Dr. Frankenstein's Daughters

Suzanne Weyn

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Dr. Frankenstein's Daughters

Dr Frankenstein s Daughters A new generation is creating a monster Giselle and Ingrid are the twin daughters of Doctor Victor Frankenstein but they are very different people and when they inherit his castle in the Orkney Islan

  • Title: Dr. Frankenstein's Daughters
  • Author: Suzanne Weyn
  • ISBN: 9780545425339
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A new generation is creating a monster Giselle and Ingrid are the twin daughters of Doctor Victor Frankenstein, but they are very different people, and when they inherit his castle in the Orkney Islands, Giselle dreams of holding parties and inviting society but Ingrid is fascinated by her father s forbidden experiments.

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      418 Suzanne Weyn
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    One thought on “Dr. Frankenstein's Daughters

    1. Jon on said:

      Seen at Scott Reads It! I knew I had to read Dr. Frankenstein's Daughters once I saw it. It was being marketed as a sequel to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and I just loved the idea! The problem with Dr. Frankenstein's Daughters is that it is poorily executed and it doesn't live up to it's potential. It's extremely hard to like a book where you dislike all of the characters. Giselle is extremely superficial and too concerned with the way people view her.Does Giselle enjoy being abused? She is hurt [...]

    2. Ferdy on said:

      2.5 stars — spoilersThis wasn't bad but it wasn't great either. There were some aspects that I enjoyed such as 1. The book being written in diary format 2. Two sisters (Giselle and Ingrid) taking turns narrating 3. How short it was 4. The slight eerie and gothic vibe 5. The mystery of Frankenstein and Giselle/Ingrid's father and 6. The setting on the quiet island. I thought the contrast between Giselle and Ingrid was very cliched but it kind of worked for the story. Giselle was the beautiful, [...]

    3. Jessica on said:

      The best thing I can say about this book is that it reads quickly. If it had spent any time in between chapters reflecting on the book, I probably would have left it unfinished. But, I breezed through it, frequently scratching my head in puzzlement, as I turned to the next page. So many weird glitches. From little anachronisms like the phrase "homemade bread," as if that was not the norm of the day. Oh and Castle Frankenstein is on the Orkney Islands. I guess that is from the MacFrankenstaihn si [...]

    4. Tarissa on said:

      I'm amazed! I'm intrigued!The story largely takes place in Scotland, home of the Frankenstein castle where his daughters, Ingrid and Giselle, have moved to. Once there, they discover more than they bargained for -- and start to find out a few too many things about their late father that they never knew. Ingrid Frankenstein even starts developing experiments of her own after much study of her father's work.To complement the style of the original "Frankenstein" novel, this story unfolds between th [...]

    5. Dianne on said:

      This story follows the identical twin daughters of Dr. Victor Von Frankenstein, the man who created a creature from spare body parts. (Frankenstein by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley) As teens, they discover their birthright, inherit a castle owned by the late scientist they never knew. Deep under the castle, the girls find his laboratory.The story is cleverly written in the form of journal entries made by each twin, using the manner of writing for the 19th century, giving the story even more depth! [...]

    6. Carrie on said:

      DNF 24%I rarely rarely give up on a book and actually DNF it, but it was unavoidable with this one. I'm sad to say that it was boring and really not worth the time it would take to read it. I really wish it wasn't so because it sounded so good but it was so sleep inducing I just couldn't do it. Not even that the writing was not especially great either. Glad this was a library book.Life is to short to read bad books.

    7. Ian Wood on said:

      This is a rather abridged version of the review as it appears at my blog dedicated to reading, writing (no 'rithmatic!), movies, & TV. Blog reviews often contain links which are not reproduced here, nor will updates or modifications to the blog review be replicated here.I rated this novel WARTY!(Spoilers - well, not really. No one could spoil this novel any more than the author already did)Here's a good rule of thumb by which to measure all pretenders to the throne of Mary Shelley (whether y [...]

    8. Emily Blake on said:

      *A copy was provided by for review purposes*I don’t think I’ve ever read a book like this one…and that is totally not a good thing. I haven’t ever read a book where I couldn’t figure out why on earth it was even written, but I have now. This book was POINTLESS! There was absolutely no reason to write this book, because hello! Books actually have a story line that goes somewhere. This one, however, didn’t. I really, really loved the idea and how it connected with the original Franken [...]

    9. Mara on said:

      Cover Blurb: Yes or No? Despite the character impersonators, I actually do really like the cover. It's got the Gothic feel, with Giselle holding the candle, and Castle Frankenstein in the background with a full moon.Characters: Giselle and Ingrid are practically opposites when it comes to their personalities. Ingrid is obsessed with science and discovering how things work; she could not care less about fancy dresses or what society expects. Giselle, meanwhile, is a social butterfly and hopes to [...]

    10. Midu Hadi on said:

      What I Liked:The book tried its best to stay true to the classic that it inspired it. There was a similar Gothic feeling to the story that I felt while reading Frankenstein. It was still there in the practicality with which one of the twins decides to hack a dead body and use the pieces from it. She wanted to replace the nerve-dead parts that were slowly killing her boyfriend with those pieces. The calm demeanor that she showed was reminiscent of her father's i.e. Dr. Frankenstein.The premise th [...]

    11. Caleb on said:

      I loved reading this book it was a very interesting read.It tells the story of how to twin sisters learn that their the heirs to Frankenstein's Castle and go there to learn more. They meet their uncle who tells them about their father. They also find out more from diaries they find. I thought this was all very cool to read.

    12. Renee on said:

      1.5I picked up Dr Frankenstein’s Daughter’s because it had the nice retelling vibe I am so keen on. Plus it was Suzanne Weyn and I usually enjoy her novels I mean The Night Dance is one of my very favorite 12 Dancing Princess retellings, and Crimson Thread was a decent Rumpelstiltskin retelling. But oh dear Goddess this was such a DISAPOINTMENT! Basically it is the story of Giselle and Ingrid (whose names I forgot constantly) who are the unknown twin daughters of Baron Frankenstein. He kept [...]

    13. Courtney on said:

      Also posted here: ireviewyalit/2013/Great idea, mediocre execution. Introduction Before Victor Frankenstein died, he had twin daughters. Ingrid is her father’s daughter, possessing a scientific mind. Giselle is frail with her cough, but is beautiful. They inherit Castle Frankenstein on a lonely little island and relocate with their new wealth. Ingrid becomes fascinated with her late father’s scientific research, and Giselle is a budding socialite looking for love. The peaceful life on the is [...]

    14. Kelly Hager on said:

      This book is ridiculously fun. Obviously it would help if you read the original Frankenstein, but I read that freshman year in college and not since, so I can't say that I remember it all that well. I do think that this book would still make sense even if you didn't read it because, after all, it's not like Frankenstein hasn't seeped its way into pop culture.(If you don't read the original book, you should know that Frankenstein is the doctor who created the monster; the monster doesn't have a n [...]

    15. Lucy Qhuay on said:

      When I read the blurb of this book, I thought the general concept of the book was pretty interesting but, unfortunately, it didn't live up to my expectations.The world building was poor, to the point where I can't even define the genre of the book. I guess it was supposed to be horror but I don't even see the horror in it, except for the mentions to Dr Victor Frankenstein, the beast he created and a bunch of people that were killed by said beast.There's also a bit of historic fiction, giving tha [...]

    16. Mayli Corona on said:

      The book "Dr.Frankenstein's Daughters"by Suzanne Weyn is about two young teenagers who's dad had passed away and now lives with their uncle Baron Frankenstein in a castle which had belong to their father. One day when they had moved in they started noticing their fathers writings they would notice that he was very calm and generous but people would say that he was a "MAD MAN". Them two as twins learn and discover the true life of the castle and their father! I love this book because it is about [...]

    17. Jess on said:

      There was so much potential to make this a longer, creepier novel. It was too short, too rushed, and the journal entry style was used to move time along faster. Had one sister taken the forefront of the story it would have been easier to follow. Still, it was interesting enough to earn 2 stars.

    18. Stefanie on said:

      This was a hard one to rate and finish. While I wanted to really enjoy it and get into it I just couldn't. The cover was what initially drew me in but unfortunately it didn't work for me. My inner English nerd enjoyed the inclusion of Lord Byron, Percy Shelley and Mary Shelley near the end.

    19. Gia on said:

      I liked the psychological element in this and the ending was quite unexpected Otherwise, meh.

    20. Ayrdrie on said:

      This book was a quick read that I found myself picking up whenever I had the time to read. The chapters were generally short so it was easy to pick up with only short periods of time for reading, and doing so got me through it fairly quickly. I loved the idea of it and I have read many of Suzanne Weyn's books in the past and have thoroughly enjoyed all of them. I didn't anticipate the journal entry format, but I found it interesting in the way it was done. It was also nice how different the sist [...]

    21. Madison on said:

      I have never seen or read anything about Frankenstein before I had read this book, all I knew was the basics about a monster, scientist and the monster attacking people. I felt that this book was laking however. It seemed that at the beginning it had potential but as I got further and the page numbers started going by and not really getting anywhere, and then once I did reach the ending it left me hanging on since it really wasn't much of an ending.

    22. Shela Muriel on said:

      This book was really good, I like how Suzanne Weyn took a classic and made it into something even more interesting. I like how she took Dr. Frankenstein from the classic and seen what it would be like if he had twin daughters. I also like how there is a love interest (though I think it seems a bit forced). I like how it was told in journal entries. I think that is just awesome.

    23. Wendy on said:

      Slow to start. Gets interesting when one of the twins meets a soldier. Turns into a romanceor two. Definitely YA. Felt the ending was a bit of a cop out. Feels like a teen girls' read.

    24. Alexis Hilgert on said:

      Such a fun story! Truth mixed with fantasy! I really enjoyed reading this!!

    25. Leah on said:

      theprettygoodgatsby.wordpress.When one is a twin, it is more than merely having a sibling. Other sisters might be affectionate but they can never know the feeling of being one with another human that twins enjoy.Time and time again I've gone on at length about my love of retellings. While Dr. Frankenstein's Daughters isn't technically a retelling, it does expand upon the original work and I couldn't wait to jump right in.Giselle and Ingrid are 17-year old twins and have grown up not knowing eith [...]

    26. RoloPoloBookBlog on said:

      Dr. Frankenstein’s Daughters by Suzanne WeynRating: 5/5 starsSource: Netgalley/ PressWow!! It took about three pages for me to become totally and completely absorbed in Suzanne Weyn’s Dr. Frankenstein’s Daughters. The book opens in June of 1798 in the pages of Dr. Victor Frankenstein’s personal diary where we discover his fear, guilt, and despair over having created what he calls, the Monster. In the years since his creation, the Monster has pursued, chased, and hunted his maker in an ef [...]

    27. Alexandra Bayer on said:

      Ingrid and Giselle Frankenstein grew up without a mother or father. Raised by their grandmother, the girls always wondered who their parents were and why they didn't know them. However, in 1815, at the age of seventeen, the twins discover a bit more about their family tree. Their father has died, and left behind the Frankenstein castle for the sisters to inherit. Giselle plans on restoring the castle to its former glory and throwing lavish parties; however, Ingrid is more interested in her fathe [...]

    28. Chelsey Wolford on said:

      Ever since I was a child I loved the stories of Frankenstein and Dracula. I am not quite sure why, but these two fictional characters were just always works of genius in my mind. Their stories never scared me but rather allowed me to suspend my disbelief. When I came across this new novel by Suzanne Weyn I knew that I immediately had to request a copy for review. This story follows the twin daughters of Victor Frankenstein, the man who created a monster. Giselle and Ingrid do not know much of th [...]

    29. Leigh Teale on said:

      You’ve seen FROZEN, right? You’re breathing and able to use the internet, so I’m going to assume you’re at least marginally acquainted with it. This story is a lot like FROZEN. It has two protagonists who are sisters (though they’re twins in this case) and orphans, who suddenly come into a royal inheritance. One is awkward the other is a social butterfly. And! And, and, and! There’s a Hans moment. It isn’t a true Hans moment because it’s not a would-be-lover, but it is out of lef [...]

    30. Sarah on said:

      See more reviews at The Best Books Ever.The more I think about this book, the less I liked it, which is an unfortunate way to find yourself looking back at a book that you had much higher hopes for. I like retellings of classic stories, I like horror stories and monsters and creepy twins and stories told via things like letters and diary entries. This book has all of those things, but also lots of things I didn't like, like a love story that was never fully fleshed out and a completely bungled " [...]

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