Lee on said:

      The stories are okay, and the art is adequate to the task but not much else can be said. This is a reinvention of the Marvel origin of Thor, that comes closer to the movie's origin (setting aside Jane Foster's choice of career) than it does the original '60s Don Blake origin.

    24. Matt Piechocinski on said:

      Samnee's art is amazing Langridge story's a little slow, but if the book weren't canceled, which it has the feeling is was prematurely, I bet it would have picked up.

    25. Patrick on said:

      Beyond fun. This book is simple to follow without having to tell everything about everyone. The characters are well-rounded. The art is exemplary.

    26. Koen Claeys on said:

      It's sweet, cute and overhyped. This is the perfect introduction to Thor for children, for adults it's too one-dimensional and naive.

    27. Julia Lanter on said:

      Great art combined with a classic comic storyline. Great avenger cameos are a surprising and welcome bonus.

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