Pandora Hearts, Vol. 18

Jun Mochizuki

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Pandora Hearts, Vol. 18

Pandora Hearts Vol Als Spross einer Adelsfamilie verbringt Oz seine Zeit im Wesentlichen damit seinem Freund und Diener Gilbert Schwierigkeiten zu machen Doch dann wird er pl tzlich von drei schwarzen Gestalten in die

  • Title: Pandora Hearts, Vol. 18
  • Author: Jun Mochizuki
  • ISBN: 9784757536821
  • Page: 478
  • Format: None
  • Als Spross einer Adelsfamilie verbringt Oz seine Zeit im Wesentlichen damit, seinem Freund und Diener Gilbert Schwierigkeiten zu machen Doch dann wird er pl tzlich von drei schwarzen Gestalten in die Unterwelt namens Abyss gesto en, wo Verbrecher f r ihre schlimmsten S nden b en m ssen.

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      478 Jun Mochizuki
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    One thought on “Pandora Hearts, Vol. 18

    1. Amy Keeley on said:

      "Jack, who doesn't try to overstep the line he himself has drawn, while looking for all the world as though he can't keep on living without me. Jack, who pretends he only has eyes for me, but deep inside those eyes, I know no one reflects. But, strangely enough, even though I knew you weren't quite right, the time I spent with you was most pleasant to me." --LacieO_OI had intended to buy the other volumes and review this, in order. But this was at the local library (THE LIBRARY) and my hand just [...]

    2. Nic on said:

      Okay, I think I'm starting to get it! Man is this convoluted! I'm going to put down what I think I understand, because I may need to refer to it when I read later volumes.1. The Baskervilles are in charge of watching over the Abyss.2. Glenn Baskerville is not actually a name, but a job, the head of the Baskervilles. It is passed on by each Glenn via transferring the contracts between him and five "black-winged chains" to a new Glenn. (These chains are Raven, Jabberwocky, Dodo, Owl, and Gryphon.) [...]

    3. Gabriela Paige on said:

      Uuuuuhhhhh THAT HAS GOT TO BE THE WORST ENDING THAT I HAVE EVER READ. I'm just going to go cry my heart out.

    4. Corley on said:

      Gosh, is Jun Mochizuki brilliant or what? She takes up deeper into the sordid past, and we as readers gain new light on characters, changing everything we thought we knew. Gosh, this volume is simply brilliant! A lot more backstory on Oz, which I loved immensely, and more on the relationship between Jack and Lacie; I really liked how we got to see more of how she truly had feelings for Jack, even if she didn't completely understand them. And the scenes between Glen and Jack? It's so sad to see w [...]

    5. Kelly on said:

      I think I'm prepared, but then it just smacks me again. I'm increasingly in awe of how complex and yet so simple Mochizuki has made this story, and I still can't get enough! This series is the best kind of pain; someone get me the next volume ASAP. But I'm also worried that things are winding down I don't want it to go.

    6. A.B. McFarland on said:

      Another amazing volume. I cried. The author makes you care about the characters and then puts them in horrible situations where they are faced with extremely difficult choices and tasks, and she's given you enough detail about the characters and their relationships with each other to feel their pain. Love it.Oh and that's Levi on the cover. Nor sure why someone said it is Alice.

    7. Annie Carstairs on said:

      This is just OMG!! I don´t normally say that but due to the ocassion I don´t think there was another way to describe it.

    8. A. L. on said:

      Okay, hold on.Wow.That wasWell. A lot of my questions are still unanswered, so I will have to read on before I can come to any real conclusions. But, as I don't know enough to say much about this volume, I'll take the time to state something else I've been thinking of for a bit.In the first few books in this series, Alice appears to be extremely sadistic and tsundere. She's always kicking people around and grinning like a maniac. Sadist, right? But as the story progressed, that rough and violent [...]

    9. Azelyn Klein on said:

      When did everything get so complicated? Oh, wait… When my interlibrary loan request finally made it to my library, I didn’t even wait until I left before I started reading it. Nevermind that I was in the middle of reading another book. I had to know what happened! Only to be met with more backstory. And more backstory. And, oh, my goodness. Get on with it! I don’t care about the backstory! The main redeeming element was the climax, wherein I wanted to push one of my favorite characters off [...]

    10. Chia-Tung on said:

      The mystery is beginning to unravel. The truth is revealed. OMG! Oz's story is sadJust need to get the remaining books! ~2nd Oct, 2016~Oz is Alice's friend and also the B-Rabbit.Like Alice, Oz has two bodies (dolls) and can travel through one to the other. Alice bite him to wake him ehehehe so adorable I would like to have a Oz doll as wellUnder the request of the Intention of the Abyss, Oz sacrifices the body he has in the human world to deliver what little of Lacie the Intention of the Abyss m [...]

    11. Jenny Clark on said:

      Brain. Fried. I knew the revalation was comeing but I am so confused about the Alice /other Alice from what I found Alice and other Alice were born in the abyss by Lacie and Alice came to the human workd while the other Alice became the intention of the abyss but Jack says at one point that it does not sound like either Alice speaking and refers to her as the core of the Abyss is that different from the intention, I guess?? Maybe if I reread the whole series it makes more sense.One other thing- [...]

    12. Kate on said:

      What a fantastic web Jun Mochizuki has weaved throughout this entire story. Everything we knew has been turned on its head, and yet, everything finally comes together in a way that has been alluded to since the beginning.I am in awe of this story. the stunning, gorgeous art to the depth of the characters to the twisting and turning plot. Mochizuki hits all the right notes and makes this story soar. I can't get enough. Volume 19 just before Christmas! What perfect timing. I. Can't. Wait.

    13. Isel on said:

      You know what? I don't like Glen either.There's a difference between Jack and Oz, Glen. Mainly they're not the same person! They share a body, yeah, sure but that doesn't mean you do that! And what about Gil? Imagine the new trauma he got with that ending!That cliffhanger!Now for my next trauma with the next volume 😤

    14. Nərmin on said:

      God, it hurts The plot twist, the memories, the truth, the cliffhangerEverything hurts!*crying* We learned the past of LACIE, GLEN ( OSWALD ), JACK and GILBERT &VINCENT. And we also learned how the chain, B rabbit (Oz *sniff*) was made. And the truth behind the tragedy of Sablier.And the ending.Hurts like HELL!(view spoiler)[ Please let Oz live! (hide spoiler)]

    15. ArdnAskelA on said:

      Ah, je commence enfin à un peu mieux comprendre toute cette pagaille qu'a foutu cette belle histoire dans ma tête ^^ Mais il reste quand même encore quelques "ombres sombres" comme on le dirait si bien :) A suivre !

    16. Aubrey Hansen on said:

      You know that really disturbing moment when your favorite charrie shoots your other favorite charrie under duress from a mutual friend of theirs who used to be a favorite charrie too?Yeah. That pretty much sums this volume up.

    17. Michael Schmid on said:

      es ist echt sooooooo krass, was da grad alles aufgedeckt wird und plötzlich ist alles anders oO

    18. Amparo on said:

      Cada vez más interesante. Muy bien cómo Jun Muchizuki ha ido hilvanando la historia. Con muchas ganas de leer el volumen 19.-

    19. A. E. S. on said:

      Amazing volume! The end of the Lacie flashback arc, shocking revelations and an EVIL cliffhanger make this book read SO fast! You'll totally be on the edge of your seat!

    20. Nidah (SleepDreamWrite) on said:

      How can a series that's still going strong do this to us? Love everything about the series! The art is just beautiful! And the characters and story help. Another good sequel.

    21. Olivia on said:

      I love it! The story is getting complicated, but i liked it! As usual, drawing looks fantastic! XD

    22. Shie on said:


    23. Mariana on said:


    24. Infinite Scythe on said:

      please tell me im not the only one who isn't at least a little confused '-.-

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